Thursday 20 August – Mercury into Virgo 1:30 GMT

Saturday 22 August – Sun into Virgo 15:45 gMT

Monday 24 August – Mars square Saturn 18:19 GMT

Tuesday 25 August – Mercury trine Uranus 15:18 GMT

Tuesday 25 August – Venus opposition Jupiter 22:26 GMT

Thursday 27 August – Venus trine Neptune 21:12 GMT

Saturday 29 August – Mercury trine Jupiter 13:28 GMT

Sunday 30 August – Venus opposite Pluto 13:31 GMT

Sunday 30 August – Mercury opposite Neptune 18:44 GMT

Tuesday 1 September – Mercury trine Pluto 10:42 GMT

Wednesday 2 September – Full Moon in Pisces 5:22 GMT

We have a New Moon in Leo on 19th August at 3:42 GMT at 26° Leo. At this New Moon the Sun-Moon conjunction meets also Mercury, so there’s going to be a lot to speak about. Amplifying this further is it’s trine to Mars – lending it more energy.

Mars is preparing for it’s retrograde in Aries in September around 6th. Mars is currently also square the Saturn-Pluto mid point and so it’s gives us a strong flavour of what we can expect later in the year. Mars is conjoined Eris, the Goddess of discord, and will hover in a wide conjunction for much of the year to Eris. So we can expect a lot more discord.

We are discovering, or are to discover, that the light is just as corrupted as the dark. There are rogue elements everywhere. It’s not hard to accept that the mafia holds darkness, but what about those societal beacons of light, the spiritual, psychotherapy or new age schools? We assume that where there is goodwill and a positive intention behind ideas, projects, organisations, there is only light. Do not rest into this illusion. Open your eyes and do some research, all you need to do is follow the money and social engineering projects.

And so corruption is unfortunately everywhere, in the puritanical light and dark. Light is not incorruptible. In fact I’ve experienced far more corruption in the so-called lighter aspects of the spiritual and new age world, than where you might assume it to be, such as in prisons. It is not just to be found in a few selected individuals or politics either. As we will discover by the year-end, that which is considered as part of the infrastructure of goodness, will be viewed very differently.

We have already had a slow introduction into this, through the exposure of charities and some spiritual organisations. But I believe we should expect a lot more of this, which will send shock waves through society, shaking everything up and causing a mass questioning and confrontation with reality as we thought we knew it to be. This will create a massive adjustment and reorientation, where we might feel quite hopeless and helpless, at many new levels.

Our job is to sit in middle and view all ends of this spectrum, seeing it for what it is and stay balanced and centred. Denial, ignorance, excuses, avoidance, resistance will not serve now, this is the time to confront some of the ways in which lower level frequencies of distraction and desires are fed. This is our personal responsibility.

We will need to be prepared to face a complete revaluation of our value system, and for some it will be just too much. It will at times feel devastating. There is a way to prepare, especially if we pick up the next 6 months and actively engage with what is emerging in us and the world.

We are learning to get ourselves of the way. We think that we understand why we experience certain things in our lives. But in truth, many of us have a low grade explanation for why certain events happen. If we cling to our reasoning and interpretation, we will not be able to transition into higher mental capacities and mental grounding, that allow our minds to clarify thoughts, and receive higher mind information.

The Divine plan is much bigger than we know, with so many more levels and layers within the pathways, and this really is the mystery we are all being initiated into, especially those ready to really witness the magnitude of the denial within the game of separation.

So while we think this or that is the reason, we never really know anything and there’s always so much more to see. We are navigating and integrating many planes and dimensions of understanding, awareness and reality.

On the human, personal level, we all have different levels of traffic running through our minds and emotions. We are either closed and fixed in our minds, or distracted and scattered. We are either emotionally frightened, or numbed and shut down – and sometimes on both ends of these spectrums.

The mind can shut down, that’s a bit like cognitive dissonance or believing you know the truth, not entertaining possibilities or open and curious with a beginner’s mind. The mind is not grounded when it is fixed. Again equally, the mind is not grounded if there are a lot of thoughts and no awareness as to which thoughts are supportive and hold a level of intuition and which are not.

Our minds need to get to a place where we are mentally pragmatic and where we’ve mastered choice, that is we are the masters of our choices, not our minds or outside forces mastering us. Often we are at the mercy of our minds, distracted or obsessive, scattered or rigid. Our minds need to learn to ground into something, but really the grounding of the mind is it’s fluidity and our ability to not attach to a thought. It is one of our tools within the awakening process.

