The Moon is full in Virgo at 6.20 pm GMT on 22nd February 2016, with the Sun now in Pisces, the sign representing the totality of consciousness, conjunct Neptune (the ruler of Pisces), strongly reinforcing this Pisces influence at this full moon.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces asks us to let go, to release and prepare for rebirth. It reminds us that the world (with its problems) is nothing more than an illusion, a stage. But on it’s own, this information is dangerous and usesless. How do we make sense of Pisces then, and the higher realms, these expanded states of consciousness where we must surrender our logic and our rational approach to life?

Well, the role of the Virgo moon is to try to make sense of it all – to reorganise, apply order, decipher, reframe and pull you out from under that overwhelming or nebulous Pisces confusion. Virgo also rules the body, it’s symptoms and it’s processes.

Neptune’s role, on the other hand is to provide the imagination that serves as a healing homeopathic elixir for our worldly issues. He washes away the boundaries between different levels of reality – the essence, the archetypal dreaming realm and consensus reality – and opens our eyes to how ultimately we are all existing in one big soup.

To heal is to restore the imagination into our body connection. Our current western world view is that the body is essentially just meat, dense physical matter, a conglomeration of parts that exist independently.   As a rule of thumb, we treat our disturbances, symptoms and issues as though they are isolated events, not interrelated and co-dependent on the health of our entire BEING, and especially our body.

This belief system is so ingrained that even when you are trained to view the body as a holistic, vital and alive aspect of your being, an entirely interconnected part of your consciousness, even the outcome of your consciousness, there’s still an internal struggle to not try and pull it a part.

In a higher reality, the body is a subtle indicator, a way we can monitor the vitality and wholeness of our lived consciousness. By this I mean it acts as a doorway into our consciousness, the wounds held there and the secret power, the sacred gifts contained within those wounds.

Our menstrual pain for example, can be an invitation to live the immense power held within in the Divine Feminine, a power that is largely ignored, the magnificent wave draws forth births and creations of worlds. While hearing voices, auditory hallucinations, can be a powerful and painful initiation into the nebulous and unknown waters of Pisces (and ultimately the essence of Oneness) as well as a call to heal the imbalance and wounds left behind from past service lifetimes or the surrendering of all power to a belief in a separate and punishing God.

The more negative expression of Virgo energy is servitude and judgement (of ourselves and others). The higher spectrum of this energy shifts our judgment to discernment and servitude to service. Pisces shadow side is martyrdom and powerlessness, devoid of responsibility, and the higher aspects are Divine power and unity.

In our suffering, whatever form it manifests in and through our lives, there is a mysterious lost language that is now re-emerging, a multidimensional communication that travels through our beautiful and powerful bodies. Our bodies are not our enemies, they are our teachers, but most of the time we are against them.

Our body’s symptoms contain amazingly powerful figures, which are our unlikely allies in becoming more whole and living more of our potential. Until we can call back the power and connect with the essence of our deepest body experiences, we are living within the illusion of Neptune. That illusion being that life happens to us and we are its victim and our bodies are here to carry that suffering. This is a very old story.

At its heart, Neptunian energy speaks of us being creator beings, in the seat of our soul, the control room. Sure the Piscean muddy waters and the Neptunian fog can feel confusing and chaotic, taking away our sense of where we begin and others end. This is part of the issue – there is no actual real beginning and end between us at the ultimate level of reality – it is one huge co-creation where we are intelligently interwoven to learn to grow through one another.

While this full moon is challenging in that it makes it difficult for us if we choose to stay in our limited perception and very human habit of blaming other people, ourselves and circumstances for what’s not ok in our lives, not recognising that there is a divine teacher at the heart of all experience. She is also offering a lot of compassion for our very humanity. It’s good if we can offer that forgiveness and compassion to ourselves and others at this time for the imperfection we or them outpicture.

It’s incredibly difficult to accept responsibility for all our own creations, without turning ourselves into a well-meaning martyr. I think this idea of accepting responsibility is so misunderstood and one reason why ‘spiritual’ people get into trouble.

Accepting responsibility is as much saying what’s not yours as what is yours. It’s actually in the deciphering and differentiation of our experience, and the negotiation of the many realities that we unconsciously manifest at, that we get clear on what really is our truth in the moment (as there is no existential truth), so we can say ‘that’s me’ and ‘that’s not me right now’.

This is complex, because there’s no set rules we can follow. But our own sacred body (and our channels of experience) is our biggest ally, it’s the decipherer, it’s the means through which we negotiate these different realities, and say yes and no to things, while maintaining at another level of our existence, an overarching (or underpinning) reality within us that it’s all us really, at some conscious or deeply unconscious level of our existence.

We must begin with our bodies and listen to the subtle messages that they contain, and trust where the energy flows and feels good. The impulse within us, that guides our choices, is always there for us. We just need to train ourselves to listen to it – that’s where awareness comes in, that fosters detachment, emptiness, slowness and stillness.

Our fluidity between these different realities and how we frame our experience really matters, for if we get stuck or identified with one reality or struggle to articulate our experience, we then begin to experience the limitations that result from cutting off our wholeness. Essentially, we are all here to ground heaven, in the very real, three-dimensional world.

The eyes and ears through which we perceive our world, the filters and blinkers that control our experience and perception, are in fact our separation consciousness – without them there would be no separation. But the separation is also necessary at times, even now, with the ascending consciousness, we can’t just do away with it, for starters it supports the growth of a healthy ego, which easily disintegrates when we are not attuned to our body.

So we are here, walking the tightrope between honouring our Oneness with all of creation, acknowledging that we are powerful creator beings, which brings responsibility, while at the same time, living in the very real consensus world which contains real suffering.

We can’t control everything, but our most integral and authentic truth, is to honour the impulses of our body, this is what it means to take responsibility, to let your body guide you and let it’s messages live through you, to let it become your bridge. Lets start to honour that path and start grounding our authentic being in our bodies, deeply.

This Virgo full moon urges us to learn how to navigate our most sacred resource – our body – lets hold our bodies in the sacred light of the Goddess and ask Her turn our bodies into bridges.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 07' 34"
Moon 29° Aquarius 11' 39"
Mercury 28° Leo 00' 02"
Venus 14° Leo 31' 34"
Mars 01° Gemini 49' 24"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 49' 40"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 12" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 50"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 49" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 51" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 49"
TrueNode 08° Aries 54' 54" R
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