Every woman has a unique Goddess within. Every woman’s Goddess wants to now come forth. We have gotten a little comfortable without the Goddess, & now it’s time to start getting uncomfortable.

There are two aspects to the Divine but we have been taught that there is just one God & it’s a masculine force. The Goddess is the Divine Feminine & the other aspect of God. Our world’s focus on a masculine God & a distorted masculine principle has deeply impacted women & children. Men have wholly been in charge through a patriarchal system & this has brought a lot of suffering & imbalance to our world.

The feminine has been sidelined & forgotten, at best, & depotonised & repressed at worst. Men have been in power but our world is yearning for a female leadership, & so now it is up to empowered women to the lead. We have to do this despite our edges & the challenges to coming into our power.

My work is to encourage people to shed more light on the feminine part, so you can experience Her as a force to be reckoned with, & most importantly a force within you. Your Goddess within has a lot to say. It is your birthright to become her, to have a relationship with her.

Bringing the Divine Feminine back into our lives will, in many different ways, bring balance into our personal lives & the world at large. The Goddess will raise consciousness, your joy & your bliss for life. There are many different ways you can bring your inner Goddess back into your life. So she is fully embodied.

An imbalance of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine has brought not only suffering, but a lack of awareness because we are aware of one aspect of the Divine without the other. It’s like breathing in & breathing out, we need both. With breathing in we need to be aware of what we are taking in, generally we don’t pay attention to what we receive & consume. We need to pay more attention & be more mindful & aware of what we take in.

The act of receiving is a feminine principle where we can consciously receive the impressions of what happens in life. Whether that be someone’s words or our own body proprioception. But most of the time, we are often suppressing, detached, in our heads, the past, future or anywhere but present. This can make us either anxious or depressed, or many other things.

The day I realised I was divine, my whole world changed. Something profound touched me & it was as if I was a piece of pop corn that had just popped. It affected my consciousness in a huge way, as it changed how I perceived myself as a being, other people & the world as a whole. I was so moved by it that it put me on a path to help show other women how to find that Divine birthright that changes everything – it became my path & I knew from the very beginning it was my path.

I’m still deeply influenced by this experience, its vibration still gives me the fuel to keep me going despite the many challenges along the way. It continues to give me the sense of purpose & trust, & it makes me want to get up every morning. Although what drives me is continually evolving, that experience remains a cornerstone for me. It’s every woman’s birthright to receive their higher purpose & sense of destiny & passion for life. This is what I want to support you to discover within you.

Yet when I discovered much later that I was actually a Goddess embodied, I had another huge leap in consciousness. That totally blew my being into a new place. That time was when I received my Goddess initiations & also when I gave them for the first time. I felt bliss in my body for days, & pure love in my heart. I was happy, infinitely, for the first time ever in my life.

But it’s true that while we never really go backwards from these kinds of leaps of consciousness, we do need to work to stabilise & make those leaps of consciousness more integrated into our lives, & this is the hardest bit.

For me, a big part making those leaps more permanently experienced, in a day to day reality, is through discovering my own unique relationship with the Goddess inside & outside. Part of that is about my changing relationship to being a woman & a Divine Feminine being of Light.

In my work, consciousness is the source & beginning of everything. While nobody really agrees on what consciousness is – in science, mysticism, philosophy – we talk about it all the time, we know about it through our experiences but how do we have an experience of it? But how often do you realise that you exist? How often do you realise that you have a body? These moments are rare for many people. Consciousness is very hard to define, & it needs to be experiences & felt to make sense of it. There can be more or less consciousness in us.

This is why in my work, I work with bringing consciousness to light within you; widening, embracing & broadening it, & shredding light where there’s no consciousness. Its like a flower or baby, we need to nourish it, pay attention to it so it grows.

The sort of awareness we have on a particular day will impact our consciousness & who we are in the moment– in other words – what we focus on will affect how we feel. We can have a very coherent state of mind & feeling, or a very incoherent state. Everything arises from our consciousness – our behaviour, our beliefs, our feelings, our actions, & reality itself & they are reflected in our consciousness. Bringing more consciousness & more awareness into our perceptions will shift our consciousness, & ultimately how we feel.

The work revolves around becoming aware of yourself & clearing out your consciousness. What does it means to become aware of yourself? It’s about discovering you have a mind, emotions, a body & a soul. We are forced in this world to be in our minds. But we are here to feed our souls & we can do that through feeding our hearts.

