Monday 20 July – New Moon in Cancer 17:33 GMT

Tuesday 21 July – Mercury square Chiron 17:51 GMT

Wednesday 22 July – Sun into Leo 8:37 GMT

Wednesday 22 July – Mercury sextile Uranus 18:25 GMT

Monday 27 July – Jupiter sextile Neptine 16:07 GMT

Monday 27 July – Venus square Neptune 17:48 GMT

Monday 27 July – Mercury square Mars 21:46 GMT

Thursday 30 July – Mercury opposite Jupiter 14:17 GMT

Thursday 30 July – Mercury trine Neptune 18:45 GMT

Saturday 1 August – Sun trine Chiron 1:15 GMT

Saturday 1 August – Mercury opposite Pluto 10:52 GMT

Sunday 2 August – Sun square Uranus 11:19 GMT

Monday 3 August – Mercury opposite Pluto 21:00 GMT

Monday 3 August – Full Moon in Aquarius 15:59 GMT

We have a New Moon in Cancer on 20th July 2020 at 17.35 GMT, at 28° Cancer, an anaretic event occurring in the last two degrees. This is a second new moon in Cancer, the last one was at 0°. So it’s the same issues here, it points to something important. Cancer is about emotions, needs, families and children. With it being in exact opposition to retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, we have a very clear indicator of child-parent and family dynamic.

The retrogrades are still having a huge impact on events within and around us. Mercury is still in Cancer, where it retrograded, retracing it’s retrograde shadow, Venus still coming out of it’s shadow and Mars is about to enter it’s shadow phase in preparation for it’s retrograde in September. Mars is going to be squaring the Capricorn cluster in August – which will bring out a lot of fight and rage.

With this New Moon in the final degrees of Cancer, the anaretic degrees, which often bring things to a head or completion, we can expect an emphasis on death and transformation. At a higher level, this is about being prepared to let go of old realities, patterns, paradigms. In Cancer, this ‘reality’ is an emotional and familial one.

In a nutshell, we are learning what it might mean to become an empowered, responsible, adult as opposed to a wounded child. And we are collectively also in the throws of shifting our relationship to our own parenting. This is about knowing our true parenthood, as opposed to a matrix driven, artificial one, imposed upon us.

Mercury is in square to Chiron at this New Moon and then in a couple of days will be squaring Mars. He is still exiting the shadow phase. Mercury square to Chiron is about acting out the wounded abused child, but a lot of it is in our perception, or distorted perceptions.

Then with the New Moon opposite Saturn, we have the parents in Capricorn Saturn (along with Pluto and Jupiter). Moon is opposed Saturn bring in an out of control emotional Cancer Moon opposed by this Saturn’s sobering yet grounding influence. This is like having a benefit of the grounding, to get real, to become responsible emotionally, as if the new moon wants to orientate and push off against the solidity of Capricorn Saturn.

We can’t trust these Capricorn institutions, and all year the astrology is pointing to much larger events of institutional abuses. We have to remember that the institutions we have operating in this world represent the parents, the loco parentis, Latin for “in the place of a parent”. Leaders, organisations and institutions take on some of the functions and responsibilities of a parent – like when a teenager goes to university. We just need to be mindful that those in the position of loco parentis are also caught in the same emotional dramas that we are caught in.

In addition to the New Moon in Cancer itself, which is about our personal families and parental relationships, there is a conjunction of Nessus and Ceres in Pisces – hinting to the abuse in families, abuse of the mother. Nessus points to abuse, Ceres is mother. Emotional abuse at the hands of the mother needs to be accepted to some degree since a set of emotional parameters is given by the mother to the child, that must be accepted by the child if it wants to be loved. Whether we know it or not, our inner child has always been searching for the unconditional love from the Divine Mother and Father, and so she won’t find it in the biological human or the institutionalised parents. Lets stop looking for it there.

Lets look at how the astrology is playing out in collective as a whole and in us individually. We need to also be aware of the depth of the shadow of these institutionalised parents. We all need to wake up the treatment of the child. This week and the forthcoming months are going to open our eyes to this treatment. Its important that when our eyes are opened that we keep it in context of the journey of separation consciousness, the separation from the Divine came to it’s completion many years ago and now we are mining the depths of that shadow. This New Moon is a forewarning of that.

The inner child is made up of many aspects – it’s not just one aspect, as many think. The inner child holds an inner boy and girl (in alignment with Native American of balancing the 5 Luminous Shields within each of us – inner man, inner woman, inner girl, inner boy and God/Goddess self or grandparent self – we all have these 5). This is one key to understanding, healing and empowering the core aspects and elements of the entire self. These shields are very alive at this time and are urgently calling out for rebalancing.

