Some of us who have a belief in a a guiding essence like to hold a belief in coincidences and synchronicities.  I agree that through these the divine communicates with us, shows us the path and direction, and that everything is on track.  They are like signposts along the way.

However, the confusion starts when we begin to place our own interpretation on these coincidences and try and derive our own meaning from them.  When we start to invest our egos, wanting to find a particular meaning, we can get led astray.  Although even being led astray is perfect too, as from this you then learn not to be led astray next time.  My point is, when something happens that causes us to stop and think and admire the beauty of the universe, rather than madly trying to work out the meaning, just detach.

It is helpful to not make assumptions – as processes unravel, meaning unfolds.  Outcomes in mind, and fixed ideas of what we think will happen (no matter what place this comes from) cause distress.  They only keep us living in expectation and pull us out of the moment.  Truth always shows itself if you remain open to whatever being the perfect, divine outcome for you.  But allow your ‘knowing’ to relax, allow your need to know to let go, stay curious and stay open.  The lesson will be gentler and quicker.  Resistance to the truth causes the suffering.  Be open to anything, no matter how scary it feels.  Within the fear is your freedom.  Hold on to that.



Current Planetary Positions

Sun 25° Taurus 51' 17"
Moon 03° Sagittarius 51' 08"
Mercury 03° Gemini 22' 55" R
Venus 16° Aries 10' 46"
Mars 23° Pisces 51' 12"
Jupiter 01° Aries 06' 02"
Saturn 24° Aquarius 57' 09"
Uranus 15° Taurus 27' 14"
Neptune 24° Pisces 57' 37"
Pluto 28° Capricorn 31' 54" R
Chiron 14° Aries 47' 57"
TrueNode 22° Taurus 31' 26" R
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