Friday 16 October – New Moon in Libra 19:31 GMT

Sunday 18 October – Sun square Saturn 13:58 GMT

Sunday 18 October  – Venus opposition Neptune 14:49 GMT

Monday 19 October – Mars square Jupiter 5:37 GMT

Monday 19 October – Venus trine Jupiter 7:35 GMT

Tuesday 20 October – Mercury opposition Uranus 2:53 GMT

Wednesday 21 October – Venus trine Pluto 21:42 GMT

Thursday 22 October  – Sun into Scorpio 22:59 GMT

Saturday 24 October – Venus trine Saturn 15:40 GMT

Sunday 25 October  – Sun conjunct Mercury 18:23 GMT

Wednesday 28 October  – Mercury into Libra 1:33 GMT

Wednesday 28 October – Venus into Libra 1:41 GMT

Saturday 31 October – Full Moon in Taurus 15:49 GMT

We have a New Moon in Libra on 16 October 2020 at 19:31 BST at 23 degrees. We are getting into the most intense and perhaps interesting astrological times of 2020 of an interesting year. We are setting big patterns for the years to come, what we do, what we apply our energy into will set the scene for many years to come.

This is an extraordinary New Moon, activating the pre-existing Capricorn cluster (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn – all within a couple of degrees), and opposite retrograde Mars (and Eris) in Aries. This whole pattern forms a T-square, which are always full of tension and friction, this one more than most. It’s the backdrop for the whole year again, being triggered again.

So many outdated patterns, both inside us and in the outside world, are being exposed for their fragility and falling a part. We can either fight this process and wait for us to get a hit, or we can flow with it and actively look for where we are clinging to the old. The trick to getting it right will be being prepared to challenge our belief systems, our foundations of reality.

Our ego, which is an incredible clever trickster, will cling to it’s death, so be aware of denial, wherever there’s a trigger, an unwillingness to hear another, or a fixed convinced position, there’s the ego!

If our lives have become mundane and stale, its time to start creating the new patterns and circumstances to see us into the future. Think about what you need to be happy. Consider what encourages more joy and freedom, peace and belonging. Think about the times when you have been full of these things in the past, what were you doing? Replicate those circumstances in current life.

In this tirade of engineered fear, which we are exposed to if we watch TV or read the papers, choice is non-existent. We are being told you have no choice in our thinking. Yet what if you didn’t have access to the latest updates. How would you know the rules and regulations. Is having a TV the latest requirement for living life? Seems like it for most people.

This obsession with saving lives, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, or believing you are inherently vulnerable to disease, or that everyone else is a distraction, reflection and expression of all that holds back humanity. There is a conscious, coordinated agenda to keep the frequency as low as possible, mainly through divide and conquer. Yet it will work against itself, in that it only results in more exposure of the truth. And yes there ARE objective truths.

We have been living within a post modernist society, becoming increasingly anti-modernist, and this culture has been mutating slowly, encroaching now in a more activist sense, upon our own inherent liberal values.

This is the backdrop, and with the Capricorn cluster active right now, it’s good to see the context and background more accurately. The New Moon activates this background energy. So what is it? This Capricorn cluster. It’s a sojourn through power dynamics, divide and conquer, objective and subjective truth and knowledge.

It seems that all claims to truth have become equally valid, we have given up on objective truth. And yet the scientific method is not dead, it’s just being portrayed as such. It has been corrupted by biased reasoning, but it is still alive. We can access truth, and we must believe we can, otherwise we will exist in some vacuum of all truths being important, all narratives matter because they are so, and this subjectivity is going to keep us locked in the forth dimension for eternity.

Our current culture worships subjectivity. There’s a lot of very clever people with many erroneous subjective positions right now, randomly espousing and backing very dubious ideologies and theories. We have to sort through and work out what is truth and fiction. How we access this is through critical, scientific enquiry, and it is also through attuning to frequency.