Within the inner child are imprints and memories of abuse, neglect, and other traumas, such as school bullying, or abandonment from friends. The emotional elements of the inner child, which is often struggling in most people’s psyches because the whole of society is set up to abuse the inner child, contributes largely towards dysfunctional relationships in the present day. The inner child can have a betrayed, abused, neglected, abandoned, traumatised, enraged and many other aspects besides, often not in relationship with each other or the God/Goddess self.

Many years ago I knew a singer, who recounted a televised performance of her on TV in front of judges, I won’t mention the country. I will never forget what she told me – how on live TV, one judge said to her ’you had the innocence of a child and tonight you lost that”. Of course this judge was part of the elite, I checked him out afterward. She recounted how she came out of her body and never got over it.

I checked her chart later, I saw how her personal Moon (emotional) experience was aligned with the collective. Every person watching that televised singing contest would have witnessed and felt that attack on their own inner child. Now whether that was a conscious deliberate attempt to attack the inner child or a unconscious one, it happened and continues to happen. I suspect it was conscious though, from the rest of her experiences. Almost like she was chosen to represent the collective child, since she was severely bullied those that process also.

We need to open our eyes. Think of the Disney movies – how often does the orphaned, abandoned child turn up? Think Annie, Lion King, Paddington – I don’t think there’s one kid’s movie that I can honestly say gives a positive message to our inner child, they all seem to do the opposite and pit that it’s normal for the child to be abandoned. We think we are ‘enlivening’ kids lives with these movies.

Even the seemingly harmless Paddington bear movie has an orphaned bear and Nicole Kidman gunning him down, which incidentally made my son burst into tears and said he didn’t want to watch it anymore. Most kids unfortunately do not cry, they are already far too numb. That was my first and last attempt at kids movies for my son. Although it shouldn’t be children taking responsibility for their choices on these levels, we need to do it for them, this is what it means to be unconditional and protective. That doesn’t mean taking away their power, it means being the responsible parent.

We need to be aware of how TV affects and disrupts your autonomic nervous system, the meridian system, suppresses the thymus gland, and our neurohormonal and neurotransmitter systems. This is not stuff to be processed, as it is an “accurate response to the desecration of life” (David Hawkins Power vs Force). In other words we need to wake up to what promotes life and what diminishes it, and then make choices that support our emotional body. These are some practical steps to becoming responsible adults, for ourselves and all children.

The shadow of the inner child often manifest as victim parts, quite rightly so, since there’s many reasons to feel a victim in a society that does not love and respect the child. I often find the inner child not playing, hiding under covers, in dark corners, or extremely distant from the Goddess self, and strongly distrusting, or numb, hesitant on first encounter.

This is what we are acting out, we are like wounded and entitled children. It’s like a global rising of the child, calling out for mummy and daddy, which are not to be found, well, not out in politicians and not outside of us. We do not trust these outside forces voluntarily, we are compelled to, in that we have no choice. Now the inner child is done and are acting out their resentment and rage. We are at the stage of blaming the parents, blaming others, especially institutions, some are defending the abusers – a bit like the Stockholm syndrome, where you align with the abuser.

Clearly the power is seen as outside us. That’s why we have all those retrograde planets in Capricorn, not working correctly, needing fixing. When we begin to see how this disempowerment has been perpetuated, how we have been willing in the process, we can become like demanding children, who want others to be the parents that never loved them. This week, with Mercury in Cancer squaring Chiron, we will see the rage to see it this week.

We have a lot to be angry about. That’s not in question. It’s how we process our anger, recognition of where it’s residing and being clear that it is channeled to be inspiring of choice and action. Rage not channeled becomes depression eventually, and is taken out on yourself. This is one of the patterns we need to break.

Of course it’s easy to blame that outside of us for our own issues. The inner child knows no other way. It struggles to feel empowered or loved from within. It can oscillate in it’s emotions back and forth and also lead us to seek out authoritative or parental figures in our relationships, as opposed to become empowered ourselves. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t challenge authority just because we are also responsible for the issue, but we need to see where it is also the collective dynamic.

To get out of the emotions, we can hone our capacity to think logically, rationally, with perspective and to seek out empowering solutions through resourcefulness, as opposed to blind trust, and giving into fear of seeking truth, has been severely limited this year. We can seek out higher wisdom.

With the energies of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January still reverberating throughout this year and of course the collective trauma and fear so strong, it’s hard to do much but be emotional and fearful. But raising our frequency through healing the inner emotional patterns held by the inner child will help get us out of the fear and emotional depths that draw us away from our inner resourcefulness, where we can find practical solutions to the problems we face.

A higher perspective is that everything we face at this time is there to ultimately serve us, all redirections will take us where we need to go to grow. It often might not feel fair, but when we blame outside and believe life is treating us badly, we must be able to see where in us we are registering old patterns of unfair treatment from childhood (or further back in our sou’s journey).

