We have yet another eclipse at this Pisces Full Moon, this time a Lunar Eclipse, on 16th September 2016 at 7.06 pm GMT. This Full Moon is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer and Mercury is retrograde. The energy reaches outward and peaks with the Eclipse and withdraws with the internal focus of Mercury.

Just as the soul simplifies, the ego complicates. This Mercury retrograde has been urging us to simplify our lives. Virgo Mercury can become compulsive with analysing and over thinking. While this Pisces Moon wants to just be and feel with the raw sensations of the moment, it doesn’t want to project too much into the future.

Chiron’s conjunction with this Full Moon Eclipse adds to our emotional empathy and sensitivity. We are more attuned to ourselves and others now as the veils between these worlds feel delicate and more visceral.

Our world is filled with many complications and many attachments. Life is over complicated by our attachments masking the fundamental importance of honing a simplicity in life.

We associate our attachments with our stability, worthiness and acceptance, yet many of our attachments just create more red tape and systems for us to orientate and monitor ourselves around and our seeming progress through life.

Many of the background transpersonal planetary cycles (the outer planets) are currently responsible for unravelling these systems and structures that keep our lives complicated and dam up the flow of simplicity.

On some levels, we already know that we don’t want to be tied down to objects, people and places – we have lost out toleration for this. They are just further distraction from what really counts.

Until 22nd, this is a great time to review the systems in your life, and look at what aspects of those systems are overcomplicating your reality. If letting go of things – be it ideas, possessions or the accumulation of fear – this Moon is supportive to that end.

Another element of this drive to simplify our lives is deepening our connection with nature, where the body systems can begin to deeply resonate and regulate with the raw authentic power of nature. Part of this process is being naturally drawn into our inner world, to a more internal processing, away from the distractions and noise.

This too often means a disconnection with partners, friends and jobs. Our internal energy is so readily used to being expressed on the outside. But we need to get more accustomed to going into the internal world to seek our answers.It maybe that the questions we have about our lives go unanswered by others because the answer is ready to be connected with, inside yourself. Or you might find that when you are trying to express yourself in the external world, you cannot get the wholeness of your experience across, words don’t do it justice.

Our internal processes might feel deeper now, more powerful, more personal, less something we can put into words. Our words feel more lost in Mercury retrograde. It’s time to talk less and connect more with our internal sense, almost similar to a time of the New Moon, when we need to dive into the depths of our beingness.

Of course this interesting array of energy coincides with a Pisces Full Moon. Full Moons are accustomed to expressing out into our world, but this one feels raw, more visceral, more internal and very personal. We just want to feel things now.

Lets not mistake this for different way of connecting as a bad thing, as something we need to mend or fix. So easily done when our critics are around. It is a natural part of the in and out flow of process. We are being given the opportunity to detach
from the external noise, the external
distractions, all the external tentacles
reaching out which drain our energy and sap us dry. This Pisces Moon is now helping us to attach to the inner resource of love and wisdom.

So our gift is in the simple silence within, inviting ourselves to surrender to every simple and magical opportunity to transcend the lower vibrational frequencies of complicated consciousness. In this place of simplicity, we return to the mind of the child, where the creative presence, purity and awe lie untainted by the responsibilities of the adult world.

On 9th September, Jupiter moved into Libra and with that we begin our exploration of healing and being healed by our relationships. This will be particularly clear to us on 22nd September when the Sun moves into Libra and Mercury turns direct after it’s retrograde period, also may I add, the equinox, the beginning of Autumn in the Northern hemisphere.

Jupiter is super close to the Super Galactic Centre (SGC), a gigantic black hole, located at around 2 degrees Libra, and so when the Sun ingresses into Libra and hits that Jupiter at the same time as the SGC, a powerful galactic, portal of energy will open. This is super exciting for the women receiving their Goddess Initiations with Sage Emery and me on The Abundant Goddess Retreat that weekend as this alongside the powerful eclipse series and the equinox intensifies a colossal concentration of astral intelligence pouring on us from masses of universal suns. It will act to get us in touch with a deep remembrance of our Divine Mother, which once experienced becomes integral to our journey on planet earth.

To capitalise on this powerful stream of energy, the morning to set powerful intentions is 23rd September at 7 am GMT. But eclipses also require action, so make sure you prepared to take action at this full moon also.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 06' 16"
Moon 28° Aquarius 51' 50"
Mercury 27° Leo 58' 50"
Venus 14° Leo 29' 54"
Mars 01° Gemini 48' 28"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 49' 25"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 15" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 47"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 50" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 53" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 49"
TrueNode 08° Aries 55' 02" R
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