We have a Taurus Full Moon at 19⁰ Taurus-Scorpio on 12th November 2019 at 1.34 pm GMT. This is a friendly Full Moon, with supportive aspects to Pluto and Saturn. Helping us stabilise, transform and go deeper.

This Taurus Full Moon suggests conflict and illumination regarding  what is mine, stays the same, self-preservation (Taurus) versus what is ours, intimacy, joint resources (Scorpio). This wave of Full Moon emotional energy is further amplified by a cooperative connection between warrior Mars and expansive Jupiter.

The energy is just do it! While Mars typically does not function at its best in people-pleasing Libra, for most of this week Mars (and Jupiter too) benefit from contacts with the a fixed star Spica – which is considered auspicious. Let’s just hope that whatever succeeds this week is part of the Divine plan!

In some ways it’s been a bit of a cliffhanger few weeks. A lot has been left lingering in the air, unresolved. For some these times are heralding positive fruition, birthing and harvesting – perhaps all combined! For others, it’s the entirely other end of the spectrum. Although whatever appears dire can equally transform into something very positive with a shift of perspective or a deeper connection to the truth that binds us all in the journey together.

But what do you do when you don’t know where you are going or what’s next in this current saga called life? I’m not sure I have the answer. But it’s been helpful to reach deeper and higher. It helps to yearn for more, refusing to be satisfied with a reality that does not fit or reflect you anymore or that you have outgrown and move beyond or be open to move beyond your current perspective to see a deeper truth.

The potential for reunion within ourselves is strong right now, despite a full moon, where things feel more polarised. It’s remembering that polarisation outside brings us back to oneness, as it forces us to take stock inside. We have relationship issues to resolve sure, but when we see the other as not the enemy, but always on our side, whether they know it or not, it helps us to slip into a state of openness and grace.

When we believe others are against us, or anything else, we come immediately out of a state of oneness and into separation. Our work now, or perhaps we should see it more of a surrender, is to be resolved in our mind. That new perspective is it’s ok to speak your deep emotional truth, without restriction or limitation, but from a perspective of “what they say, do, is there for my own growth and not against me”.

Knowing this is a time to start making choices that better reflect where you want to go in life. So it can be a time of endings and new beginnings also. Sometimes we need to end something in it’s current form to recreate it in a new form.

When others refuse to cooperate with us, there is something more we need to learn, we are being asked to drop into a deeper place within to see how we need that non cooperation, at this juncture. We are all in one symphony whether we choose to see, acknowledge or experience that or not. Another’s resistance is just for your own good, it is there to show you are not ready yet, despite the impatience.

We need to let go of control – of outcomes, of Divine timing. We need to let the natural cycles and serendipity of life be our master, not our own ego desires, which keep us tied into our separate rhythm that is not aligned with the Divine order.

I say this because on 11th November (11:11), retrograde Mercury, the messenger, makes a rare transit of the Sun. This only occurs 13-14 times a century. It’s a bit like a New Moon or Solar eclipse, in that it brings light to the past and shines light on the way forward.

This can suggest a very focused mindset that can also be often idealistic. The idealism reflects Mercury’s closeness to the Sun; our way of thinking may be blinded by the Sun’s light. The positive outcome is that your vision can be a true inspiration to others, daring them to make it real. The not so positive outcome is that there may be some stubborn refusal to acknowledge our flaws.

This occurs just before the Full Moon, this transit highlights how powerful our perspective, our mind and words can be. At this time the focus of our consciousness is extremely powerful. We energise whatever we put our attention into. So put it into your deepest soul’s yearnings.

This Sun-Mercury conjunction asks us to look at others with soul eyes. To take everything inside and see where we also need what we see, experience. It all reflects a part of ourselves and if we can look at life from this stand point then we begin to enter into higher levels of awareness and consciousness.

Mercury in Scorpio is a deep, shadow-like, sojourn, a journey to the underworld. It’s anything but comfortable. But ultimately it’s supporting us to release and move forward in whatever way is of the highest alignment with our soul’s growth. So the deep truths will continue emerging.

11:11 is a master activation number, it’s very simple really, it’s a message for humanity to realise that the power of two is more than the power of one. I literally just looked at the clock as I wrote those words and it said 11:11, how cool is that. So these energies have the potential to awaken our hearts. As the higher octave of 2, 11 symbolises the balance of masculine and feminine polarities, which is where our edge is focused.

On 13th November, Mercury still retrograde makes the second of three trines to Neptune. Logical, rational left brained Mercury supportively cooperating with right brained Neptune, which is all about more non-linear ways of relating to ourselves and others. This helps us access levels of compassion and forgiveness, if we choose the higher octave of it’s expression. The final supportive link occurs on 28th.