But I’m not convinced its easy to claim to know and feel the frequency of truth. For it’s very easy for the ego to convince us we have found a truth; self-righteousness is a huge issue on our planet. We will get there, but we need to be weary.

We do need to return to empirical facts and evidence; objective reality. There’s been a focus on the barriers to knowing and truth. By examining cultural biases, assumptions and theories, we have lost a sense of truth – it’s been more ‘we all have our truth’. And that we do, but that doesn’t mean they are all balanced and valid. We also need to make a distinction between the claim that the world is out there and the truth is out there.

Not all truths are valid. But we have allowed ourselves to enter into a space where it’s a battle for truth, or it’s a surrender to there being no truth. Neither of which is working, and both keep us confused. It’s either polarity and division, or no boundaries and subjectivity.

This is the whirlpool of confusion that we currently swirling about in. When we place so much emphasis on our cultural biases informing our truth, it results in an inability to transcend out of culture (the matrix) and a sense of being formed by our environment around us constantly to no escape. Here we have no control and choice.

In relationships, this creates a backward and forward, cycling, exploration of subjective opinion. Perhaps not a bad thing for some. But it can also keep us locked, bound into the dreaming reality of the 4th dimension, where polarity still exists (you feel this, I feel that – both are right). To get beyond 4D we need to come back to 3D – objective reality – seeing things as they are, with no boundary blurring. This seems to be the first step.

It gets more confusing in that we can get stuck on a side, be accused of being one-sided, and not hearing the other sides and opinions, but the side you are on is the actual truth, full spot. Then you are in a pickle. As there’s this assumption that being receptive to all truth is more ‘evolved’. Well, perhaps we need to entertain the possibility that that is not always more evolved, if the side you are on is the truth. But how can we be so sure it is the truth…

This is where our individual being, our power, our perception and trust, our work on ourselves, our barometer of truth needs to be truly faced, without denial. Denial is very powerful; be very, very mindful. Self-honesty is crucial to take the leap into the next level. Self-confrontation is not easy. It’s usually done under duress, do not get yourself to this point, pick up the challenge and pain. Scorpio Mercury retrograde asks us to dive deep into the abscesses of our mind’s patterning.

Facts seem dead, only opinion lives, which parades as fact also, adding another confusing layer.

To make matters worse, knowledge and information are promoted as constantly shifting; the msm loves to keep an underlying, unshifting objective reality of ‘the virus is to be feared’ and then carefully bring in shifting subjective narratives to make us think it’s also somewhat elusive. Knowledge is seen now as only political or provincial – very dangerous.

And now we come to Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto – power structures. The belief that society is founded and formed of systems of power and hierarchies, or oppression, which in and of themselves decide what can be known. Who does the deciding? Society, systems? Or us that make up those systems? Hmmm.

What currently appears to be is dying and being dismantled (as it’s being revealed) is the obsession with power, power structures and systems of power. But not the systems in and of themselves, in as much as them being guiding, ruled by obsessed with power, individuals.

Currently, where we see power, the flip side is a victim, the oppressed. Power is seen as bad, as corrupting, as polarising. The reason for this is that we have been convinced that it can’t or doesn’t belong to the individual, it belongs to the institution, the system. Is it not more that individuals twist, distort, manipulate and abuse this system of power to line their own pockets?

What is dying, is this idea that we ALL, to our detriment, participate in these power structures, and are to blame (i.e. all white people are racist). Equally, that we should blame the institutions and displace our projection. When we displace the corruption onto institutions we forget that individuals form the institutions.

It is individuals that are guiding and wielding power, we must see power for what it is, this is the truth. It is not the system. if we continue seeing the institutions as all powerful and all bad, we give them all the power, then we will always feel powerless against something so seemingly vast, and a victim to that. Individuals we can confront and challenge, institutions and systems we cannot. This is the very clever set up we have fallen for.

The view that the social system and it’s inherent power dynamics is causing oppression, as opposed to individual agents, is on it’s way out, so we can rediscover the Divine, properly wielded power of the individual.

