In our pursuit of awakening into experiencing more expanded states of consciousness, it is useful to refer to many different bodies of knowledge to find out what resonates for your own path of awakening. From my own experience and learning, this is what aligns with my inner wisdom.

1. Balance More Than Half Of Your Karma

We all know that what we karmically create needs to rebalanced, either in the same lifetime or another. Our karma follows us through our lives. We have many leftover loose ends of recent and old karma to resolve Our karma is held in our causal bodies of each individual which is the physical, emotional, mental and etheric or astral bodies (spiritual bodies). It’s a process of release, forgiveness, transmutation and reclaiming our lives with us at the centre of what we want to create and manifest. Part of this process is releasing the karmic agreements we have contracted ourself to that we do not need to play out anymore. This is where with the power of grace your karmic history can be rewritten. Most people are carrying a lot of unresolved karma. When we carry this karma, it will manifest as a physical event or symptom, a relationship issue, or internal issue. One major way to clear your karma is through past life and ancestral work. This can be done through various means. You can work individually which each life time, or you can work collectively. Usually, both approaches are required. I also work with something called the DNA Wormhole technique and the Soul Vine, which is a powerful clearing process clearing process on ancestors, past lives and collective consciousness that we have absorbed. We balance the remaining karma through working in service to earth from the ascended realms, after our ascension.

2. Transmute The Electronic Belt

The electronic belt is all the un-transmuted karma accrued in this lifetime and that sits in our energetic field mainly around our waist. It is sometimes called the “Dweller on the Threshold” or the “Guardian at the Gate”, it sometimes appears as a dark entity separate from ourselves that tries to keep us stuck in fear. It contains the negative emotions, thoughts, words and actions. It has many layers, depending on how many incarnations you have experienced, the more lives, the more layers and the more compressed. With work and clearing we can clear out and heal this entity energy so we are free of fear and density. Fortunately we do not have to clear and rework all our karma in one lifetime, we work with what is relevant in one lifetime. The electronic belt descends from the waist to just below the feet. The violet flame can begin to transmute all the negative energy held within the electronic belt, from all the lifetimes.

3. Repair & Align Our Four Lower Bodies 

It is frequently the case that we get out of balance in one or more of these bodies. We can look to our astrology and earth path to quickly isolate problematic areas. But also we know if we are imbalanced in our emotional body since we will have fluctuating or triggering emotions or too much emotional detachment where we feel cut off or frozen. The mental body can also easily be identified as an issue since it will mean we have a monkey mind, overpowering thoughts, too much activity in the brain and many other symptoms. The Higher Self can resource and heal these aspects and the wounds they hold through channeling energy or showing us what part, aspect or energy self we need to heal in order for the emotional body (for example) to heal. With the physical body our of alignment, it’s useful to work with the different healing modalities such as qi gong and yoga, to bring the healing completely down into the cells.

4. Balance Love, Power & Wisdom

Most people are unaware that we hold the Divine Father, Divine Mother and the Higher Self in our heart space. Our true father and mother is the Divine Father and Divine Mother, from which the Higher Self is born. The Divine Father is the blue flame of power and protection. The Divine Mother is the love and compassion of the rose pink flame. The Higher self is the wisdom of the gold flame. These three flames are enfolded in a threefold flame within your heart. In most people, power, love and wisdom are not in balance. This means we have aspects of the receptive feminine principle, the active masculine principle, and the God/Goddess in human form, birthed from these. When we work with the sacred fire of the heart, which we can invoke and receive from, we are working to balance these qualities of love, power and wisdom within us. It’s easy to see when these qualities are not balanced. Think of a person who loves freely, but has no power to say no, I don’t like that and so becomes a doormat. Or the intellectual who has accumulated a lot of wisdom in his being, but doesn’t wield it with love, and so it is cold and unrelated. Or the person who has power, will and drive but has not developed the ability to use his power wisely and so abuses other boundaries. Once we feel balanced in these flames and qualities within our causal bodies, chakras and our multidimensional experiences throughout our past lives, we have come a long way along our path and ready for the next level in our awakening, which is moving on to the many other sacred fires, accelerating our path further.

5. Balance The 7 Rays

As mentioned, the sacred flames of the blue, rose pink and gold are elements of the sacred heart. Once these have been balanced, we can then move on to the 7 rays which correspond to the 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 notes on the musical scales, but they do not correspond to the kundalini chakras. Each ray holds a vibration and resonance which we can work with, sometimes quite unconsciously, through angels and guides and many other means. Each ray has a spiritual lesson, guide, and frequency. The lessons of the Rays are: Ray 1, Will & Power. Ray 2, Love & Wisdom. Ray 3, Active Intelligence. Ray 4, Harmony through Conflict. Ray 5, Concrete Knowledge & Science, Ray 6, Devotion & Idealism, Ray 7, Ceremonial Order, Ritual and Magic. After we have some experience and awareness of the 7 rays, we can move on to the 12 cosmic rays.

