We have a Full Moon in Libra on 21st March 2019 at 1.58 am GMT which is in the final zero degree lunation of a series in the last year. The others were the November Full Moon in Gemini, December’s Full Moon in Cancer, the Leo lunar eclipse in January and the Full Moon in Virgo in February. So it’s a culmination of a pattern.

This Full Moon is also at the time of the equinox (three hours later), when the Sun enters Aries, the start of the astrological new year, as Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere. Zero degrees Libra highlights the Aries zero point consciousness as it is directly opposite it. This is like the intersection between the individual and collective.

The Sun is about to form a conjunction with Chiron (and Salacia), which is an opening to the combination of these energies. Chiron is awakening, healing and awareness. Salacia is what it sounds like, it’s about sexuality, eroticism, and the ensuing crisis of our culture’s inability to grow up around this fundamental, at the roots, nature of who we are – our sexuality.

This Full Moon in Libra acts like an awakening around the crisis of our essential sexual nature, highlighting how disconnected we are from our bodies and sexuality, and especially eroticism and passion – of beingness, soul purpose and being in a body, of sensuality.

Most of the time we identify as an identity – which is a social construct, something we’ve built up. We usually understand ourself through all the learning we’ve accumulated through our years of education and conditioning – a process that decidedly takes us out of and away from our essential nature. The true self is the underlying essence that gets buried under the thick layers of personality that we construct.

Chiron’s recent entry into Aries begins the long process of shocking us into the awareness of what we are missing out on. Perhaps this will begin to peel back the veil of illusion that we have all bought into.

Centaur Pholus in Capricorn forms a tense square to this Full Moon opposition, which is akin to letting the genie out the bottle, a pressure release. We need to remember, where ever centaurs are involved, that there is an activation of awareness and the many levels of reality that go way beyond ordinary awareness. A portal into the multi-generations (the ancestral realm) and the multidimensionality of our existence is opening up.

We are never just our own stories, we are comprised of our families, our ancestors and even our tribe’s patterning and history – that can go back many thousands of years. This is all personal but it also is not – this might make it easier to take some accountability for it.

This Full Moon energy takes on a strong impetus to transform the personal and collective journey around this thing we term self at many levels of consciousness.

At the same time, Venus and Mars form a tense square, potentially bringing a stand off and some conflict into relationships. This suggests tense, awkward, dialogue, perhaps a sexual tension that can’t be resolved. It promotes a more challenging dynamics in relationship.

Then the interesting factor is that Mercury is closing in on making it’s conjunction to Neptune, and in a few days will also station direct. This means it will be within the realms of Neptune’s influence for some time. Although with Neptune, unlike other planets, his influence extends throughout the entire month since his orbs are wide (the nature of Neptune is to extend and amplify).

Mercury starts moving forward again at the end of March. All this is quite rare and dramatic and this background influence alongside the very visceral expression and dynamic of Venus-Mars tension suggests a lot going on, both in direct relationship and behind the scenes.

Mercury is about differentiation, polarity, communication and information, while Neptune is the dreaming reality, it’s diffuse and intangible. The combination can feel like being in a dream and reality at the same time. It can inspire a lot of creativity and help us access more spiritual, compassionate states of consciousness.

At the same time though, it can feel confusing, like we are in a fog that we can’t escape, certainly the political landscape is feeling increasingly ‘fog-like’ at these times. It’s hard to know what or where we are meant to heading.

Again this isn’t a time for decisions, a lot is still unfolding and it’s not yet clear what needs to happen. More clarity might begin to emerge right at the end of March, when Mercury is finally direct. Keep in mind that we are shifting from a state of focus on consensus reality, cause and effect, where there’s clear definable states and goals, towards a process orientated reality – where we are only party to our knowing and truth in the moment reality – whether that be a huge amount of doubt, or a degree of certainty.

How we sit with and dance the delicate balance between doubt and certainty is the story of these times. I do believe we can know more than what we think we can know though. We can access our truth and be the prophet of our experience if we are fully prepared to also honour the process of unfolding reality and Divine timing. If we are prepared to work on the parts of us that ‘need’ or ‘must’ know, we will be released from the doubt, in good time, usually when we least expect it.

Yet it is not until early April, when Mercury passes direct back through the conjunction with Neptune, that a true sense of shift in the process might be perceived. A small or large shift, but likely a shift. With Mercury-Neptune, it’s never easy to feel like you have your answers.

So for now, it’s a time for observation. Avoid screening out, splitting off, splintering your awareness. When you find yourself projecting – get interested. Get interested in your ego’s attempts to frame, explain and delineate your reality. What are you protecting, maintaining, avoiding, holding, attaching to? How do you explain to yourself the events and experiences of your life? How do you make sense of reality?

Focusing on just consensus reality facts is what needs to change for those who are on a path of awakening. Get conscious of what you cannot see with your eyes, be more interested in your insight. How is the collective, dreaming field of awareness dreaming up the direction of your life? The dreaming signals, the flirts in your environment, what is trying to gain your attention? How are the same signals catching your awareness? It helps to have more perceptual awareness, be more at the edge of your awareness – like a 360 degree awareness, outside of you, as much as inside of you.

More to the point, get interested in what you perceive through your body awareness, the atmosphere in a room, the space in between you and another, the pulse of energy and vibration. Don’t make it mean something, just awaken to it, let it be there, it’s not to be feared. Just start getting comfortable with it since it’s only going to become more perceptible over the coming years.

In fact, with Mercury retrograde, there is so much potential to feel and be deeply connected into our inner being, while the Neptune diffuse feeling connects us to the field of consciousness around, in the space in between or in the background – it can feel like a time of strong messages, but I always think it’s best to not make too many interpretations. Afterall interpretations just take us out of the true reality – whatever that is!

So nothing is literal, nothing should be ‘read’ into, it is not what it seems on the surface. But still, honour that something is attempting to make itself known to you, and that it will become clear when it’s time. What is behind the veil is slowly being revealed.

We are all questioning and in doubt. But doubt is the process of understanding, not an end unto itself, it arises when something is unclear, in a pattern.

Understanding begins with doubt, it demands proof, facts, substantiation. There is no need to feel uncomfortable because you have doubts. It is the beginning of a process of understanding. Don’t succumb to the pressure to have the answer.

So we are at culmination point of these lessons, or perhaps a turning point? It’s certainly a point of balance too with the Libra influence. Subtle, important truths are being reconciled and conveyed. What is real and what is not real, fantasy? How do we know what reality is for us? What do we trust in?

The main way we work it out is through getting into dialogues and conversations with others to thrash out or gently negotiate, where we stand. Sometimes, that is not possible, as we are forced through circumstances outside of our control into these uncomfortable realms of ‘not knowing’. It’s our eternal edge to relating and being in real relationship, being human, being our-selves.

The other way to work out our reality is through a trust, relationship and knowing of our experience within our body and all it’s awareness, channels and senses of experience. Most of the time we question the deep sensual, erotic, nature of the body, what it knows. We need to start asking questions why and what can we do to surrender to it’s reigning soul desires – those desires of a soul nature – are the things we can trust. The soul’s purpose and direction communicates to you through your body, so learn to listen to it.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 24° Aries 03' 31"
Moon 26° Gemini 58' 03"
Mercury 21° Aries 22' 13" R
Venus 10° Aries 18' 20"
Mars 16° Pisces 44' 19"
Jupiter 20° Taurus 06' 18"
Saturn 14° Pisces 57' 27"
Uranus 21° Taurus 25' 08"
Neptune 28° Pisces 21' 30"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 59"
Chiron 19° Aries 41' 09"
TrueNode 15° Aries 34' 46" R
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