With a second New Moon in Pisces at 26 degrees on 17th March 2018, at 1.12 pm GMT. With this New Moon, we have the beginning of a new emotional cycle with what appears to be, on the surface, a very soft,  healing, spiritual and gentle tone.

If your birthday is near this New Moon, this is a perfect New Moon to reset intentions for this year with a particular emphasis on healing through the mystical oneness you experience with your spiritual connection and sexuality, especially since Chiron the wounded healer is conjunct this New Moon.

At this New Moon, Mars at 29 degrees is in a tension filled square to the Sun-Moon conjunction, and also conjunct the Galactic centre at 29 degrees, bringing in the themes of sexuality, desires and assertive action.

The Galactic centre is a very powerful space, a gigantic black void in the centre of the Milky Way. It acts like a centrifuge where everywhere is spun away from the centre to reveal pure empty space. When we combine a New Moon with this void-like space of Pisces, conjunct Chiron, square the Galactic centre, we have some complex but clear themes.

The Galactic centre is an empty space, pregnant with prima material, filled with intent, from which everything arises. Everything is birthed from this empty space, which is anything but empty. This works to amplify the sense of mystical union, surrender and forgiveness that we get with Pisces in its highest expression.

With Chiron conjunct this New Moon, especially since this is last Pisces New Moon with Chiron in Pisces, we are being called to really let go, and take our awareness inside. If it touches personal points in our charts, what we might feel is the Chiron wound – an acute sense of longing that must come with a loss. Chiron here brings out an inability to feel connected while a knowing that something has gone, is missing. The drive to find that right now is incredibly powerful, especially with Mars in square and Jupiter in Scorpio, about to go retrograde.

When we empty ourselves of everything, our mind becomes still. We become a witness to our lives where things come and go, rise and fall. Everything returns to this empty space, the stillness. This is the way of nature, and it’s good to remember we are nature right now. This can help us feel at one with the Tao, all of life, amidst this sense of loss.

This New Moon gives us the opportunity to connect with mystical, compassionate, passionate love, the vibration of Christ consciousness. The expression of love in the world, which is the Christ passion.

We can use this time to really surrender. Chaos, which is within the void, is not to be feared for when we align with it’s essence it always brings order. To get there, we must clear out the old fears, beliefs, judgements and perceptions that inhibit this gentle surrender into the space of the Divine Feminine. With Mars in square and Jupiter in Scorpio – the path is through sexuality and deep intimacy.

The healing of our God/Goddess consciousness, our relationship with the Divine, particularly the Divine Feminine, is to bring us into wholeness of all aspects of ourselves, through all levels and dimensions of our multidimensionality. This New Moon is promising the repair of the pathways to our Divine connection to allow for a full reconnection to and embodiment of the vastness of I AM.

But many have a fear of the void, they experience it as nothingness, an abyss or a chaotic state that brings madess. It calls to us in its many symptom forms (inner hopelessness, psychosis two of many), but most commonly it comes as an inability to surrender, to let go, relax and trust. We are so clenched and tight, in our bodies and our consciousness.

When the Chiron wounds are restored to their original Divine blueprint (and I believe they can be) of the embracing, pure love of the Divine Mother, then we see the truth of the illusion of our separateness. When we have experienced this love in our entire being, it’s like a reset button, there’s no way of forgetting. We are reconnected to our deepest nature and our home, for it’s from where we are born.

What stops us welcoming the awareness and depths of our fears and wounds? What are you holding onto, trying to maintain, resisting, rebelling against, trying to prove or get, angry about, avoiding or so invested in?

Pisces energy is about process. It’s about adjusting to the flow of energy spontaneously. It’s not about having a programme, it’s about letting your connection with the infinite oneness, which is around you in all ways, in everything, instruct and guide you.

Like a Taoist, we can assume that everything is already present in the spontaneous manifestations of nature, we just need to adjust, interact with and assist nature’s path. There’s nothing to push or force right now.

Jupiter has just turned retrograde in sexual, intimate Scorpio on 8th March for four months, giving us the opportunity to retrace some dramatic relationship dynamics (if we are still struggling with our relationship with love and sex). Sex and intimacy needs our exploration, whether it be from the place of sexual issues, deepening intimacy or experiencing mystical union. The Mars square this Moon also places the emphasis on this sexual journey.

