We have a Super New Moon in 28th September at 7.26 pm GMT in Libra. A New Moon is where we have the opportunity to start a new emotional cycle, or reset our goals and intentions.

This particular Moon is very close in it’s orbit to the Earth, this is the meaning of Super Moons, so it has a stronger pull on tectonic plates and on our psyches.

With the planets are now in cardinal signs – initiatory, dynamic and forward motion. We are having an increasing sense of busyness.

A New Moon in Libra brings focus to our relationships – both with others and ourselves, and creating harmony in our lives, on an inner and outer level. This is the foundational energy, the frequency we are searching for so we can tap into flow and peace.

This New Moon’s challenge is Mercury-Venus conjunction, which means that they meet together in the sky, meeting a difficult square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a building aspect, and the tension of which began perhaps over half a week ago, and it has been placing a lot of extra strain on relationships.

In a strong relationship Saturn will strengthen and consolidate it and in a weak one, it will bring tests and weaken it. Pluto brings in a lot of emotional intensity and make us think very deeply about relationship. It might mean a challenge to our mindset and consciousness.

With Libra we are exploring idealism, and how this can create disappointment in our lives. In Libra, Mercury-Venus sets up idealistic expectations – seeing the potential in somebody else or in certain aspects of our lives. It’s very visionary and full of hope, and takes us past the current reality into seeing what could be.

This doesn’t mean that there is no potential there, it might just mean that in the process of creating that potential we need to ground our vision and idealism, make adjustments and move beyond the edges in our psyches to become more whole in our expression – as opposed to just blinding believing in something because it suits us.

But Saturn and Pluto are all about realism and the practical bottom line. So what we get to work on is managing our ability to see other people clearly, situations as they are and accept them for where they are in this moment, without judgment or trying to make them anything else. By Wednesday, the energy of this has dissipated.

It’s a grounding New Moon – although not exactly easy. Venus also sextile Jupiter perhaps comes in the form of a supportive figure in your life, someone whose there for you in the challenges. Or perhaps finances and resources feel stable. Or perhaps Venus supports us to feel internally worth it, of value, to have the resources within.

Wake up calls are around over the new few months actually as the Sun moves into Scorpio and we have a powerful Mercury retrograde that takes into new levels of truth.

While we want to keep that Libran visionary energy in our lives, we also want to make the right choices for our stage and level of evolution. Not jumping too far ahead, and certainly staying grounded in our expectations.

It gets more challenging when the consequences of stagnancy is not just impacting our own lives, but others too – when we want other’s, or feel we need others, to get with the programme of waking up.

Certainly there is potential at this New Moon for shifts in consciousness, raising our consciousness to a higher level, or perhaps perceive differences between you and others, or how you’ve changed.

This is the influence of Chiron – higher dimensions (the centaurs are inter-dimensional so strongly impact consciousness) and Uranus (the higher mind).

But, we cannot force evolutionary growth on others, we can only encourage and give other’s space. While we can wake others up, it is not the same as sustained, maintained, consistent steps upwards in the stupor of our evolution. This is what people need to do for themselves.

It’s wise to remember the least force exerted creates the greatest effect – this is knowledge within our spiritual traditions and in quantum physics. We have been conditioned to believe in causality, that A impacts B which impacts C, when there are an infinite amount of causes behind all things.

Spiritually we are mostly blind. The concept of right and wrong only works to divert our focus – this perception is based on lower levels of consciousness. At higher levels of consciousness, even asking the question is ludicrous, since we know certain things are obviously right or wrong.

We cannot work out the answers to these questions through asking the questions, as it becomes a navigation through reason, which is essentially a cerebral maze.

Consciousness studies show that one individual who calibrates at a very high level of consciousness counterbalances 70 million individuals who calibrate at a low level of consciousness – isn’t that profound?

It also means just a couple of loving thoughts throughout the day is enough to counterbalance all the negative thoughts you have.