If we are needing to control our mind, it is likely that there is a problem elsewhere, in our emotional body for example, our hearts, that pushes us into a mind battle. When deeper emotional issues are processed and healed, often then the mind relaxes. Attaining a stable mind is like the stability of the inner Divine Masculine. Stability in inner protection and power, often affords an unwavering, clear, focused mind that is open to change and exploration of itself from a non fixed nature.

This new moon has mercury conjoined bringing exploration of our minds, our mental processIng and mental grounding. And our physical grounding which is about to get very important from September requires us to be mentally and emotionally grounded. So when we talk about staying or getting grounded, we are talking about different pillars – not a one blanket, overly simplistic approach of sending roots down into the earth.

The grounding that needs to occur, in this global reorientation and awakening process, is on all levels; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Spiritual grounding is about seeing the bigger picture, and bringing your spirit more into your body, the Divinity more embodied, embraced and perceiving through that lenses.

One factor interrupting our Divine connection is an imbalance between the inner masculine and feminine, and a wounded inner child. Healing the different aspects of masculine and feminine supports the inner child to feel safe, and realise most of her anger, and sorrow are down to her emotional world and capacity of her parents or care givers. Once the inner child’s emotional wounding is addressed, and layers of wounds are transmuted, our divine aspect lives more fully within.

A lot of people are in the third trimester of their soul’s journey, recognising that they are divine beings. Many of us had this awakening the easier way, in gentler times. In fiercer times, getting ungrounded is the danger. We also need to be aware that the new age has been infiltrated and hijacked in many ways and that what we have been taught to be important might not be the nuts and bolts of what’s important right now.

And so much of the outside world and people we have placed our trust in, could prove untrustworthy. This is a bitter, disorientating pill to swallow. When we can’t cling and attach to sources outside, there is only one place left to explore and that is the inside, how we personally got to where we are.

It is forcing us into a position where we need to orientate to a higher truth, not that there is a truth as such, but that there is no actual truth that we can cling to and trust, at this time. We have to open our minds to entertain new possibilities. If we cling to the tried and tested and resist changing our ideas, we are going to be in trouble.

For by the year end, the world will be turned on it’s head and what, we will see the deliberate inversion, whom and where we placed our trust will be taken away from us or shown to be rotten to the core.

This is the result of Saturn-Pluto at the year’s start, and Jupiter-Pluto, and then Jupiter-Saturn, at the end. The whole year is flanked by these massive astrological events and so that brings us to to what is helping to translate some of this collective, archetypal experience into our personal worlds, so we can make some sense out of this chaos and confusion.

Mars in Aries is the defining, bridging event from September to January, a supportive yet challenging transitioning time, aiding the bridging within us so we can gain some coherency between the different aspects, dimensions, levels, layers of our individual and collective world.

So for example, we might be able to intellectually understand events in our lives, but is our heart able to integrate the emotional energy of that? Many have formed the spiritual understanding, but our emotional and heart energy has not caught up and cannot make sense of this.

Inner child work helps us become grounded in our emotional body, and hearts. So that our emotions flow fluidly, so we are not overrun by emotional energy, or cut off and numbed out. To be able to fluidly flow between emotions and feelings takes work, as most of us have early emotional wounding dormant and unresolved.

This Mars retrograde precipitates a full encounter with our humanity. The innocence and purity of the free child, inner and outer, that has been consciously attacked. What we learn about our individual psyche and humanity can then be applied to the group and community emphasised in the collective from December onwards (once both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius after shorter sojourns earlier this year).

Mars in Aries, the initiating force of the zodiac, brings us into a confrontation with all things of Mars and Aries. As Mars rules Aries, the theme is clear. Mars is about our desires, on a human, physical level. Our desires are essentially selfish, and ego driven, keeping us locked into a lower consensus reality. It’s also about confrontation and conflict.

The definition of who we are is changing fast, or needs to change fast. In many ways we cannot hold on to a ‘me’ anymore. Much is pressing on our hearts to open to more of who we are so we discover ourselves beyond the small, wounded inner child to encompass the Infinite Divinity.

With Mars retrograding through Aries it’s an accelerated process of growth catalysing us into dealing with our lower natures that keep us bonded. Retrogrades always suggest things need re-evaluation.