The key to coming into our power as a woman is to come back to your body. Womens’ bodies are portals of power & a portal to the Goddess. But our bodies do not receive much awareness. When we embrace the masculine we are paying attention to our thoughts. When we embrace the feminine, we are bringing our awareness from our heads and into our bodies.

We have been taught that the body is sinful, or irrelevant. We have disowned our bodies, we are not in touch with them. We need to trust, embrace it, see it as part of us, when we can focus on our emotions, feeling, & sentience within the body, we are someway towards coming into our power.

Do you notice the subtle feelings & sensations within your body? Can you experience your left arm? How many times a day are you aware that you have a body – when you stub your toe or are you able to sense the sensation in each toe individually?

Proprioception is sensation, which is different to feeling. We feel emotions, & when we direct our energy to our head, we think. When we focus on our body we are sensing. Sensing belongs to your body. This helps us to connect with our body.

A woman’s power is on the inside. The shift to living through the feminine principle is about a focus inside. It’s about being aware of your centre & an orientation inside. The raising of consciousness the Goddess way, is a movement from focus on the outside, to focus on the inside.

Many of us are preoccupied with how the outside world controls & determines our reality. Many of us are way too busy, doing, doing, doing & forget to relax & open & just be. We have also lost our ability to be present with what is without trying to fix it. When we orientate towards the inside, we discover more about our own needs, boundaries & real relationship with our body. When I look inside it becomes our centre & then life can begin to orientate more from the inside.

Receiving Before Giving

A woman’s power is in receiving before giving. When we receive first, we are able to give from a place of being resourced. We are learning to fill up our cup first, be full within ourselves. The Moon teaches us the flow of abundance & exchange of emptiness to fullness to emptiness. When you give on an empty heart we feel exhausted & frustrated & end up grasping for things outside of yourself to fill you up – like men, appreciation or outside recognition.

When we are truly in reception we create an overflowing heart that’s pure & doesn’t expect anything back. When our heart is full or over full & you give you are not depleting yourself. The feminine is not about changing things from the outside, it’s about receiving from the inside before giving. This is a number one priority for women.

Receiving is the Goddess, it is the feminine, its magnetic. Women naturally know how to focus and magnetically draw to us the light to ground within you. That means in reality, feeling your own love within, for yourself & others, which brings an inner love & fullness. When you fuel & resource within it ends the loneliness & panic. Its your responsibility & its not a burden. So show up for yourself, & pay attention to the love within – its your divinity, your Goddess self.

Remember your Goddess self wants to have a relationship with you. She is something larger than your ego, that can carry, contain and hold you. She is ready & waiting and wants to grow within you.

Begin by first acknowledging her presence, know she’s there & then learn how to open up to feel Her. Be willing to open up and let yourself feel yourself. Just connecting with what you love, with your kindness, with your compassion is a receiving & connection with your inner Goddess. Giving gratitude is a hard thing to do, but it’s a great way to connect with your inner Goddess.

When we receive others, empower others, & let ourselves open to others, we are opening to ourselves. Just think of when you last felt truly received & met by another? How did it change your day or week, or even transform a belief you held about your friends or people? Take a moment to reflect back now.

This isn’t the same as absorbing other people’s feelings as though they were your own, that’s not helpful for you or the other person. It’s about reflection, attention & presence. We are learning how to constantly remember ourselves & forget ourselves, & know that something larger is speaking through you.

When you learn how to get out of the way, you become a larger & larger vessel for this larger Goddess consciousness to move through you. You become a larger vessel of light. Then we move from being a thimble to a cup to a bucket to a lake to an ocean. Over time we become an empty vessel of love’s energy exchanging. It’s a beautiful thing, & essentially this is our highest life purpose.

But we have lost trust in our higher purpose, which the earth holds. It’s hard to access our soul purpose if we have no connection to the earth & our body. Remember the female body is the earth’s body. We have lost our trust in our body, in being on this planet & the earth’s natural abundant supply.

Being In Flow

We realise something is wrong when we feel stuck or blocked. The Feminine path is to learn to come from a place of being, of flow. Stuckness can be very real, but in many ways, it’s about the perspective & angle we come at it from. When we come from a place of doing, doing, doing rather than doing from a being place, we are not in flow.

