Thursday 1 October – Full Moon in Aries 21:05 GMT

Friday 2 October – Venus into Virgo 20:48 GMT

Sunday 4 October – Pluto Direct 13:32 GMT

Wednesday 7 October – Mercury opposition Uranus 20:56 GMT

Friday 9 October – Mars square Pluto 13:09 GMT

Saturday 10 October – Venus trine Uranus 23:08 GMT

Sunday 11 October – Sun square Jupiter 13:34 GMT

Monday 12 October – Jupiter sextile Neptune 7:06 GMT

Monday 12 October – Mercury sextile Venus 16:39 GMT

Tuesday 13 October – Sun opposition Mars 23:26 GMT

Wednesday 14 October – Mercury Retrograde 1:05 GMT

Thursday 15 October – Sun square Pluto 10:15 GMT

Friday 16 October – New Moon in Libra 19:31 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Aries at 10:05 BST on 1 October 2020. Aries is ruled by Mars, currently retrograde, so this full moon amplifies the themes of this retrograde Mars. This Full Moon is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. This is a very sensitive point that draws out our deepest pain, an opening of the wounds. This is a way back into the body, to being present with what is.

This is an intense month, there’s a lot of activity, and some of it might feel very invigorating and other aspects will feel heavy and like you are being blocked. The stagnancy we’ve been experiencing is having moments of clearing, things are getting going, now that some of the retrogrades are over, but we still have a Mercury retrograde beginning half way through this month and while some planets are direct, their energy is still intensified since they are still moving very slow.

So this is what we are feeling – slow moving resistance, bursts of movement perhaps, then back to this broody, heavy, frustrating backdrop.

Things are now set to build further towards the end of the year. There’s a lot to come, with conflict between Saturn and Uranus to look forward to and the much discussed Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December. We are still in unknown territory experiencing shake ups like perhaps never before. We have to stop jumping on sides and bandwagons, and keep an open mind.

Chiron, which is conjunct the Full Moon, is about healing and awareness. It’s not an easy journey to be a Chiron leader. Chiron asks awareness of us, but not for us to be paralysed by it and certainly it needs to be ‘real’ awareness, not fake awareness. And there’s plenty fake of lots of things, probably more fake awareness than much else.

Most people would actually prefer to die that face what they believe at some level they can’t face. Although there can’t be judgment here, it’s a path that can always make sense and be understood from a Divine perspective (which unfortunately we can’t necessarily access in the flesh).

But it is easier to run and hide, get ill or avoid confrontation of emotional pain, and even face imminent physical death than experience a threat on a soul and emotional level – since this is often just too scary for some. Whatever forces us to face our soul pain, often feels like something we must equally run away from. So we run away from Chiron – numb, freeze, escape, suppress, shut down, defend, lock, bury, hide our vulnerability.

Saturn this month encourages otherwise, for us to take ourselves, and our self-definition seriously.

No more running, the gap feels like it is closing in. And so we are being given a choice, perhaps one already taken on a higher level, but we cannot make any assumptions. You take the road least travelled and awaken to the soul pain, at all levels, and start inviting the process of the end game of separation consciousness. Or you don’t and disappear into a meaningless conformity, a life where you do not recognise your power to self-individuate, and so instead make yourself or others victims.

Like I said, how much choice we have is never a clear cut thing.

Most are floating in some half existence, I’m sure I’ve spoken to a few human robots lately. Most think that that conspiracy theorists are the mad ones and just feel so convinced in their realities. And yet, they are most likely the ones most asleep. And so when the tables start to turn, and they are now clearly turning and going to continue turning, there will come a time when people will simply do not know anymore what is real or true, since reality will be so fragmented in the lower dimensions.

Most do not have enough of a connection at the centre of the being to anchor into to, support and stabilise them in this process. Some of fluid and have let go of enough rigidity in their minds to entertain massive shifts of reality. This is so important. To not cling, to anything.

If you tune into your being more, which is your existence everywhere except your thinking and ideas, you will begin to feel together again and somewhat safe, or at least see what you need to be looking at, which is a relief by itself. Keep coming back to nature, spend time in it and off the TV and all forms of media.

Mars, the ruler of this Aries Full Moon, will be forming squares to the cluster in Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter), forming it’s retrograde square to these planets and is close to it’s conjunction to Eris, which is this quest for self-discovery, which is part of discovering the truth, as the truth of who we are, is that what we thought was true, is not. This is the game changer. These points of connection with Mars.