In other words, once we see the corruption in the individual, and actually see it in truth, and start taking responsibility for that collectively, we can start orientating to truth and reality and form a new relationship with how we want our institutions to be run. That’s reality. That’s accountability, rather than denial and avoidance.

So what is shifting is how we orientate to reality, the veils of illusion are coming down to reveal the truth. We have conflated a belief to reflect a reality that simply is not actually there and this has infiltrated all aspects of society like a poisoness vine. What will emerge from this dismantling is the correct objective truth, that certain individuals or factions, as opposed to society and humanity at large, is the cause of power imbalances and problems.

To take this further, so to be super clear; we do not see ‘enough’ that the systems of power are the ‘results’ of an individual, white patriarchal, conscious coordinated effort. Instead, we see it as an inevitable result of these anonymous systems of power that we apparently all participate in. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t personally now identify with a lot of what I’m supposed to identify with – white, middle class, spiritual, whatever else.

It’s good to drop our identifications, as life is going to push that out when on the path of awakening. Whatever we believe we are – a teacher, white or black person, a therapist, is another layer, a mask and distraction from the truth of who you are. We are not a conglomeration of personality and identities, that divide us up. This is the programming, the matrix, to be surrendered.

There’s so much to see differently. So many confusions, conflations, reversals, oxymorons. What we think is unconscious is conscious. What we believe is uncoordinated and uncorrupted is corrupt and vice versa. We will just have to sort through this 4th dimensional mess.

The confusion around ideas of knowledge, facts and evidence is another challenge. Some are hanging onto institutions of power being explemtary in their objective truth. Others see them as expressions of power in a ‘patriarchal’ system, which need dismantling. These conflicting viewpoints only work to lock us in a battle of power. Yes, a fight for power and truth again. Yet this begs the question, who in us is doing the fighting? Why do we feel powerless? How can we as individuals change this narrative?

We are divided and polarised, and it’s a conscious, global, coordinated effort by a few. Few seem really focused on searching for the actual objective truth, seeing the context and looking at background, pure and simple.

If we believe we see power imbalance everywhere and we need to challenge, deconstruct, and even problematise power structures, then we will create a parallel drive to prioritise the narratives, systems and knowledge of the marginalised, since we believe there’s an imbalance. All perhaps useful, except it maintains the reality of imbalance, and what exactly are we fighting? What is the source of the problem? Or an illusionary source?

Even the concept that power is outside of us is a error in our thinking, or a programming. It is not outside. It is always in the individual, for us to wield. The concept that we need to dismantle structures of power is perhaps an illusionary reality we need to face. The police is a great example, power outside us again. Focus on you as the individual, not the power outside.

Yet we might not be able to see the truth unless theres a readiness, willingness and we’ve prepared some ground in ourselves. We can prepare the ground by focusing on our own individual being and our own veils and layers that convince us of some kind of intractable inner reality and outer experience.

Our inner and outer reality changes when we see our programming. When we see the truth, we will be supported to take that truth out into the world. Yet there are layers and we make contact with truth bit by bit, there’s a process of arriving at it. Some people will teach just one aspect of truth, and the rest we need to learn to discard.

Getting to the truth is a process of discernment. Polarities coming together. Boundaries being formed. Knowing what to discard and what to keep. If you get stuck in denial and illusion, you have not learnt discernment. This is the breeding ground for self-righteousness. When we have no foundation of truth within, or outside, we cannot form boundaries. Having no boundaries forces artificial systems and mechanism of protection, defensive self-righteousness is one of many.

What has come from all this mess, which is the current collective and individual initiation on our planet, is a blurring of boundaries, the loss of the individual and the focus on the collective as opposed to the individual. With Mars in very individual Aries, and Saturn Jupiter about to enter into very collective Aquarius in December, who knows which way this is going to go. I hope come January we will awaken to the path of individual and humanity.

We need boundaries, but ones formed and resonating at truth and knowing – where we are prepared to evolve and challenge our thinking. We can’t just dissolve all boundaries or form more divisions. Both are dangerous.

