Monday 3 August – Full Moon in Aquarius 15:59 GMT

Monday 3 August – Mercury opposite Saturn 21:00 GMT

Tuesday 4 August – Mars square Jupiter 13:06 GMT

Wednesday 5 August – Mercury into Leo 3:32 GMT

Wednesday 5 August – Venus conjunct North Node 17:00 GMT

Friday 7 August – Venus into Cancer 15:21 GMT

Sunday 9 August – Mercury trine Chiron 18:02 GMT

Thursday 13 August – Mars square Pluto 7:14 GMT

Saturday 15 August – Uranus retrograde 14:26 GMT

Sunday 16 August – Sun trine Mars 14:02 GMT

Sunday 16 August – Venus square Chiron 23:59 GMT

Monday 17 August – Mercury trine Mars 5:29 GMT

Monday 17 August – Sun conjunct Mercury 15:07 GMT

Tuesday 18 August – Venus sextile Uranus 19:28 GMT

Wednesday 19 August – New Moon in Leo 2:42 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius on 3rd August at 15:59 GMT. The core of this Full Moon in Aquarius, squaring Uranus is a profound mental independence, which decisively and definitively says this is who I am and what I think. It’s about our own individual thinking and thought. That means, breaking free, and doing sometimes the opposite of what others want you to do, or at least thinking differently.

To achieve this, we need to look at the rules of agreement and how we belong and step outside the box. There is a consensus reality box that keeps you enmeshed in the agreed collective, mainstream events and ways of interpreting and thinking about it.

At some level, we all agree to the events happening in our world and we agree in several ways. The world, that is the 3D reality version, operates in tones and vibration. We might not know it or see it, but it’s a matrix. And that matrix can be reprogrammed. We are the ones that reprogramme it, individually we all add to the collective reprogramming.

I twice have had the experience of witnessing the matrix, visually, at it’s programming level. It flitted like it had a computer glitch, last New Year’s day. I knew then 2020 was going to be a big year. Perhaps you also noticed something different at the start of this year, back to the ominous Saturn-Pluto conjunction. 

Through quantum physics we know that it is in our witnessing and perceiving – as the participant facilitator in this world – that creates reality. Therefore reality, in a sense is not stable or even existent outside of us. Without the witness, the world is not the world as we know it.

The frequency we vibrate at can be defined as good or bad, at some level, since you vibrate at shame, you will manifest and reflect that into the world. Yet, the very definition and labelling of a frequency as good or bad, that that is what it definitively is, brings us solidly into the 3D dimension where it is possible for it to exist. In other words, this creates duality.

We are here to choose what within duality we want to keep, and what we want to move beyond. Observing and witnessing, while bringing something into reality and form, also gives us the opportunity to transmute and alchemise it into a higher frequency – through awareness and Divine healing. 

If we choose to ‘pretend’, ‘deny’ and ‘avoid’ something is not there in our reality or consciousness then we do not avoid it’s manifestation. It will only call louder for it to be noticed, requesting and then demanding that we take responsibility for it. While for many years we have the opportunity to delay our awakening, with the shift into ‘the time is now’, delaying the process is no longer so possible.

The time being now, means precisely that, which means that it’s not tomorrow or last week or a year from now, it means quick exposure and revealing of what is, in reality, the reality is which you function and operate at. We are being shown the reality we vibrate at – the beliefs we orientate towards, the values we hold dear, the fears hidden within – in the now. This is why change cannot be avoided anymore.

That doesn’t mean it needs to involve pain, although inevitably it will since suffering is part of the human experience of attaching to 3D reality safety. We are now all being asked to move beyond what we see as reality, in a 3D sense and locate, through our fresh perceptions, a higher or deeper perspective. 

The issue is that sometimes the reality we exist in feels like one big conundrum or pandora’s box. It’s like it’s all been poured in together and we need to sift through and discern and make sense of things that cannot really be made sense of. It feels too much to process and if we involve our thinking in this journey, most of us will go quite mad. It’s far better to just learn to be in the moment and orientate to life in that way of being.

What is clear though is that we all need to take responsibility for the world which we perceive. That means that whatever enters into your reality is somehow vibrating at the level in which you exist, and that means your consciousness is informing what you see. However perception is not just with the eyes. It’s all the senses. Especially through the emotional body. What you hate, will return. 

But if we go to the place where we believe that we individually hold this consciousness within us, confined to us, and that we are the problem, then we have it wrong. It’s more accurate to say that these realities exist and some of us are more connected into the global, community, group matrix rather than an individual one. That means what’s in the collective shows up in your reality, as you are able to hold the whole spectrum.

