We have a New Moon in Scorpio on 28th October 2019 at 3.38 am GMT at 4. Uranus is directly opposite this New Moon, which can make it intense and challenging, but there are other factors equally exciting that contribute to this New Moon energy reaching into the whole of November.

This is an intense and exciting New Moon with Uranus forming an opposition.  It’s designed to help us shake things up and circulate new energy. This along with other energies this month are creating new waves of energy in our lives. So at this time, it’s important that we understand the entirety of the energies ebbing and flowing, and culminating over November.

Just after the Moon leaves its monthly conjunction with the Sun (the New Moon), it comes into contact with Mercury and Venus, forming a stellium in Scorpio. This can bring us into more close up and personal with the world. It’s a time when we might feel more hypersensitive, passionate or some difficult emotional dynamics around us.

Scorpio season is always taking us into our yearning more something more meaningful – where we can merge with others at a deeper more authentic level. But even if you tend to be more emotionally resilient or able generally, this high octane energy might still feel a little overwhelming. Taking a step back and taking some breathing room can be a supportive way to manage the intensity. It’s helpful to get away even, journey in a new place to gain some perspective.

Shortly after this New Moon, on 31st October, Mercury turns retrograde in conjunction with Venus and Pallas Athena. She is the ancient Greek goddess of law, politics, strategy and protection. In Scorpio, where resources (of all kinds) are exchanged, secrets are held, and healthy primal instincts can and do become deep repressed issues.

The Mercury conjunction to Pallas calls the themes justice, truth, and giving voice. Scorpio adds a level of intrigue, emotional engagement and triggering. We can expect some intensity during this cycle, a level deeper and betraying a more desperate edge or survival quality to it.

Of course things have been growing increasingly intense for a long while now. For some this is intermittent intensity and others a constant background pressure. There are short reprieves to integrate and adjust to the energy and some ebbs and flows. But even with this, things have become pretty constant.

So with this consistent movement towards deeper, transformation within, we are being asked to make meaningful changes to our lives that reflect the shifts within. Not only are we confronting difficult situations, but we are often being invited to examine how we manage uncomfortable feelings, events and experiences. We all respond differently and how we respond will reflect the meaning, symbolism and importance we place on life’s experiences.

Many are not in their bodies, for a multiple different reasons. The augmented, distorted reality that we generally live in, the new thing in our world, takes away our embodiment, makes it even irrelevant. Even some forms of spirituality sees the body as meaningless. The physical world does not seem to matter as much. Even those spiritualities that entertain the importance of the body, place no emphasis on the importance of relationship.

Where are the spiritualities that entertain it all – the body, feeling, relating, love, intimacy, sex – all that which we have ostracised in our attempt to evade our experience of being in a feeling, sometimes suffering reality? The reality for me is that you do not have to suffer. Often life does involve a degree of suffering, but you can change your reality to such a degree that you do not suffer, even while you appear to be suffering.

It is possible. This is what we know. This has been my experience. So why do we not trust and believe and make the steps towards this new reality? It isn’t years away. With concerted effort and trust in yourself, your process, the Divine looking out for you and some deep work, you can make this your new reality sooner rather than later. You are not at the mercy of fate. Astrology and everything else in our lives influence and are cofactors, they do not define our lives.

It’s a combination of understanding that some realities we cannot change and this is for our own good, and we just need to surrender to that and trust in that, and some we very much can change and need to, urgently.

Some of us have limited belief systems that tell us we cannot heal, or investments in being a victim or not healing. Others create masks and structures to cope with the fear of facing fear or losing control.  Other’s believe they can’t or don’t deserve to be happy and so create a limited reality to unhappily exist in, to keep themselves tied into consensus reality. Others are still existing in some residual old trauma, contained in the body and energy system, from this, other lifetimes, or the ancestors.

We have all manner of thinking processes that we cycle in our heads that prevent us from moving forward with our lives, there are a trillion reasons, as we are all so unique. But we have to have faith in transformation, rebirth, love and life.

But when we are not in our bodies, people are not in feelings, not facing the reality that moves through the body. We all have our ways of escaping reality and evading feeling. Since feelings force us to look at our truth and that is just the thing we are so scared of doing. The lower expression of reality has such a hold on us.

To be truly in the body, you have to work on your energetic disconnections and fragmentation. You cannot truly master your body and surrender to your feeling world unless you are in the business of working with your energetic and lightbody. You can’t separate any of this stuff, it’s all completely interrelated and requires attention at all levels.

Facing our feelings is about being prepared to be in this reality fully, in the body, in this moment, only then can we know our truth. We cannot permanently escape, no matter how clever we are with our words or how trained we are with our bodies. We are in a period of waking up to what we have not been able to face. This is an uncomfortable process, especially if we are not able to exist in our bodies, as it becomes a more painful experience.

