We have a New Moon in the sign of Aries on 16th April 2018 at 26 degrees Aries 1.57 am GMT. A New Moon in warrior Aries is the time for a fresh start, for new beginnings. It’s a perfect time to ritualise and commit to intentions and break free of confining patterns. This New Moon is the most important Moon of the year. Many of us will feel like we are a threshold which will feel different for everyone. It’s a time for ritual.

We are in the midst of some powerful, transformative, dynamic set of energies. If we can go deeply there, then we can grow deeply through these these energies. But they can ask a lot of awareness from us.

A lot of things are happening at the same time. A New Moon conjoined Uranus, as Mercury turns direct and two days after which Chiron enters Aries.

Aries is the I am of the zodiac. Mercury direct is like a release point. Uranus is like a lightening bolt of awareness or awakening. Chiron in Aries is about standing for being unique and different.

Mercury direct is a time when the truth can be spoken, but also a peak time of miscommunication issues. With this high voltage energy, the chances of being misunderstood and of misunderstanding is strong but avoidance is not path, better to just keep your awareness closer under your arm, as your ally.

Lets begin with Uranus. The fusing of Uranus, the planet of change, with this New Moon, makes it feel like we are the brink of breakthroughs and massive change, and we are, but it’s just a massive beginning of a new majestic journey.

We are breaking free from stagnation, mundanity and routine. It’s a liberation, but it can bring upheaval and disruption too. The feeling is restless, a desire for freedom, to know ourselves, to claim our sovereignty or simply not to be confined by situations.

Uranus throws bolts of lightning that use a sudden jolt or spark of shocking spiritual electricity to shatter what is crystallised in our consciousness and with Uranus there is no warning. When we receive his flash of illumination, its best to follow yourself quickly, without hesitation. Uranus brings an almost magical sense of perfect timing and so when we trust and act on it instantly, a profound, spontaneous growth occurs.

Western culture doesn’t focus on the value of being in and mastering the present moment. But when we can be there we can react in an instant and respond to the unexpected with fluidity. This type of consciousness is always alert in a state of perpetual readiness, always prepared to make an immediate adjustment as the moment requires.

With an Aries New Moon, we have the opportunity to take charge and make significant changes to our lives, especially in relationship to ourselves and our body. With a bunch of planets also in cardinal, in Capricorn, there’s a push to move forward in our lives. Another mirroring of the breaking free, like a Butterfly from a chrysalis.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries teaches us through a direct experience and action with others and the world. Its curious, it experiments, it’s open to new parts of itself. It wants to know itself since it’s the ‘I am’, the vestica of Pisces, the individuated aspect of Mother-Father-God-Goddess (the centre of the threefold flame and the Flower of Life). This is how the Creator experiences itself, through it’s individuation from Oneness.

With Uranus, the theme is one of what’s outside the box, outside of our reality? What do we allow in our reality and what do we push out because of fear? What is us and what’s not us. This can be about being fixed in a certain way of being, a style, or way of behaving, and marginalising all else. People are going to be pushing the envelope now, so we are forced to look at what we can’t admit into our reality.

Part of this is about getting to know our blind spots. Uranus awakens. He wakens us up to what we are not prepared to look at, to what actually IS us but which we can’t accept into our reality. It’s actually a very grounding, unifying process, to incorporate that which is outside as part of our inner diversity.

Some people know they have blind spots, and others don’t. Some work with their shadow, others just can’t go there. If we don’t actively work to know blind spots, then you can expect others to wake you up to them since they cause pain in the world.

A massive part of our blind spots is our relationship to rank. Why? Because where we have rank (psychological, spiritual, social etc) we have unconscious power. People hide behind their rank. It’s becomes a facade. Knowing our rank and also our diversity, (our unconscious privileges too), supports us to stay open and not one-sided.

As we see all too often in the world, the most dangerous thing is a person with a lot of consensus reality power, like a high ranking position, but who feels powerless within themselves. There are many Donald Trumps in the world, many are on our doorsteps too.

This begins to speak to the wound of the masculine principle, and two days after this New Moon, Chiron moves from Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac – the sign of the big void, to Aries, the sign of the individuated ‘I’. Chiron and Aries combines uniqueness, specialness, of knowing who you are. This is the initiating masculine principle of I am, the emergence from the void.

The significance of this transition can’t be understated. We really are personally and collectively, at a threshold.

At this point of transition, in this zero point Aries place, two worlds collide, the Pisces collective with the Aries personal. It’s an incredibly powerful point where what’s personal to us takes on a public, collective and political role and what’s public becomes equally personally very important. The very personal nature of the world’s events become increasingly personal, as we become touched and moved by the suffering and experiences of others.

Nothing is separate to us, it is all on our doorstep and we are being called to question the distance we erect between our self and others in the name of protection, safety or boundaries. Yet knowing we need that difference of self.

Our feeling world is being increasingly extended out to encompass the experience of those on the other side of our globe or the other side of the fence, the physical distance is somehow becoming irrelevant.

