The New Moon occurs on 24th June 2017 at 3.30 am GMT in the sign of Cancer. This New Moon occurs right after the solstice of 21st June, making this auspicious New Moon an extra special time for seeding new beginnings. It’s the time to make steps to move home, journey into the depth of your soul and reconnect wit your family.

The sign of Cancer rules the Mother, the womb mother, the Divine Mother and Shakti. With Mars in Cancer, and the Sun and Mercury about to move into Cancer there is a lot of Cancer energy active.

At this New Moon, Mars opposes Juno, the asteroid of partnership and marriage suggesting we might feel the need to draw a firm boundary with a partner. Mars in Cancer is in its fall, and has the tendency towards defensiveness, finding it hard to assert itself naturally in Cancer. There might be some testing conversations over the weekend.

Mars in Cancer doesn’t make it easy on feelings. It can also bring on emotional manipulation and communicating our needs directly and asserting our boundaries can be difficult when we have a difficult relationship with our feelings.

But with an abundance of Cancer energy, we have the capacity to get in touch with our feelings, particularly on a physical body level. If we can pay attention to this sensory information rather than attempting to interpret it, we might better navigate our lives.

Coming back to the sensory, the truth of the body and the Divine feminine is not an easy journey. Our world is expressing the chaos and pain of that journey back, Her loss and absence is being keenly felt.

When we hear of a mother’s or a child’s pain, at this time, we feel that pain within us more than ever. Our acute sensitivity is there to awaken more layers of our compassion and open our hearts.

Sometimes it feels too painful to bear, it’s understandable why we might want to cut off that pain. But instead lets embrace and surrender to it, let the reality of it move through us and allow ourselves to bear witness to it. This is perhaps the greatest service we can do for ourselves and our planet right now.

The Cancer New Moon beckons us to come into relationship with our wombs. Cancer rules the biological and cosmic incubation and protection of life. Through coming into a sacred relationship with our wombs, we are honouring our ancestors, getting in touch with our primal power, our feelings and deepest wisdom.

Through our etheric wombs, we are woven into the intricate tapestry and web of life. It’s a way of coming more into our wholeness, of embracing all of who we are. It’s not a path of detachment, but diving deeper into our being.

Lunar Consciousness, the path of the womb, is our umbilical cord back to Source. The womb is where life breathes in and out, it is a portal that contains cosmic cycles. We are birthed through and return to the darkness of the womb.

But our society demonises darkness. Darkness is seen as evil. Even the word ‘sin’ descends from an early word for the New Moon, which is what we have at this Cancer New Moon. The word ‘sinister’ derives from the Latin word for the path of the lunar feminine. The meaning given within our language influences our perception and ultimately our consciousness.

The New Moon in Cancer awakens the dark power within our wombs. It is a portal into its immeasurable power. When we come back to our womb, back to our body and beginning with our feelings, raw primal pain, fear and grief can rise up from our souls.

It can even be embryonic, from the moment of our conception, or when our soul incarnates and we split or fragment recalling the old terror of being in a body.

At this New Moon, with the Moon squaring Chiron, we are urged to accept and embrace our feminine wounds, the wounds to sisterhood also, to community, connection and belonging to each other.

But beyond the need for more connection and love in our world, which is obviously needed, is a need for an awareness of following our process along the path and staying close to ourselves. There is always an ideal, but to be closer to that, we are taken on a spiral journey towards and away from that perfection, edging increasingly closer to it.

As the lunar path knows, every step of the journey is valuable and sacred. We cannot drive the agenda of the feminine as though it were a movement. It’s coming back to our nature first and foremost and understanding what we need at the deepest level and authentically following that.

Women are biologically set up to embody and teach surrender, connection and community. When we allow ourselves to surrender to our wombs, we flow with the Tao, we align with the path of sacred womb magic.

At this New Moon in Cancer, our deepest wounds, our earliest pre-conscious womb memories or childhood experiences are being stirred in our consciousness, calling for our witnessing, expression and healing.

It’s heralds a month of inner womb work – our past lives and our ancestry red thread is calling for healing, and our wombs need our attention, love and gratitude.

What is your relationship with your womb, and your menstruation? Many have forgotten the secrets of their wombs and it’s power. This is a time to wake up your womb and help her remember her power and sacred purpose.

It is also time to reconnect back to the universal web that plugs us to our Divine Mother. We have lost the secrets of our feminine power. Let this New Moon in Cancer be your time to summon back your womb power.


Womb Meditation


Lay in the reclining Goddess pose. Bring your awareness to your breath. Place both on your womb centre. Take in a breath, let yourself receive it deeply, through your nose. Slightly close your throat so the breath is audible.

When you receive you breath, draw up from mother earth into your womb centre and fill yourself with her unconditional love. With your out-breath, release and take your focus down, out of your mind and into your womb. Keep letting go of all your fear and pain if it comes up. Allow yourself to feel what you are holding there.

Inhale take the breath up from mother earth into your womb, and now allow it to expand and lift to your heart and third eye. As you release direct it down from your third eye to your heart and your womb.

Continue the breathing in and out in this way until you feel light and free.

Now to take it a step further, call in all the beings of light, the Goddesses, the Ascended Masters, your healing angels, guides and spirit helpers.

Invite in the Rose Pink Flame if you feel you need the softness and peace of the Divine Mother. If you feel you need to transmute what arises (the pain or fear), then bring in the Violet Flame to purify it at core and cause and ask it to be transmuted back to the Divine Mother’s love.

Of course you can use both flames also, but begin with the Violet Flame and end with the Rose pink.

End with saying out loud any committments and seeds you want to plant at this Cancer New Moon to cultivate a richer, deeper relationship with your sacred womb.

If you are a man, you can still do this meditation – men also have a spiritual womb since when we are seeded a man’s lingam grows from the same creative centre.


Womb Meditation

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