We have a New Moon in Gemini on 25th May 2017 at 8.55 pm GMT. This May New Moon, in Gemini, brings into question fate, destiny and freewill. These are big subjects. This is a big Gemini New Moon.

There is a lot written in New Age Spirituality that we have destiny and choice over our lives, that fate is an outmoded, outdated idea, that it is no longer relevant in this new era of intention setting and creation of destiny.

The whole world is trying to sell us known formulas that will solve our problems. We are being sold fixed answers, as though our problem is a linear one. The problem is not a linear one. It’s complex and personal for each individual.

It’s at epidemic proportions and it’s incredibly oppressive since it’s essentially ethically lacking. In our pursuit to solve problems and manifest our dreams we are furthering our everyday minds (ego’s) aims and purposes. Underneath it all is a striving for the masculine in its distorted form of knowledge and answers. The dark, mysterious feminine, the unknown, which penetrates all things, continues to be ostracised. But it still arises in powerful and sometimes disturbing ways to call us forth.

The unknown must arise as ‘disturbances’ in our lives if we continue to consistently abandon, marginalise and ostracise the Divine feminine. Where in your life do you strive for knowing, confirmation or clarity in an attempt to control the unknown? What is your relationship to flesh, bones, blood and your skin – your physical body? How earthed or in your head are you in an attempt to control the unknown?

This super new Moon, invites us the inner journey, and this is crucial if we want to realign our conscious desires with our core essence. Allow your insight and understanding to penetrate what motivates the choices you make. This is the time to strive to make our conscious mind more passive and to give life, voice and expression to the unconscious within us.

Commitment to this inner journey may indeed be scary. This Gemini Full Moon requires us to look past our optimism and wishful thinking, to dare to peer into the darkness within us and in our experience, and be courageous enough to acknowledge what we find. As always where there is a risk there also is a gift, as the Leo North Node urges. 

With the energies of this Gemini Full Moon, if we dare, we can be shown that what we think we want in our social minds is but a pale reflection of who we truly are. In this context, insight arising at a new Super Moon can be life-changing, if we allow ourselves to get more interested and curious – in true Gemini New Moon style.

There is a lot of lighter, communicative, energies present in the sky, but they are being juxtaposed with density and heaviness. This gives the energies an intensity, which we perceive in ourselves and all around. It somehow lends us the determination and drive to see the process through. We might not always have awareness on our side at this time, but we have the Divine will.

Yet from this entire disintegration process, brought on by the unknown, will emerge our empowerment and realignment with our soul’s path. It’s a death process, we are getting back to the bones, which Pluto, as Lord of the Underworld, presides over. In all the entanglement and enmeshment of our lives and the world, Pluto’s promise is that if we commit to this disintegration process, a greater sense of empowerment and groundedness will be bestowed upon us. Lets appreciate the gift that will come, even while deeply immersed in the mire.

If we choose to completely ignore and or honour the signals coming from our unconscious, or acknowledge what is unavoidably true, we may be met with a sense of deep life dissatisfaction – as it’s the processes that challenge us that actually bring that sense of a life fulfilled and lived, even if its hard and complex. Don’t let these times becomes a lost chance of challenging the social convention; the lost chance of expressing the unspoken words, and exploring the powerful unexplored, the unknown.

If we allow this process of self-exploration, we accept that fate cannot be eroded from this world. We trust. We see how fate and destiny are inextricably bound up. There are just some things that we have to go through, and they will not be straight-forward, easy or quick to pass. Through seeing them, and allowing them to manifest we grow. These struggles are our nemesis’, they keep us awake at night, or wake us up early in the morning.  At the same time this Super New Moon asks us to trust that a larger process is manoeuvring things behind the scenes.

This Gemini New Moon also asks us to be brave enough and go beyond trusting spirit. If the unknown touches your life in the form of chaos, depression or grief, we are being asked to trust the unknown, and to learn to navigate the unknown from within. It’s a deeper level of spiritual evolution.

The Nodal axis in our birth chart indicate of our soul’s evolution and purpose, but we are also influenced by the collective energy of the current nodal axis, as it moves and shifts. On 9th May it shifted from Pisces-Virgo to Aquarius-Leo (it runs retrograde).

Right now, perhaps it’s more accurate to say that our experiences are less to be integrated and more to be embodied. In other words, you have to become the thing that comes up. Go into it fully and trust in that. Trust in the deep unfathomable within it, and then surrender to it, become it, let it arise through you with all the myriad of emotions and conflicts. Let it take over, if you dare. Venus square Pluto doesn’t give us much of a choice anyway, so just surrender to it.

With the North Node now in Leo, there’s no more participation from the sidelines. We are shifting away from continuously trying to find the answers from conscious minds. It’s time for you to invite the whole self into life. We are now striving to take authentic, integral and creative leadership of our lives.

But it needs to arise from a participatory leadership and engagement with the world, not a separate leader. It needs to be embodied. This is the call to occupy our minds less, and to be present more in our body – through which the heart and soul communicate. The desouling of the past is set for a shake up over the next 12-14 months.

I acknowledge that being in it (whatever the ‘it’ is), rather than just trusting in it, is anything but straight-forward. We need a lot of witnessing, and we need to allow ourselves to be met there.

And to navigate it, well, that’s not easy either, but to pick up the Leo energy, start by assuming a creative dance, play or expression of it, rather than gritting your teeth, waiting for the lesson to pass or trying to contain it. Being in it and navigating your way from within often means allowing of all the emotions, anger, frustration, and all the fears generated to just be there. We don’t need to prematurely try and take them away, they don’t make us less evolved, wrong or bad – they are part of having a body, a prerequisite to being a human-being. Lets allow ourselves to reek of our experience, of the unknown. This is, afterall, the dark Goddess’ domain – and the most ostracised from our world – the descent will help us rise.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 04' 09"
Moon 28° Aquarius 19' 14"
Mercury 27° Leo 56' 51"
Venus 14° Leo 27' 09"
Mars 01° Gemini 46' 56"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 48' 59"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 20" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 43"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 51" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 56" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 48"
TrueNode 08° Aries 55' 16" R
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