We have a New Moon in Aries at 2.56 am GMT on 4th April 2019. Between now and mid April we are still occupying a similar although now evolving and waning dynamic. The Piscean soup is beginning to give way to a more vibrant, clearer energy that gives us a sense of direction and clarity.

It doesn’t come easily, this clarity will hit home with a bit of a thud mid month, and not totally dispel until both Venus (on 9th) and finally Mars (month end) have both had their meetings with Neptune. But the space we occupy is beginning to shift and we should feel that especially mid month.

In the run up to the New Moon in Aries, the Moon conjoins Chiron – making us feel vulnerable and perhaps bringing a doubting to our abilities, our identity, our ability to make things happen in our lives. A weakening of the will can permeate the air. We awake feeling more vulnerable than normal.

The New Moon in Aries highlights the Aries-Libra axis – the relationship axis, so much of the first half of the month’s astrology is about our relationships – to our own desires and individuality and those desires of others. It’s been a mixed bag in terms of relationships. Internally, decisions are being made.

While there is not a huge amount of aspect activity or energetic links between the planets this month, there are a few significant moments of activity to watch out for. Certainly the rare opposition between Eros in Leo and Psyche in Aquarius exact on 6th April,  the first Psyche-Eros opposition in decades to occur with Psyche moving forward, is one of those. But this is such a significant opposition that I would give it a two week orb, starting the month beginning.

When Eros and Psyche meet up, this isn’t just about relationships – this goes further – beyond soul mates to twin flame alchemy. If you meet someone significant around this time, within a couple of days, then it could be a very challenging but meaningful relationship.

For the record – twin flame encounters are never about the relationship itself, more the internal experience of being touched in a way that no one else can. These enigmatic bonds undo everything we thought we believed in and take us in directions no one else can.

Soul mates can do that too, the difference is that twin flame relationships evolve us in a way that always feels good to the soul. The ego can take away from that experience, so twin flame relationships are there to force us into working with the ego – our disconnection from the Divine, soul or heart’s truth. It’s a rare phenomenon to meet your twin flame, but it is a possible right now.

Perhaps more so since Venus also forms a conjunction with Neptune around the 9th, (we should feel it a bit before because of Neptune’s wide orb of influence) – a romantic, idealistic, higher Divine love kinda few days. We should all receive an opening around this time to the higher dimensions of love. But as always, it’s not smooth sailing.

There are still some challenges or hurdles to comfortably trusting in the unfolding direction of love and life. The first comes with the Sun’s square to Saturn around 10th April, then a few days later, it squares Pluto. At the same time, this South Node of the Moon is conjunct Pluto, suggesting some serious karma or past influence is at play. Whatever feelings that arise around this time are worth spending some time feeling and unfolding.

The Moon also forms a quincunx to Saturn and then Pluto on 10th, further activating this aspect pattern for that day, so it’s not going to be an easy day, or few days. Take it easy, especially in terms of our relationship with authority, and if you are triggered know that something needs more awareness or transmutation.

Here it’s about hitting reality checks and blocks, and so we could say that all that Piscean energy from March which lifted us into the fantasy, dreams, hopes and possibilities if life, comes down with one thud. Yet how you experience that thud will dependent on your attachment to the dream, and ability to trust the unfolding process. It doesn’t have to be a thud, it can be just an aspect of the situation that needs to be revealed and worked with.

Blocks are never what they seem. When you get more interested in them, the seeming edges that define them, or what they contain begin to shift into something different, workable and ultimately become gold. Imagine you are paddling down a river, the moving water represents the unique blend of processes – sometimes it’s slow, sometimes fast. At times you have a sense of where you are heading, other times you do not, but either way, you must adapt to the momentary flow of the water’s current.

The seemingly chaotic, unpredictable movement of the water’s current contains something like a hidden blueprint, a pattern that actually underlies our experiences. When we get in tune with the movement then we can begin to trust our experience and the unpredictable direction of our lives.

All serious blocks are like rocks in the water, they impede the flow and you need a little more skill to navigate your way around them, they usually take a little energy from you. But when you become like the water, there is no need to navigate anything, you just flow around.

Most of the time we are anything but water, we encounter a block or challenge and start to put up our resistance against it, we start to fight it. What would happen if we learnt to yield to the blocks and battles, crisis and challenges? If the seeming disturbances, disappointments and disillusionment that we encounter is not what it seems.

Of course if we remain attached to our way, the block is experienced as a disturbance, but if we flow like water the block is simply another level or layer to the process that we need some awareness of. There are no edges or ultimate boundaries with water.

We have spent a lot of time over the past month learning to flow more like water, noticing how life, people, our bodies feedback to us and get us more deeply in touch and attuned with the flow and process of our unfolding reality. If you are interpreting this deep dive into your dreams, fantasy, and spiritual journey as a disappointment and disillusionment, then you are missing something. You have become attached to something that is not quite what it seems. You are out of alignment with the flow.

Come back to your inner being and trust your heart’s desires. Whenever there’s doubt in the mind, just go into your heart and feel it’s yearnings. It can be that simple.

As Saturn and Pluto come into alignment, the rules, boundary, and hard lines of Saturn become deconstructed through Pluto. So it’s a process of boundaries shifting, being deconstructed, what was a definitive ‘no’ is now becoming a possibility. Boundaries are in the process of becoming redefined.

It is also taking off the rose coloured glasses but in such a way that reality becomes something workable and life becomes more sustainable. We can see things clearer, we are becoming more embodied and comfortable with the shifting tides and current.

Mars is now transiting Gemini, bringing a curiosity to exploring new ideas and new sources of information, yet Mars here can also feel scattered. On 7th April Mars forms an irritating sesquiquadrate, a minor aspect to Saturn and then Pluto on 12th April. This is another reminder of our seeming limitations – our own and others. Strive to see beyond the consensus view, while still honouring the reality before you. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Yet there’s hope mid month when Sun trines Jupiter on 14th and Venus squares Jupiter on 16th our hopes are up again, things are going to work out. On 16th Mercury moves into Aries opening us to a new layer of certainty or clarity, getting us out of the Piscean soup. So mid month feels very busy, a lot being negotiated both inside and outside.

Mercury and Venus change signs after mid month, around the full moon. Mercury and Venus move into Aries, and then then Sun has it’s annual transit into Taurus. This all supports us to gain some clarity and sense of direction, or at least have more of a structure or map as to how to we might make what we want to happen, happen.

The Sun’s move into Taurus on 20th April is a turning point, where we can finally start to get a sense of how we are going to get to where we want to go. As the Sun moves into Taurus, it quickly forms a conjunction with Uranus which can bring an awakening, more on that next month.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 21' 03"
Moon 04° Capricorn 21' 26"
Mercury 10° Cancer 27' 29"
Venus 06° Cancer 10' 04"
Mars 09° Taurus 38' 39"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 17' 52"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 51"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 22"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 14"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 39" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 51"
TrueNode 12° Aries 11' 11" R
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