Wednesday 20 October – Full Moon in Aries 15:57 GMT

Friday 22 October – Mars square Pluto 5:19 GMT

Saturday 23 October – Sun into Scorpio 5:51 GMT

Wednesday 27 October – Venus square Neptune 2:06 GMT

Thursday 28 October – Venus sextile Jupiter 20:15 GMT

Saturday 30 October – Sun square Saturn 10:53 GMT

Saturday 30 October – Mars into Scorpio 15:21 GMT

Monday 1 November – Mercury trine Jupiter 5:18 GMT

Tuesday 2 November – Mercury square Pluto 10:39 GMT

Thursday 4 November – New Moon in Scorpio 22:14 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Aries on 20th October 2021 at 15:57 GMT. The Aries Full Moon is on Eris, the Goddess of discord, highlighting the turbulent and challenging dynamics that we are currently navigating. The ruler of the Moon in Aries is Mars, which is in square to Pluto.

This square is intense and dynamic. And yet also not straight-forward as Mars is in detriment in Libra – not an easy place for Mars. It feels directional and clear, yet also indirect. What might not be seen is beginning to emerge to the surface. Hidden, emerging facets of reality, new realities even coming in, that might not be easy to digest.

It’s not quite at the point where they are hitting us between the eyes. But they are emerging. When Mars moves into Scorpio, it’ll be a different situation altogether since he will square Saturn-Uranus. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for strange coincidences and things beginning to add up or conversely not adding up. There’s an ominous feeling to this Mars-Pluto also, and with the Aries Moon on Eris, it feels like all hell is about to be let loose.

Strange occurrences with Venus also. She is now out of bounds until 7th December, which means that the areas that Venus rules now operate on a different dimension, bringing new life and connection, trying new things or even be more internal. This is interesting as then we have a Venus retrograde. I take this as there being big changes occurring within the spectrum of the Divine Feminine.

Aries energy alongside Eris is about standing your ground, speaking your truth, stating your case. It is the individuated existence of us in physical form, where we know what’s what, with no uncertainty. But we can’t do that when we aren’t fully informed, or confident in ourselves or our perspective.

This whole journey of the “I AM” – the sovereign being – is about remembering the body, and over the next few months, there will be a coming home to this reality. For some it might entail suffering or emotional pain, as it’s not easy when we come back to earth with a thud. When Jupiter moves through Pisces at the end of this year, we can expect a deep compassion, connection and perhaps even grief to settle in also.

Part of what’s happening is an awkward, emerging awareness (for some) of how in the matrix we have been. How conditioned to do the right thing by others. The patriarchy has trained us to honour it first and foremost before our own feelings and sense. Many have bought into the propagated lies hook, line and sinker and put authority outside self, above self.

For those that have the truth, knowledge and information, and are able to see beyond the veils, we are learning how to share information sensitively, as we do not want to heighten fear at this time, but neither do we want to keep people passive or in a space of naivety, especially when it comes to children. This is sensitive territory and I have not seen anyone do this with grace as yet.

But we need to learn to act from grace, whether we like it or not.

Honouring authority, systems, structures and hierarchy run will ill intent, before feelings, the individual, and truth has set up the final act on the global scale – since this level of destruction always annihilates itself eventually.

The final act is just that. How long that final act draws out is yet to be seen.

We give away our power if we refuse to be in our feelings and personal truth. If we search for status and respect above the soul’s needs. This is how we have devalued the feeling, and our own power and placed a superficial life above a deep, sovereign one.

We are here to ‘protect’ matter, protect life. Life naturally ebbs and flows, comes and goes, this is different from a destroyer who has no awareness, care and only ill intent. We cannot be naive and to protect ourselves adequately we need to have an open mind as to what is really happening behind the scenes.

Be awake within to what is working and driving through us, we are not always operating from our own being. We are not always aware of how influenced we are – brainwashed and with interference. We have to develop the part that can question and discern more deeply, so we do not inadvertently play into the anti-matter agenda.

We are all capable of ignoring our feeling, just existing on the treadmill of life, with little depth or connection to the present moment through our physical body – the infused Divine essence in our physical being.

I do however prefer to make a distinction between sociopaths, psychopaths and the rest of the world’s population. Sociopaths and psychopaths make up 1% of the population, but this 1% holds the power to control and manipulate. The forces that are working against life on this planet are anti-matter. That means they do not care for body, feelings or life. This we need to face. They played their role.

We are at the mercy of being in the flesh if we do not place our body’s wellbeing above how other’s see and judge us. Many are about to have a true sovereign encounter, coming face to face with that reality. It seems we either went there willingly, or we are to go there kicking and screaming, there is no escape.

It feels a sad realisation. It feels unavoidable. But this ominous space also needs to be trusted. At these times of intense realisation and connection with our humanity and our fragility, we are perhaps most in connection with our inner Divine Mother. This is the irony.

Those that are not used to feeling the body, being in feelings, and want to escape them, are now being prepared to meet them. Reality checks are all over the place. From relationships to jobs to health – the sense that certain things perhaps cannot go on as they have and cannot be any other way. It’s not easy and I don’t enjoy writing this. But in feeling it and acknowledging it, I know it helps at some level.