One of the most useful things that I have often needed to remind myself of, is that I am not here to support the ego growth of anyone else, including that of myself. It’s my mantra – to only support the deepest soul growth of all concerned in my life and if that means pain when others’ need to face their ego fears, so be it. I will not compromise on that, why would I, it’s the deepest loving thing I can do for those around me, even if it causes temporary pain for all concerned.

This helps me when I’ve needed to make difficult decisions that will change the lives of those I love. We need to ask the question – what are we really aligning with? With our own fear, another’s, both, or with a higher truth that while might be harder to face, moves you into deeper levels of transformation.

Venus is involved deeply with this Mercury retrograde, so there’s going to be a strong intense, emotional, relationship flavour to this Mercury retrograde. That’s 3 weeks of accessing our deeper, emotional, internal truth. We need to use the energy and dynamics to awaken and make the life choices and shifts that have been calling us. Choices that reflect who we are becoming, or want to become, and that reflect self-value, love, and our knowing that we deserve the best, and that others do also.

We all have a choice, even when it feels little like a choice. Just take a different perspective, draw deeper into yourself, access the emotional truths you are evading. When we cannot make the choices that reflect a high self-regard, the universe steps in and does it for us. This is never the easy road, it’s the path of emotional resistance, the opposite of being in the moment. It can also then feel quite wounding and disempowering, that then sets up or reinforces old belief systems of having no control.

Essentially we need to pick up the reigns of our own lives to the degree that is required and move forward, we just need to do the brave, difficult thing.

So with Mercury in conjunction with Venus, as Mercury stations retrograde (less than a degree from it’s conjunction) we know that Venus is going to be the background texture to this Mercury retrograde cycle, permeating everything with all Venus – body, sensory and emotional sensitivity, relating, and love.

Taking place in Scorpio, we might find ourselves magnetically drawn to a deeper emotional loving experience. Or the yearning and longing for such, since Mercury retrograde doesn’t always make it easy to get the communication going.

Certainly lighter conversations will feel unsatisfying. It’s a time for a deeper, more intimate meeting of hearts and minds – something far more profound and meaningful. Perhaps it’s also about a magnetic body connection with another, as opposed to the superficial connections we experience in our day to day lives.

One curious factor is that Venus is also out of bounds on 14th November. A planet is out of bounds when it leaves the declination defined by the maximal angle that the Earth forms with the Sun or to be exact, when it is located more than 23⁰26’22” either north or south from the equator.

So this isn’t a frequent occurence, usually once although sometimes twice a year for only one month. But at this time, this is significant, and since Venus is also part of the signature of this Mercury retrograde we need to pay attention to that, since it amplifies Venus’ effect and gives her a different flavour.

I have a Venus out of bounds and it rules my Sun, and my son has a Mars out of bounds so I know a little about how this kind of energy plays out. An out of bounds planet does not like to operate within the same cultural norms as everyone else, in other words, they beat to their own drum.

An out of bounds planet impact is one of intensity, challenge and value, and forces us to see the systems and environment we live within from a different perspective and over time, bring change or revolution to them. An out of bounds planet often brings a tendency towards rebellion, or simply not being able to connect to the mainstream.

It’s role in the world is to get us to confront the deep sense of shame that comes from being different and then learn to shine authentically. We do not need to fit in, belong, with all the conditioning, we can let loose the shackles that bind us into lower expressions of consciousness. Certainly with this collective Venus out of bounds, it’s a time for redefinition of self, a time for knowing yourself from within as opposed to anyone or anything outside.

Venus is less likely to adhere and play by the rules at this time. She is wild, lawless and will not be tamed. Her own values rule her here. So this is a time when we can break free of the constraints that we would normally feel limited by. Situations, circumstances, that are constraining, oppressive or limiting might feel more challenging at this time (mid month) as Venus is helping us break free. We might be a little more out of control – nothing wrong with that! So if you feel a little out of character mid month, then you know why.

One last important factor is the upcoming Mars square Pluto aspect, it’s tight all weekend especially since the Moon comes through and triggers it Saturday afternoon. Resolution to whatever it brings up might not be fully found until late Monday night when the Moon retriggers it but this time making a supportive trine to Mars. For some of us, all of this will bring up all those building Saturn-Pluto issues looming in the background, right into the foreground.

Remember it’s just another layer of something we are probably already well aware of, see it as just another reconfirmation of action or steps we need to ultimately take. More on the Saturn-Pluto next month as the energies step up another gear. Just remember that every moment is an opportunity to acclimatise and respond to these once in a lifetime set of unusual energies. Ultimately you can’t win over Saturn-Pluto, we were never meant to, it’s a lesson in surrender and trust (admidst all the challenge) so it’s the perfect opportunity to just practise aligning with the larger plan for your life. Keep it simple, that way then you stay as much out of the drama as you possibly can.

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