The Jupiter-Neptune aspect, that’s I’ve discussed in other forecasts, is still active and challenging us to have trust and faith and base decisions on higher truth as opposed to the illusionary reality we are boxed into.

We all have a box of consensus reality around our heads (interestingly you can literally see these boxes when your visual clairvoyance opens up), they are a pale grey box shape towards the front of the head. Some people have really strong ones, others less so.

At this time, this box of so-called reality and the space between truth and illusion is becoming increasingly pressurised and confused. We are seeing things in sharp contrast, at times, perhaps whats truth is becoming more pronounced for us. Less discussion required.

We are waking up to what is true for us, as we have been all year, yet at this time it might not quite feel a stable form of truth. It’s still vacillating and producing a sense of deep questioning – who am I, where am I, what the hell is going on, what can I believe? It is normal to ask these questions, when we are trying to discern the truth.

Discernment of truth, is an important evolutionary process – it takes us beyond facts, morality, or truth based on subjectivity. But it’s not comfortable or easy.

Many think or believe they have extricated themselves from the illusion when they begin the spiritual journey but unfortunately, there can be many more layers of illusion that just arise – now of a spiritual nature.

We are all forcing change hoping this will create a new reality. Forcing things, always moves things against something else, it creates a counterforce, and it’s effect is to polarise rather than unify. The outcomes is conflict . It doesn’t create a change of consciousness, it keeps in a consensus reality mindset.

Truth derives it’s validity from sources beyond any fact, opinion or person, and cannot vary. Truth is revealed everywhere, it is not hidden and in essence our healing is in the displacement of illusion by truth. This is what always forces the question, who am I?

It feels like there are far more questions than answers at the moment, since we are in a massive process of things being revealed.

Life is never what it seems, and you always need to be open to learning something new. We also cannot force a new reality, especially formed from a place of consensus reality. Everyone evolves in their own time. It is only fear that tells us things are not as they should be and that there are no miracles and magic.

So over lacing our own reality onto others drags us into deep illusionary waters, especially if it is done from a position of privilege, power abuse or forcefulness.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t challenge others, but the energy and consciousness we challenge from is just as important.

Now with the current long-waited conjunction of Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, precise on 12th January, we can expect more instability and unrest, both in our personal lives and the world events. With a conscious raising of vibration, the expression can be more graceful.

This aspect happens three times per century, but there are many factors that make this particular conjunction rarer than others. This is perhaps the most important conjunction in the last two millennia.

We are in a process where history is being driven forward. It’s a gritty, raw and pulling-life-a-part aspect, it takes absolutely no prisoners and has no appreciation of egos. It’s only agenda is to reveal what is illusion and shadow, in all it’s forms.

On 3rd October Pluto turns direct, Saturn is already direct, this will begin to help bring a forward motion to our lives. At the same time, Saturn in Capricorn on the South Node, brings up karmic influences, we are essentially balancing out our karmic history right now. The deconstruction happening in our personal and collective lives is defining this time.

This is not a time for hold on to anything. It’s a time of learning to surrender. When we trust, let go and have faith that a new, more aligned reality for us will emerge, we are reconstructing our reality and moving our of stagnancy. Uranus also is causing earthquakes in our lives, it’s meant to be happening, be against nothing, if you flow it it, you will transmute and create it into a higher truth for yourself.

Step into the reality you choose for yourself, do not minimalise your power, or be afraid of it. Remember that one loving thought, look, action, word is powerful beyond belief. Let this be your expression and your truth as we all shift into the higher consciousness.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 24° Aries 03' 27"
Moon 26° Gemini 57' 02"
Mercury 21° Aries 22' 16" R
Venus 10° Aries 18' 14"
Mars 16° Pisces 44' 15"
Jupiter 20° Taurus 06' 17"
Saturn 14° Pisces 57' 27"
Uranus 21° Taurus 25' 08"
Neptune 28° Pisces 21' 30"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 59"
Chiron 19° Aries 41' 09"
TrueNode 15° Aries 34' 46" R
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