And there is much be re-evaluated as much keeps us bonded to our lower selves, on a global scale. We have been lost at sea, in the Pisces age, for many years. Partly through the digital direction this planet is taking where physical existence is replaced by a digital and astral experience.

Earth, that is the element of earth, is an actual plane of reality, the digital is a nonphysical state in the astral realm, closest to physical, and where many people spend their lives, through the exploration of desire and fantasy, also astral reality. It is not real living, although it is very seductive, escapist and attractive.

The internet, essentially a web that we are caught in, has replaced physical reality. Yet this focus on artificial, non existence began long before. Even our entire legal system is founded upon maritime law, being lost at sea, as opposed to common law, the law of the land.

In maritime law we have become straw men, a legal fiction, in other words another artificial, non real existence and yet we have all been convinced that this existence is ‘lawful’ and real. We need to make a distinction between legal and lawful.

With Mars in Aries this is the time for many rediscoveries around existence. What it means to be human, in other words. The very material form of our existence is now in question. It’s about our very physical survival, we are getting to the very heart of the matter, the mother.

Getting to the heart of the matter is paramount. We spend too much time on the periphery of issues, not really seeing the connectedness, the context, the deeper underlying narrative. It is time for this exploration hence north node Gemini for the next few years.

If other lower desires take president for you, things you deem to be more important, so be it, this Mars transit will give you the opportunity to move beyond that. This new moon forms sextile with the north node to support the soul’s purpose. Earthly survival need not be so challenging, we have just been indoctrinated into this is as good as it gets!

If only we dealt with our deeper wounds… We don’t need to disappear into the digital or fictional world to be happy and avoid our deeper needs not being met.

This is a long 6 month process, at least. It involves Mars retrograde square Pluto and the other planets in Capricorn in October and then again respected with Mars direct in December. We can expect some internal work in these months that take us into uncomfortable places, forcing us to look at global and our individual humanness.

Some of that will involve confrontation and conflict, internal and perhaps external, since self-definition often emerges from turmoil and chaos first. It might require us to stand up for our rights.

Pisces is the womb before our birth into Aries. We must birth ourselves with this extended self-actualisation period. This is the transition into the birth of the new age of Aquarius at the year end, when Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius. So it could be for warning of some momentous change, when we see it in the context and combination with the Saturn-Pluto at the year start.

So you get a sense of this water, flood problem we’ve been dealing with — just take a look at our whole language and linguistic system. There is a lot of meaning in language and unconsciously it binds us into reality. Language is a prison, it binds us into certain perceptions of reality, it limits and defines us. It helps us label and make sense of things, yet we are not conscious of its use, meaning and deeper structure.

We will soon be leaving the Pisces waters which have flooded or swamped our human, earthly existence (maritime legal fiction), like a tsunami, creating death and confusion on land (common law of the land). And we will be returning to land.

Think of the legal and financial system. All are based on maritime law. Lets take some examples. Mer and mari mean water i.e. in commerce, merchants, marriage — are all directed by the river ‘banks’. Money is current-cy — liquid, assets. Think of how you have a usb ‘port’ in your computer — the internet is also analogous with water, like when ships come down canals they enter into docks. All ships are female vessels.

Men on the other hand are fabricators (in the shipping process), delivering semen, into a vessel (woman’s body) the woman bears the cargo of the ‘sea man’, whereby a woman’s waters break. The sea man comes down the port of entry, or the birth canal, and delivered in a hospital, which is also a bank and church — all corporations according to the black law dictionary.

The woman has birthed a new admiralty maritime product, cargo, livestock, a commodity. A doctor unties the ship from the cargo, by cutting the umbilical cord to the vessel. Later parents sign a birth certificate, a manifesto, which gives permission for the cargo to be claimed as lost at sea, unclaimed cargo. This is akin to being dead in the water.

The word capital comes from caput el — caput meaning skull, dead, and el means Saturn, dead. Captain means money or one eye — hence the eye patch, hence all the illuminati one eye symbolism. All corporations are fictional and exist on paper, dead bodies — a corpse-ration. Think owner, dealer, apprentice, citizen, leader, censor, partner SHIP. Marriage even becomes a business partnership, a binding that is hard to exit.

I haven’t even gotten into rituals — but perhaps you can consider what behavioural, blood and ink rituals we have in our society that binds us into this dead, debt based system. Make no mistake, when we talk about the new age, we are talking about the death of the whole system, the pyramid based maritime and financial system where we are commodities within.