When this Aries zero point is triggered, as it is on Tuesday after this New Moon, it brings a time when personal events have a wider influence and things that happen in the public realm impact us very personally. We can expect big things in the news, in the public arena, touching us very deeply.

With Chiron’s move in Aries, one way of seeing it is as the wounded warrior. In western society, men lack initiations into manhood. The rituals that take a man from his boyhood into his manhood just don’t exist in western society. Many men lack role models on how to be a fully, authentic man, in his feelings, able to meet a powerful, sexual, radiant, beautiful, feeling woman.

How we meet ourselves and each other, how we open to one another and fall in love with ourselves and each other is the journey of the Goddess and God within. For a woman to fully embody her Goddess, at some point she feels the need to be met by a man who can step into his Divine masculine.

Men struggle with this fundamental dilemma. They look at the beauty and passion of a woman embodying her Goddess, and they don’t know how to be with that beauty, grace and presence. Who am I in the face of such power and beauty?

Women are taught to continually accept and forgive a man’s fear, but women yearns for more. She yearns for a man who can fully claim and ravish her, who she can offer no resistance to, only surrender and desire. It sounds the stuff of fairytales, and it would be if it wasn’t for the fact that some women and men have discovered that in each other. This is not a purely sexual thing, its about opening up and feeling yourself as a conduit for Divine love.

While women have the capacity to love deeply, many women struggle to allow a man to open deeply to her also. Men are waiting for a woman that will allow that. A man deeply wants to be with a woman who trusts him, who can open to them and who they can open to also. But a woman needs to open to a man who she can truly trust.

Chiron in Aries heralds the beginning of a deep healing of the masculine, the I am, our very primal existence, and what it means for both men and women.

This needs to happen so that men can begin to become certain of themselves, of their purpose, knowing themselves, so they can face a woman of in her Goddess. If a man cannot open, cannot trust himself, his decisions, his actions, who he is at a fundamental level, and most importantly, can’t talk about the fears he has around this, which is actually most important, then there’s no meeting of hearts.

Women yearn to be taken by a love that’s greater than themselves. But they rarely admit it, they settle for what’s safe, rather than a deep love.

With Aries, we have to take risks, we have to claim our right for happiness, its our birthright. It needs to become a deep and an authentic claim for ourselves, a gentle but persistent, confident command. And this is also what a woman wants to feel from a man – his demand that he is not willing to settle for anything less than a woman’s total heart giving.

What do we do with all this? Well, we are being asked to direct our energy towards the depth that is our beingness – which begins with our feelings. We might feel like a wounded warrior, or a traumatised woman, who doesn’t have the confidence and trust in their experience to be true.

But the truth is not this. We exist, we are real, we are not empty, nothing, we are substance. We are unique and special and we have a right to stand for that, with awareness of everyone else as a part of us too, not separate in an ego identity. If we can’t claim our ego and our boundaries first, how can we open to another.

Chiron wants us to guard the ‘I am’, our inner flame, our spirit. This may mean we need to restrain or retrain our primal Mars/Aries energy. We can only do that by turning within. Turning ourselves inwards away from the outer world, to our inner being.

Owning fully who you are, on the inside, our very right to existence, our uniqueness, our difference is what’s needed now as it’s part of the process that takes us into connection and harmony.

For most of the time, we feel the pressure to conform, to merge, to become like everyone else, to fit in, not stand out as too unique. Hell to that. This is how love and creativity is limited and repressed. There are too many rules. This is a time to break free of the rules and invoke a new lightening bolt of awareness. Our own subjective experience in our embodied awareness is what makes us unique. Aries is embodied, it’s the body. It’s an incarnation process.

It’s possible that the vulnerabilities of Chiron in Aries mean we don’t feel like we are that warrior, the Goddess, or even much of anything. But what makes us a warrior or Goddess is no more than our ability to face ourselves with courage and willingness to grow, no matter how scary it might feel or appear. Aries cuts through illusion to show us who we truly are, deep down, beyond all the layers of wounds and trauma.

The fear is just a disguise, it is not to be feared. Embrace it, and you will find something your warrior and Goddess latent, dormant within it, waiting for you to acknowledge that that is the truth of who you are.

We are coming back to our humanness, to our individuality, that sense of us as a unique human being connected to feelings. This is essential.

Lastly, the primal, deep feelings and also frustration, pent up nature that this energy generates can become overwhelming at this time. It’s not easy to stay with this energy as its very erratic and unpredictable as well as incredibly potently transformative.

When we are in a process of transformation, at the point of turning a corner, so so much can come up, and it makes such a difference to have support from people who care. Take the time to be with others who need you and ask for support from those you know you can trust to really listen. It’s about the feeling and the intimacy – stay out of your head, it will keep you in a place of frustration and keep you cycling.

By taking this path forward through your body and feelings, you will begin to flow with this energy, rather than against it. The power of staying in the deeper, feeling self will carry you forward. In fact, it’s the only way to manage this energy, if you feel it triggering you this week.


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