Friday 22 May – New Moon in Gemini at 17.39 GMT

Monday 25 May – Mars sextile Uranus 6.48 GMT

Thursday 28 May – Mercury enters Cancer 6.09 GMT

Friday 29 May – Sun sextile Chiron 13:57 GMT

Friday 5 June – Mercury sextile Uranus 11:04 GMT

Friday 5 June – Mercury square Chiron 13:40 GMT

Cards For This Full Moon

We have a New Moon at 17.39 GMT on 22nd May 2020 at 2° Gemini.

Gemini is a mutable sign, and this is a super, super mutable New Moon as we have 6 other planets all in mutable signs. This suggests this is a special time for intellectual flexibility. It doesn’t seem to me that we have a lot of that in our thinking, more rigidity and fixedness. This New Moon offers the opportunity to look at our polarised, bias, inflexible belief systems, approaches, filters and lenses through which we view the world.

This is a time to question, look and develop movement, development and expansion in our thinking. A bit of relief for some of us, who have already been doing this for a lifetime! A seed of hope that others will begin to wake up to where they are stuck in their thinking and beliefs. Be mindful of what you are telling yourself about a situation, as quite often, it will be fulfilled, whether you like that or not. Our reality is often a conglomeration of emotions and thoughts – and much deeper things besides.

Mercury and retrograde Venus conjunct and in square to Neptune, at this New Moon, infuses the higher Venus frequency of Neptune into Venus, allowing us to go to another level – within our own thinking. The Sun-Moon are square to Mars, bringing together creativity, imagination and intuition. Gemini is the intellectual, information, communication, objective influence. Bringing those two together is an opportunity to access the way you look at the world – that means how we observe others, and most importantly, the information we usually just absorb (as opposed to reflect upon and sense it’s value).

This is about looking at where we are, how we’ve got here, where we’ve come from, what we’ve bought with us, how it’s shaped us, and most importantly where we need to go – primarily in our thinking. But at another level, with Neptune influencing this, it adds in a quality of sensitivity and subtlety – and for me, this demands from us a new way of looking at the world, through the lenses of frequency.

We do not, as a rule, take the time to really observe and assess the information we are being presented with. We take for granted that those in positions of authority have our best interests at heart (this is for lots of different reasons – good nature of most human beings, believing others are likewise, fear of it being anything else, and questioning the narrative just a little potentially makes the whole damn thing fall a part).

Yet our soul is on an evolutionary path, and it’s choices and the process that we get caught up in is the vehicle for our very expansion and for us to be make a difference. At this time, many in different ways, feel the urge to make a difference. I guess you could say that we have two purposes that we run, the individual one and collective one – we are here to serve and also to serve ourselves, and ultimately they are one and the same, but from two seemingly opposed ends of the spectrum.

To begin with, we need to find that foundation of self-love. Then we can manage the many self-doubts and questioning of ourselves and our individual and collective purpose that arises on the journey – you know that programming that says I’m a nutter for believing little me can enact any change for others, or in my own world for that matter – this is very ancient, the crazy woman programming. Who am I to make a difference? I am not prepared enough, ready enough, I haven’t the energy, I have fears around getting it wrong, backing the wrong thing. First things first, do not allow yourself to believe those stories, either unconsciously or consciously, here, the ‘frequency’ of this doubt is not useful. It’s very unconscious programming and it’s in most people.

Spiritual people are particularly oblivious and susceptible to this programming since it’s very convenient and seductive to believe there’s no need to ‘do anything’ – even that there’s nothing to do. This is a programming. There is a lot to do right now, a lot to prepare for. We need to learn to trust ourselves, and always, we need to learn discernment – that is, knowing what is right for us, and so, firstly we don’t forget ourselves, or bypass our collective purpose which we have prepared many life times for – THE TIME IS NOW.

Lets not doubt ourselves or our collective lightworker mission right now, but lets also make sure we as individuals are always held within the mix – that we are taking care of ourselves and have our own wellbeing at the heart of our purpose and mission. Don’t get me wrong, doubt is sometimes useful, it helps us work out what’s true for us. Yet there are times when doubt just really isn’t that helpful, and we have just been catapulted into those times when it isn’t.

