When I first learned this system and decoded my own chart I immediately had a sense of clarity and awakening. At the time, I really didn’t know what I was here to do. Perhaps you can resonate with that, as many of us don’t know, for many years we can be totally in the dark. Or perhaps you’ve always had a sense that there is something more to your life or a inkling to your potential. 

Above all else, the Earth Path System brings illumination. You can discover your calling, as I did. If you know your calling, it will bring you confirmation, reassurance and a unique understanding of your current path.

The unique understanding it brings is a key to your mystical and spiritual purpose, which incidentally, is one of the secrets of manifestation and abundance. Through understanding our experience, we are released from the world’s conditioning and our perceived limitations. This system will explain your life themes, why you magnetise certain circumstances and repeat experiences.

It is no mistake that you are here to access all dimensions of your Soul’s blueprint and embrace the whole spectrum of the holographic reality that you live within. What I mean by this is that it may seem sometimes like our everyday reality is all there is but it is so much more. This is what we are here to discover. When we uncover the truth of who we are and why we are here, we can start to perceive differently and actively participate in creating a different reality for ourselves.

The Earth Path System will help you to gain this new perspective through mapping out your challenges, talents and goals not only in the everyday 3D worldly sense but from a higher spiritual purpose. You will discover more about the truth that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Your Earth Path reading will help you embody and harness your natural talents, so that you can then easily navigate through your challenges, realise your goals and fulfil your purpose. But what I love most about the Earth Path System is it’s unique take on challenges.

While we can’t always see it, everything that we experience on our path is there to serve us in a direction of expansion and growth. As we access our Earth Path chart and decode our experiences, we discover all the layers of this. We begin to see and embody that even our challenges are serving us.  Challenges are no longer something to fight, get rid, resist or avoid. They are to be embraced and grounded so we can rise above them and see our journey from a different perspective, making space for us to connect to our true purpose and instilling the determination we need to fulfil this purpose.

What Is The Earth Path System?

An Earth Path reading is an ancient Hebrew numerology system. Based on early Kabbalah teachings and derived from the geometry of the ancient Flower of Life, the building block behind the entire structure of our universe. 

As a soul, prior to incarnation, you decided the highest growth you could possibly experience in this lifetime and used your full original birth name to manifest this. 

Names hold an energy, a sound vibration – they act as an energetic configuration or blueprint which then gets projected into this reality, our consensus reality – almost like programming a computer.  Your original birth name is your ‘dominant’ vibration, it holds your blueprint for this lifetime. Other names, such as married names or nick names, are called overlay names.  Overlay names are just that, an overlay energy which adds to and refines the energies already present.

Look above at your chart below. This is your chart specific to your original birth name.  Anyone else with exactly the same birth name as you will have the same energies.  You can see beside each star point a number and symbol/s. This is a set of energy frequencies represented by numbers and its corresponding symbol. The Star of David is an important symbol.  It is derived from the Flower of Life, the building block of sacred geometry and the foundation of all life.

Each chart has two challenges, two talents, two goals. Most charts, but not all charts, have a destiny energy.  Some names are short and so do not have a soul destiny energy. If this is your chart, it doesn’t mean you do not have a soul destiny, rather that you have a very specific path which is held in all other energies and do not require a specific soul destiny energy itself. The chart is split up into the first and the second half of your life – the physical (worldly) and the spiritual. In total, there are twenty-two different energies.  These also match the twenty-two pathways in the Kabbalah and the twenty-two Major Arcana in the Tarot amongst other systems.

Worldly & Spiritual

How to Read Your Chart

In your chart you will see a downward and an upward triangle making up the Star. The downward triangle relates to the worldly or physical existence – which begins when you are born and runs to around the age of 30 – 40 years old.  The physical, first half of life is about us getting our grounding and footing on this planet, the physical realm of existence. The upward triangle is the spiritual aspect of life and this begins as the worldly triangle ends running until you complete this life. In the second, spiritual half of life, which can begin in our mid 20s up to our mid 30s, we are dealing with more intangible experiences and making sense of ourselves as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Generally by the age of 36, most people have entered into the second half, the spiritual half of their chart, but they are quite likely also to be working on the challenges from the physical – in fact we are always working on our challenges for the physical, just less intensely in the second half of life. By 36, most will at least be experiencing the spiritual challenges, moving towards accessing the spiritual talent and at the beginning of moving towards working with their goals – albeit somewhat unconsciously.

