We have a total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius with the Sun in Leo on the 4 degree mark, on 27th July at 8.20 pm GMT. This eclipse is on the Aquarius-Leo axis with the Moon conjunct retrograde Mars and the South Node in Aquarius. But on top of that, Mercury goes retrograde the day before the eclipse in Leo, emphasising the Aquarius-Leo axis. On top of that the Moon’s ruler Uranus (rules Aquarius) is squaring this configuration.

Eclipses on there own are pretty high voltage, but with the tight orbs of this astrology and the Uranian nature of it, well, this sets up some potentially quite unpredictable energies and so we need to sit up and pay attention to what this means for us.

The sense here is a force that wants to break free. A sense that we have been confined for too long to certain patterns, people, situations and ideas that just have outlived their purpose so the pressure to find a way out can feel overwhelming. Perhaps it’s not so straight forward – it often isn’t – this is when we are called to let go and surrender and allow for a greater intelligence to work it’s magic and grace.

Depending on our age, we might be looking back at our life and wondering what happened. Who have I become? Is who I am now who I want to be? Over time we change, and some of that change is positive and some less so.

For others, the sense is of expanding authenticity, the expression of individuality, the connection to the sense of service to humanity and aligning with soul purpose. But if we feel like we don’t have the resources, financial, time or energy, or all three, and that there’s too many compromises, then the sense of disconnect, self-judgement or judgment of the world or universe for not supporting us, can feel overwhelming. Remember we are currently facing our inadequacies and what we see we might not like.

Uranus in Taurus, in square aspect to this eclipse, is saying that we need to look at our internal resources and value system, especially our connection with our body and our embodiment to really move through into the next phase of growth. Without the recognition of the physical realm of existence – that means changing our approach and attitude to our physicality – that it’s not just an inconvenience, but a necessity for spiritual evolution.

Many are in the process of clearing out trauma locked in the body. Just about everyone has experienced some kind of trauma, some more than others and often this trauma is held in the very physicality of our being – the vagus nerve, the neurons, the limbic system, the muscles and cells, as well the subatomic level we exist at. For our consciousness to feel free to express within the body, the body must be free of effects of trauma.

Stress, trauma and shock all gets encoded in the body’s cellular memory, the meridians, the chakras and the rest of the subtle energy body. For us to fully be resourced, repairing and healing trauma is a must, and restoring our genetic memory to before the trauma occurred.

The energies of now are calling for a deep inner release of old dense emotions that keep us tied into the expression of a lower consciousness, where we just feel a subtle backdrop of fear and disconnection. Many of us are being called to return to work with the inner child and understand the impact of this fundamental aspect of our consciousness on our present day state of mind.

All the memories in time where we have felt frozen in fear or confusion need our attention. Mars on the South Node is a active energy that pays attention to the past, with the Moon making it’s conjunction it’s a calling to access the emotional realm of our trauma and let it go. Our numbness of today is just a symptom of our frozen past, that doesn’t know how to feel. It needs guidance, support, love and witnessing to release.

The Leo Sun, our inner child (also on the North Node) wants to play and feel free to be herself, confident and authentic, spontaneous without any preoccupation with what others think. Most of us are so encumbered with the beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and values of others that we can’t play and just relax and be ourselves. Being authentic isn’t some big new approach that we need to acquire, it’s a return to our deepest nature of freedom.

When we understand that every moment we spend without being fully embodied is a moment not quite in this present reality, we can see how easily it is to be influenced by collective fields of energy, alternate, future or parallel realities and our pasts. We spend most of our time living in realities that are not real in this dimension, if we are not fully in contact with our bodies. This is why our body is our greatest resource and we need to take good care of it.

We don’t need to go anywhere else to get grounded or come into reality, we need to come fully into this present moment and work with the current reality right in front of you. When we split off into other non existent realities that are not here with us now, we create problems for ourself.

Aquarius is about objectivity and perspective of others, and connecting with wholeness of creation, that it takes all parts to make the whole, that we need it all. That we can value everything and that to judge something as lower or higher, good or bad, right or wrong, only gets us into trouble. Here with our awareness we can notice the parts of us without judgment, and observe how they function in our psyche with compassion and interest. The problems arise when we refuse to see them, when we repress and stuff aspects and emotions down.

Leo is about individuality and embracing the moment of now, with courage, it doesn’t ask for observation, it participates and engages with reality like a child, without fear. The parts of us that have forgotten how to play and feel free generally only need a little coaxing to come out and connect. Just follow your higher self’s guidance. These forgotten parts are eager to be embraced in the whole again, we just need to be willing, and somewhat courageous.

This eclipse, and the preceding and following eclipse in August, are all major activations in our consciousness. It’s a time of magnitude shifts which everyone is feeling now. Our relationship with the world, our community, inner and outer connection and humanity as a whole are all being reinvented, whether we are ready for it or not.

Mars retrograde conjunct the South Node in Aquarius expresses conditioned thinking habits that behave like addictive tendencies. We are full go addictions and now it’s time for a reality check on our internal processes. A part of that is surely connected to our habit of being in our laptops or phones – yet another alternate reality that submerges the present moment.

If you haven’t already had the lesson this year – it is now time to step out of these alternate realities, supported through a reconnection with your physical body, and start engaging with your present reality and the real relationships in front of you. Anything else is just a distraction of avoidance. The observer Mars is giving us the individual perspective we need to see our personal part of the game.

Where the South Node is concerned, there’s always a tendency towards compulsion. Sometimes the obsession, addiction needs to get so strong and unavoidable that we can’t avoid it anymore, that might be part of it. In many ways we are being shown the ways in which we hurt ourselves and others in our mindlessness.

The conditioning runs deep, our experience is not just our own. We are enmeshed in culture and other people’s stuff. If we can get grounded and sort through mine, yours and ours, then we have the possibility of moving forward with more alignment, more connection and clarity.

A day before the eclipse Mercury stationed retrograde in Leo. He will be retrograde for 3 weeks. The Moon soon after the eclipse will be opposed to Mercury retrograde so we should get a sense of what this season’s Mercury retrograde holds. It’s a time of internalised creativity, where we garner many of our answers from within.

It’s a very fruitful time for many breakthroughs in awareness and old habits, the best thing is to just ride the wave, the more you align with the current, the easier and more joyous the shifts will feel.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 00° Gemini 05' 11"
Moon 26° Libra 14' 54"
Mercury 06° Taurus 36' 45"
Venus 26° Taurus 02' 14"
Mars 15° Aries 17' 48"
Jupiter 28° Taurus 44' 34"
Saturn 18° Pisces 07' 21"
Uranus 23° Taurus 31' 26"
Neptune 29° Pisces 26' 40"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 01' 48" R
Chiron 21° Aries 44' 18"
TrueNode 14° Aries 56' 04" R
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