So I want to say that if you are launching yourself into something headlong and forgetting yourself, well, that’s not wise and there are many risks involved with that. Are you maintaining your own sense of self? Are you taking care of your groundedness and wellbeing? Ground your own sense of valued self – self-love is what we are now here to teach – in droves. Self-love does not include a martyrdom of our rights and freedom.

It’s important to also know that while ultimately there is no right and wrong here, and each pathway will take the path it needs to take, with us just following the lead, the path might require us to embody certain qualities that feel foreign and even uncomfortable and ‘wrong’ to us. We need to understand that what we are becoming, or might be stepping into, particularly later in the year, could feel very unfamiliar. Try not to judge, in the way you are used to judging.

Remember we are expanding beyond ourselves, out of our rigid thinking and into a new way of being. This requires a change of perspective, a new way of thinking, and in particular a non-judgment and non-bias towards just about everything we have ever accepted as true, right, appropriate or acceptable. That applies to within, and outside also.

It doesn’t matter, at this endgame stage, whether any particular facet, quality or way of being/doing is true or false, right or wrong, hear me – it really doesn’t matter at this time – the point is that we are at that crucial juncture in our individual and collective lives that launches us to the next point. Are you hearing me? We are at that crucial juncture. We need to entertain the possibility of “whatever it takes”. We have to get to these points and traverse them, otherwise we will not spiritually expand – individually and collectively.

Unfortunately, what some of the spiritual sycophants, our so-called new age teachers, are modelling, is doing absolutely nothing at all. This is all spiritual ego, or the human concept of what spirit or love is. Yes, it’s true many are feeling fear, and yet that is exactly what the forces in power wish us to feel, because from here we can be easily be manipulated and yes we do need to join our hearts together in love. But that doesn’t mean naivety. There is a fear that is manufactured and not real, and there is fear that we need to follow and then try to mitigate. KNOW the difference.

We are being played. Yes, all you spiritual folk out there, you are being played, by people who are being played, and you have no idea. The fear is real, it’s not illusionary, actually. There is much to fear if we do not pull up our socks and prepare with research, information and objective facts.

I do not model or follow a “lets just observe the spiritual awakening shift”- not for one second am I convinced. I know what is being asked of us, all in different ways, we have not been prepared and gone through years and years of hardship, challenge and lessons to just watch and observe the shift of humanity. Are these spiritual teachers for real? Have they not learnt a thing? If this is being prescribed, then I would even go as far as to question their integrity. There are a few, without mentioning names, Goddess new age priestess teachers who are deliberately, consciously jeopardising the awakening. Yep, they exist.

This is the guidance I’ve been receiving, from all quarters – others close to me, things that pull my attention, in numerous client sessions and most importantly my 5 year old son (whom I trust beyond everyone else). It has been clear, crystal clear from minute go of this whole process. Prepare, and then be ready, to act. I was told many will die – this was the first information that came to me late February. We haven’t even brushed the surface of this – we have only just been warmed up. By November it’s going to be back with an vengeance.

These crisis times bring up so many different edges within ourselves, they bring up our own madness, our spiritual egos, our wounded inner child aspects. Quite simply going into these places is what Venus retrograde is all about. It’s not about splitting off these parts and ignoring them and just staying in the light, disconnected and disengaged from the reality now and to come. These difficult, painful places and aspects work to lead us towards our purpose. They are signposts.

For example, lets say the thought of creating a ‘freedom movement’ brings up a thought that you mad and confused and that no one is going to listen to you, just because you have those emotions and experiences moving through you, it doesn’t mean its a low frequency. You might judge it as reflective of your unmined consciousness, you might think to yourself also that highly seasoned spiritual channel says ‘the crystalline consciousness timeline has been fully anchored in the Gaia fields of unconditional love’ so I don’t need to do anything.

That is a mistruth, even if a well meaning one. People might end up dying because of that mistaken truth – I’m serious and you will forever feel guilty if you sit back and observe, take the backseat. You wanna take that risk? Really? Do you wanna trust me, whose saying start acting, start standing up, research, grow your mind, your capacity to argue your truth, challenge, question, communicate – OR – someone saying ‘the crystalline consciousness timeline has been fully anchored in the Gaia fields of unconditional love’ so I don’t need to do anything. I mean, which of those two really challenges you to grow?

