We have a Full Moon in Scorpio on 18th May 2019 at 9.11 am GMT in the last degrees of Taurus-Scoprio axis.

This Moon is really anchoring in our driving, motivating force to manifest a new reality in our lives. The practical, self-loving approach of Taurus season ahem been encouraging a self care and this is amplified a notch at this Full Moon. Perhaps the most loving way we can take care is develop boundaries through our body connection.

To anchor a new reality in our lives requires the body to come along on the journey. Whether it be a diet change, new exercise regime, or a more refined subtle feeling connection to the body, this month and particularly this moon is pivotal in its ability to support us to make the strides necessary to care for our physical body.

Our body needs support. We simply cannot ground the immense light coming in unless we take care of our physical body. Our body is a bridge in our consciousness and makes the connection between different states, experiences and dimensions of reality.

But the body is often seen as an inconvenience – even when we are deeply committed to taking care of it. We push it or conversely don’t push or stretch it at all. Either way, it’s often seen as something to control, manage or avoid. Engaging our ability to receive our guidance and the soul’s subtle call through the body requires a journey into the body.

Our relationship with the earth, which is the substance that our body is made of, also needs our attention. Coming to terms with the fact that we have a body means it doesn’t need to jump and scream at us to get it’s attention.

The other month I discovered I had an unexpected belief system that “the body was ungraceful’. I was so surprised as I always thought my body was pretty good on flow and graceful front, until I discovered that actually I believed that my body was NOT naturally graceful, at all and that I had to make it graceful. It’s interesting what we find when we are looking.

Just where do these beliefs come from? At a fundamental level, its symptomatic of our disconnection with the essence level of the Divine and the higher dimensions. The Divine is not up in the upper stratospheres, well, it is actually for most people, because it’s not grounded in the body, it’s not embodied, lived, in other words, the body is not a bridge.

The higher dimensions receive a bridge in the body. In the same way the lower more elemental dimensions of reality need connection with the higher dimensions. The earth with the sky as the opposites can bridge and dance together instead of staying polarised. Most of our world’s problems are due to the polarisation and lack of a bridge between realities, dimensions and it filters all the way to our very intimate lives.

So our body has been so misunderstood, forgotten and almost eradicated – we all experience the disembodiment through social media and digital technology, through religious, cultural and media messages. These messages run very deep in our soul.

These messages are that the body is not important, but the mind, and it’s linear, left brain processing should be our priority. It’s not inclusive of the body’s nuances and sacred silence received from the soul’s quiet call. The journey is to move it from the body being an adjunct to being our focus point. After all without it, we are not here, and digital technology promotes this non reality, disembodied state.

Scorpio Full Moons are about full embodiment. They are also usually about relationships, intimacy, sexuality and connection. Yet with a curious Venus conjunct Uranus, the usual Scorpio message of depth, intimacy with one another, bonding, closeness, that you might expect, is not there.

I think this is because while we do need more connection and intimacy, generally, as a world. Deep relating and relationships require much more than closeness. They require boundaries and a defined sense of self. Uranus can give us that with it’s journey through Taurus.

It’s also less about prescriptions and programmes for our way of being, and more about following the path of the Tao – which includes boundaries, distance and space. The tao is the totality.

Rather than being one-sided (although we do need to bring in what’s marginalised more, like the body!), I see it as a dance of opposites, of earth and sky, of right and left, of our relationship dynamics. When a partner is not intimate enough with us, detached and disconnected, it’s better we ask what is the dance that is trying to happen between them and I? Rather than assume that intimacy needs to happen. We need a sense of ‘I’ in relationships.

We all have sides and preferences based on fears, habits, beliefs and edges in our awareness and wholeness. While the idea is to be able to give expression to our deepest nature, that deep nature within might be something that society, culture or the ‘new age’ vehemently rejects. It’s not easy if you identify as non-binary when the world would it if you put yourself in an appropriately labelled box.

We all have certain patterns and blueprints that we are expressing. While we are the totality, we also have a specific path we are here to walk. We can’t be a hairdresser if our destiny is calling us to be a librarian.

With Venus conjunct Uranus, there has been and still is a need for distance and even detachment in relationships. Giving space and honouring more our own unique truth and path as opposed to the convergent of all our interdependence and interdimensionality is what is called for now.

The trauma (Uranus) to the body and relating (Venus) is where we can cycle and recycle till the cows come home. We stay caught up in processes that need to move on, we slow down in our path of transformation because we are not aware of our personal edges and fears around bringing out our deepest nature, our true calling and our sense of self. It’s like we are constantly a bit disembodied, disconnected, not able to feel our truth.

For example, if our path is to fully embody and express our ‘inner knowing’ for example (which is not everyone’s path), then we might have edges to doing that. Edges are where we resist what our deeper self wants to do or become, and even sabotage its expression.

Why do we sabotage and get stuck in a cycle, pattern of entropy, feel stuck, blocked or slow down? For lots of reasons, perhaps we prefer to ‘get away with’ an easier, more familiar pattern, more comfortable, less challenging, so we feed a part that plays a familiar role in our lives that others also are quite attached to also, a lower expression.

In other words, we get to ‘stay the same’, stay safe, and keep things as they are. And if we didn’t sabotage that inner knowing and truth – what do we fear would happen? Would we need to let go of people in our lives? Would we need to change jobs, where would you live? What major change might need to take place?