If we don’t start getting real about the ‘deep water’ we have gotten ourselves into, we can only expect to get more conscious about this deep water. We are treated as a currency, enslaved, we might have liberty, but that is not freedom. A dog has liberty when he goes for a walk and a prisoner has some liberty when he’s allowed out of his cell. We are all subjects to a fictional reality, non matter how real it feels, no matter how much we think we live free.

If you know the real history then you know the fire of London in 1666 did not start by accident and for no reason, you also know who funds the various uprisings, like the Bolshevik revolution, BLM, that the sun never did set on the Roman Empire, that America was never free from the UK Monarch, the crown is not what you think, it owns all the land on this planet.

You also know that child trafficking is a major component in keeping the system alive energetically, and you know how the elite, the city of London and others in the upper strata of society have sold out their conscience for feeding earthly desires perpetuated by the astral plane.

We are collateral for national debts. Without the one eye, the all seeing eye, which is money, or water, all ships are dead at sea and cannot transverse the fictional matrix created. Everything has been made into ships on the sea of corporate commerce, everything is dead commodity.

Now on a spiritual plane, we need to get earthed into the true divine sovereign beings that we are. That means knowing our rights as human beings, with a soul, not to be traded as ‘persons’, or given a digital slave numbers, injected with substances that bind us more into this system.

Until this, there is no chance of any ascension or individual awakening. Seeing the fictional, digital, water based reality for what it is, not founded on the earth or spiritual reality of abundance is part of the awakening process. This is getting out of the matrix.

This is what Mars in Aries is bringing, among many other things — it’s taking us into the future, by showing us where we need to self-actualise and get real, human and physical, before we can even consider spiritual ascension. It’s a big transition we need to make.

The continuation of the north node in Gemini supports the relearning of our history, the revealing and unveiling of artificial reality of polarisation. It encourages the curiosity required to extract us from the matrix, beginning with the open-mindedness. Get your mind free, so you can ground yourself in the physical, fully and completely on the land, which is ours to reclaim.

I feel very hopeful with the Star card appearing at the New Moon, it’s almost as though the North Node is pointing the way, and supporting this inevitability of this new world emerging from the shadow, it might take some work and getting into our humanity, but we are so celestially supported.


Tarot – The Star

Everything has melted into an all-encompassing landscape of white light. Sparkling, clear, luminous, translucent and glimmering like mother of pearl — constantly moving. The inner beauty, the soul, child of the stars, aware of every gesture of its hands, while scooping water from the spring and watering the soil . The path is blessed, cool healing light shines on burning wounds.

Archetypes – The Seed

Beginnings come in many forms. They are not always a beautify seed placed intentionally in nourishing soil. Origin stories (like any birth story) are complex, surprising, multilayered and usually reveal a central image or detail that represents the fully formed being. Simply stated, the end is present in the beginning; or the entire oak tree resides within the acorn. Whether you follow this imaginal theory or not, know that when this card appears, there is potent generative energy all around. It stirs your very insides and usually results in an antsy, impatient feeling. Pay particular attention to what agitates you, as it is a sure sign of growth to com. You are bumping up against a growth edge. It is from the grit that the pearl eventually comes to be.

I’Ching – The Gentle 57

This hexagram is the intuitive awareness and it supports survival, in it’s very material form. It runs very deep, and is the source of the consciousness, representing the deep intuition of humans, which ensures well-being and survival, a gateway into he future. It is sensitive to noise and vibrations. To be attentive and alert in the now is his mode of anticipating and anticipating what is to come. It is selective, and it not to layer it’s intuitions onto everyone else as truth. Intuition can also take us deeper into the mire of suffering. Intuition or ‘yi’ the water eye, is a very gentle path, because it slices through matter and illusion, guiding us through our karma and eventually brings us out into the light, into clarity. To get to the heart of matter, we must let go of the ‘I’, and this sense of ‘knowing’ and step bravely into the unknown. It leaves us often vulnerable and naked. It is the myth of the philsopher’s stone and we are here to unlock the deepest layers of light within that stone, the Maya. When we penetrate to the heart of matter, the whole fabric of reality is shook. Beyond that is only truth – death is an illusion.

Isis Cards – Magick & Ritual

Effect in the external world can be created through inner practise. Heart-centred ritual can support your inner path in the physical world. You are encouraged to enhance your power with regular practice, as you grow in grace, live, ability and wisdom , applying your inner beauty to transform your outer world.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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