Tuesday 27 April – Full Moon in Scorpio 4:31 GMT

Tuesday 27 April – Pluto Retrograde 21:03 GMT

Friday 30 April – Mercury sextile Neptune 3:26 GMT

Friday 30 April – Sun conjunct Uranus 20:54 GMT

Sunday 2 May – Mercury trine Pluto 10:19 GMT

Sunday 2 May – Venus sextile Neptune 23:38 GMT

Monday 3 May – Mercury square Jupiter 10:33 GMT

Monday 3 May – Sun square Saturn 11:01 GMT

Tuesday 4 May – Mercury into Gemini 3:49 GMT

Thursday 6 May – Venus trine Pluto 12:24 GMT

Saturday 8 May – Venus square Jupiter 14:38 GMT

Sunday 9 May – Venus into Gemini 3:01 GMT

Tuesday 11 May – Mercury sextile Chiron 3:44 GMT

Tuesday 11 May – New Moon in Taurus 20:00 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Scorpio at 4.31 BST on 27th April 2021 at 08° on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. This full moon activates the ongoing Uranus-Saturn square bringing in themes of rebellion (protest) and restrictions from authority, all of which might also be experienced within, and in our close relationships also.

This full moon, mostly felt on 26th and early 27th, is a more challenging full moon, most moons this year have been of the kinder variety. But this one has a sense of pressurised water boiling over. It’s not so easy to navigate.

The Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon are both concerned with values and assets. Taurus is concerned with the values and resources of the individual, while Scorpio refers to values and resources shared.

It is in these areas, the 2nd and 8th houses respectively (or where this axis is in your chart, and to a lesser extent look also to the rulers, Venus and Mars/Pluto). His is where we might find illumination; more awareness of what is mine and what is ours.

Yet this is not something to be taken too literally. We need to look a bit below the surface, and see how it expresses in a more hidden way, with all things Scorpio. And a lot is happening within us and beneath the surface. This has been building for a few days and it’s impact will be felt for a few weeks after this full moon.

It is a revealing, eruption or emerging. And while we might get a stronger sense of this in our lives at this full moon, this is an ongoing process of retrieving. What we are retrieving is from the depths and shadows.

Notice if there’s been more unsavoury or uncomfortable experiences, events, or aspects of us, arising to the surface. Things previously unseen, held in shadow or rejected by us, held in place by veils, of which there are many.

When we come into contact with the most rejected, least liked parts of ourselves, our go to place is often self-hatred or rage, and even more rejection. The arousal of the forbidden rarely feels comfortable, and mobilises our defence mechanisms in protection. Automatic reactions, go to denial, silence and very internalised processes, all this sort of stuff.

Perhaps the thing not to do is try and eradicate further, but get used to the unfamiliar, uncomfortable feelings and emotions. To process this more deeply, consider what ways you attempt to control and stay in denial? None of us enjoy looking at what’s uncomfortable, but all these aspects really need is our acceptance and willingness to integrate.

Yet this full moon, and this time, feels slippery. Like it’s hard to grasp, to really reach the core. There’s a lot of resistance to what’s at the bottom, like we are not ready to access it. Always it takes us into higher states of consciousness, but this we need to be prepared for sometimes, nothing is ever what it seems. Within the void is an intense freedom.

So there’s so’s many times when we think we are there, but we are not, no matter how convincing or convinced we are. Staying a little more in a space of the unknown can be useful, being patient, taking your time, all of this slows down the energy and helps you see where you really are and need to go.

Lets avoid assumptions around this time. It’s not a time to jump on bandwagons. We just simply do not know. We try and make sense and explain things away all this time. This approach will not be effective, we need more openness and trust in the unknown spaces, and incompleteness. A softer, gentler approach. Perhaps it’s the darker feminine emerging yet a little more into our consciousness, through the unconscious elements, still the only way she can find her way in.

With Pluto about to start his retrograde on the 27th April, the door to the underworld is well and truly about to open. May might be an interesting month. Look to other planets activating that Pluto retrograde to see how it affects you personally. The collective will also get a revealing.

With this slippery feel, ungraspable quality, it’s easier than usual to get pulled into the non real. Something we now need defined. This non real is very current, whether we know it as such or not. One manifestation of it, which is a reflection of my own lived experience, is the current thriving wokeness ideology.

This ideology labels and divides humans into an amalgamation of competing identities, often irreconcilable and intersectional in such a way that there’s a lot of overlap, overlaps also undefinable, or undefined by the mainstream, which just adds to the confusion.

For example, we have all the isms; genders, classes, races etc. but what about the less definable, less clear things that construct our identity. Are we to include it all? I think we might be here a whole lifetime or three if we are. Some people feel their identity is made up of more than one lifetime experience.

Are we going to limit identity to what we can clearly see, or not. We can’t see class after all, can we, while we can see race, or can we… some people might argue we can’t. There’s a lot of middle confusing ground. Is this ideology creating more problems than its solving. I think so, it’s been my experience.

Wokeness is not exactly political, although it’s been co-opted and created for those ends. To be more precise, it’s formed from postmodernism and neo-Marxism critical theory. It’s good to be precise, since most people absorb things they have no clue about. This, by the way, is probably THE biggest issue for us individually and collectively.

It’s difficult to be authentically ourselves when we are an amalgamation of ideological thought. The roots of these ideological foundations run deep, very deep. And we need to be prepared to enter into this uncomfortable depth if we are see truth, ie what is real, and what it not.

Neo-Marxist Critical Theory and postmodernism are two different forms of reaction to a perceived crisis of authenticity, truth or reality in the world. For postmodernists, the real is inaccessible and engineered. The idea of universal divine truth or natural law is laudable. Since for them there’s no universal reality.

