Thursday 10 June – New Moon in Gemini 11:53 GMT

Friday 11 June – Sun conjunct Mercury 2:13 GMT

Friday 11 June – Mars into Leo 14:34 GMT

Saturday 12 June – Venus square Chiron 19:28 GMT

Sunday 13 June – Venus sextile Uranus 6:38 GMT

Monday 14 June – Sun square Neptune 00:39 GMT

Monday 14 June – Saturn square Uranus 23:01 GMT

Sunday 20 June – Jupiter Retrograde 16:05 GMT

Monday 21 June – Sun into Cancer 4:32 GMT

Monday 21 June – Venus trine Neptune 14:57 GMT

Tuesday 22 June – Mercury Direct 23:00 GMT

Wednesday 23 June – Sun trine Jupiter 23:11 GMT

Thursday 24 June – Venus opposite Pluto 00:39 GMT

Thursday 24 June – Saturn sextile Chiron 5:30 GMT

Thursday 24 June – Full Moon in Capricorn 19:40 GMT

We have a Solar Eclipse on 10th June at 11:53 GMT. In eclipse terms, this is a mild one, since the lunar nodes are some way away from the Sun-Moon conjunction. But this Sun-Moon conjunction is pronounced in other ways. There’s retrograde Mercury conjoining the New Moon, which suggests a rewiring of all things Gemini.

This Solar Eclipse, with Mercury retrograde, occurs around the same degree that Venus went retrograde and stationed last year. So we might be feeling a repeat, or another level or layer of last year at the end of May. Certainly there might be reminders of that time, or some kind of bringing or collecting of experiences, at some level, of what happened last year.

It might even be a case of seeing how far you’ve come and how you see life now from a different perspective, with all the growth this past year. A lot of what is working through us is not necessarily easily made conscious or graspable, at least not at our own desire or will to make it so. We have to be patient with the integration process and the conscious realisations that we are different.

It is said that 3rd house, the house of Gemini, where this eclipse occurs, and where last year’s Venus retrograde occurred, is the house of the Goddess (in hellenistic astrology). This is a magical house, where we engage with ritual and ceremony in our capacity to connect with the magic so lost in our world. It was lost because we have lost connection with our magical inner child.

The third house, is the house of the smaller, more concrete and tangible spiritual observations within our lives and our environment. Our engagement in this smaller, more regular spiritual form of paying homage to life’s sacredness is perhaps done best through observation. With the eclipse activation of this Goddess-oriented, self-guided approach to life, we are is likely to feel like immersing ourselves in the our sacred connection with what’s close to home.

I feel this very strongly myself. How disconnected we have been from the mundane and ritualistic sacredness of all around. And this eclipse is like an a ha moment. When we suddenly get what we have been missing. As you see, there is a Divine process in this return to sovereignty. It doesn’t happen overnight, we are watching the steps with each lunar activation. This one feels core.

The lunar nodes, with the emphasis on expanding the potential of the north node in Gemini, is said to be exalted in Gemini, and so this encourages a reconnection with life, in the small forms, as opposed to formal, lofty, religious studies, (9th house) participation in orders and hierarchal systems, and as that would be too elite and exclusionary. These spaces are too limiting for legitimate discovery to thrive.

What this eclipse is activating is a sacred life space where we can live our lives, wherever life is, and keep alive the small and the beautiful. As Gemini feels small and yet connected. The path to come back this way of life begins small, it has to, since it’s closer to home, and what’s closer to us is easier to integrate. Diving into honouring and devoting ourselves to the sacredness of life is rarely sustained, it begins in small ways and is integrated piecemeal, if, you life in a western culture.

This way life becomes a ritual itself. You begin to learn the self-honesty, integrity you need, you learn that you are willing to be led by life as much as you are willing to lead it also. It is a relearning process. Since we have lost all our rites of passages, that initiate us into life’s mysteries.

As a child the process of indoctrination and enculturation in western culture means we are now missing so much of what it means to be connected to rhythm, nature and earth. We have come to accept that having an experimental j*b is a requirement for participation in society. This mirrors so much of what we have become – a single, homogenised culture. It’s both intriguing and incredibly disturbing.