Our sexual experiences are often among the deepest, most mystical moments of personal and relationship oneness. Sexuality supports us to open up to the ‘BIG us’, for example, perhaps your sexuality allows you make contact with the tiger in you, a part of you that is usually repressed.

What feelings and beliefs do you express or not express with your sexuality? What sounds or movements do you stop yourself making when being sexual? Could you explore yourself making those prohibited expressions in your sexual experiences? Mars wants us to look at our wounds in the area of sexual intimacy. The nature of women is that they tend to not separate desire from arousal, while men can and do.

We are also processing our sexuality patterned within some fundamental archetypes of men and women (prostitute, damsel, lover etc). They strongly influence us and we need, as women, to heal the individual, social, political, and cultural aspects of our sexuality contained within these archetypes.

As women and men, we carry collective and silent memories in our bodies and they unconsciously inform our sexual behaviour. In order for women to feel safe in their existence on this planet, women have become sexual slaves. The archetype of the sexual slave, prostitute or sexual abuse victim is present in most women if not consciously then unconsciously.

These archetypes make what is meant to be an act of mystical union and love into an act of fear and control. Archetypes can create a very powerful sexual being but often the basis of sexual power is a subtle control of the sexual partner. This is often just an attempt to create stability and safety.

There are many narrow definitions of women and the feminine in our culture, and this, coupled with a lack of positive feminine sexual role models, means women are living out distorted archetypal energy. This even forces the positive aspects of who we are, especially on a sexual level, to emerge under difficult circumstances – if we can’t access something in a positive way, our soul brings it to us in its lower vibration first, which we usually experience in a more negative way.

Women (and men) everywhere are being called to fully live, turned on, unashamed, burning in her truth, owning her power, her vulnerability, wildness, wisdom and sexuality. This is what now needs to emerge in our culture. Eroticism and sexual intimacy are core ways for us to get in touch with this wholeness.

Having an enriched sex life, not just based on sexual desire, but on eroticism as a core step on the path of awakening. This is what is opening up to us now. Long-term intimate relationships can be and should be a space where profound sexual experiences and an integration of our sexuality becomes our personal growth.

It’s not about the western preoccupation with chasing the orgasm, its about developing openness to sexual pleasure and sexual deepening. After all, we can orgasm from our hearts as well as our genitals. This is actually the birthright we’ve forgotten.

Even the minutest touch of two hands can be a nourishing pleasure (only the sexually starved focus on orgasm). The idea of having a sexual goal takes away the moment to moment pleasure of spiritual sexuality. It takes away all the small edges and moments of deep connection. This is the Chiron wound in Pisces – the longing of spiritual union with another through the power of our sexuality.

When sex and intimacy truly come together, an energetic spiritual connection is made. We are ready now to open up to all of the minutest, intimate, pleasurable, sexual experiences of life. It’s about moving beyond the western obsession with the physical into the eastern mystical union. Appreciation or love expressed through sexual union restores the flow of qi in our bodies, governing our organ vitality and general immunity. It helps us gather our vital energy, keeps us young, and is one of the paths to enlightenment.

True sexual intimacy involves self-confrontation and expression of our erotic nature, it’s about how we disclose ourselves, free ourselves up, and make contact with ourselves. Its also about being able to be unaffected but stay involved within our relationships, without withdrawing. Our sexual issues literally act as windows into ourselves. The more intimate we get, the more our stuff comes up.

It feels good to talk about sexuality so openly. It’s such a taboo! And to support movement forward on all this, Mercury and Venus continue their sojourn of Aries hand in hand. Shortly, on 22nd March, Mercury will retrograde in Aries, where he will stay for two months. Over the next three weeks, this will lend some real urgency to having some very clear conversations. Mars will be in Capricorn emphasising the potential uncompromising nature of the words and then actions we take, or experience others taking.

Finally, the expression of our intimacy and sexuality is on the agenda, and it will be an erotic, opening up journey, for a quite a few months to come.



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