Monday 30 November  – Full Moon in Gemini 9:30 GMT

Monday 30 November – Mercury sextile Saturn 19:01 GMT

Tuesday 1 December – Mercury into Sagittarius 19:51 GMT

Saturday 5 December – Mercury trine Chiron 12:40 GMT

Sunday 6 December – Venus trine Neptune 4:53 GMT

Wednesday 9 December – Sun square Neptune 19:40 GMT

Thursday 10 December  – Venus sextile Pluto 11:52 GMT

Friday 11 December  – Sun trine Mars 6:01 GMT

Sunday 13 December  – Mercury square Neptune 11:38 GMT

Monday 14 December – New Moon in Sagittarius 16:17 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Gemini on 30th November 2020 at 9.29 am GMT. This Moon affects the muscles and physicality, even though it’s in Gemini. We are all feeling the exhaustion from the astrology and end of times energies. We need to keep reminding ourselves that we are completing a 200 year cycle, or even a much larger cycle if you consider the Mayan calendar.

In spite of the more challenging Full Moon, we have a quiet week. Perhaps it’s the calm before the storm… Things start getting more tricky around the 9th, then we enter into full on end of era energies, although of course, it might not feel any different to any other time… who knows these days which we will be brought. More about this in the next post.

This time has been like one big pause. A time to consider, and reflect. Not a time to start anything new, but complete. It’s not been an easy time for the physcial body last month, some of us are struggling to balance our emotional energy, and need to get back on the routines. Mars will be squaring Saturn again at the month end, into January, so it’s best to take full advantage of the let up.

It’s clear the process of making friends with darkness within and without prevails, and will do for some time. When we feel there is an absence of light, we often see that as the absence of safety, in some way. We need to get out of this way of viewing and perceiving. Go camp out in a wood alone and deal with your fear of the dark, then you discover really what is lurking within you.

Shadow exists as much in the light as it does in the darkness. In fact corruption exists and can exist in all aspects, it’s potential is everywhere. This is why you really can never judge a book by it’s cover. You need to use a much deeper source within yourself to know what is actually present in a person or thing.

How we identify corruption is a big issue on our planet. We are very blind to it’s existence. Often we only work out corruption in retrospect. My journey has been to locate the corruption in the light, more than the dark. That is to find the corruption in the seeming light. As it’s easy to find corruption in the dark, anyone can manage that one, but finding it in the light can take years of working with self-denial.

This is a collective issue with Neptune now squaring the Gemini-Sagittarius nodes. Neptune needs integration, and we have been living with our delusion for too long. This starts to let up next February, so we have a while yet. We really do not want to face that those that say they have our best interests at heart, simply do not.

So the theme of corruption also continues – in it’s multilayers. From the individual to the global. We also like to think we are incorruptible, but the more we fall into this, which is essentially self-denial, the more corruptible we become to corrupting forces. It’s time for us all to examine closely this self-denial. It’s amongst some of the largest issues people hold, and least addressed.

Believing that those in charge of the different aspects of the system – be it education, psychotherapy, health service, politics, media – always have your best interests at heart is a way of sitting in denial; a denial of reality and truth. We have to look at the truth, before we can really move forward in our path of self-love, as hard as it is.

We need to understand first and foremost that this planet is a planet of desire. And just about everyone on it will do whatever they can to stay in pleasure and comfort. Some more than others. But all of us to a larger or lesser extent. Whatever keeps us feeling safe, secure and in comfort is where we are likely to stay. Our ego also love this form of comfort, it keeps it alive and kicking.

Out of this, we need to grow in our capacity to challenge ourselves to step around of this confinement, and move beyond into areas of uncomfortability, where we test our capacity for self-discipline and self-love, which do not entertain ego.

It also requires stepping away from certain forms of reality or illusion – we have a massive issue with sensory overload and overwhelm – stimulations that are not good for us – such as TV, too much cardio even, pharmaceuticals, and many other ways we dampen and deprive our deepest being of what it needs to be healthy.

We need to perceive and change our own perceptions, attitudes and engage on a different level with our senses. This all requires stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Now that in the outside world that is prepared to adapt and align to the new frequencies, where we are not encouraged to grow in these ways or challenge our rigidity and fixed nature, which maintains the old way of doing things, are seriously falling a part. A lot of good things are also falling a part, but these will be rebuilt even better, so there’s no fear there.

So our job, currently, is to open up to where we are corruptible through pleasure. Where do you cope, fix and ease your way into feeling better? It’s perhaps also important to look at where spiritual practises bring a healthier version of coping – working to maintain an overwhelmed system, as opposed to get to the origins of issues.

When we get to the ‘Mystic’ stage, we want to go beyond making do anymore. The Mystic sits in darkness, in the presence of it within and without, and certainly they do not fear it. For they realise there is energy to be gained from it.

As below, “dancing with the forces of light and dark upon its wings”. For this corruption is within all of us. Corruption is born with us, it’s in our soul. The soul holds corruption from it’s interference patterns (whether its inherited or collective ones it’s chosen to clear). And corruption weakens us.

This is a time to remember that we are creative, manifesting humans, on a manifesting planet, and our potential is way larger than we have any concept of, our consciousness is vaster than our beliefs allow us access to. This means that even beings from other planets are interested in our potential – for better or worse.