Part of this is about learning to be discerning. Gemini North Node time, is about arriving at the truth through an exploration, through conversation, sides, and all informed opinion. For those that do not like conspiracy, this doesn’t need to be conspiracy theories. But it certainly does include not believing something because it pushes childhood trauma buttons, and therefore it must be true, as we feel fear.

This is literally what many are getting pulled into, operating from a place of trigger and fear, with no awareness, judgment outside of emotions. Determining truth cannot come from a place of dogmatism, being fixed, or wounded places within. We have to be prepared to weigh up and balance information and look deeper for the truth, taking in the Sagittarius South Node bigger picture. Of course it’s quite challenging to do this when terrorised, and that’s not too strong a word, this is what the media is enacting on the world. Who runs the media?

As we learn to move beyond the terror, we can create a reality that serves our healing process. There’s no need to be resonating at fear, it just doesn’t need to be part of this global narrative. But we have to make a choice to not be terrorised, to be empowered, to get grounded and start seeing the context of things and connect the dots. It’s not conspiracy theory to question what we are being told. Lets recall how we have been lied to many times before.

Thoughts of terror count for lowering your frequency. Just one thought that is loving counts for 1many fearful ones – we are not going to get loving ones through the TV, so you empower yourself to create your own. Just a few loving thoughts in a day, looking at your child lovingly, or being grateful to someone is enough to counter balance a tirade of negativity without or within.

Simply put, there are many things we should not accept now. It’s a very complex, serious time in history but we have lost the ability to be rational and critical, to read and question the mainstream narrative. Get back to this. In fact I would go as far as to say it’s one of the few ways to be empowered in this situation. Be aware of the false analysis or background narrative that the truth is unknowable, it is not, you just need to put some effort in to ascertain and discern truth.

If you don’t want to go searching for the truth through critical means, I would entirely understand that. It’s not everyone’s path or way. In which case develop your spiritual connection and deepen it. This helps you discern what feels true and helps the truth find you also. This way we more quickly receive the guidance that supports our evolution. I have discovered that as I resonate more at a level of truth, the untruths, and the shadow in people immediately begins to come out around me. This is how you get clearer and you trust what gets shown to you. Lies can’t exist when you resonate more truth.

We are placed under many individual and collective spells, from the moment of birth onwards, that hold no truth. Our inner child is often under many spells, of an emotional nature. Learning to discern the truth will effect the quality of choices we ultimately make. As we discern more clearly and withdraw from the media narrative or spells, and become this stronger vessel or channel for truth which lies can’t exist around anymore, there becomes space for the grace of the Divine Mother to enter.

This is because we are then no longer looking outside to be parented, we are parenting ourselves, parenting our inner child in alignment with the the unconditional parents of the Divine (which are within). Ok, so while they are not tangible in the flesh and blood sense, as an adult, they will serve you far better than any you find outside.

It’s important to note that generally people are not keen to empower others. And we individually are probably not great at empowering others also. It’s a special parent that has actually empowered their own child to become empowered themselves. Most often people think that if I empower others there’s not going to be enough for me, or I will be abandoned, so we keep people in places of disempowerment. We need to get out of that and remember that what we do for ourselves, we do for others, and vice versa. Power giving is power receiving.

Discerning and learning what is empowerment is a whole another story, but one we must all start to be willing to learn. We are experiencing it anyway all the time, we are just not aware of it. What we are discovering is that each of us are living in our own reality and our reality is not the centre of the universe, it is interdependent and entangled with others’ realities. We have to understand that every person has their own reality and equally we are on our own here in our own reality.

We think our opinion is so important, and our emotions are so significant and need to be honoured, respected and valued by others, but this is also a spell. While sure we have needs that must be met and when they are not met, it causes issues, this is not the same as needing all out perspectives, emotions and opinions to be honoured. We need to stop believing that just because we perceive something, others must see its value also. It’s a kind of distorted, twisted entitlement. Raise your mind to a higher space where you start parenting your inner child that feels all these emotional hurts.

Power has become defined through opinion, through words. We are becoming increasingly aware of energetic exchange. Yet we are not really ‘aware’ also. Sure we are responding, triggering and reacting to it, and certainly not managing this exchange well, but that’s not being ‘aware’. Things either give or take power away, this is where we need discernment. As the human pioneers of energetic exchange, everything is seen in terms of power, yet we don’t know it and also we need to move beyond this, to start knowing how to hold our power. That is the application of spiritual concepts into the material form. Something we are not doing enough of.

There’s many levels of growth that we are doing. We need to learn our power is a force within us, and that we can give that power away, and also it’s subjective, its behind our eye not in front of it, in another. We need to find our stable core more so we don’t energetically give away our power through what I see as often a lack of discernment.