Some people might even get a forerunner or introduction to their spiritual challenge in their late 20s at the time of their astrological Saturn return transit (28-30). Bringing into consideration our astrology allows us to get more precise on the timing around these lessons.

For most people, our life experience, our lessons and learning acceleration peaks around the astrological North Node return at 36, the Uranus opposition transit around 42 (mid-life crisis) and the Chiron return around 50.

Challenges, Talents & Goals

The talents in your chart act as the fulcrum between your challenges and goals.  We use our talents to work with our challenges and move towards our goals.  We always have access to our talents, but we sometimes need to actively use them to really experience the benefits and their gifts. It’s important to remember that if we have difficult challenges, and some energies are more challenging in certain challenge positions, then we might struggle to access our talents or use them appropriately. Sometimes even our talents can become our crutches; we can abuse our gifts or overly rely on what comes easily. Working with our challenges in a very active sense will often bring us the greatest rewards.

Positive & Negative

You will see in your chart description a list of both the positive and negative manifestations of each energy in each position. This is because with any of the position placements, whether it be challenge, talent or goal, we can manifest both the positive and negative end of the energy spectrum. What we manifest is determined by our own free will, and the combination and the interplay of energies in our chart.

For example, below in your chart description under worldly challenge, you will see a potential attribute and a possible challenge description. So for the first half of your life you will mainly experience the negative manifestation of this challenge – in other words the possible challenge description. But with time, as you work through this energy, you will be able to access the potential attributes of this challenge. So as you reach into your 30s you will have likely converted most, but not all, of possible challenges into potential attributes, in other words, if you have worked with your challenges constructively, then your worldly challenge becomes your worldly talent. However, our challenges always stay our challenges, even if we also have access to the talent side. It’s more accurate to say that challenge energies give us more access, over time, to the whole spectrum of that energy.

The same idea applies with our goals. As we learn to wield our goals, they slowly turn into talents – so for goal positions you need to look to both the potential attribute and possible challenge descriptions as both will apply at all times until you have achieved some of the goal and converted it into a talent. But it’s our challenges that usually hold most of our awareness and struggle. This is where our real unfolding and learning resides.

Needless to say, we can’t avoid our challenges, there’s quite simply no way of bypassing them. Neither should we try, as they are there for our growth and awareness. While our goals are there to propel us forward, our bettering arises from our challenges, that which holds us back, creates conflict and struggle, and ultimately a whitening or purification process that brings the gold. The aim is to dive into our challenges and work on purifying our lessons so we do not need to receive all our lessons with pain and suffering. It is possible to have lessons through grace and love.

The Symbols

The symbols in your Star of David chart act as gateways into higher realms. Tuning into each symbol in your chart will often yield further information, this is what I do in personal readings and teach in the Earth Path Online Training. I recommend that you tune into your symbols and see what comes through for you.

Chart Interpretation

A full reading gives an in-depth, personalised explanation of the symbols and your life experience. These in-depth readings take into account each unique vibration with consideration to the specific position, interaction, combination and concentration of energies in your chart, as well as all the nuances of the system, which affect when the energies will begin to set in and have their impact.
The below is designed as a summary of the energies individually, without the interaction or combination taken into account. It just gives you a taste of your chart while a full reading offers more information and also explains how the energies combine in your chart. So if your reading doesn’t totally resonate for you, then the reason will be down to your energy combination.
So, with no further a due, lets begin.

Your Earth Path Summary

Your summary will give you an outline of some of the obstacles, karmic patterns, life lessons, gifts, passions, goals and your soul purpose, that you have chosen to experience in this life. You can sign up here.


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