There’s a lot to re-root, re-member and re-claim. Perhaps this Mercury retrograde through Scorpio is going to be a turning point for revisiting. Perhaps this retrograde season we will begin to see what’s behind the veils even further.

My internal focus is still on understanding the role of ‘hidden evil’ has played in these global events, and how we can see evil for what it is and also see beyond it, and not polarise ourselves from it. From higher frequency perspective, it dissolves into nothingness, since everything is also supportive of the process from there, so cannot be in polarity, only a spectrum.

In all ways, we are stepping beyond what’s comfortable, what we think we know, we are getting ready to invest in ourselves, our new lives, our new values. If you haven’t already begun, then begin to bring awareness to this newness, where are you going to be putting your roots? I suggest nature and your Divine connection and releasing what disconnects you from that.

However lets not forget it’s Libra season, and this is a time for relationships and coming together, working together, pooling resources and connecting with those who we are partnering with, or about to partner with.

It’s also a time for tolerance, patience, understanding and acceptance. When people are awaking from a deep sleep, it’s best to be patient, it is much better received.

And yet we need to balance the focus on others in Libra season with the needs of our own journey of discovery. Balancing our own needs with those of others is key right now. Many others might need sharp, short wake ups, and you might be the one to administer that decisive little kick up the backside, but it can still be done with kindness – compassionate ruthlessness.

It helps if we also define our no fear approach to life. Very important if we are to survive and thrive in the new frequencies. We need to get in the habit of not caring what rules are placed upon us, what others think. To live in this way you need to clear out what keeps you bound into lower frequencies that make you feel unsafe and dependent on others and structures for safety. This is all going.

I was walking around Balham yesterday and I could really feel the peace and safety flooding through, it was powerful and so reassuring. It’s not too far away from our collective reality, but you will each have a choice as to whether you want that reality or not. The old reality of control and limitation will still be around for those that prefer a robotic existence.

Mars square Saturn, which is ongoing, is forcing the discipline and preservence. The staying with the process, commitment to self, learning how to come out and be kinda reborn, is not an overnight, one night stand. It’s a marathon, and most of us have prepared many light years for it. I can’t see how you can step into this without preparation really.

Later, Mars squares Pluto, which is going to be a strong signal with potentially violent overtones. For me the higher expression of all this Mars stuff is learning how to follow Divine will. Mars is will, and what most people do under stress is force their will, they do not allow things to slow down and access really what is being asked of the moment. To do this is to invite Divine will. Here is where we learn to surrender.

So it’s a great time to form relationships also, despite the restrictions, Libra season. In fact, in spite of the restrictions, we can perhaps feel more of a connection with one another, if we tune in, which can help alleviate any fear.

And really, there is nothing to fear. As we move further into the higher frequencies we can perceive, or we receive the experience that teaches us that fear is not real. The issue is that if parts of your consciousness hold fear (from past lives etc, in particular, since some of these have been rather nasty), then you orientate more towards fear-like responses.

Healing those aspects that resonate at the lower frequency levels, such as fear, shame, guilt etc, allows then the higher frequencies to pull you into that resonance, which remember is your natural state, so it’s not some kind of operation, just an organic process. Fear is not a natural state, it is a manufactured orientation, that is being further manipulated in our current society.

Those that manipulate our state of being into fear, through agendas, narratives etc, are doing so because they orientate towards that way of being themselves and are themselves scared of stepping out of it, and would just prefer that we all stay ‘in it together’. We don’t really need to have a strong, defensive reaction, to this way of manipulating others, and yet sometimes we might need to have that reaction. We can just notice it, and see it for what it is, illusion and fear, and turn the other way, towards maintaining inner peace.

We tend to believe if we are spiritually awake, we are somehow more evolved, had more spiritual past lives or something along those lines. This is not the case, those not necessarily awake to their spiritual origins might be quite awake to other areas. And those deeply in their spiritual journey might be at the start of the serious clearing work, yet think they have seen and cleared it all.

The more we think we know about our own process, and the world, the more we have to learn about ourselves and the world.

Dropping the division and ending the comparison will support our transition to the next level. Fear, and it’s orientation, is the same as separation, and so if you feel separate, you are orientating towards fear, and that requires a little work from you. These layers of separation can more easily fall away now, they are more on show, we can access them more readily. Especially while the Aries Full Moon highlights our separation, waring wounding, and the Libra Sun works to bring us back to one another and to our nature of love.

We are being forced to confront our own separation issues, how we isolate, divide, the sort of consciousness that says “I’m better than you”, and makes comparisons. There’s a lot of delusion, self-deception and illusion in all this for those on the awakening path. This is a time when we need to be prepared to cross examine our old judgment towards others and catch ourselves in our separateness.