Furthermore, which is consistent with the astrology of the time? Well, I can tell you, it’s the former. The North Node sojourning Gemini for the next few years is what that former approach is about. It’s certainly not the latter. Does the latter actually really make any sense to you anyway?

I’ve had spiritual lightworkers say to me there’s done work behind the scenes on something and then they’ve seen something in the news that corroborates that piece of work. Ok, this is a different matter, this I can certainly accept as useful and valid. And this might be your way of contributing, and if you are really seeing results, great, keep going with that active spiritual approach. But this is not the same as the crystal fields say I don’t need to do anything.

So when we allow ourselves to go into that crazy uncomfortable space of I’m mad to believe I can change all those brainwashed, in the matrix people (as opposed to thinking there’s nothing to do) then just go into that direction, fully, despite the thought of being mad, go in with purpose, believing in what’s behind it, and start really manifesting that into reality – that is the high frequency that we actually really need, that diving into engaging – with ourselves and the world. Incidentally there’s nothing mad about it all, it’s our destiny.

So, while we could have believed the madness, as at some level it is a mad, crazy idea, the frequency of ‘to hell with that we are just going there fully anyway’, is enough to take us forwards, and possibly and ironically, into a completely different direction, that’s far more conducive to taking us where we ‘really’ need to go. I don’t know where it will take you, most likely it will be into another level of your purpose. But what I do know is that believing in the ineffectuality of yourself is not an option, because it’s not true. We are powerful beyond belief.

So we are facing so much stuff, so many truths, untruths, rights and wrongs, and we really have very little to truly hold onto as fact or truth, but we are using our deep inner radar to navigate our ships in this dark night sea. We have no idea where we are heading, there’s a lot of uncertainty, individually or collectively, but, attune your being to searching for the truth. That is all that matters.

These days we do everything to not be in pain or uncomfortable. We need the uncomfortable, it’s not bad, it’s just uncomfortable. And part of that is being willing to put yourself, your relationships on the line (making other people feel uncomfortable also is a part of that). So it’s best to not see this in terms of comfortable or uncomfortable, but just, this is where we need to be. Anger, self-doubt and fear, can be very useful frequencies, really they are often useful. As these will motivate the polar opposite to appear also. It’s part of our journey. There’s nothing wrong with them.

The last dregs of this insidious system will push their agenda and try to hijack the awakening process later this year. It’s a given. The greatest issue is really not the virus, at this stage, it is our complacency. There is an agenda to enslave and depopulate, and that might involve splitting up families, children taken away from parents. It is not for the faint-hearted, I’m sorry, but we really do not have the time to sit back and say I don’t want to entertain these possibilities, as though somehow that will mean they do appear in reality.

The New World Order is NOT an attempt to take care of us. The government is not looking out for us, that’s the narrative. We look out for our health and wellbeing, that’s our job, not there’s. It’s our democracy’s job to take care of our rights and freedom – currently it’s failing horrendously.

So at an edge at all? Some will be. Feels like a battle? War? At this stage, we CANNOT skip this step in the game. It is certainly, in my grounded reality, appearing that way. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with conflict and polarity in and of itself, its the frequency you run that conflict at. We need to know what conflict and war means for us – conflict is not wrong in and of itself, it is incredibly exhilarating to be able to truly defend yourself and know your side.

Ask yourself what part of me enjoys and gets a kick out of conflict and what parts doesn’t. Again, it’s all the frequency of the conflict. Sometimes conflict can be done in such a way that it’s meaningful (although mostly it’s not). It doesn’t need to be about defending ourselves or protesting, it can be creative. What’s the purpose of the conflict for example, conflict can be divisive, but unity can be found through division. Arguments can serve a function – they can bring you to peace. Think about how two in a relationship argue about something, but through that argument they come into agreement and move beyond their division. You can do conflict with a pure intention, a high frequency, that is with awareness, or you can do it with a low one and end up worse off than before. See what I mean?