Why is it important to be in the flow? Well, it keeps our energy moving, it keeps life moving, & keeps you connected with what’s real in your life. There’s a lot of power in what is real. It stops us identifying with just one state or one part, which is when we get into trouble. Do you push or flow with your experience? Or work against it? Tai chi & qi gong are great ways to cultivate flow inside & flow outside. Let the inside of you be slow, effortlessness & be soft in your body.

Because we have forgotten the feminine, we have forgotten the flow of cycles, of life. Our sacred & important connection with the earth, the rhythms of nature & seasonal cycles have also been forgotten & with it how we have within us our menstruation which is our own flow of cycle within.

Life wants to move through us, our feelings want to move through us like a child’s feelings. When we align with what is, which is a deeper quantum reality, which is nature, which is the flow, then we naturally bring about transformation. When we push against what is, it’s much harder & this is the distorted masculine principle about conquering or fixing things because they are wrong.

It’s hard to really be with our experience because it can bring up a lot of real feeling & vulnerability, & our world is more or less the antithesis of accepting that. The moment we go into fight or battle mode though, we have succumbed to the thing we are trying to heal. It takes fierce compassion to stay with your feelings & know your centre, & a lot of slow perception on the inside (which will speed you up!).

Running around fast, doing things without any presence will further clench our already very clenched body, & keeps the answers we are searching for in the background subdued. The answers are within you & in the flow of your experience. When we connect with the flow of our presence inside, we invite in a more subtle consciousness, we begin to connect with an non-ordinary reality which is where our entire being is met. This alone contributes to our overall wellbeing as we are noticing ourselves, feeling ourselves. In this state of consciousness we experience ourselves as less separate.

Unclenching The Fist

So we are unclenching how we move through life but we can’t in the flow & move through life if we are like a clenched fist in our consciousness & bodies. The relaxation or unclenching needs to happens on an emotional, physical, mental & spiritual levels.

The spiritual level opens up a whole new level of work. This is about emptying our consciousness of all the wounds, trauma & suffering from the deep past. We do not come in a blank slate, we come into this life with everything that remains karmically unresolved. Our extensive energy body is more complex than even our physical body, as science knows with quantum physics.

To embody our Inner Goddess our whole multidimensionality needs to gets cleared out, not just this life, to make space for her to enter. For some that is transmuting the deep wounds of the heart, others the throat chakra, others their creativity, their sense of identity, their bodies. Everyone has something they need to work with & this is the work of soul wounds.

We hold the imprints of our ancestor’s lives & past lives – the programming we received, the patterns we formed, beliefs we limited ourselves to, the attitudes we took on & the desires unfulfilled within our DNA.

We have soul fragmentation, shattering, old unimaginable rage, heart wounds & betrayals. Our ancestors have been traumatised by corsets, witch burning, torture, abandonment, poverty & power abuses. The past can clog up and interrupt the flow of our energy & continue to play out in this life. Even our corseting of ourselves into jobs we hate is a bleed through of the past. It’s just another way we put limits of who we think we are.

All this unresolved past pushes on us now so it can be karmically resolved. It impacts the amount of energy & power we have access to. This means working on our ancestors & past lives, our lives of trauma, poverty consciousness, power abuse, victimhood & also ascended, powerful lives too can have a tremendous impact on the present.

Our wounded consciousness from our past lives is bleeding through into the present. When we work with our multidimensionality, we discover we can align with any moment in time by using our awareness to focus it & choose to bring that possibility into manifestation. This can happen through letting go of our conscious mind & entering into more altered states of awareness.

Start by paying attention to significant events & memories in this life. Transform those past moments into lives full of light & power & love. This brings us into a higher dimensional love, when you really tranform these lives. This takes witnessing, listening & imagination.

Lunar Consciousness Approach To Therapy

Our ancestral & past life wounds are sometimes very deep & exist far deeper than our thinking or belief patterns give access to. Many of these dark places resist direct & strong illumination in mainstream therapy

The approach we take to illuminating these wounds is crucial.

When we change our attitude & approach to a problem, when we are orientate differently with a different perception of our problem, a lot can change from that new place. Have you ever had the experience of a friend trying to convince you your situation isn’t that bad when all you need is to be heard? This is when others don’t really have the skills to be with your problem. They want to change it. We are so encultured to be like this.

A more feminine approach, which I call lunar consciousness approach, focuses on transmuting an inner experience rather than forcing change to happen. This is about not killing the problem, but witnessing, loving, & seeing it’s value & meaning. Discovering what it is trying to give you.

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