Wednesday 8th April – Full Moon in Libra 2:35 BST

Wednesday 8th April – Mars sextile Chiron 17:23 BST

Saturday 11th April – Venus sexile Chiron 00:39 BST

Saturday 11th April – Mercury moves into Aries 4.48 BST

Saturday 11th April – Mercury sextile Saturn 23:58 BST

Tuesday 14th April – Sun square Pluto 11:07 BST

Wednesday 15th April – Mercury conjunct Chiron 5:02 BST

Wednesday 15th April – Sun square Jupiter 22:59 BST

Saturday 18th April – Mercury sextile Venus 5:36 BST

Sunday 19th April – Mercury sextile Mars 3:55 BST

Tuesday 21st April – Sun square Saturn 7:00 BST

 We have a Full Moon in Libra at 2.35 am BST on 8th April 2020, at 18°44 of Aries-Libra axis. Traditionally this should be about creating balance and harmony. Yet this seems in short supply.

Firstly with the Moon in square with Pluto-Jupiter and then later Saturn we can expect more fears arising at this time, perhaps our sense of needing relationship and it being out of reach. Or many other combination of fear and relating issues. But really it’s not until 14th that the effect of this Full Moon is revealed.

The last New Moon in Aries occurred square to the lunar nodes. This corresponding Full Moon occurs in an uncomfortable square to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. But its not until the 14th that the Sun reaches it’s exact square to Jupiter-Pluto. So after the culmination of the Full Moon, the energy lessens only to build again, more intensely.

Not only that but Eris is involved in this long-term pattern with Jupiter and Pluto and Eris, bringing in a large dose of chaos. If it can get worse…  I suspect more draconian, restrictive measures from the government will be brought in around then.

So, quite simply put we are in the eye of the storm, or about to be over the next few days. Right in it. It’s what we have been preparing for. I never quite believed this day would come, but now it is here.

We also have a Mars square Uranus, this lasts a few days, from the 5th. This is the shocks reverberating through, adding extra mini jolts of awakening to the already larger than life Jupiter-Pluto’s transformative effects. Jupiter expands what it touches and when it touches Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, well you get the picture.

My suggestion is to be more observant over the next few days as the themes and patterns arise or force themselves into our awareness, so you are prepared for 14th.

Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn – to reiterate – is about the structures of society being deconstructed. It doesn’t really matter whose doing it, on the bigger picture level it’s happening. It was going to happen whether it’s the billionaires or Mother Nature who instigated this process, it’s happening, lets welcome it as it’s a reality we can’t escape.

It’s clear that there’s little we can do to control events right now. A path of no resistance is the way. In a way, for some of us it might be a relief to have no control. But more importantly resistance feeds the reality. Acceptance supports us to quickly move through into this new world that we are currently manifesting, imagining into being.

Mercury in Pisces sextile Jupiter, Pallas and Pluto. This is a fast-moving aspect, though it’s consecrated by the Full Moon. It’s worth noting that the combination of Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn is the main event again in June and December this year suggesting some kind of evolutionary repeat.

There appears to be two pandemics happening here. One would seem to involve a pathogen, the virus, in other words. From much reading and prior understanding, this seems to be exacerbated by radiation and general immune suppression.

I wish I could say that this is a ‘conspiracy theory’. But it really isn’t. With every viral infection situation, there are many cofactors involved. And with every new generation of technology, it’s purveyors proceed as if there are no risks, no effects, no consequences.

Not only is there little to no resistance, people usually line up to buy the damn thing and get cheapest subscription. As sad as it is. But perhaps this little resistance, is akin to doing nothing. Perhaps it’s in it’s essence form it’s learning how to just be.

For me to be, I had to get out of the conditioning. As many do, it traps you, you feel controlled and at the mercy of all authority around you. That’s if you are sensitive to it. Whatever takes us out of the matrix. I am well and truly out of it, I can see it for what it is.

I was removed from the matrix in a series of revelations, awakenings, initiations, disturbances. Each one, as difficult as they were, supported my becoming.

I believe it’s Divine timing, you can’t force people out of it, you can’t awaken people. It’s like any unrequited love, they will stay and engage in the illusion for as long as their soul requires the lesson. Then they pop out one day and smell the flowers and think where did my self-love go and boy am I glad to be out of that box.

