We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo on 1st September 2016 at 9.04 am GMT, and this is a very important eclipse. The awakening of the Divine Feminine is deepening and we are now well and truly awakening from our deep, long slumber.

Eclipses come in pairs, twice a year and the next lunar eclipse will be in Pisces. So we have the Virgo Pisces axis highlighted right now. Eclipses have far reaching impact, their influence reverberates through time. This one more than most.

This eclipse also occurs during Mercury retrograde, which is exalted in Virgo so this is a more constructive Mercury retrograde than most. It also picks up the important background energy of the Saturn Neptune square which is defining this historic cycle, with Saturn Square Neptune and in square to this New Moon (where the Moon meets the Sun).

Mars has now moved out of it’s simmering volcanic conjunction with Saturn but has left behind many difficult feelings, perhaps even of fear, survival or even violence. One of the themes of Saturn Neptune is separation, the ‘me’ versus ‘you’ thing. That sense of having to go it alone. The past week has brought up some strong responses in us around this separation consciousness. This eclipse is now giving us the opportunity to bring more peace and harmony to our world and relationships – just in time for Jupiter’s very welcomed entry into Libra on 9th September.

But for now we are completing a pretty intense transition period – and it’s been intense in a different way to what we are perhaps used to, more behind the scenes intensity for some perhaps. On an emotional level, the past three or four months has had an edge of nervous impatience, we’ve been dealing with issues of fear, anxiety and our more subtle resistance to the wondrous flow of life and Source. We’ve come face to face with some very strong messages in the media and the world of politics, and we’ve been pondering our investment in those messages, asking ourselves what’s out take and stand, what’s our perspective.

The Saturn Neptune square has and will continue throughout this year to bring into question many of our choices (at all levels of our consciousness) in order to create a pervasive consciousness shift. This is not just any consciousness shift! It’s taking us into new levels of consciousness and understanding – we are now beginning to look at life through a different lens of awareness, whether we are fully conscious of this or not and this shift will only continue to grow and expand within us through the eclipse picking up this powerful background Neptune Saturn energy.

Think back to June 1989 Tiananmen Square’s Tank Man, Neptune and Saturn were in conjunction back then, that time in Capricorn.  Neptune Saturn energy has this sacrificial element. And with Saturn now moving through Sagittarius and now in square to Neptune, we are being asked yet again to make new conscious choices about what we buy into, where we place our focus, our energy, what we want to nourish and manifest in our lives and in the greater world around us. This time though there is a different game play. The new planetary grid energy is now permanently working for us, rather than against us (see planetary ascension).

But the nuts and bolts are that this background Saturn-Neptune square has created a lot of stress and tension. We can feel confined by our circumstances and real expansion has felt curtailed somehow. Before true expansion can take place, the images, truths and ideals that we cling to, that perhaps we have been holding onto for as long as time has existed, need to truly fall away. The meaning we have given the past, the ideals we have been following or trying to live up to need to dissolve.

We have also been holding on, perhaps unconsciously for some of us, to a lot of old suffering and sadness. It is time for that to go with this eclipse and really bear witness, acknowledge and accept those ancient wounded parts not usually given the light of day. Real shifts, a redemption even, can now occur within and in our relationships if we can let go of our resistance to change and just enter into the flow of life. And in very real terms, this means to deeply attune to our actual deeper experience, go through all the layers, rather than align with the thing we clinging onto.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo, the sign of the Divine Feminine. Virgo is the only sign in the zodiac symbolised by the figure of a woman, and this sign has been associated with the Gaia Mother Earth for millennia. Even the Virgo glyph is said to represent the ovaries, vagina, and uterus, which are associated with the feminine power to create life. The virgin in ancient times meant “whole unto herself,” in the sense that the Great Mother, the Goddess, created life from within Herself – but things have gotten a little twisted. Mary Magdalen is also associated with the Virgo, she is the hidden Goddess to the Jesus’ God. The natural Virgo purifying and purging of our past, our old patterns of limitation, separation or self-sabotage is finally going to start really working for us. This is a huge awakening moment. Align yourself strongly with the Magdalen when doing your New Moon intentions this evening.