This is the sovereignty journey – a journey of depth, truth and honesty, of being prepared to not do away with uncomfortable edgy feelings, but sitting with them until they yield their gold, however uncomfortable it is, there is no space for denial here. This is the most challenging thing for all, including ‘spiritual’ people, as we have been conditioned into spiritual bypassing, believing you don’t need to sit with uncomfortable emotions. This is mass programming – to fear feelings, to fear the feminine, it bury it deep within.

Ultimately, I can see why it needed to end up this way. Why we are being taken to this place. It doesn’t make it any easier. In fact it makes me feel very uneasy. The feeling world is about to start yielding its truth, a truth I’d prefer to not see, but the best way forward is to be prepared to see and feel it willingly.

It’s good to remember, that there’s no need to escape feelings. The whole spectrum of life and feeling holds beauty, not just the so-called high vibrational ones. We can get to a place where our sovereignty is capable of holding us fully in that space, so we don’t want to escape. And this is what true freedom is – to feel without wanting to escape. It’s not about getting a man, car, job, or house.

But for the most part, the majority cannot even realistically entertain that there is a massive force working against humanity – this is the first level, but we must not punish others for lacking awareness – we all have a different journey and process and timing is unique to every individual.

There’s a big punisher around – and it’s being promoted actively. We need to bring our awareness to these ‘ghost’ roles floating about, where everyone blames everyone else, when actually it’s those creating this drama that just need extricating from their position of power. This is not then ostracising or scapegoating them – this is facing reality.

And the reality of these individuals intent on destroying life, inside their being, must be a very bitter, hated, sad and lonely place. There’s never any justification or should there be an attempt to justify playing out internal pain by creating pain for others; since only because it’s for every soul to face to their own judge. It just needs to be seen for what it is. The remedy for our world will be shown.

I always entertain a small part of me that is not so against the destruction. As I’m aware the destroyer needs to be present and not ostracised from within me, perhaps more so now than ever. I know the part of me that needs to sometimes do away with something with ferocity.

And surely we cannot sustain life in its current disconnected form. This has been a long time coming. Something needs to be regenerated and reborn from it. I prefer to stay open to being shown what’s important and what is unfolding in this current stage of the global awakening process, rather than assume I know what’s what and what’s best.

The nature of evil is a complex thing, we can never assume to understand it and know it.

Likewise we must not protect abusers or support evil knowingly, or unwittingly go along with evil acts. We need to wake up to how we do this subtly. We need to move out of stubborn resistance to being shown reality. And out of denial. This is not easy for some people. Tolerance required – but for how long.

The other danger is skipping these important feeling reality steps and jumping up the ladder to ‘it’s all perfection’ anyway, and the evil ones are playing their role as they should, as it’s all one big game. Do not stay rigidity in this place – it annoys the hell out of people – we need to feel and go into the density of what it means to be human.

And in fact, this higher space is just polarised to the other dimensions, its not better, there’s not one route – we need ascension and descension and everything in between. Bypassing feeling will not heal this.

So the awareness that multiple roles are being occupied, multiple levels and processes – this is because everything is opening up to be seen. How we move about between all these different levels and spectrums is the challenge, since what is true at one level, is entirely not true at another. The coexistence of levels and the awareness of what is floating around that ‘everyone’ is suffering from, is what brings us together.

The secret is to move fluidly between them and knowing what prevents this movement. Likewise knowing when to hold firm and resist. Know your tao. Ask yourself questions:

“Assess what is being “held together” and how. Is The Vessel too tight? Too loose? Broken? Empty? Full? Or perhaps there is no vessel at all, and the contents spill in every direction.”

This can bring us together, back to ourselves and back to each other. Where we see that we share the same soup, just from different angles of the spectrum. Where we see in ourselves that which we hate or punish. We are all that which we judge. This is what heals connection and in fact allows life to move on.

When we cannot see others beliefs, fears, behaviour and attitudes in us, we get stuck in the programme of needing to be shown. Only when we open to seeing it, can we and it finally relinquish it’s control over us. This is how we return to our power and move forward in our lives, out of relationships that ultimately do not serve.

One important point – just because it’s also in us, we are also responsible – it does not justify hanging out there longer, and neither does it justify leaving too! Working out, discerning the level of your soul and what it needs next, it the hardest thing in the world.

And this is what we are going to uncover more about – how to heal connection, how to go deep within and how to move on – but first we needed all these wounds to be shown, they were hidden from the majority, it is no longer so.

Holding the bigger picture, that all is working for the expansion and deepening of consciousness, awareness, and connection to both the physical and the divine, and through this a genuine movement into the protection of life and natural law – well, this is it. Not an easy task for my ego to work out. But an easy task when we are embodying the Divine Mother and Father.

I think at this time, drawing on peace and acceptance, that within the larger plan of the awakening process, this is just how it is. It’s not how I would like it to be, my humanity doesn’t enjoy or relish the next few years, but I won’t resist or deny it. We do what we can do, and this is as much as we can do.


“The birth of an authentic I,
free from the compulsion
to eat your own flesh.
A power in us
that is incorruptible.
Organising yourself
from seeing chaos.
Allow every thing to order itself
around the hub in the centre of power.”

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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