So what are we left with then? Well, trust in the Divine plan, timing and order of things, that’s it really. And this is where I am, as you can’t force people out of the illusion, lord I have tried. And for some it’s not their path. I think many are hanging on the edge, and they could tipple this way or that. But you never really know which way someone will fall, back into the darkness or black hole, or out into the fresh, free space

But at different points on our journey, we have these initiations, which call for purification, and actually, when processed carefully, very swiftly open us up to essence qualities like peace, grace and self-compassion.

This current awakening could not have been predicted, as initiations are not meant to be known in advance. Generally you just walk right into them – as something in you requires the experience to evolve. Initiations are often times of isolation and aloneness. Not necessarily physical, social isolation. But a sense of being different from the rest, not understood, or unable to communicate or express inner experiences or truth, especially ‘knowing’. Knowing is seen as such a dangerous concept, and it can be, but it is also a quality we need to fully own. It’s difficult when you just ‘know’ things.

This is a bit of what’s happening now. And with it brings huge upsurges in the frequency and awareness of our subtle bodies. That means we experience more contact with our Source within and this takes us out of our little human reality and into a larger process, beyond ourselves. This like all awakenings bring permanent and indestructible change.

The more initiations you pass through, or the larger the initiations, the more you are challenged to integrate multidimensional consciousness – which understands itself beyond polarity.

My main initiations in this lifetime have all involved forgiveness of some kind. I have forgiven by seeing beyond the human reasons for certain experiences into seeing things from different perspectives and finally I have been taken to a place where forgiveness is automatic, even before the word or deed.

Yet forgiveness doesn’t mean that you must forsake yourself and at the same time, often the journey of forgiveness is to move entirely out of judgement and into a space where you live out compassion for others, in their suffering, which they can’t see or even feel.

I am saying this because at this time, there’s a lot of polarity and differences of opinion. And what we need to do here more than ever is just forgive. Forgive people for what they do not yet know. Again that doesn’t mean we don’t hold people accountable, sometimes the most forgiving thing is holding people accountable, as often it’s the hardest thing for compassionate, spiritually-inclined people to do. To hold others accountable supports others to see their own darkness and demons.

Spiritual people – and I hate that term but for simplicity – generally like to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, whether that’s in a bubble of light with the Divine, in a community, or just at home. This is a time for not doing that. It’s a time for reaching out to others and starting the conversations, or at least it’s about to be, and will be for a long time, throughout May, June and July. Then when the nodes move into Gemini this process will increase.

As social distancing, lack of exercise and movement combine with home, economic stress, and a sense of feeling trapped some people might start to unravel. Others will thrive from the change of routine, being at home with more freedom to not follow rigid routines, having time to just think and consider their life and what’s of true importance and value.

But either way, when we are in a process of intense change, even if it’s more of a global change that doesn’t affect us so directly, we will nevertheless be affected since the public is personal and the personal is public. This is what is not quite understood, and this is what is also unravelling. We can’t escape it and a part of us knows that we are all in this together, as vulnerable as the next person.

But it’s not the great leveller that the politicians talk about. Many people are far more vulnerable than others, especially on an economic level.

But as with all initiations and awakenings, they all lead to the big one – where we perceive no separateness with the Divine, where we experience our own vastness. This is the direction, the overall vector, when they all get added up together, that we are heading towards. So whether it’s this that awakens us, or the next big event, awaken we will.

So there’s some kind of inevitably about all this for me, which feels quite relieving. And so what really matters as we integrate change is the way we do it. In other words, the spiritual attitude or approach we take as we move through change.

We can battle, resist, fight, try to control or maintain, deny, defend, rebel, hold onto, all we like. But it won’t get us anywhere. It will just draw out the process. And I do not believe this is one to draw out. The duller the knife, the more painful the cut. Look at where you are holding on or resisting connection with yourself. Feel out the self-deception. And above all else, sit and question.

Perhaps what we need more than ever is a lot of softness, gentleness and forgiveness. The softness of gentle wind. To meet thunder bolts, we need to be soft, pliant and yielding.

Awakenings is often termed a series of softenings. With each hit it’s an opportunity to soften more. Whenever we are confronted with the Tarot’s Tower, as with the card in the last post, it’s important to just unwind and unravel the muscles and tendons more, stretch your legs every night or morning, literally, support their openness.