Often we sabotage newness because we are trying to prove or get something. By keeping ourselves in old patterns of thinking and behaving, we get to be acceptable, belong, be lovable, and many other things besides.

Then there’s what are we trying to avoid. In the same way as we have addictions, we often have patterns of behaving that keep us in safer feeling places because we just can’t imagine being anything other than the thing we’ve always been.

We don’t know what’s on the other side of the fence and the thought of exploring new territory is just too scary. We don’t like change primarily because we do not have a safe connection with our inner core through our bodies. When you have that connection, change is much easier, fluidity between dimensions and parts is also easier, because you feel safe in the world, and your old trauma isn’t triggering your survival consciousness all the time telling you to keep things as they are.

We have edges on both ends of the spectrum – sometimes we actually need to align more with not changing, as the essence of that is our centre. Sometimes we need to be more conscious of our primary, familiar pattern of being before we can engender any kind of change. If I have no awareness of who I am most of the time, I can’t step outside of it very easily.

This unwillingness, to know our personal boundaries and simultaneously explore the other side (what’s beyond our personal boundaries), emerges perhaps more obviously in our relationships and in our polarisation than in our personal intrapsychic experience.

When we are at an edge in our identity and being called to explore new territory in ourselves, then we can experience difficult relationship issues, particularly when it’s urgent (like you are in the process of awakening – where everything begins to constellate). Moving beyond our perceived boundaries of who we believe ourselves to be, requires a simultaneous honouring of our boundaries.

The body is supportive here, as body awareness through all dimensions and channels of our experience helps us notice the subtle signals and sensations. The feedback within, through and around our body supports us to know what we need stand more for and where we need a bit of what we polarise.

Resist the deeper connection, and you lose the benefit of a bridge. The bridge is the channels of your experience, where the edges of who you are arise. Without that awareness of who you are, how you are noticing what you notice, the pulse of consciousness than runs through you, you are in a way, boundary-less.

Noticing and awareness in our body is what gives us a boundary when we need it, it’s what gives you a bridge. A bridge to all dimensions brings fluidity, so you can come and go, like a taoist, never getting stuck anywhere for too long. No bridge, then no boundary to say this is or is not me. Then the confusion happens. The blame, judgment, polarisation. Awareness and the body also slows us down when the mind can be so fast. Slowness can be helpful when dealing with conflict.

Lots of people complain about needing more ‘protection’. The whole process of safety and protection is one of knowing your truth, through your body, with your boundaries. How well do you know your body and your boundary? Where you end and others begin?

At essence we are all part of a field of consciousness that overlaps. Lots of us are now awakening to that. There are personal belief systems, and there are system, cultural (for example) belief systems. All these organise the field of consciousness at different levels. We can be ‘dreamt’ up by the field (the Tao – totality of all things) to give expression to an aspect of that field that needs more awareness. All parts need expression, that which we say is not us will come and bite us on the bum. That makes life pretty complicated! We need a body to navigate the complexity of the field!

The expression of the field of consciousness through us can either be an intentional thing, or unintentionally. It can be with awareness or without, explicit or implicit. It’s this idea of the fractal, that all is part of everything else.

But we spend so much of our lives in a place of this is me and that is not me that we constellate so many issues for ourselves. It’s ok to say that is not me ‘in the moment’, just don’t make it your belief system! This is where the field constellates to show us we are in essence, all things, when we consider the vastness of our soul’s journey.

Relationships do not exist independently of everything else, it’s not possible, they are connected to larger systems of belief, to time spirits or archetypes, that organise it for us. But we need to know our truth and knowing to be able to no in the moment. By saying no, we say yes to other things in our lives.

Why is this all important? We are so caught up in our own body disconnection, stuck in our left brain thinking without awareness, that don’t even question what we are doing and why we are doing it. We don’t know our motivations, the dynamics that drive us, where or whom it belongs to. We are not having a fully human experience. Having a fully human experience that is joyful, is another matter.

Noticing where we are personally at, in our feelings and experiences and giving more expression to that, with more awareness of the edges (patterns of avoidance, fear, disconnection, habits) that prevent that expression, means you can start to become the bridge. It’s a great beginning, so we don’t fall into the soup of human experience.

When you know where you end and others begin, you can start to be in gatekeeper, but let your gatekeeper be a fluid thing dependent not the moment. You will begin to ground those higher dimensions of light and essence into consensus reality expression, into your real world, reflecting more beauty and grace in your life.

This is one of my passions, to become a bridge. We all need to pick up a passionate mission now, that’s Scorpio! Ask yourself what is mine?

On 21st May Sun aligns with Mercury, which lets us break through into new patterns. The light and energy of the Sun brings can revitalise your thought and communication patterns in such a way that we can align with a new thinking or belief system. In Gemini, at zero degrees, this is very powerful. It can directly affect belief systems, it’s a time for rebirthing yourself in true Scorpio fashion.

This month is all about the new paradigm, with all the Uranus connections in Taurus, it’s about making it stable, practical and real. We are developing, cultivating and nourishing our ideas, connections, and our bodies. Hold a high intention on 21st May to connect with your own truth and perception.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 04' 33"
Moon 28° Aquarius 25' 29"
Mercury 27° Leo 57' 14"
Venus 14° Leo 27' 41"
Mars 01° Gemini 47' 14"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 49' 04"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 19" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 44"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 51" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 56" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 49"
TrueNode 08° Aries 55' 13" R
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