We have a New Moon in Pisces on 6th March 2019 at 16.03 pm forming a conjunction with Neptune and Vesta. Uranus has literally just changed signs, and Mercury turns retrograde at the final degree of Pisces. This makes this New Moon a very powerful and profound lunation. In fact both lunation’s this month have a destiny feel about them.

We started the month with some very fantasy fuelled energy. While there’s still a solid footing of grounded Capricorn energy with Venus still in Capricorn, perhaps turning our heads towards that which is stable, secure and even traditional – in a value sense, relationship and safety sense. As the month continues, with Venus’ move into Aquarius and all this fantasy prone energy, we have our heads in the clouds and in all manner of dreams and visions for our lives – if we can step aside and let the cosmos move through us.

This is a great New Moon to do some spiritual practises since you will heighten your vibration and perhaps bring through some powerful manifestations. What we dream now can become a reality, so pay strong attention to your night time dreams, they are guiding us towards our our soul purpose.

So this isn’t much about needing to get a grip on reality in as much as believing in the potential of what feels too far fetched, or even too good to be true. Those on a spiritual awakening path are being guided, at every moment, towards a life of love, joy, laughter and connection. This month might really give you a sense of that possibility on the horizon. Yet it is still on the horizon. Remember this is a transition year, and many things in the physical realm need to shift and transform for that future destiny to become a reality.

It’s nice to have these times of feeling, sensing or knowing that our hope, trust and faith has been restored. In these rare times, we can make massive shifts in our ability to surrender, drop and let go of how things need to happen. When the destiny door opens, and we feel the calling so strongly, it can feel so magical and miraculous that our connection with Divine love becomes so intimately restored. I believe this could be one of those months.

Yet when we connect with a larger sense of ourselves or our purpose, there can be lots of edges and degrees of internal conflict around those potentials. Yesterday I felt a volcano in me that wanted to erupt – to destroy everything and everyone. Like there was something that totally needed to transform my life. I felt the understandable edges to being the volcano also – I didn’t want that level of responsibility or to create through a need to destroy or through a drama.

When I worked I bought in the Divine to transform that inner conflict, I felt this strong wave behind the movement. It was a different way of creating. There was a big energy that is not just of my own creation. I became less identified with the volcano and rode a wave of energy behind me more. It wasn’t about me needing to do the transformation, negotiate this powerful volcano.

I didn’t need to strategise, become or manage the volcano, or make things happen. The unified field that contains the edge to being the transformer and the volcano itself taught me that I was not the container or controller of it all, but that I am the channel through which the wave might at times move through – but that I am not the only channel. My identity didn’t need to feel like I was solely in charge. I can trust the universe to help me flow with it. It’s where the sentient or essence dimension comes in, makes it feel less dramatic, less volatile, more at peace with the way things transform and shift.

This feels important with Uranus shifting signs into Taurus. Since there will be many shifts, some seeming earthquakes in our lives, and before those earthquakes arise, there is always this sense of the body shaking, knowing something uncomfortable is on the horizon. Our body shakes because we feel the power of the shift, and we fear it. But when we let the Divine take over that, we realise how identified we were with needing to make changes. Changes can happen through grace.

A New Moon with Neptune and Vesta highlights the themes of service and holding space. Vesta is also about relationships that don’t fit into the norm, or conform in some way. This suggests there’s something new and refreshing coming to relationships that are usually against societal rules and expectations. These relationships are supported now, in that we need to expand our sense of what is ‘right relationship’.

We have so many ideas about how relationships should start, should be, whether it be the traditional sic definition of relationships, or something that our friend says is not good for our emotional or mental wellbeing. Family and friends often overlay their own sense of what’s right for us. And while most of it is well meaning, and in some contexts, completely what we need to hear, it can be limiting our own internal truth of what is right for us.

But the sense with this astrology is that we are being guided to trust in our own sense of what’s right for us, outside of everyone else’s ideas, opinions and judgments. For example, if you are thinking of leaving your partner, do not ask someone whose unhappily partnered but content to stay in an unhappy relationship, what you should be doing. Their concept of what’s acceptable, valuable and a priority will mostly win over their ability to get a clear perspective on your own situation and circumstance. This is how conformist we are.

Quite simply put, this isn’t a time to get advice and guidance from pretty much anyone, unless that person is well versed and very open-minded. It’s about trusting in the signals, feedback, dreams and overall sense of what is real for you – especially in the arena of relationships and values.

