We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on 17th June 2019 at 8.31 am GMT. We are in the midst of very challenging astrology, hence the delay in getting this out! This week and into next the Saturn-Pluto alignment (exact early next year) is having a trial run, with Mars aligning in opposition in Cancer. That’s two malefic planets in an aspect that involves an uncomfortable confrontation.

Mars in Cancer is like an irritant. It’s very passive aggressive. People as a rule are uncomfortable with Mars. Who likes to draw clear boundaries, get into conflicts, say no, say directly what they mean? Most of us leave our Mars up for others to do. Rather than deal with conflict head on, we wait for others to air their annoyances so we don’t have to. Directing will and power is very secondary for most people.

Yet this is a time to not wait for others to do it for us. If you are clearly seeing where your life needs to go, who you need or don’t need in it, what the next steps are, then take action. Do not sit back and wait for the action to be taken, as there’s a lot of energy that wants expression and its better to express with awareness than suppress and await it’s natural explosion. Choose to work with the energy and emotions organically.

The North Node is part of the picture as Mars aligns with it. The North Node is a point in the chart where we need to go forward, the future or at least the unfamiliar and supports us to not get pulled back into the past. The past is where our karma resides, it’s Saturn-Pluto. It’s the other side of the story.

The future is meeting the past, very strongly. We feel excited about the future prospects our lives might feel is around the corner, yet pulled back into the intractability of the past and it’s power. Recognise what seems like it’s just not going to change. The same old story, that you have been trying to change is now just clearly is what it is. There’s no revamping, regeneration here, it’s about the end of the line.

We all feel a bit on a knives edge. Like certain conversations and actions need to happen, but there’s a lot of defensiveness, protection, need for sensitivity with those concerned. Mars in Cancer is about the cyclical nature of life, Cancer is where the tide meets the sand, the in and outwards motion of the sea. That’s why it is like the crab, it pinches and then goes back into it’s shell for protection.

Things might feel like they are cycling or recycling. But they are not. They are edging forward. There might be a tendency to want to rush on and get things finalised, or crash up against the past, like you can change it. In reality, you can’t. That is what Saturn-Pluto is teaching. Somethings are karmic, they are paths we have taken that we have outgrown, people we do not resonate with anymore, there’s nothing you can do to change this stuff except step into the future.

If you are wise you will feel trying to make change happen right now doesn’t work either. It’s a time of careful deliberately chosen conversations. Not full blown lets get things moving. Mercury goes retrograde around the next New Moon, suggesting what we might be sure about or fixed on is about to undergo another layer or level of exploration.

So, sit with it, take your time to feel in to those around you and your environment. What’s happening now is preparation time for the important eclipses in July, the first one early on 2nd July.

So yes the change is around the corner, and you can taste it, fantasise about it, entertain it, but it’s not here yet. All the emotions, particularly those suppressed, which is the tendency with Mars in Cancer, are quite capable of imploding or exploding under this kind of astrology. Be conscious and mindful about how you are handling all the fluctuating feelings – the attachments, the letting go, the regrets. It’s all in the mix.

Mars makes an exact trine to Neptune in Pisces, opposition to Saturn and then Pluto. These aspects are growing, as Mars moves relatively slowly. It feels easier to keep it all inside, and that’s in the likelihood what we will do since it’s not emphatically clear how to handle what’s in our hands. Perhaps this is more the case if we are seeing the potential, the signs, the power of where we are at. It might feel a somewhat unknown, mysterious, fateful place.

And when the experiences we have feel beyond us, or that things are In the hands of a bigger source, we don’t jump into trying to make things happen. It’s natural to sit back and reflect. Just don’t disappear from yourself, stay with what is happening, follow it closely. Don’t bypass too much, although it’s natural here, it’s likely coming more from the place of this is much bigger than me, lets leave it up to the big guns.