Many frequencies attempt to corrupt our system also, with intentions that do not have our best interests at heart. Sure we can learn through this process of separation consciousness, where we see that there is no separation ultimately and every experience and interference pattern brings us back to unity and connection.

If we are corrupted in our being, then we draw more of it also. The purity of creation can be twisted and turned into something else through the laws of manifestation. The universe just does it’s job, we are the ones that have corrupted things.

But with the new era, that is dawning, this way of growing is not going to be continuing for everyone. Some have out-grown this separation consciousness and need to now just get back to the whole.

This is why we have such division on the planet, (a part from the deliberate divisive social engineering, of course). Because some are continuing to learn in one way, and others in quite another way.

And so we come to choice. What do we want to choose. The easy or long route? Sometimes the quick route is the hardest of course also. This is why there is so many being given that final push to see where they want to land. What they want to choose.

We are still very much stuck collectively in the root chakra. Survival and the path of separation. But we are being pushed in many different ways to understand the higher perspective and how a higher different set of frequencies can take us out of this war within ourselves.

This is why it’s always very important to work out what frequency something streams at. Frequencies help you ascertain and discern what is useful for you, and what is not, providing you want to choose the more graceful root.

There is so many that are asleep. Asleep to their gifts, asleep to their corruption. The truth of our Divinity and how precious and powerful it is, and what this planet of desire is all about and how it takes us away from our Dignity, is so integral at this time. But many are still in the baby steps of this and hanging on to the old.

Those that do know their truth and who they are, need to focus on that knowing and truth. This is the opposite of fear – this is the illusion. This is the personality that divides. This need not rule life. We are all moving beyond personality.

If we move into more self-loving states – we become less corruptible. When we love ourselves, it’s harder for anything to get in, since corrupt energies tag onto low frequencies like guilt, shame and fear that we harbour in our subtle bodies.

So follow your bliss, but not your pleasure. Seek truth, even if it means you don’t belong anywhere for a while. Feel free to say no, this is a natural ally to corruption – your no. Focus on building self-love, follow yourself more deeply, seek out the highest frequencies for yourself, and work on whatever prevents you accessing or attaining those.

Is it your job to wake people up now to the reality they can’t see? I suspect the current events and future events will now do that for us. We can begin to sit back and trust in the events, in the knowing that all will be ok. Although I suspect for some it might be a bumpy ride. Who ever said birthing a new era was a doddle.

The question for me is not if we are moving into a new era of love, but when. We need to be prepared for a wait, as we have no way of knowing what the future brings. Just work on yourself and keep stepping away from fear. Gentle does it, and keep a focus on your own needs.

Tarot – Three of Cups

Festivities, celebrating, and sharing. Not leaving, but stepping out of the cozy limits of two-some intimacy. The transition and new contacts are celebrated. The boundaries of everyday life shift and expand. Forget your worries, but don’t suppress them. A new beginning, a fluid sense of being in the present. Images and roles change. Celebrating, playing, dancing, and communicating nice and easy. A celebration is an unfolding and a cleansing. Heavy emotions transform into lightness and joy and renew themselves.

Archetypes – The Mystic

The Mystic is often misunderstood in our culture, depicted as a wandering or lighthearted daydreamer. Yet like Shiva, the true Mystic plays a critical role in society, remaining fearlessly dedicated to the path of transformation. In order to save the earth from darkness, Shiva swallows a poison of the world and holds it in his throat, slowly transmuting the liquid into nectar. This is the work of The Mystic. They do not fear darkness but rather sit in the presence of it, harness the potential and latent energy behind it, and embed it with light. They are patient and prudent changemakers, seeking growth above all else. Unanswerable questions are The Mystic’s lifeblood. The Mystic revels in mystery, in the great riddle of life, dancing with the forces of light and dark upon its wings. When light it is remover of darkness, visionary, ageless. When dark it expects results, seeks attention and recognition.

I’Ching – Breakthrough 43

Life frequently and sporadically achieves breakthrough. The mystery of our being here seems random and sometimes overwhelms us. We’re deaf because we can’t handle the silence of the question without an answer. Deafness isn’t silence, it’s ‘a life of sound and fury signifying nothing’. We need to let uncertainty in for breakthrough to happen. We can’t escape breakthrough. Death is a breakthrough. We just have to give up our knowing. We have to pause more often and inhabit uncertainty. A true pause has no purpose; it’s a gap. We have to embrace unpredictability. Breakthrough demands an environment of not knowing and mystery. Insight usually comes from the very direction our mind hasn’t considered. The breakthrough is really of the heart, not the emotional heart but the heart of our being. We don’t get the qualities that we don’t need in life, so there’s no reason to waste energy chasing them. True insight makes life simpler, not more complex. The efficiency – that comes from our roots, the connection with nature – is based on Simplicity. Deafness is about trying to escape the silence. Insight is about listening to the inner ear. Epiphany brings us back to the silence once again as we’re finally ready to embrace it. We can’t know anything – this is the epiphany, and in knowing nothing, we rest in the everything. 

Isis Cards – Spirit of Isis

Beloved Initiate, there are times to surrender and let go, but there are never times to give up! Persist with your bold faith and inspired action until the impossible happens. Isis has the spirit of triumph and will never fail in her quest, no matter how bold or impossible it seems. Let her inspire you! Believe.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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