On 20th November, Mercury finalises it’s retrograde phase, and we complete the deep soul searching we have been processing for the past few weeks.

This full moon, so closely collaborating with Mercury in Scorpio, reveals how we can change our reality with a change of mind, and most importantly, by a change of heart. Even just the tiniest of shifts in perception can lead to big shifts in our lives.

On an individual and collective level, we are coming into a new expression of being, where nothing can now hold us back. It’s about being ourselves with no repression, shame or guilt. We are coming into a place where we do not need to sacrifice or wait or put anything on hold anymore.

Waiting puts us into separation. But we cannot not be in holding patterns, there’s a time for everything, that’s true, it’s just how we view this period, as something that nourishes us, that supports us to get clearer on things, or whether we go into frustration and impatience. As always it’s how we respond to things in life that makes the difference. Start seeing waiting as something different.

The timeline we are now in is about oneness, we just need to get in a space of receiving and knowing that there is no separation. It’s actually a very simple thing. You just open the door, and you allow it in, you let it in. This is the feminine way that many are being called to embrace. It’s like being in a vortex and just letting it all in. Abundance is in the moment, not something that will come in the future.

Many of us have the blueprint for this already in us now, we have it in our energetic field, waiting to be tapped, but we still keeping waiting for things and resist going into action, and so the universe keeps mirroring that reality back to us. As the I ching suggests, by all means take this time, which is a waiting to ponder what is your heart’s desire.

You are take off and claim what you want for yourself. Connect to a clarity of mission for yourself and connect to your purpose, listen to the voice inside waking you up, and begin moving beyond all the stuff in your life, shift more fully into purpose and meaning. Everyone came here on a purpose, to learn to see obstacles as lessons, and to transmute the lessons into something soul teachings. We don’t even need the lessons anymore.

Much of what we have aligned with previously now needs to be seen as redundant as we are accelerating so fast. Awareness is opening, consciousness is expanding. We are seeing differently. Just open to it, it’s easy to feel and access now. Then make it more consistent for yourself, and if you feel the fear, step into the white fire of oneness and let it consume the fear.

This doesn’t equate to being in control of it, everything we need is within, when you show up, everything you need shows up. We need to let go of all the layers of control. Only then do we move into a state of grace and ease.

November has some unusual astrology and this is bringing a huge sense of expansion and I think a return to what is calling your soul’s energy now, so it’s directed towards the right things. This month is a huge gift, if you can summon up your courage to see everything as an opportunity to move beyond who you thought you were and what you thought your life was about. Lets say the karmic loop is or is being completed. Just allow yourself the space to be who you are – this means give yourself room to grow, shift perspectives and experiment a little or a lot, give yourself the gift of freedom.

Isis Cards – Soul Retrieval

Isis, healing Goddess, now offers you spiritual restoration and deep soul healing through the art of soul retrieval, reclaiming prices of you lost through trauma, old and new. Soon you will enjoy greater wellness, energy and power, so be willing to go through the healing process, knowing that any emotional clearing taking place is leading you to wholeness. We are calling back all our woundedness and it is becoming our power, it is transmuted into a source of mastery. Within every fragmented part is a special gift that when realigned to the whole increases our calibration. Discover what you want to be more of, go within to see if anything from the past created a painful barrier. It’s a journey to the underworld of your past, the shadow times.

10 of Cups

Fulfillment. The ocean, The water that contains all and gives birth to everything. To springs, rivers, waves, depths and tears. You have accepted all the facets of your emotions. The ocean has welcomed you, held you, absorbed you, thrown you around, gently rocked you, washed you up onto the shore, and pulled you back. It has immersed you in hidden chasms and show you the richness of your emotions. The ocean has engulfed you, cooled, and warmed you. It has been your mirror and quenched your thirst. This is about endings being new beginnings. The symbolic dance between the child within and the now-integrated adult. The ending is the cessation of inner division caused by the separation of the two; the beginning is the next phase of life as the adult moves forward, conscious of both.

Iching – Hexgram 5


The fundamental attunement to natural rhythms. Waiting as an active state of awareness. Waiting brings all life forms together in the rhythm of life. Waiting without waiting. Use the time when there is no conclusion or resolution with nourishing your life in other ways. Trust that when the time is ripe, the situation will embody the answer. This time of waiting will give form and help you recognise which vision you choose to hold, so it can support you to define yourself further. Be fearless in testing the waters of the unknown. Take this time to be sure of what you want. After a time of waiting only sincerity remains; if it is real, it will endure.

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