A simple way to begin your reclaiming of ritual and magic is having a shrine, which we honour first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. This can keep our connection with the unseen world alive and creative. This is the water for our own spirit. Just be mindful of being repetitive. Understanding also the planetary days and hours can also support our connection with the in and out breath of life.

As all life is descending and ascending, contracting and expanding, and at the heart of life, is this rhythm and cycle, that we barely even notice, let alone give our attention and intention to. Just think how the world would be if there was a recognition of this, and the cycles of the Sun and Moon, to begin simply.

This is a strong Gemini season, and we are facing both sides of Gemini, an acceleration of the rate and ease of communication and digitalisation. We can’t avoid that life is more technically complex. To keep our balance, so our nervous systems do not blow a fuse as if often the case with Gemini, we need to return in ritual, lest we become automated robots operating in a digital, scheduled reality, where we just exist and not live.

This Mercury retrograde is a powerful reminder to take ourselves inwards and be clear on what we want our lives to be. Where we put our intention and attention is seeded at this New Moon, Solar Eclipse, as all New Moons seed. This Solar Eclipse is square to Neptune, bringing much Divine inspiration and flow. We can be open and receive what we need to take us to the next level.

While Mars opposite Pluto gives us the drive to dig deep into old programmes of enculturation to see life more clearly, for what it is in front of us, if we observe with fewer veils. Since we are not transcending life, but growing more life. And to grow, we need to make use of all that precious manure. Get interested and curious in it.

Just because it looks like you are going backwards when you go into diving into the underworld, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going forwards. If you are on this path of sovereignty, then it will, by the nature of this path, feel like you are being knocked back into the ground, choiceless. This is because you need to grow more than your desire. This is nothing to do with forwards or backwards.

Just as a tree grows, we grow upwards, outwards, all directions at once, until the tree stops growing, of course. So focus this New Moon on making things more tangible, it’s about seeing not what’s going to happen in the future, but what’s happening right now. Going beyond intuition, which is so misunderstood (another conversation) and tapping into the present, observable world at your finger tips, and yes, that means POLARITY, duality, the twins.

Spiritual people hate duality. They can’t handle it. It scares them, makes them paranoid. They don’t understand that that their freedom lies in the duality, in the Goddess within that loves it all and can fluidly move within it all, without fear. There is nothing scary about duality, when you learn how to work with it. Yes it doesn’t feel comfortable, but that’s a life fully lives and participated in, that’s using your free will.

This eclipse, like all eclipses and most New and Full Moons, works to bring down the veils of separation in our perception of reality further. Show us what we haven’t been able to see yet. What we are missing, if we are humble enough to accept the invitation to grow and learn. This eclipse more so; it teaches that we need to see our lives for what they are, for what we have created, for what we follow, put our faith in, perhaps blindly, for what we trust and believe in.

Our creations is the path and that emerges from our perceptions and observations. The path is the path we walk. It’s nowhere else. Are we open to reinventing our lives?

For how much do you actively engage with your life, or do you just let it float over you like you are in a fog? I was watching something the other day on the lies around free will. That is a conversation for another time. But it did make me think about how we resist engaging fully in life. We might not be able to change the things we need to experience on our path, but we can change how we engage with them. This is where we have free will.

And this is what is being called up and out of us. Our ownership of our lives. What exactly do you put your faith in? This is up for question. Where do you place your trust. We are rethinking, as always with Mercury retrograde, something very deeply. What new information is coming in that means you need to now rewire. Take the codes and infuse them deep within.

If you haven’t grown up in a community or a tribe, which is most of us, then life will be confused. It’s as simple as that. Our real human soul is hard put to find a place in the modern world of living (or existing), for it needs to hide inside our own being, like a little elemental hides within a tree, we want to hide away, and generally feel like a refugee within our own being, a fake soul, or a TV personality.

We have lost the things that should never have been forgotten. Now the veils are falling fast, so we can remember. Not all of us are here at this time to remember what the rest find hard to keep in mind. What is the aroma that your soul needs now in your life?

When you don’t know what needs to be done or said, when you can’t simply remember what you have lost, then simply just begin with feeding in you what needs to be fed. As the feeding is the answer you have been looking for. It is always closer by than you think. This is the Goddess after all, is it not, the Mother is never far, has never abandoned you and is always with you.

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