So while this is an issue, since what you believe to be so and not so is then reflected and reconfirmed again and again by those and the world around you. It is also not an issue if you are witnessing, feeling, forgiving and choosing a different level of truth to resonate at. Through the awareness, the feeling, compassion, you bring the higher realms of truth to it.

So our beliefs that this is how we should live or be, value, treat one another, feel about something, actively inhibit the choosing aspect of us, the individual consciousness within, that choices something of a higher reality and frequency. That is, if you go along with conditioning that predisposes you to how things should be, essentially your consciousness is confined, limited to that being the only or ‘right’ option.

When you question and open yourself up to other possibilities and options, you start to live in a space that is more unknown and in the moment. This is a less defined or decided in advance space, and so you are making it up as you go along, really. You have sovereignty over your own life. Your consciousness is clear of edges and walls, you feel vast and limitless, like you can create whatever is in alignment. 

This is not so much that you create what your human self wants. As it requires that you surrender your human self desires and sometimes even your ‘needs’ initially. And you step into your Divine creation and service. You are ready and able to let go of your ego. Or rather your ego is aligned with your Divine self. The possibilities are open and so you create what you are here to create at higher levels. 

Collectively though, through mainstream media and education in particular, we tow a party line consciousness, reconfirming and re-announcing what we agree to collectively, and so we bow and silence our individual Divine expression (literally it seems) to the collective agreement, whatever that might be. What we agree to we effectively choose as reality. We set the dimension we operate in. We see it there and therefore accept the position it brings and close our eyes again.

If whatever we choose is what we receive, we then need to remember the limitations of what we choose. If we choose to value relationships above money, we will be given the value of that, and money has it’s limitations. If we choose joy above money, we will be brought joy in whatever form it takes. The more of us that begin to choose higher frequencies like freedom and liberty, for example, the quicker we all begin to bypass those collective agreements, and the quicker we all get to have higher expressions of truth.

Make no mistake, you are in control of your reality. If you want to believe in disease, fear and illness in every human being, that you must protect yourself against. That death is to be feared and this is the be all and end all of living, that will be your reality. And if you choose differently, that will end up your reality.

The Divine within and as you is not so moved by distractions, sides of opinion or even the politics of the time. For she knows that the truth is beyond these emanations from the collective. Her focus is beyond these choices, as she knows what will confine her.

The Divine within you yields and withstands (at the same time) all the change hurtled as her ballast is in the truth, and only that, and in the light of truth, deception cannot exist, let alone thrive. She stays afloat and rides the waves while others sink and the dregs of their ideas of happiness and fulfilment get washed ashore. This is how it works. 

If you are not interested in the truth, which is that from the many possibilities you decide your internal reality, and nothing outside of you need have dominion over that, then you will live with the insecurity of your security blankets.

Claiming truth doesn’t make you better than another, despite what others make say or think, but it does make you aware of who others are, and particularly their agendas. If others are not living truth, and you will see that. With that it’s ok to illuminate that for others. Yet if we can hold the perceptive that when we do not know truth we are able to be taught, then it raises us to frequency of humility. 

If you assume you know everything then you probably know very little, since the whole point of being here is to learn, not know. And then lends you no humility and so you operate at a level lower. So, it can go both ways right. You can claim you ‘know the truth’, be on either side of the political or cultural wave, and not really know any truth about how existence and realty works and is created. 

This is part of the irony of growth and learning. You are here to learn what you are here to learn, which is not the same as everyone else. There is truth to find out there in the conspiracy theories and agendas, that’s one level. But it is a lower truth, confining you just more to the 3D reality of duality. If we individually decided to move beyond outside truth, into inside truth, then we might shift out of the matrix we have all created for ourselves.

Yet this is the journey and it will happen, it just might take some time for people to see and get it, and of course the other veils and levels of reality need to enfold unto themselves first.

Ramifications of choice have a return, a dividend, a ramification that is of the Divine, since we are here to discover our individual power that is our Divine self. That means a choice, a thought of love calls forth love. Every choice made in fear brings more fear, and more. Eventually the fear is finally understood and then reclaimed in a new way. Any choice out of fear is not from a high frequency, because in the higher realms of consciousness and frequency fear does not exist. This is a simple truth to live and stand by.

At this time, much is drawing us back into familiar, safe programming. But to grow out of our familiar patterns, especially our familiar value systems, we need to leave some things behind. As with the archetype card The Village below, there is “an unspoken boundary… one most villagers do not want to cross.” But beyond it’s borders we must venture. 