6. Awaken The Kundalini Energy

There has been much written about this, as it is probably the one step to enlightenment that almost everyone has heard batted about. The Kundalini (Shakti) force is the upwards flow of life source that activates our light body and allows us to become expanded in our consciousness, connected into our multidimensionality, and all our diversity, our fluidity and of course the more refined elements of essence and sentient. The Kundalini is the Divine Feminine which is coiled at the base of the spine which begins to awaken either spontaneously or with work. The Divine Feminine is the source of supply from the earth that we lift up to the sky. Be aware for the kundalini to awaken in our being, we need to clear out the lower chakras and many other aspects of our being so it is free without blockages to raise through the kundalini chakras. Most have blockages in the lower chakras from painful past and ancestral lives that have left deep scars in the human soul, carried over and over into each incarnation. As essential part of the kundalini rising is healing the past lives and ancestral generations going back 7-8 lives, on both the mother and father line (especially the mother line on both sides as this is said to hold the karma).

7. Master Your Outer Experience Through Your Inner Experience

Although it might feel like a tall order, it is possible to master all outer conditions so you are unmoved and undisturbed by your outer experience. Note this is not the same as having no difficult outer experiences. Once we have gotten so far along our path, we do receive the blessing of grace from the Divine Mother which begins to bring lessons in a truly kind and loving way, rather than the painful, suffering challenges that most are used to. So we will still sometimes have difficult experiences, but we will be able to maintain our mastery and be moved and touched in only powerful and loving ways by our experiences. This is where we are less polarised in ourself, we are projecting out very little since we accept full responsibility for our lives and know that every experience we have also is part of our co-creation, whether conscious or not, even if only 1% of us, it is still us. As all aspects of God and Goddess, all diversity is needed on our planet and all is loved as expressions of Oneness. At the same time, all humans and sentient beings are unified through our one universal heart. We must learn to follow our deepest desires from this sacred heart with no other person’s opinion having matter. This is another aspect of mastery, that is particularly challenging, since we are mothers and daughters, and care what the other thinks and feels of us. Learning to follow your own heart even if it runs against another person’s desires or needs is perhaps one of the hardest lessons for some. When we follow our own deepest needs, we are following everyone else’s deepest needs also, and not their ego needs, no matter how cleverly disguised.

8. Align With Your Divine Plan

We are on this planet to live out our highest potential. Each of us has a Divine mission and service to bring to this planet. Although many don’t fulfil it’s highest expression, all experience to some degree a living out of their destiny and plan. This is not the same as fate. While our lives play out within a certain fractal pattern, giving us certain limitations of expression and a blueprint to the kind of experiences and events we are meant to fulfil, it is not the same as having the will and capacity to change your life taken away from you which is such the meaning of the word fate. Until we have entered into higher and more expanded realms of consciousness we receive the lessons so that we can become increasingly empowered and compassionate. Every human soul has a Divine plan, it is held within our mother Gaia’s earth as our 9-pointed star. Ask your I am Presence to reveal your mission and purpose and lay claim to your Divine Birthright – which is to remember your soul origins, purpose, mission, contracts, lessons, and intentions.

9. Building The Rainbow of Light

The Rainbow Bridge of Light, otherwise known as the Antakarana of the tube of light. This is a state of awareness through threads and structures of energy which form a bridge between the personality, soul and monad (Divine self or I am Presence). Our personality is in constant refinement as it needs to adapt and adjust in more subtle and powerful ways to outer and inner circumstances. Over many life time, the Antakarana’s threads and structures of energy support the complete merger of the Divine self, soul and personality so they are as one. One way to support this bridge is to allow a constant steady spiralling flow both up and down the antakarana. Place your hand on your Sacred Heart and speak out loud, I intend to build my rainbow bridge, I am soul, I am divine light, I am love, I am will, I am fixed design. When Jesus stated I and my father are one, he was referring to the merger and full incarnation of his soul into human form. Being able to be on both sides of the conflict you experience, allows you to move beyond the ego into the more essence level experience or dimension. Conflict can be creative, but only if we allow it to be a source for us to transcend. Staying in the conflict means we stay engaged with the lower mind and this does not build the rainbow bridge. The same applies if you are in conflict with another human being, you can take all sides in the conflict and discover the roles that all parties share that move us beyond the conflict. There are villians and victims on all sides and have been for many, many centuries in our personal and collective history. This in the moment process of stepping outside of duality, while still appreciating the reality of duality at some level leads us to embodying the soul and higher self at deeper and higher levels. This observer and awareness consciousness supports us to move beyond duality in the moment, so we emanate peace outside from within.

10.Raising Our Light Quotient

Essentially, ascension and awakening is really a descension process. Over time, we are anchoring our light body into the structures, templates, connections, energy selves, chakras, haras and channels of our entire being. It is also a process of building our light quotient, that means building up the amount of light that our energetic and physical being can carry and maintain. One way of building up your light quotient is working with the Merkaba – a complex geometric energy structure that allows you to upshift your frequency. It’s essentially like a light ship that allows you to journey into higher realms. When the fire by friction (internal) merges with electric fire (external) the solar fire, the solar light body is created. Imagine being in a pyramid of light with the point a foot above the head and the base below the solar plexus chakra. Now imagine a second pyramid of light pointing downwards, with the point a foot below the feet and the base above your heat chakra. As above, so below, ascension and descension. Each pyramid is spinning, one clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. These form a diamond light vortex at the centre of the Sacred Heart, with you at the centre of this starship of light – the merkaba. There are many other ways to raise your frequency.


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