Look at your life and the lives of others and see how much of their power they give away. Look at how we disempower others and ourselves with this negotiation and renegotiation all day long. From where you sit and stand (should I stand 2 metres away or less, or more). It’s a constant inner dialogue. See it for what it is and bring awareness to it so you can discover where you sit on the power spectrum.

And this concept that wearing a mask is a sign of respect to others and keeps yourself safe. The pros and cons of masks this isn’t the space for. But it’s important to be mindful about power and the disempowering effects of what we choose in our lives. Why do you wear a mask? Because you are told you? Because you trust the facts, statistical facts? Because its respectful to others? Which others – the kids who get traumatised by masks or those vulnerable to covid? What level do you operate at? What is subjectively important to you, what feels empowering for you isn’t necessarily for another. What does it say to the world when you personally wear a mask? We can’t just rely upon scientific ‘truth’, as truth by definition only exists under certain conditions and is disputable. Largely statistical ‘facts’ are propaganda tools anyway, in other words, anything can be proven.

For me, a mask more of a sign of desperation. Looking after our health and the health of others needs to go way beyond mask wearing. That doesn’t mean I won’t do it, I am neither attached or not attached to it, I choose for it to not mean anything to me, yet I am aware of what it might mean and I know the agendas behind censorship and silencing, so I am empowered. It’s a fine line. There are no clear answers, but many questions. How can we respect the ‘we’ yet not forget the ‘me’ in all this and vice versa? I think this will be the challenge of the forthcoming months as we shift from the Piscean era to beginning of the Aquarian era in December.

Either way the signature at this New Moon is about our emotional power and the renegotiation of it to our attachments to ideas, opinions, authority and power deemed outside. There can be no power given away to outside anymore, this is clear. It is for the individual to become aware of their own truth, power and rights, and then make choices, through detachment from the wounded inner child, that empower self and others at the deepest and highest levels.

We need to look to the agendas to see where the truth lies. We need to use our bodies to attune to truth, as it’s really beyond opinion and facts, but still hear the conversations and be interested and boundaried – lets also not waste our energy. Taking responsibility for our own truth and the truth of our live raises our frequency enough so we can become to empowered and have the courage to face truth, the truth of the deepest shadows, which are yet to be revealed. This leads to it’s eventual acceptance, which raises our frequency yet again.

If we start to have a relationship with the Divine father and mother, as opposed to purely fighting the biological and institutionalised parents, and transmute the emotional aspects of our inner child’s suffering, placing her under the watchful, loving eye of the Goddess self, we might start to discover there are different ways forward, of a higher frequency that take us beyond the 3D matrix and empower us exponentially. It’s easy to do, you just need to close your eyes and imagine.

Tarot – 9 of Feathers

Killing by not acknowledge feel the pain of rejection, and expulsion and being abandoned. Go back to the roots of your fears and look closely. By looking closely you deprive the demons of ignorance of their nourishment. Walk towards that which you reject and fear. Make a conscious decision and dive deep into your own being.

Archetypes – The Shadow

Although every card in the archetypes deck has a shadow potential, this card asks us to delve into the qualities of The Shadow itself. We often think that the shadow can be purified, illuminated and made right through effort and achievement. However, it is typically the case that our lofty pursuit of ascension and perfection is the very source of shadow material itself. By rejecting parts of ourselves and the world we begin to separate from the whole. Rather than getting to know the qualities and content of our shadow, we busy ourselves with avoiding its presence. This is denial. When this card appears, it is time to take inventory of those things you’ve been denying. When the mind responds with, ‘No, anything but that’, you are touching shadow. Find support for this deep inner work, and move toward the Shadow with patience and compassion.

I’Ching – The Creative 1

The creative is the yang energy the emerges from the empty space of nothingness. It cannot emerge is we don’t acknowledge the space from which it arises. The pauses, space and emptiness. This card is the potential for originality and creation from the individual self. It is the potential for creativity and the strongest Yang (six lines of Yang). Creativity arises in moments of being alone, suddenly and unpredictably. We have to be open to whatever we emerges initially since it’s only later that we edit and judge our creations – not when it’s a vulnerable little shoot. It’s an exploration of discovery with no expectations or requirements. It’s trial and error, learning through the process of flexibility, openness, follow through and surrender. Be in the flow. Within the deep yang is great yin, and vice versa. The unity of the opposites and the beauty held deep within the unity of complements. There are no sides, and what’s full of truth is not always full of beauty, but beauty is full of truth. This is a time of creative expression. Connect deep within to express.

Isis Cards – Initiation (same as last Moon)

When you are being initiated into the divine mysteries of light, love and power, there are moments of profound challenge. The key is to find the light within the challenge – the opportunity for growth that can transform any challenge into an experience of healing. With compassion and cleverness, you will not burn during your challenges – you shall thrive.

Tarot Margaret Petersen

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

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