The Moon is helping us discern where we are amongst the chaos our world. It can also help us to take life a little less seriously, to lighten up and get even a little philosophical about things. We are in tune now with the lighter feeling of life now, perhaps it’s feeling too precious to withhold forgiveness in bitterness or out of intractability. We do need to forgive, we need to move on.

A large part of forgiving and letting go is in knowing our true power, as women and as Divine Beings. We are so consumed with our small selves and protecting them we forget our immensity as Divine Spiritual Beings of Light. We all know what’s keeping us feeling confined, it’s usually just about having the flexibility, courage and willingness to move on and upwards.

Most of our beliefs that underpin our identity are founded upon fear, keeping us locked into an insecure self that in it’s very lower Virgo vibration way is hypervigilant, managing and rationalising away life, justifying our behaviour to ourselves, defending, and of course blaming and judging. Our lower will has been in charge for so many millennia, our action in the world has been through a separate, scared, isolated, marginalised sense of ourselves.

This is about to change. Holding on and holding out is no longer an option. This is a time to truly let go of what has emerged over the last week or so, whether it’s more present difficulties, very old past baggage or of an old identity that no longer serves the new game you want to be playing.

This is how we step out of the game – the game whose rules we don’t make up but which we usually adamantly obey. Why do we do that? Why do we insist on lowering out vibration, making ourselves into lesser creatures than what we are, hiding our light – is it to make other people feel more comfortable in their lack of love and power because as the saying goes, we are afraid of our own power?

It is time to now embrace our power which is held within the bosom of our Divine and unconditional loving nature and let it shine forth from within. This eclipse is helping us raise OUR game! We don’t need to buy into the social conditioning, the shoulds and oughts anymore which just keep us in compliance with external and introjected authority figures. We have a choice in our evolution now, lets form powerful new habits and patterns out of new, more consistent right choices let our power and light shine bright.

The Neptune Saturn energy has and will continue to stir up the fear and dissonance in our world – to essentially show us our darkness, but the new planetary grids are now in place, the old paradigm as we knew it is now just a mere illusion. It is now much easier to step outside of that old illusionary paradigm of fear. Perhaps you will notice over the next few weeks how easier it is to show up and embrace your divinity in the everyday. There’s more detachment, more space around us. Fear doesn’t perhaps have the same grip on us. These are the new energies we have yearning and waiting for.

Our psychic, intuitive resources are now fully open and our channel is now clear as we move to this new and next level of beingness. This New Moon is the ideal moment in time to rewrite the agenda for your life. The intentions we know bring through will set in motion the path of your future. Keep them high and powerful.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, still conjoined to Jupiter we are supported to form new positive thinking patterns. This is one of the more productive cycles of Mercury retrograde since Mercury in Virgo is exalted. Also with retrograde Mercury, the insight should be strong if we go within. Most importantly, Mercury stationed retrograde opposite zero point Aries, as well as just directly before this eclipse, yet another indicator of a seminal time.

This retrograde period is about getting to the heart of the chaos that deconstructs our lives – seeing it for what it is, an illusion from the outside world, not our true nature. If we begin by re-establishing order within ourselves through fully accepting the Divine Order within that we are at one with, then we will then naturally restore order to our lives as a whole.

Jupiter moves from Virgo into Libra around 9th September so this Virgo eclipse is like the final curtain to the Virgo energy of this last year. We’ve spent this last year analysing and looking intently at who we are, using our discernment, perhaps worrying unnecessary even about things, even criticising perhaps, anyhow there’s been a lot of doubting and taking a close look within. But we’ve had many opportunities to get to know ourselves better. Jupiter doesn’t fair too well in Virgo, but he does in Libra.

The new Libra Jupiter cycle we are about to enter takes us out into our relationships, helps us bring our light into the world. More of that another time, but for now know that the time to take off the armour and really show up and participate and engage in those important relationships around you is on the horizon.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 20' 42"
Moon 04° Capricorn 16' 32"
Mercury 10° Cancer 26' 44"
Venus 06° Cancer 09' 38"
Mars 09° Taurus 38' 23"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 17' 48"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 51"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 21"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 14"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 39" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 50"
TrueNode 12° Aries 11' 15" R
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