Remind yourself that what you are doing is big stuff and not for the faint hearted. I’m not just referring to this month, I’m talking about the whole of this lifetime. Keep in mind the changing consciousness and how you are evolving inside and how your outside needs to change too to keep up.

You also might not feel like you have the power but this astrology is an opportunity for you to connect more deeply with your inner barometer, asking why it’s happening in this way, why now, how is this exactly what I need to experience, what consciousness within me is being reflected right now? Power is never in just one place, it’s contextual as well as inherent. The more you can see the moving tides of power, the more you will feel aligned with your own internal source of power.

Mars-Saturn in opposition gives us an opportunity to apply meticulous care and concentration to our work, perhaps this is one way we can give expression to it.

While Mars in trine to Neptune brings in a gentler, more caring and spiritual perspective. This is helpful in that it takes the edge of our anger, helps us have some connection to the bigger picture. It might make us a little bit too mindful of taking care, suppressing our emotions for the sake of harmony. It’s better to take care of the whole here, that’s Mars in aspect to Neptune, see how you can take care of the whole situation, rather than just one part or individual. It also helps us let go of expectations.

Jupiter’s ongoing square with Neptune is really pushing and pulling on our version of reality and illusion. Many insights, intuitions, beyond word connections, signs and symbols are coming into our lives to reassure us of the changes that are taking place. We can reply on the universal signals for reassurance in these times of moving ground beneath our feet.

The T-square between Sun, Neptune and Jupiter which happened on 10th June is repeated with Venus on 23rd. It’s a time for feeling the love, and the discrepancy between dreams, fantasies and hopes and stark reality in the present moment. Yet this also strengthens our creativity and optimism even if it’s not straight-forward to trust and believe in the truth, knowing or senses you perceive internally.

The secret is to keep checking in internally and be interested in how your internal sense of truth is marrying with what’s happening around you and in others. You heart and the messages you receive through your body and all your channels of experience, the sensory grounded information you receive is what you can trust now. Resist interpretation but be open to wishful fantasies, they might just come true.

Mercury’s conjunction with Mars and the North Node in Cancer shortly after the Mars party reveals where we need more support, both internally and externally. While its opposition to Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn applies pressure for us to let go of what is clearly stagnant and not contributing to our evolution.

Mercury like Mars will also trine Neptune further emphasising the need for us to trust and follow our sense of where we are being called to go, even if it’s difficult, for us or others. Some of the questions we are asking are how is our truth and knowing moving through us?  How can we be kinder and gentler to ourselves and others amidst all the change? Where do we need to listen to ourselves first?

The Sun’s entry into the sign of Cancer on 21st June marks the annual solstice in the northern hemisphere, a time where the night’s begin to draw in as the yang has reached it’s peak and the yin’s receptive energy begins to grow stronger.

Ancient and indigenous cultures saw these as important gateways and marked there relationship to them in the sacred sites we know of today. The infinite cycle of life that we experience in through the changing seasons and the now Summer solstice journey back into yin, the return to Oneness. Together and in close proximity, the solstice and full moon empower each other, further emphasised with the Full Moon’s conjunction with the Galactic centre.

On top of that, Neptune stations retrograde hours before the solstice. Neptune retrograde emphasised for the new yin cycle supports us to get on our path, get more aligned with our deepest passion and yearnings. He helps us expand and shift our awareness around all that is illusionary. With Jupiter’s square bringing an intensification, Neptune says ‘you can trust yourself, your inner experiences and knowing’, instead of the logic and illusionary safety of our head.

Let life’s surreality be a comfort and support. The magic and miracles are working for you, even if you struggle to access the meaning and reasons behind things as they are, or as they are growing to become. Life is working with and for you.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 06' 14"
Moon 28° Aquarius 51' 10"
Mercury 27° Leo 58' 47"
Venus 14° Leo 29' 50"
Mars 01° Gemini 48' 26"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 49' 24"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 15" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 47"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 50" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 53" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 49"
TrueNode 08° Aries 55' 03" R
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