With Uranus moving signs into Taurus – some deep foundational changes will be arising over the next seven years, and for many much of what might need to shift will happen within the next two years since we have the 12.01.20 conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.

This is a wide scale reorientation taking place, on a very real, tangible, ground level, and this month our eyes might be opened to what that might be necessary over the next two years. Some of us will not see it fully yet, most of us will likely resist what we perceive, or perhaps question it’s sense or search for the logic. The secret I found is to let the Divine intelligence guide the process and especially the timing. Don’t feel just because you know what needs to change that you need to change it there and then.

Sense and logic belong to linear consensus reality which is needed in many aspects of our world, but not when it comes to destiny playing out and fulfilling our Divine purpose. Some of us know what is required and see before and beyond others. This isn’t easy, for when you are that person, you need to connect more to your sense of Divine timing.

So while we might be now somewhat ahead of the game, we must come back to roots of our spiritual connection, rather than our security blankets (as they might need to go) and stay connected to what is. Should we strategise how we are going to make the changes we now know we need to make? Perhaps yes, if the timing doesn’t feel right for now, take your time, it could be up to a year or even two for the existing conditions to shift fully, there’s often many components to deep level change. This is why we need to see this as a transition year, not a fulfilment year.

Remember that while this is a year of Jupiter expansion, Saturn is ready in 2020 might set some limits and bring up some challenging territory to negotiate. Take it slowly and feel your way through. Always surrender to the Divine when there’s no clear answer. Talk about things that can be talked about, solutions come.

So this could be a game changer month for many attempting to live more outside of the confines of ‘everyday’ conformist reality. A peak into the future. Let the dreaming world as the aborigines and many other indigenous cultures call it, speak more to you.

Watch, listen for the unexpected, for what’s outside of everyday consciousness. What is flirting with you? It’s not necessarily a month to go looking for answers, but they can certainly find you. Pisces is the season for making more contact with the dreaming world behind physical reality.

With Mercury retrograde, right at the end of Pisces, an acute degree, just before it was to enter Aries (and at the end of the astrological season), there’s a strong sense of needing to review and re-evaluate. There’s a slowing down and more internal way about this month. A lot feels in flux, nothing quite defined.

Can we rely on the information we get? I think the answer is we need to learn trust our own selves before we trust outside, but that outside isn’t really separate to us anyway. Everything and everyone are part of our own internal consciousness – there is no outside reality, in this sense. The question is always can we trust ourselves. That’s the journey most of us are on.

If we stay close to ourselves we will notice the small incongruences, the little ways in which we override our limiting beliefs, fears, edges. It’s not so easy to be in touch with this small incongruences. Why are these important? When we notice where we are incongruent, we discover where we believe we should be going one way, approaching life from one angle, when in fact to be more aligned, it’s something else.

The incongruences give us an opportunity to become more aligned. When we spend more time paying attention to the internal signals that say that doesn’t quite feel right, we can discover where we hold ourselves in limitation.

The other way of looking at it is that the incongruences help us find more internal definition within the dissolution of the Pisces season! It’s difficult to know where the boundaries are right now, the telepathy is strong between us – we are more connected into everything! I am you and you are me, who knows what’s real within this no subject, no object differentiation time! So paying attention to the details helps work things out. Don’t gloss over the details. A fine tooth comb approach to your own signals helps give you a sense of where you are going and what you need to be doing.

The other day I was doing some innerwork and I found a baby in belly, not a literal one of course, but I was interested in the quality that the baby brought me. It was about the new, approaching life in a sensitive way, like it was all new, with no preconceptions about what I thought was or was not the case.

When I spoke about this later I said “I might need to work more at being like a baby”, and then I felt all wrong inside. I reviewed my words, (Mercury retrograde) and found that I didn’t need to work at anything – no baby works! That was something else I needed to learn to drop – the working at it.

So let your incongruences be of interest to you, listen and watch for them so you can become more of your essential self. Our essence and deepest nature is rarely allowed to live, we are still in a process of clearing the clutter and reorientation our lives. But the guiding stars are never far away. Raise your vibration so you can sense and feel them better and so you are closer to yourself.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 08° Gemini 20' 03"
Moon 18° Aquarius 45' 08"
Mercury 20° Taurus 26' 00"
Venus 06° Gemini 35' 39"
Mars 21° Aries 47' 22"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 45' 49"
Saturn 18° Pisces 36' 42"
Uranus 24° Taurus 00' 58"
Neptune 29° Pisces 37' 03"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 41" R
Chiron 22° Aries 08' 26"
TrueNode 14° Aries 03' 38" R
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