Re-tracing our collective and individual footsteps, seeing what we have lost and what needs to be discarded in our belief and value systems is part of the journey. Focus on the individual, not the personality, see people for who they are, in truth, not what we subjectively believe is there due to all the conditioning and social imprints we have absorbed, or what we want to be there because entertaining anything else is just too much for our identifications. Look beyond the personality.

Society and the system is simply not going to do this work for us, so be prepared to individually question beyond your current limitations. If we can do this, we can individually prise ourselves out from where we are programmed and go along with perceived norms, or ironically even perceived innovative ways of thinking, which are anything but innovative. If we come into contact with something new at this time, best to challenge that first, not accept it as it’s the new best thing. There’s a lot of clever people unwittingly buying well marketed lies right now.

Set the conditions and intentions for what you want in your life. You have a choice.

Reclaim the individual from the myth of power in the system and beyond ourselves. It is not about losing boundaries into oneness, our true awakening involves the individual more than we’d like to think. Difficult to entertain for many, as that’s personal responsibility and accountability, right. Resistance on the path (if we are even in contact with that resistance) is usually the path we need to take at this time. As it’s not a time of flow and ease.

We also need to come back to humanity. This way we are not divided. Groups divide, by class, race, gender, age; certain groups of people do not have the same experience and perception. When we start seeing and accepting back the individual into our world, we accept back the nature of nature, it’s goodness, and then at the centre of that, the Divine presence of each individual.

So start by doing this for yourself. As my son surprised me with this morning; “you need to take a part yourself to look into yourself”. He’s right, this is a time for dismantling, but it’s not really you that is being dismantled, just who you thought you were.

Tarot – Son of cups

My mother gave the gift of sensitivity to me. My father taught me the languages of water. My sister, pure as a lotus blossom, gave me tenderness. I drink and drink but no water can quench my thirst. I am familiar with the many reflections on my skin. Sometimes I see my father but I forgot where my mother lives. I am floating upon the waters of self-remembering like the leaf of a flower. In the darkness of night I can feel the sea bottom and the architecture of my thoughts becomes blurred. During the day the sharp knife of my mind has separated me. I feel sad and try to hide it.  Dusk brings me peace. Control sleeps and I dare to jump through the reflections. I allow myself to fall; my amor becomes soft and scaly. Following the tracks of thousands of tiny air bubbles I sink down to the bottom melting into that which awaits me.

Archetypes – The Village

The Village presents us with a conundrum. On one hand, it’s the place that feels most like home, the place to which you can always return. Nostalgia and comfort draw us back. On the other hand, it’s. the very place you must leave in order to grow. Around The Village an unspoken boundary exists, one most villagers fo not want to cross. Though some support your leaving, still you hear whispers of doubt as you venture beyond it’s borders, leaving them behind. The energy of the Village is present anytime we feel restricted by a certain group, community, family, place, or ideology. It may have served us in the past, yet staying within its parameters will never satiate our thirst for life. Thank you will somebody return. For now, the world awaits. When light, intimate, rooted and intergenerational. When dark, small minded, trapped and restricted.

I’Ching – 41

When we empty ourselves, we are in a process of decrease, a downward arc. But this initiates a new cycle of experience, like pruning back the branches to encourage growth in spring. So it’s a bit of a paradox.  We need to let go of the big plans we have for our life and focus on the small. Accept that decrease and decline is there to accelerate and reorientate. There is hope in restriction and things not going to plan, especially if you don’t attach to your own answers and outcomes. The beginning contains the end and vice versa. We think we are travelling to the future, but really we are travelling to the past.

Isis Cards – Scales of Balance

Balancing give and take, directions and flowing, play and solitude are ways to heal the relationship between the inner masculine and feminine energies. Connection with the body is the most powerful form of healing for the feminine energy, as it holds the secrets to divine feminine wisdom. So dance, sing, play!

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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