First though, it’s important to notice it and even seeing it can take many years. Years of education and spiritual training (often indoctrination) can make our minds rigid and closed, and often we hold a lot of self-righteousness and pride. Which is a challenge, since we don’t really want to look honestly at ourselves, and pride gets in our way. It’s painful, facing the fact that we might indeed be wrong, perhaps that we have been wrong all our lives, takes a lot of humility. This is possibly one of the most challenging things. Invariably it creates too much internal instability to face our potential wrongness.

Yet being potentially wrong, can be very liberating. Again we stop clinging and attaching to so-called truth outside and start listening to our own heart’s desire.

So spiritual ego is a big one. The ego has a field day with spirituality. Sometimes its hard to hang out with spiritual as much as non spiritual types! And there’s no one left to hang out with!

Entitlement is also an issue or the right to something. Either that, or the complete opposite, believing you are entitled to nothing at all – both seem a global issue now. And we can swing between the two.

We all have our own personal justifications that put the responsibility on the shoulders of others, whether it’s to lay blame, judgment in our righteousness or our holier than thou approach to life. There’s a tonne of that around with the white privilege journey (and even worse, white supremacy). Which is the current big social engineering and mainstream media trap, that many so-called spiritual ‘awoke’ folks are falling into.

I was fortunately in that journey for ten years, analysing my white privilege, I’ve written essays on it, so I can speak for it. It always confused me somewhat, as I just couldn’t quite work out as souls why certain experiences were considered harder than others. I was given the usual explanations, such as you can’t hide the colour of your skin, but you can hide your social class and spiritual isolation or soul’s wounding. I got and agreed a lot with it, saw the colonialism.

But I also saw how the idea of white privilege made a lot of white people feel better about themselves. Like a badge of honour. Now I’m in the white privilege brigade, defending black people! I’m on the ‘right side’.

It is all very clever – this engineering. It’s convinced those with a seeming amplified level of conscience and liberal education that they need to tip toe and stand side by side with people of colour, as if they somehow need white people to have their back. Hmmm… well, my experience taught me (that’s 10 years of group process on racism, and smaller group discussions and many therapy and supervision sessions), that the only thing it does is perpetuate racism and division. I’ve heard a lot “I must stand up to racism”.

And yet just about everything, can be interpreted as racism, and I’ve seen the most ridiculous non racist remarks painted as racism. Hmmm… didn’t feel right. And indeed it wasn’t. It was very wrong. And only made people scared to speak. And then it’s swallowed, hook, line and sinker. It’s like a club “I’m a white person and I’m racist”.

We have become very confused by all this. I told someone the other day I didn’t identify as a white person. They said that I seemed ‘white’, missing my point. Of course if I said that in a roomful of black people I would be seen as unaware of my white privilege, perhaps rightly so also. But also, how come? Is it not ok to identify beyond my race if I so choose to allow myself that freedom? Am I allowed to do that? Or should I also confine myself to my whiteness? I did actually spend many years identifying as a white person… and it’s not much fun, really. As it’s not much fun identifying as a black person either.

You see, perpetuating this concept, creates division and more division. It heals nothing.

Racism is important to recognise and address, and yet the approach should not be what is currently is. We need to get beyond colour and quick.

We are blaming the wrong people. The white guy or woman on the street is not responsible. It’s those in power. The blame, if indeed we need to find someone to blame, should be at least directed towards those that think it’s fun to watch humanity running around blaming each other, maintaining victimhood, blame and history. Also if we are going to blame anyone, lets blame those who have engineered our education system that doesn’t teach correct history or children how to think for themselves, but instead teaches a bunch of lies.

It doesn’t need to get so complicated. And we have forgotten the simplicity of what life is actually about. We have chosen to believe in the division. We have enough that makes us difference, without going after it. I remember being so proud of my awareness of my white privilege. It’s such a pride thing for white people. It’s something like “I am liberal and educated enough to now protect and serve those oppressed”. It’s just another more clever, very delusional form of ego where we tell ourselves how compassionate and aware, self-sacrificing we are.

And so, we need to start aligning with our truth, inside, not that of the media frenzy and newest coolest thing promoted by Harry and Megan. The truth is that we all have our gifts and flaws, the colour of our skin, class, age, abilities, disabilities and other stuff is actually totally irrelevant. And if you can’t entertain that now, then that’s where your work begins.