It was replaced with constructed competing knowledge and truth, formed by groups of identities, all equally valid and important. Truth is therefore only culturally created, not inherent in life or nature. But in reality we know there is a better or worse. I smell the UN here, in their founding, forming fathers attempt to eradicate the concept of good and evil. Anyway…

Do you see how there’s no anchor or place to go here and how destructive this is for the human soul? Do you think it’s important that we stand against certain things in this world? Like war, or child abuse for example. Can you see how reality holds many different vibrations, and while all can lead us to positive end, some take us through more suffering and some less. And we do, in reality, want to minimise suffering and take the more direct route.

One way of doing that is realising that the world is as it is because of not just a few individuals, but because the masses have not yet claimed their rights and instead sovereign freedom. They have given the responsibility of it away to others. As the Declaration of Independence states: “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

Get out of your comfort zone. Look at your receptivity and passivity issues. What creates this in you?

So being who you actually are has become decidedly uncool. Its hip and liberal to identify with your identities. We have done away with the real world and replaced it with raw, subjective experiences, nothing is now real outside of you. So if you feel a victim, that is now real. In our current pseudo simulated reality existence is not outside of your subjective experience, which is of course formed only by competing identities, most of which make you a victim and ingrained further this sense of non responsibility.

In Critical Theory, nothing is authentic, because our consumerist society has taken over, commodifying, marketing and selling a good life that doesn’t exist and if it did would only work to control us. This is the cynicism that we are actually all programmed and encultured into; that we are mere identities.

It is certainly not our nature, it is a programming, and a clever one at that. You have to look at it and see it, and then your mind will slowly start to blow a fuse. I suggest you start reading the BBC’s kids education section to really get under its skin. Then the guardian and pretty much all other mainstream news outlets. Don’t think it hasn’t dripped into the truth community either in different, albeit crazier forms!

We, and Wokeness, inherit all of this. Wokeness just supplies us with more of it, in a form attractive to those not awake to what’s authentic or connected to self. But the woke’s deconstructive tendencies has no power over that which is truly real. None at all. The sovereign individual holds sway, since it is not blinded by or blinded into any dogma-ism. It is free from all.

We are all about to start confronting our own inner versions of non reality, fiction and fantasy. The veils – just versions of power or truth – will be increasingly juxtaposed with the real deals. The real deals are yet to exhumed.  But we need to begin with not falling for abstract academic and ideological concepts not based in reality.

This is one expression of the Scorpio full moon, getting under the belly of the dense programming of consciousness. Perhaps Pluto retrograde will encourage this process. Our contracted, dense state of awareness propagates fear in all of its forms, we need to get under it so we stop comfortably rolling with it.

Most people need a crisis to effect any necessary life changes. We respond to nothing other than sheer force. Perhaps we are just so used to having our inner victim triggered that being forced is the only way we know; the enforcing that comes from top down power structures which only serve to promote our projections of the power and responsibility out there.

There are other ways to change, to move through life. We can encourage it in gentler ways, invite rather than force, embrace instead of hold on, accept not resist. The space-defining quality of Vesta in Virgo, trine the Sun and sextile the Moon opens a space in awareness that would begin the process of approaching life differently.

It’s an invitation to stay close to our edge, to see the space we don’t want to enter into, but know we someday must. Not to fall off, leap, or be pushed, but to hang out there, notice feelings, and see what it might take. Sometimes we need to hang out there a good while before we enter into the unknown parts of us.

For more on how you can move differently through life, visit sovereignbeing.co.uk

Tarot – 8 of Flame

The fire of the mind. Concentration and inspiration. You are everything at once: the power of the resting beast, the raised bow, the string, and the arrow. Gather all your mental faculties, concentrate, and focus – like you would do while pulling back the string of a bow. The mind becomes one with the target. Your inspiration will know when to release the arrow in order to hit the target.


Archetypes – The Kiss

Before a first kiss the air is electrified. Each breath is alive with possibility and magic. What will their lips be like? Their tongue? Do they want me in return? The archetypal energy of The Kiss is a heightened sensation of merging with other, of letting in what was moments ago separate. Two become one. It is risky but beautiful business. These moments forever change us as we move past the solitary self toward union and acceptance. This card suggests true intimacy is around the corner, which requires bravery and surrender. When The Kiss takes a nonhuman form, it may be experienced as touching the sacred, hearing a whisper, or being graced by a divine being. You will recognize the presence of The Kiss by cold chills and awakening of the heart. When light it is sensual experience, merging, inviting. When dark it is neediness, pressure, dominance, disrespect.

I’Ching – The Way of Detachment – 42

This hexagram is about our attachment to the story of our life. At the Shadow frequency we’re so immersed and involved in our story that we identify fully with the characters and cast in our lives. This Gene Key is all about our relationship to death. If we know that we’re just an actor and will return again to play another role in another play, then detachment will be much easier for us. Without this key insight we can really suffer more. We all begin life with hope. When our mind starts to shape that hope into specific ambitions and ideas and those outcomes don’t play out the way we wish, it engenders huge disappointment. The world is filled with disappointed people who have stopped trusting in life, in their hearts, and in others’ hearts. The true purpose of expectation and disappointment is to teach us the art of letting go. To be detached means to not worry about outcomes, to begin to trust in life. If we start listening to life, we learn to let go of our expectations but we never let go of our hope. Being detached doesn’t mean we become more distant and objective to life, it means we begin to accept life. To live life with detachment is to move into a really deep flow with the universe and the harmony in the greater pattern. This is the essence of the teaching of the Buddha – to let life pass us by and become the witness to our own story.

Isis Cards – Cartouche

Choose to release that which would lower your vibration into fear. Come back to love, stay true to yourself, and you shall inspire others to think or speak positively when they are around you. Invoking the power of speech and words for your strength, protection and spiritual growth will work effectively for you.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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