This month we have a very powerful new moon in Pisces on 9th March 2016 at 1.56 am GMT at 18 degrees Pisces. We also have a total solar eclipse, one of the most powerful astrological events of 2016.

This is actually more of a phase of energy that begins on 5th March moving into the solar eclipse of 9th March, peaking at the equinox, and culminating with a further three days burst of energy at the lunar eclipse later in the month. This sets the scene for the next 6 months, especially since this eclipse occurs on the Moon’s South Node.

This wave of energy is a time where incredible innovation and change can be seeded and projects propelled forward in powerful ways that the energies for the rest of the year does not see. Uranus, Saturn and Pluto align between 3rd March and 23rd March bringing with them potential periods of questioning, doubt and depression, perhaps even heightened with the equinox bang right between these two eclipses.

Times of questioning and doubt, of ruminating on life choices and decisions offer themselves as catalysts for inspiring new actions or deep awareness rising times. Sometimes it’s only when we are at our lowest low that we are really primed to receive, being open, bare and surrendered to what will be, that new inspiration and renewed hope can find us.

During the Solar Eclipse, the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun, forming a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon. In this moment of time, the Moon obscures the Sun, opening a portal into the quantum realm, the void – the space from which all creation arises. This is a window of opportunity where you can recognise yourself as a being of light, infinitely creative, manifesting all the time, very, Pisces!

The other Pisces story of our times is the slow, unravelling of the illusion that our very lives are constructed around – this illusion is deep and well, illusionary, we rarely connect with it deeply to really see it.

This reality has been bought into and fed by a deep separation consciousness. No matter how spiritual we think we are, it is inescapable that we all play a part in that illusion – whether it’s what we watch, buy or believe. The illusion promotes that we need this or that over and above a deep connection with our inner selves, our bodies and our own divinity. When we truly awaken to the brainwashing and start making different conscious choices, then we can begin our journey to freedom.

When we do see the actual reality that we have been living in, and in many ways, conforming to, it’s a bit of a shock for the system. It can promote a sudden polarisation, where we split off the so-called illusionary reality that we are a part of knowing that it breeds fear. But our freedom is not going to come about from more polarisation! It’s not about creating more veils or a further separation between what we dislike outside of us or likewise the parts of ourselves inside.

So what is it about then? How do we approach life when we see the illusionary world for what it is and begin to dislike it all the more? When we realise that our awakening from one form of slumber just takes us from one sense of isolation to another, it can be quite painful. In that being more awake means that we then notice how asleep people really are, and we quickly realise that the role of waking others up is a difficult and thankless task.

New Age spirituality sometimes propagates a false spirituality and a spiritual bypass. This is a way of avoiding your own psychological work that needs to be done and you use spirituality to justify it or to bypass your real issues. Where you embrace your weaknesses rather than work on them.

The unfortunate effect is one that polarises and isolates people further, for instance an individual believing that the world is a dangerous, dark and very unspiritual place or that people / groups are unsafe, and so instead of working on all that and discovering how I can be in the world, an isolation occurs where there’s a cutting off from that which is necessary to work on. This just increases separation and gets us stuck. If people knew how to work with these processes they would, I believe, but that’s just not readily taught in the shamanic or new age community adequately.

We easily forget that the fear and challenges are actually normal and will continue to be normal until our consciousness changes, and even after that shift in consciousness, we can’t do away with challenges, they are there to invite us to expand our consciousness.

We are so eager to do away with challenges, struggles and all our demons that we are blind to the crucial missing bit of information that would change our entire approach to our struggles. That is that while it’s part of life to have struggles and have difficult times, its more important that we treat these challenges as just a normal, everyday thing, rather than blowing them out of proportion and giving them so much more power than what they actually have.

We choose how much power we give our challenges, it’s a choice. They indeed do hold a lot of power but we need to learn how to work with that. We have seen two different people thrive and collapse under the same conditions. For example, if you understand that it’s normal to sometimes feel like you want to die, then rather than go into an incredible amount of fear at the prospect of feeling like you want to die, you start working with it. Of course, this is a training, I know how to work with that and not all would know how to do that, but we can all begin this training now by getting interested in our experience rather than suffering because of it.

Rather than trying to explain why things happen from a head perspective, it’s easier if we just follow the experience and trust that experience. We are so quick to make assumptions and judgments, interpretations, which take us away from the present reality.

Being loving towards our difficulties means getting involved in them, it takes a lot of love to work like that, to see that all life’s difficulties come in masks, sometimes horrible ones, like feeling hatred, resentment, doubt and envy. These are all human things, but they are all of us, they are our enemies for sure, but they are also our oldest friends as we know them all so well. We can in fact choose to be amused by them, rather than ungrounded, polarised and thrown into fear. We can recognise everything within us, and because we know how we hate, get jealous, nasty, false, we are neither impressed nor scared by them, even when they appear in the guise of the devil.

We need to learn to be like elephants, as my teacher Jean-Claude said, we need to learn to stand in the middle of it all, be at ease and not be afraid, aware of everything underlying that’s less seen and open to that arising from that consciousness of love.

But we can only stay in that awareness when we are not against our own demons, when we know its expression through us but no longer use them. This goes beyond judgment but we need to learn to not be against our own judgment too, when that’s there.

When we can share a truth lovingly that’s difficult for ourselves and another to hear without holding back, we are being loving. We are not being loving by holding back our version of reality because we perceive it to be our judgment. Sharing is not the same as pushing another to change.

Which brings me full circle. When we see others playing out the illusion, or ourselves for that matter, rather than see yourself or the other needing to change, approach it gently. Share, don’t force, be more empty, align less with your ego, but notice your ego. Allow, be interested, it actually engenders real change in people’s lives when we fully love and accept ourselves and all our demons as One.

If we refuse to share what’s difficult, then we create and build up an unconscious aggressivity within us that then comes our randomly, erratically, with spite and bitterness. This is something to metaphorically run away from – the answer being in an earlier articulation of what’s difficult to say, it clears the quantum field, it clears the energy between you and others.

It’s about staying with our problems, not leaving them behind and ignoring them. Our bodies teach us that they don’t want to be ignored and most of the time, they won’t tolerate it. Pisces wants us to build up a spiritual connection with our bodies, not dissociate from them, as we so often do. Our bodies have much wisdom to teach us if we spend the time to stop urgently rushing around like there’s no tomorrow.

The dynamic of Saturn squaring the Moon’s Nodes and this New Moon on the Moon’s South Node is another indicator of needing to purify our lives, getting real, grounding in the body, letting your body, rather than your mind and mental processes guide you on your journey. If you can drop into this more often a deep congruence emerges that exists between you and your reality.

Do a ritual at this New Moon and harness the energies to take you forward in the next six months ahead.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 05' 55"
Moon 28° Aquarius 46' 21"
Mercury 27° Leo 58' 30"
Venus 14° Leo 29' 26"
Mars 01° Gemini 48' 13"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 49' 20"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 16" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 47"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 50" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 54" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 49"
TrueNode 08° Aries 55' 05" R
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