Yielding is the big secret, that’s how you learn to stretch better also. Yielding lets us open up to vaster streams of consciousness, it’s like we can flow into the ocean when we yield to life. It’s like flow. It allows a supple fluidity. Fluidity supports us to move between the different, very polarised dimensions of existence right now.

Yes that means also learning to listen to the whisper of the soul, where the softness arises from. It won’t easily be heard above the TV, and you certainly won’t find a whisper of it in the media, the news is the main vector of negativity right now. Unless of course you are drinking alcohol while absorbing the negativity, then you won’t notice it, but I don’t suggest you do that either.

Social media is slightly more positive as it gives us access to sources of information that support our health through these times. Just choose wisely. I haven’t noticed a huge amount of negativity on social media.

In the wake of all of this chaos, there are moments of reflection available, just create them.

One more thing about the internet – it’s a disembodying influence, taking us further and further out of our body. It is driving the insanity, and this is far more serious than the virus. We now have this weird notion that casual social contact kills. I mean, really? We jump so quickly into it, and yet we do not consider how we are going to get out of it.

So at this time, take that hour of exercise currently allowed per day – while it lasts – and make the most of it. I bet the powers trying to direct the outcome of this didn’t stop to consider that only allowing limited exercise per day actually means people actually exercise now. I know I’ve never been for so many walks as I have in the past two weeks.

And of course, sex is a perfect way to stay grounded and in the body. Truth can be incredibly erotic, and with these close quarters, it’s easy for truth to make itself known 🙂

By the end of this year, we will be courageously entering the Aquarius age and the gear shift will be very obvious. So until that time, get used to the territory and find your ways of navigating it. You have time, so take it.

Cards For This Full Moon

Tarot – 2 of Cups

Love, romance encounters, emotional exchange, and romance. Giving and receiving of gifts. Interdependency, sense of belonging. The need to open up on an emotional level and to share what’s inside of you. Drinking from the other’s cup, mingling. Images flowing into one another. No difference between yours and mine. Mirroring oneself in the other, melting into one another. Opening up to the stream of images form the unconsciousness. Hidden wishes and ideas. Once the veil of projections thins out, the contact towards others becomes clearer. This could also mean a deep emotional encounter with yourself. The cops have been drained. What do you see on the bottom? Am I you or are you me?

I’Ching – Treading 10

This is a time to take the path of ease. It is about wu wei, which is subtle, the art of inaction, of doing nothing. Which in turn, means the art of being. This doesn’t mean that we literally ‘do nothing’, but it does mean that we come from a place of being as we move through the world. At the heart of being, is authenticity, and being natural, yourself, from a deep place of inner truth, worth. When we do because we are told to, this is not being authentic. You cannot make a career of being natural and authentic – as a guru might. Beingness is not part of a polarity though, it’s beyond polarity, it’s a state of a neutral space. It’s inclusive of all, there’s no marginalisation. It’s like the earth in a way, it holds it all with no judgment. This is a space of no agendas, no purpose even. To exist, we usually have to ‘be’ someone, or ‘do’ something – the more we struggle, the more we feel like we exist. This hexagram is about moving beyond that now, and letting transformation arise from doing nothing – no problems, no challenges, nothing to fear.

Archetypes – The Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter has a love of theatre, games and trickery. Its energy appears as one thing, only to reveal a more complex story below the surface. The shapeshifter is within al of us to some degree; it is the side of ourselves that is slippery, noncommittal, and experimental and longs to dismiss the rules.We need it’s energy to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of our existence. When the shapeshifter card appears, it’s important to imagine you are looking at life through a kaleidoscope rather than a single focused lens. At any moment the scene may shift, revealing a more enchanting vision than you imagined. Be wary though as the allure of the kaleidoscope can leave you exhausted and yearning for solid ground. Dancing long-term with the shapeshifter requires a central pillar of integrity that links us back to our centre. The ultimate shapeshifter works undercover for the good of all. When dark, this is the charlatan, people pleasing variety, when light it’s vibrant, adaptive, fluid.

Isis Cards – Stay True & Be In Your Power

You are a sovereign Divine Being with spiritual authority and freedom within. You do not need permission from anyone to be who you are and live your life as you so choose. This is your Divine birthright. Guard it as the precious treasure that it is and remember that you are a Divine being, free to be you.

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