We are not on this planet to live endless, immortal lives and heal every god damn little wart, and live perfect lives of fulfilment. It’s not the aim of the game. The aim is to drop the game, and just be with ourselves. And we don’t need anything for that. Some situations that some of us find ourselves in will be incredibly challenging, but in my experience, that is a privilege. It is a privilege to have a series of very tough challenges thrown at you and you learn slowly how to be with that. It is a privilege to have to climb mountains and sacrifice our desires.

My life has been anything but easy. I have an exact Sun square Saturn. Lessons is my middle name. And yet I know my fortitude, resilience and balls through all this, and now the ability to drop the need to even see life as a series of lessons and step more into my Divine Feminine of stillness and being. Being is very powerful. It holds no brittleness, no tension, there’s no need for protection or defence in it.

Nothing is really a lesson, everything is just an expression, which can be turned into whatever you choose it to be and the so-called lessons can be the most powerful, miraculous experiences that help us touch the Divine, like nothing else. Or they can be lessons stamped in and weighing us down.

I wouldn’t swap my life of constant growth for a smooth easy life. My life is a privilege as I never stop growing. And it’s only earned through refusing to see myself as a victim, or see others as such. I have gained a lot of spiritual rank, and all perceived challenges, lack of privileges are opportunities for such. If we start dividing up this and that into a tally of good and bad, we will only have more and more division. Everything can give us spiritual rank, and really, that is perhaps the aim. There’s nothing more that come from it than victimhood. Not even awareness really can emerge.

If we really want to tackle racism, lets start looking at the those who create and maintain the institutions that keep us divided among ourselves and the untouchable rich and powerful that like to get on band wagons of fashionable truth. Since those are the ones exploiting and enjoying the power that keeping the masses divided affords them. Some are consciously creating division, some are pawns and do not know it.

And yet, I feel like even this reality is all dropping away. It holds so little weight, it’s so feeble, at it’s core, it’s so fragile. To get to the place where you feel that might yet be a journey. But that’s what it is in October. Sun squaring Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter with Mars involved is going to create a great deal of tension.

So much as already changed in just a few short months, we can do full circles, imagine what we will have by the year end… there’s a lot to unravel over the next few months. I don’t think we will recognise the world after December.

Tarot – The Tower

The roaring of a mighty storm, Thunder and lightening, the raging of the elements, deep chasms opening up – no way to escape. Icy cold hailstorms and flaming rocks of lava, horrible screams of bodiless beings – nothing to hold on to, nothing stays the way it was. Fiery breath, the psychic stage is being emptied. Separation from constricting patterns. A jump into the flaring red sky.

Archetypes – Starborn

An elusive yet radiant aspect of the self, The Starborn archetype points to the cosmic spark of light that arrives with each being at birth. The moment the newborn “crowns” (wheather vagianlly or surgically), the royal stars above are said to constellate in a unique shape that maps our path in the world. The idea of destiny is controversial, yet The Starborn naturally feels a sense of destination and purpose, aiming itself toward a future that is beyond the mundane. When this card appears, travel back to your birth story for clues and insight. What did you desire when you were young? Practise seeing your life from a mythic point of view rather than as a series of logistics. Read the story of the Three Fates and envision yourself born under the stars with a unique destiny.  When light it is alight, trusting, vibrant, aimed. When dark it is a feeling of misalignment, loss of longing.

I’Ching – The Cauldron 50 – The way of equilibrium

Once you create a law, you create a rebel. Hierarchy is a low frequency attempt to maintain order within a community. Hierarchy springs from fear. Whereby harmony exists at it’s highest vibration. We have all been put in the caldron. All races, families – different beliefs, values thrown together. We are striving to move beyond the corruption we see, as a result of hierarchy – one thing being above another. Yet we are all equal. But we believe we either fall into either victim or villain consciousness – depending on your perspective. We feel either empowered or powerless. It doesn’t really matter where you belong, both give rise to the other. We give away our accountability, or we become irresponsible. The keys to going beyond this and establish harmony in the world is intimacy, honesty. We are here to balance the ingredients in the pot, get clear on the soup. Creating a heterarchy requires individual freedom and trust in the self-organising intelligence that emerges from that freedom. Creating harmony is about music, symphony, rhythms. This happens inside and outside. Our deep, hidden shadow must be brought to light, from the caldron of chaos, so we can touch cosmic order.

Isis Cards – The Dark Healing Chamber

The most challenging task is to take courage in both hands and journey within to meet our own dark self and begin the healing task of bringing love, acceptance and light to it. The sacred purpose of any enemy, within or without, is to push us to venture inwards, to seek and heal the darkness within.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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