We have a New Moon on 26th November 2019 at 3.06 pm GMT in Sagittarius at 4⁰, as Jupiter prepares to exit it’s home sign of Sagittarius for a year’s sojourn in Capricorn. All the current Sagittarius energy has brought in a lot of fire and energy into our lives. The New Moon in Fiery Sagittarius brings renewal and sense of meaning and purpose.

These times are a time of triggers, activations, ignitions on one hand, and on the other, a time of endings, death, and completions. And with that a time of rebirth.

Both Venus and Jupiter, newly out of their close meeting, are now in square to Chiron as Venus moves into Capricorn. This suggests the transition from the Sagittarius quest for meaning and truth into the Capricorn realism mandate might be a challenging one.

This can be a time of great inspiration. We can be riding high and with the galactic centre (in Sagittarius) touched by this energy, there’s been revelations and a sense that all things are possible, if you just have enough faith.

Neptune now turns direct after being retrograde for five months. The learning garnered over this time relating to spirituality, longing, inspiration, creativity, imagination, fantasy, divination and intuition can now be implemented and applied more directly in our life. Essentially this is about the creative process.

We are preparing to step strongly into a new phase, time, going beyond ourselves. Sagittarius time is about new belief systems, breaking old patterns to live a new expansion of consciousness. We are just coming out the optimism and expansiveness of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius (this week), and asking some deep, soul searching questions.

We have all been deeply questioning the truth of our lives, the inner truth. The question which continues throughout this time, as it has for many months is what is real and what is not real, and even when you think you know, you actually never know. Sagittarius seeks to answer these questions. With Venus’ recent conjoining to Sagittarius, we have perhaps been looking at life from a more feminine perspective. Life is perhaps not looking so linear, that our process, the journey, is more important.

There are never clear outcomes, despite how much our attachments, preconceptions, and expectations would prefer to latch on for safety. We cannot guarantee anything. Not in these times. We cannot keep the rose coloured glasses on anymore.

So yes even while everyone is a reflection of us, if we are in a dynamic relationship with another (boss, friend etc) and we don’t like what we see, we just need to accept that, and step outside of it and reclaim our power. This is about taking off the glasses. This is what it means to fully enter into the enthusiasm and hope of the Sagittarius energy.

We have to access the power of love for it helps us to grow. It’s the reason we exist. When we find love for ourselves, we step away from anything, no matter how powerfully or attractive, or feeding of us, if it doesn’t resonate at our level, it saps our energy and pulls us down.

We are learning to have greater ways of expressing ourselves. We are opening to love, so we can enrich our own lives, speak and express our inner truth. This is by no means a straight forward path. To claim that level of creation and love within ourselves we will inevitably have to let go of our deepest attachments. There can be a lot in the way, that inhibits and shuts down the expression of love in our lives.

Essentially, expressing the life force of love, pure energy, is about listening, being receptive, embracing other’s truths, not just our own. All the beauty that we are being called to claim in our worlds begins with us being willing to break free. This is about us orientating more towards the importance of the feminine in our lives – standing for that and bringing things into balance within.

But when we come into our greatest love and light, we hit our very deepest of shadow. Which is precisely what is happening right now, and this might very well continue to the end of January. This pain comes from many lifetime and realities.

We need to step out of the loops, the karmic wheel, the repetitive cycles and the patterns. Many of us have done our part, we’ve done our work, and yet we continue to exist in dynamics that keep us tied to people and circumstances that do not serve us. We then carry other people’s weight for ourselves. It’s neither useful for us or for others. And it begs the question, what do we do with that now? And what is the MOST loving thing to do?

Keep owning things for others energetically or release them to their pain so their teaching is complete. Others are released when we step out of the loop and stop energetically creating the loop. We need to be strong within ourselves, courageous and bold.

So theres a lot being activated, but we also need to implement it into the consensus reality. We are setting ourselves up for the next decade, this is the power of the next few months. What do we want to take with us? We are needing to change the dynamics so we can stop playing ping pong and repeating old patterns and old cycles.

When we take back our power by stepping outside of the loops and patterns, we give voice to our own inner masculine, as women, and this is crucial for our growth, since coming into our power as women is fundamental for the awakening process.

But we cannot continue to serve people who are not ready to meet you in the here and now, this is why we need to take off the glasses. We cannot wait around and tire, and stress ourselves to get others to stretch to where we are resonating. It’s never going to work, we will always get negative feedback since we are being asked to step outside of the pattern that is pulling us down. It will only continue the pain.

We need to free ourselves, be the highest version of ourselves. As soon as we are able to let go of all outcomes and detach from everyone else’s pain, the sooner we can put all our energy into all our creations. Sometimes you just have to lost things and people to find yourself.

If we place preconceptions against the ability to see what is truly there, we will likely suffer disappointments. Think of how a child meets life, without any expectations, as they do not know anything yet. With joy. Children operate without preconceptions. So work with the enthusiasm and optimism of this Sagittarius New Moon, it’s entirely inspirational, it can entirely realign you to the highest version of yourself, just don’t get lost in it. Take off the glasses. See clearly.

Walking this path of life, we can allow life to guide us and we can meet our experiences with the innocence of a child. This creates joy and enthusiasm that makes all things possible. Like a child, when you don’t know what can’t be accomplished, great things can happen. Align your will with the Tao and know that anything is possible. A lot of magic is accessible over the next few months, but you need to be prepared to do whatever it takes.

So this is the rebirth we are waiting for, not comfortable eh. The death comes through Mars in Scorpio, opposite Uranus. This is the new energy and inspiration that this Venus-Jupiter and Sagittarius New Moon has ignited.

Overcome the resistance, move with effortless, and you feel as if you can accomplish anything. It’s all within, resistance is only but an illusion. So enthusiasm at this time, in whatever it comes in, is our devotion to moving forward and we can tap into this. Be positively charged in your core.

So be willing to close the door to fantasy so that reality can show us an even better version than what we dreamed. You can approach life with a positive attitude of acceptance, or you can resist and fight against it with your will. Acceptance is the path of least resistance. There are always doors open. This is the sublimity we discover when following the energy of life.

A profound inner shift can now open the doors and gravitate movement forward in your life, let that happen, be just that shift of awareness.

What will win within you over the next few months. This is the question we need to be asking now.

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