The New Moon in Scorpio is on Saturday, exact at 11.42 am GMT on 18th November 2017. We have been asking ourselves large questions & looking at what we value, priorities & need in life. Our healing is taking priority.

Many are just only beginning to fully wake up, we have blurry eyes & haven’t been observing our world with fresh eyes for very long. Equally others have been awake for a long time, & are in the process of disconnecting from the things that steal our energy, & re-establish our connection to what truly matters at the core. For some, they are in the midst of dealing with large, looming issues that have encompassed their lives & as Jupiter in Scorpio continues it’s journey, working with these processes will take some time.

We are coming to the end of a year, but we are about to transition into some very different, long term energies when some slow moving planets change signs bringing a very different set of energies. Wherever you are personally, collectively we are getting very used to change & learning to adapt within, keeping our inner connection & our ear to the ground.

This month’s New Moon in Scorpio, the sign of sexuality, intimacy, death & regeneration is helping us individually & collectively release the toxicity of the accumulated dross of many lifetimes & many eras of suffering & living in fear. This is not a simple process but is one we can trust.

Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio last month, now joined by Mercury, Venus and the Sun have been illuminating the darkness – the pandemic sexual abuse and the misuse of power. Some people think it’s been made into a witch hunt of men, or that mens’ small abuses of power are ‘not high level crime’ or high agenda. This attitude belies how out of touch with history & reality we are.

The history is that sexual subordination was institutionised in the earliest codes of our law. These laws established dominion over a woman’s reproductive function. Women have been prime targets for domination & control for millenia. Women have been deprived of their past by being excluded from interpreting history. Our voices have been silenced by a dominant male myth.

Women are associated with nature & the body, which first exhalted us, then served as a basis for condemnation. Nature holds all aspects of oneness, there is no judgment in nature, it just is. But our current paradigm holds opposites in opposition rather than mutual interdependence.

Scorpio energy rules over the dualism of life & death finally dissolving in the Great Mother arms. With Scorpio, the world of nature & spirit are not separate, and nature, both in it’s death, killing aspect & in its productive, creative, birthing aspect are interdependent.

Scorpio energy allows us to talk about dark, difficult subjects, in fact its one of the few times in the year when we are called to that which is truly dark. A true Scorpio theme is witches. The witch, which is a female healer, has become the shadow of the darkest human thoughts, a label that carries the genocide of women through the witch hunts, of which there were many.

To say that witch hunts are crimes against humanity is to miss the point. It is probably an understatement to say that these were crimes against one-half of humanity (in the ratio of 1 man to every 10 women). The witch hunts legacy ensured that all women who chose to heal others would likely put their lives at risk of certain torture & death. Women were murdered in the millions over many centuries. Can you imagine what this has done to the idea of woman as healer both individually & to our collective consciousness? Can you imagine how cut off we are from the idea that we can heal? That healing is something to strive for?

We are currently being disempowered in the most powerful place, our sexuality. The dominant system we live within, from birth to death, teaches us to distrust our bodies, our innate natural healing capacity, our intuition & perhaps most importantly, our sexuality. When we disempower women & men from their feminine wisdom we cut off the heart & wisdom in our world.

This is a time when we are being truly supported to face our deepest fears & suffering. It is not enough to say we are Divine beings, we have to work on the old deep fears in our consciousness that prevent us knowing our true birthright of Divinity. Most importantly we have to work on the restoring the healer within us. Unknowingly, we are playing out very powerful & overwhelming illusions of fear, and with all this Scorpio energy, they are being lit up in a very strong light.

Scorpio’s ruler Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, symbolises the decent into the unconscious, a seeming death-like experience and the resulting rebirth. On 19th November, Mars squares Pluto, a passionate, intense combination great for mining the psyche, but also useful for clarifying our commitments, intentions & recognising our boundaries.

The more we resist, defend & thwart the process of bringing our shadow to the light, the more we will struggle. If you can laugh at yourself all or most of the time, & your defences are down rather than up, then you have come a long way with working with your shadow, your shadow after all, does have a sense of humour.

What is present now that perhaps hasn’t been before is the strength of heart we need to go into our shadow & trust it’s messages. The current chaos of our world is a massive deconstruction process of a dominant culture. The extent to which we have become asleep is relative to the effort required to wake us up. Our consciousness shifts are becoming undeniable. We are at the beginning of a long process of unfolding the old to make way for the new.

Yet all new moons are about beginnings, so what new beginnings are illuminated here? Chiron, the wounded healer, makes a supportive aspect to this New Moon in Scorpio. The healer within is awakening, beginning to trust her ability to heal, herself & others. We need to trust & believe in our capacity for healing. Chiron is helping us with that. He is bringing our shadow into the light for healing and urging us to find the right means to transmute it. A quincunx from Uranus supports us to see things from this different perspective – to change our belief systems around our capacity to heal. Put out the feelers and antenna to find the resources that will empower & heal you.

With Sedna precisely opposite this Scorpio New Moon & the asteroid Aphrodite conjunct it, we have themes of a perhaps violent regeneration. In both instances, there’s a connection between the ocean & body parts & regeneration. Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of love, born of the sea, and Sedna, became the Queen of sea mammals & creatures.

Aphrodite arose from the sea foam following a violent revolution (regenerated from Uranus’ genitals), born in ocean waves with cerulean eyes as the sea. Her body was full with fertile hips and breasts. Sedna had her hands violently cut off by her father when she clung to the boat & as she floated into the depths her limbs became seals & other sea mammals.

Lets start taking our fear & shadow seriously & not wait for it to pass, or distracting ourselves from it. Admittedly, recognising our shadow is a slippery business. But it needs our witnessing, awareness & transmutation. We can heal. It’s the time to stay with our fears, & the darkness, shadow & not cut them off. Lets not give in to ignoring the fear because we see it as more powerful than the healer. The cutting off creates more problems. Fear needs our attention as it indicates there’s a message trying to get through & there’s something important behind it.



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