Many of us are beginning to feel that restriction, it is a restriction through 3D stuff, but actually it is s restriction of choices made that need to be reconsidered as we shift into higher levels of consciousness. If change is happening in your life then you can assume that you are being upshifted. This is the breaking free, see it from the higher perspective. Don’t instead focus on being ostracised by that community, or abandoned by that friend, or unfairly redirected from a dearly held dream.

Yes Aquarius Full Moons bring up community, groups, friends, ideologies and in this context, with Uranus in square to this Full Moon, it is how we need to break free of these limitations. They confine our consciousness, its as simple as that. Uranus in Taurus is hardly comfortable. Uranus is the rebel and Taurus likes the comfortable, safe option. So we are likely to struggle with it’s integration.

Take heart and heed, things that once worked for us though, simply no longer support us. Our dreams also need to be reinvented. Do not be surprised if you are challenged to leave behind things that feel safe for you. Your safety might be tied up in the wrong thing. It’s never easy, on this path, but trusting in the bigger dreaming behind your life is the path that will serve you.

Know that something new is trying to happen. The landscape is shifting tectonically this month – Mercury will be in three signs, thats a lot of different mind activity – many phases to navigate, lots of communication territory to transverse. All the inner planets are active and moving fast now that the retrograde shadows of Mercury and Venus are complete.

So the important events of this month are also with Mars. On 4th he square Jupiter and on 13th he squares Pluto, and later int he month he squares Saturn. Mars is the theme. He’s also preparing to turn retrograde so moving slower. He’s in hot Aries, and conflict with cold Capricorn planets. 

There are things we want to get done, times when we think it’s possible, and then times when it feels quite impossible, like we have taken on too much and the reality hits us and makes us feel the solidity of 3D duality. The planets bring home their duality this month. We might need to work harder physically to stabilise our minds. We certainly aren’t given any Neptune to escape into.

If we can rise above the conflict that this independence of spirit and mind brings, stay away from taking sides, look over to the hills and stay more connected to the mystical, we will survive August and perhaps even thrive through it if you are clever. Yes the intensity will be a challenge, especially around 13th. 

There’s so much inner planetary activity, it’s a month to really do you practises, so there’s not a burnt out feeling that comes when pulled into shadowy Pluto’s underworld and the inner planets backward and forward. It’s probably going to make all the difference. It’s a month to also work and be active. To pick up that independence of spirit and let it carry you onwards in your life. Be well, the change is here and is needed.

Tarot – The Tower

The roaring of a mighty storm, Thunder and lightening, the raging of the elements, deep chasms opening up – no way to escape. Icy cold hailstorms and flaming rocks of lava, horrible screams of bodiless beings – nothing to hold on to, nothing stays the way it was. Fiery breath, the psychic stage is being emptied. Separation from constricting patterns. A jump into the flaring red sky.

Archetypes – The Village

The Village presents us with a conundrum. On one hand, it’s the place that feels most like home, the place to which you can always return. Nostalgia and comfort draw us back. On the other hand, it’s. the very place you must leave in order to grow. Around The Village an unspoken boundary exists, one most villagers fo not want to cross. Though some support your leaving, still you hear whispers of doubt as you venture beyond it’s borders, leaving them behind. The energy of the Village is present anytime we feel restricted by a certain group, community, family, place, or ideology. It may have served us in the past, yet staying within its parameters will never satiate our thirst for life. Thank you will somebody return. For now, the world awaits. When light, intimate, rooted and intergenerational. When dark, small minded, trapped and restricted.

I’Ching – The Wanderer 56

Seekers of newness, the teller stories, moving into the metaphoric, non literal – inspiring, luminous experiences that enrich you – but of a homeopathic dose. This is about not knowing where you are going, knowing home is no where, living in a space without boundaries. Travelling alone you can be guided by just yourself, where profound experiences pierce you. Moving away from distractions, investments, attachments and conditioning – regular routines, addictions, patterns and behaviour that pulls you down in your 5 senses. The wanderer embraces the uncertainty and surrender, moving through life with fluidity, flexibility and adaptability. It’s a time for seeing just what is in front of your eyes and letting that unfold, AND the vast horizon, of not knowing where you are going. This about mutability and transmutation also, lightening the load to embrace the new. You can’t travel freely with a heavy bag of wood that you need to burn – think what needs to be released – through all levels of your being and life. It can be a time for changes – homes, careers. This is a gift of feeling, sensuality and aliveness.

Isis Cards – The Lunar Queen

There is a deep feminine wisdom that recognises the importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essential to balance our actions of power and demonstration. You are asked to allow this replenishment for yourself now, trusting that you are in a cycle of creation that is about to shift into a new phase. Release and enjoy the process without having to control of force it.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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