We have a New Moon in Sagittarius on 14th November 2016 at 12.19 pm making an exact conjunction with asteroid Juno. This Sagittarius New Moon heralds a direct relationship to our faith, hope and optimism and it’s connection with Juno brings in the need for perhaps new agreements and partnerships. It opens our horizons, perspective and gets us in touch with the bigger picture.

After the recent turbulent (and annual) Mercury conjunction to Saturn and Venus conjunction to Pluto, we have been coming to terms with some new perhaps half unexpected realities. This peaked a couple of days ago and we are now coming to terms with all of this. I say perhaps half unexpected as this energy has been building for a while – the backdrop energy is Jupiter square Pluto and with of course Jupiter being the ruler of this New Moon, it brings back into focus these background energies.

Some of these realities might even be welcomed, on an unconscious or conscious level. Perhaps we are fed up of the status quo or an unsatisfactory situation and looking for a new direction or answer.

In fact, at a deeper level, what we are now adapting to is almost certainly required for us to move forward. But when unexpected changes or challenges face us, we can often disappear into resistance of our reality or question the fairness of life or the integrity of our relationships. And of course this is all important too, but it shouldn’t receive the full focus right now.

This is a time to balance and weigh up our new reality even though we might not quite be ready to lay out our terms, well not for a couple of days yet, and think practically about what it means, after all we are still coming to terms with our new vista and adjusting to what it means for us.

The big picture is currently right in front of us, if we choose to look at it and if we are looking realistically at it from an optimistic perspective, then there is a lot of hope and a very viable option for the future. We don’t need to fall into polarisation or judgement or wagging fingers. It might just be in our favour.

So, this is a time to fully embrace our new reality, we don’t really have a choice now anyway. Resistance will force the opposite of trust, optimism and faith. Accept other people’s decisions and trust they know what they are doing at some level, even if it doesn’t make sense or feel entirely right. Even decisions made from a seemingly deluded or self-deceiving place might be the right decision for all concerned. So strip away the whys and wherefores and look at the reality itself and welcome it. A lot changes when we appreciate change.

Our bodies are perfect barometers. When the soul is entirely happy with a decision, it lets us know, it takes us into peace and equilibrium and we feel this through our body. Sometimes it’s even eerily serene within, so much so that we can’t help but notice how still we feel despite appearances to the contrary.
If we are wise we will remember that feeling, trust its wisdom and allow it to guide the integration of this new reality. Spend time with friends who support the bigger you, not polarise you within your reality.

With Juno, the emphasis is on agreements, compromises and partnerships. We need to talk through the options, feel into the best way forward over the coming weeks. There might seem like an urgent need to make a decision, and yes it’s not a time to delay, but don’t rush to make decisions without speaking with others. And certainly make sure you are strategic and think practically with the big picture in mind when making these big decisions.

Currently in my own life, we are working out the care for my very old grandma, she’s 100 in February, and has had some falls recently in her own home (despite carers) – but she’s a fiercely independent woman and there are many other considerations alongside this.

Juno asks us to look at these options, where multiple partnerships within families, extended family, and social care systems need to work together somehow. What multiple priorities are you managing in your life? What relationships are under the spotlight now?

What is clear is what needs to be honoured with this astrology. Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter, who is Juno’s astrological partner) and Juno speak of equal and fair partnership where the autonomy, independence and freedom of everyone involved is respected.

This is a complex thing, if we are set in our belief systems about people and think we know the answer and are only looking out for and after ourselves, then we let other people pick up the responsibility where we perhaps should ourselves. It’s easy to convince ourselves we are in our authority. What’s the deepest responsibility here that we can pick up, that serves all, at all the multiple levels.

There’s also a need for honesty – we need to say it how it is, we need to share from a deeper feeling place, and we might also need to shift perspectives ourselves. The empty leg of this energy is Cancer, so a focus on needs, mothering and feelings is perhaps the key to working out your stance and deeper perspective. Things might be up for airing and some truths might need to be said, but we must stay in our power and stay clear on what needs honouring at the deepest level.

The universe is now banging at our door. It is saying, “it is time”. We are being asked to awaken out of our slumber, turn off our distractions, and feel (that Cancer empty leg). Feeling is the beginning of possibility. Feeling with consciousness is the feminine principle.

And let’s remember when we serve one another at the deepest level, we only ever serve ourselves. Bear this in mind over the next few days.

Current Planetary Positions

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