When this world crisis is not actually that personal for us, humans tend to not get involved, they sit back, drink their beer, watch TV or hope that God or some other Divine Source will just make it all ok… we only move into action when something touches us personally. Lets not wait until things get too personal for us to really start engaging, grappling with the zeitgeist of these times.

So I believe that many of us need to get ourselves moving more intellectually. This is what this New Moon calls for. And further to keep moving through all the different levels and stages of this rigorous intellectual questioniong – growing through this process and stages. Birthing is often a challenging process! Get engaged, make it an active birthing process, this is where WE as spiritual warriors, can have our greatest impact.

While many of these stages might not actually be healthy (getting informed about the satanic stuff certainly isn’t), and certainly is not comfortable, this discomfort is not permanent, it is temporary and in essence the message of our times is that we are MOVING through things, the birth canal. That means it’s ok to exist in the unhealthy, uncomfortable stage, it’s actually called being human and allowing a process within to happen. I wouldn’t advise wanting to stay there, but if anyone tells you that you shouldn’t be where you are, that’s wrong, and you perceive their biases, just say in response, yes, I know it’s not ideal, I’m moving through it, so don’t think I plan on staying here. Give yourself some freedom, which I suspect not everyone else will give you. Explore. This is Gemini.

In short, there are no short cuts, all these current planetary retrogrades beginning ten days ago or so force us to mine these uncomfortable places. No shortcuts. You are supposed to be going through stuff as it’s the making of you, it gives you the higher understanding, the wisdom to help others later down the line. Those learning through mirroring and not experiencing might not be able to become the powerful healers and facilitators needed in this new, evolving world.

So what are these stages? They can include extremes of archetypal energy. These are universal forces of energy that usually remain unconscious to us. We just get sucked into the roles and larger pattern, polarised in either extreme end of them. We are all working with different individual archetypes and collectively also. It’s just another higher learning, the mountain feels and is steeper at this stage of the game – the archetypes are extreme- the martyr and saviour, the warrior, the observer, the saint – there are many.

They are taking us to another level of awakening. Within the extremes of these archetypes playing out within, we need to trust our passion, guidance, spirit and soul. For we will come across a lot of resistance as we attempt to climb that mountain to the next level, we are upping levels and going beyond current models, teachers – from within ourselves and of course from outside. Some of these outside forces are archetypal also – way beyond our personal history and consciousness. We need to see that not everything can be resolved internally. It’s not just about mining the shadow.

We need to sometimes take the personal out of things, and certainly not let it stop us. That way then we don’t inaccurately believe we can solve everything from the level of intrapsychic – which essentially means – from within. Most of the issues we are facing are operating at many different levels – way beyond the intrapsychic – even into galactic stuff, beyond the systems of our global economy. This is why it’s such a challenging time to know what to do. But don’t fall into the hole of feeling helpless and that you cannot do anything.

Keep following the dots to take you where you are going, eventually you will begin to see the bigger picture.

Sometimes the personal is also important, so others understand the feelings and personal history beneath – it prevents us from repeating history mindlessly when we hear personal stories. This recycling of history is at stake now. Think the other wars… how people were manipulated. We need to help people tangibly feel also, find your way to get the message across that so, so urgently needs to be communicated. Your message. Your means. Discover it.

We are still building our personal journey and self-love, trying to find our place where we feel comfortable, but simply not allowing our desires for comfort to get in the way of journey. Desires are fine, just don’t let them sabotage. We are having to manage all this, at the same time, and a lot of it is pinging off each other within. So as we get challenged within our passionate purpose, we don’t know where we are going, we are going somewhere of course, we have an inclination or a sense of a frequency that we are going towards, but we know even that’s an illusion as that can change at any point. So all we have left is uncertainty, trust and connecting the dots.

Embracing the uncertainty of all this though, of this whole journey, really challenges people, because most people really can’t embrace that uncertainty within themselves. People are frightened for us and equally scared that we are going to take them to places which they are not ready or prepared to go. We have to get comfortable with not being popular (Venus retrograde). Parts of us are perhaps, and parts of us are not also. The Uranus in us is breaking through the boundaries and doesn’t care what others think, and then the little Saturn self says here I am again, rejected, all isolated and alone, and my friends nowhere to be seen. It’s a constant negotiation between the higher and smaller self.

