We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on 29th May 2018 at 15.19 pm BST at 8 degrees on the Sagittarius-Gemini polarity. The best time for working with this Full Moon is Wednesday morning UK time.  Here the Moon makes contact to Neptune helping our psyche feel loose and more able to slip into the intentional field. 

To begin, connect with your Higher Self simply through an intention for presence, this shifts us into our upper visual cortex and brings us into the flow of the present moment. When we live our lives from this place, alignment follows.

That breaking free energy is still figures strongly at this Full Moon, this time in the guise of free-wheeling, inspiring Sagittarius which wants liberation from old worn out patterns and habits keeping us tied into old modes of responding to our environment.

Mars in Aquarius square to Uranus is a very catalytic, breakthrough energy and It’s mission is to dynamically move us through. It’s helping us focus our energy into community and connection, and broadening our perspective on our own lives as well as supporting us to hold more objectivity when relating to one another.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunct is creating a soul yearning to follow that which feeds our souls, and so it’s a good week for a trip out of town.  We need to see more of the horizon, a glimpse of what the future can be like if we were not hemmed in by situations, other people or even our own internal world. 

Letting our eyes see beyond our small world supports our consciousness to soar and gives us the perspective and faith we need to trust and believe in ourselves and the unfolding life processes.

This process of change is a lengthly one. We can perhaps sense that decisions need to be made, yet we have to honour the process which takes us towards the decision itself.

Most decisions are not decided until they are known and felt in the body. We might sense them around the corner, or even in the far distance. We might know now what the outcome is, we just don’t know the process of getting to feel it ‘rightness’ in the body.

With Uranus moving through Taurus, we are undergoing a process where embodying our decisions and knowing that it’s right is the journey. 

Sometimes we just think it’s about surrendering or accepting to things as they are, but this is not the time for that. Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, the North Node (and pretty much all the planets in one way of another) are asking us to consciously engage in the process and know what we want to be feeling our lives which is a different thing to having a clear idea of what we want.

With Saturn and Jupiter in retrograde motion, and Mars soon to turn retrograde, we will be going through a deeper period of review to get closer to what is needing to change and the level at which this change needs to happen.

When inviting in or opening to a new life direction, always begin with how you want to feel, it’s easy for our inner Divinity to respond to that than a specific instruction on what we want. All of us need to get more in touch with our feelings, as they are mostly submerged beneath a mountain of distractions. 

There’s another part too, to go along with your visions, if you have not already started, write a list of all the things you want to do, become, focus on, train in, learn about, and begin making the connections and get clear on some of the process. With all this Gemini energy, it’ll just open up for you. 

Amplifying all of this later this week (Thursday-Friday) is the grand trine in water, with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. You will feel your grand ’feeling’ planted on Wednesday morning ripening almost immediately, and you will feel the energy behind those dreams.

This is a time to be prepared to integrate some changes into your life. It’s not enough to expect the pieces to simply fall into place. With Gemini, we have the energy of communication, connection, sharing and ideas behind us. Look toward building a continuity of progress from where you are right now to where you want to be.

The energies are doing much more than nudging us into directions that are more aligned with our future self’s happiness, a reality that is freer from all the restrictions we usually place or get placed on us (usually out of fear).

The inner fearful, cautious abiding part, which is urging responsibility, adhering to the past or thinking small might need some witnessing from you and your Higher Self so they can relax and find a lighter role for themselves.  It’s always best to acquaint yourself to your fear like it’s an old friend – lest it consume you.

We are processing a lot of our past, considering who we are, if we like who we are, what needs to change and how we got to where we are. This has been the past two weeks, but that’s lifting now leaving behind a sense of wanting to be free.

Much of this centres around relationships and our deeper values. This is all about getting clear on relationships or getting us ready for being in relationships. It is also supporting us to be more truly and authentically engaged in our relationships so we can work together with more harmony and awareness.

As I said earlier in the year, the impact of Jupiter in Scorpio means we are exploring what it means to be intimate with one another and ourselves. There’s generally lots of conditions around intimacy. Part of getting clearer in our relationships involves looking at what impedes intimacy.

The ability to make contact with the deeper feeling realm, which Jupiter in Scorpio requires for growth, is a big question on people’s minds and hearts. Do your relationship truly allow you to grow and be intimate in the ways you need to feel like you belong in the world?

That lack of or yearning to belong can bring up lots of old issues. Some examples; how we cut off the sensitive, vulnerable parts, work too hard to avoid relating and feeling, control situations so we feel safe and avoid any suffering, make ourselves indispensable to others, or over accommodate everyone else in our lives.

The list is endless, but the common theme is avoiding our feelings as though if we were to fully go there, we would feel too much. If we were to just sit still and feel ourselves, and the deeper pain we are currently feeling deep down, we might be surprised how quickly it dissipates and dissolves in our witnessing. 

Whenever I work with clients, I ask their Higher Self to show us how it works to work with the pain, and it always has a powerful wise process of healing at it’s finger tips. It’s the only resource we truly need.

So I need to say it again; we are at a threshold, we are in the midst of a process where making choices, sometimes difficult ones, is part of the equation for the few months. Some of these choices will redefine entire futures in incredibly positive ways. 

This process will be aided if we allow ourselves to make contact with our feelings and be guided by our Higher Self awareness in the moment. There’s no rush, despite what’s happening around you, just start mapping the process of change.

Without our feelings fully in the picture, it’s difficult to make choices, as we continue to feel immobilised by the pros and cons of the options we have open to us. It’s important to know it’s harder to think this through than feel this through to a complete answer over the next week, as it will feel like there’s too many options.

We also need to engage our hearts, what do we truly desire for our lives? What do we imagine for our lives, if we were to truly wish and dream into the future we’d love to be living? Mars opposite the North Node is bringing awareness to this too but supporting us to see our desires in the context of others.

It might also mean we need to look at how we feel, connect to and belong to the world, humanity, community and each other to really get underneath what this combination of energies is drawing out from us over the next few weeks and as a theme until November.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 18' 13"
Moon 03° Capricorn 40' 57"
Mercury 10° Cancer 21' 19"
Venus 06° Cancer 06' 26"
Mars 09° Taurus 36' 29"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 17' 13"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 49"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 14"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 13"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 42" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 45"
TrueNode 12° Aries 11' 46" R
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