But if we are connected to the Goddess Self and beyond, and are creating from that place of higher intelligence and unconditional love, then we have the internal support for the small human self that feels abandoned, betrayed and wounded – often the inner child.

So, we do not need to care about how others see us, we really do not. However, we do need to truly value others and their feedback – this prevents division. Caring about what others think about us brings in measuring, which is putting things into polarity, and with it all the emotions – it’s not helpful. Here, we do not accept things for what they are – we judge. Things are no longer good or bad at some level (although we might need to identify with that temporaily to get to the higher expression).

Valuing, on the other hand, is open, it brings in the Goddess Self, that is not interested in blame, right or wrong, but differences and diversity, and ultimately unity of all. But nothing is created equal, we need different qualities and frequencies in all measures and ingredients, we just need to know when to pepper the cooking pot, and how much.

We need to start mastering our own frequencies, of what we are exchanging, and what we are sitting in. If we don’t know, we need to get to know that place. If we are not aware what we are identifying with, then we will be throwing all our archetypal energy about with no awareness – not useful when we need to wake others up – they won’t listen to that. We need to figure out how we are applying our frequencies and where is this frequency coming from? Again, that is akin to, if we are in a state of conflict with someone, is this a meaningful, awake frequency or not – high or low. Choose your battles wisely.

This stage of the journey requires us to be really honest with ourselves, and while some of you are only looking for the little splinters now, this refining of the path makes it so easy to kid ourselves that there’s no issues left. We can’t ignore what’s left because we’ve gotten so far through things already. No, no no, this is not a time for naivety. Your preparation is almost complete, but it’s not complete. Action is around the corner.

So while there might be many different qualities coming through us individually, others and in our collective, we might be judging those qualities because of our own inner paradigms set up around particular qualities – like conflict is bad… I urge you to MOVE BEYOND your judgment and inner beliefs and feel into the frequency.

You can do this with individuals (Trump, Boris), organisations, nations also. What frequency are they operating at? What do you receive from them? It’s actually super simple to do, just takes a bit of practise, and then you can quickly ascertain what’s a worthy thing to support, and what is not. This can help us move through a lot of the confusion and come out knowing more about what decisions need to be taken, and what is an effective use of your energy and time. It’s essential also about keeping ourselves and others safe, which I am all for. Get to your the frequency of everything you are in contact within and without – this is where we are at.

The Tarot – Death

Entering the formless. Changing of clothes. Flaming like a sunset. Travel on the path to nowhere. Wisdom of the serpent. The thread cut, No longer separated, we expand. Stepping out of ones self. Death, old crone, with your flaming cloak, You take what needs ti be transformed.

I’Ching – Waiting – The way of patience 5

The fundamental attunement to natural rhythms. Waiting as an active state of awareness. Waiting brings all life forms together in the rhythm of life. Waiting without waiting. Use the time when there is no conclusion or resolution with nourishing your life in other ways. Trust that when the time is ripe, the situation will embody the answer. This time of waiting will give form and help you recognise which vision you choose to hold, so it can support you to define yourself further. Be fearless in testing the waters of the unknown. Take this time to be sure of what you want. After a time of waiting only sincerity remains; if it is real, it will endure.

Archetypes – The Destroyer

The Destroyer is the final of the three archetypes the trio of existence- has necessary yet painful work to do in the world. Culturally, we have an aversion to endings. And we hang on to permanence as a signifier of success. Yet The Destroyer pulls the rug out from underneath relationships, jobs, homes, and all forms of security. It’s the part of us that wants things to end. Its painful orientation is to uncover our true purpose. The Destroyer does not let us linger long in comforts, as it knows not much happens in that realm. With its piercing eyes, it seeks out stagnancy from a distanced the rest… becomes history. In the old myths this is the moment when heads begin to roll, the ground opens up, and castles crumble. Hold on for the ride – the Destroyer has arrived.

Isis Cards – The Dark Healing Chamber

The most challenging task is to take courage in both hands and journey within to meet our own dark self and begin he healing task of bringing love, acceptance and light to it. The sacred purpose of any enemy, within or without, is to push us to venture inwards, to seek and heal the darkness within.

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