Friday 1 April – New Moon in Aries 7:24 GMT

Saturday 2 April – Mercury conjunct Chiron 13:42 GMT

Saturday 2 April – Sun conjunction Mercury 23:11 GMT

Tuesday 5 April – Mars conjunct Saturn 1:51 GMT

Tuesday 5 April – Venus into Pisces 15:18 GMT

Thursday 7 April – Mercury sextile Saturn 12:37 GMT

Friday 8 April – Mercury sextile Mars 18:19 GMT

Sunday 10 April – Mercury square Pluto 8:45 GMT

Monday 11 April – Mercury into Taurus 2:09 GMT

Tuesday 12 April – Jupiter conjunct Neptune 14:42 GMT

Wednesday 13 April – Sun sextile Saturn 00:14 GMT

Friday 15 April – Mars into Pisces 3:06 GMT

Saturday 16 April – Full Moon in Libra 18:55 GMT

We have a New Moon in Aries on 1st April at 7.24 GMT.

We have a New Moon in Aries at 7.24 GMT on 1st April 2022. This is a powerhouse of dynamic energy for this New Moon. It is the time to initiate. The Aquarius stellium of Venus, Mars and Saturn in square to the nodal axis invites us to detach and observe.

This New Moon also has Mercury and Chiron within a couple of degrees emphasising how we need to now give ourselves permission to tap into the new phase of our lives, a new cycle, heralded by the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces on 12th April, although it’s been active from the beginning of March and will be so until the end of May. The last time Jupiter and Neptune formed a conjunction in Pisces was in 1856, so this begins a new cycle and as such ends a cycle also.

The last conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune was in 2009 when they conjoined in Aquarius. Notice what in your life is now completing its cycle – a relationship, a dream, a group? Perhaps those Aquarian themes. And are you ready for this new Piscean cycle, picking up those Piscean themes?

Neptune and Jupiter combined can bring lots of interesting, more unusual experiences into our lives. It could help us move beyond our sides, our one-sided and polarisation and into more of a sense of unity or wholeness within.

It might also help us come into more compassion, acceptance and surrender. These are important qualities when we are in a process of completion. Being able to let things go without resentment, blame or judgment can help us begin our new cycle at another level.

These conjunctions generally foretell a period of major life changes. Although you might not be aware of the changes until later, you might know what is on the horizon.

New Moons are new emotional cycles. Just before and after the New Moon (when the Moon and Sun meet) is known as the dark of the moon, where it is not visible in the night sky. And since the lunation cycle mirrors the cycle of other planets and their connections to other planets.

Jupiter and Neptune then as in a similar dark space, no man’s land. Jupiter relates to the future we envision for our lives, and by extension (into the realm of Saturn) how we try to make it happen (or stop it happening – Saturn).

This might be feeling like a time when plans need to be decided upon, things initiated. It might feel like we need to make decisions to mitigate certain ’future’ events, or make the best of a situation. It could be that there are various different scenarios still, options, and pitfalls to navigate.

When things do not go as we planned or hoped, we need to deal with the lost trust or hope and face our sense of failure or loss. This is why it’s good to bring in those higher qualities of compassion, surrender and acceptance.

Life is not about control and management, although it’s an important skill that we need to also learn, ultimately, with the big stuff, we need to be able to let go and let the Divine step in more fully to take charge.

The way in which we approach what emerges right now is important since it will influence how we move forward, shift direction and allow something new to take shape. If we can develop some elasticity, bounce and fluidity in our bodies, minds and souls, then we have a better chance of working with the events arising, and their impact.

We do not know, truly, where the next few months will take us. We have to really let go of our expectations and develop some trust. The clinging or attachment, linear thinking, that we might be feeling at times, is like a consuming perspective or a flexed muscle or clinched fist.

The events of this time, in our personal and collective journey are quaking and shaking our nervous system. It is perhaps even more normal that the body tightens, compresses and tenses. If we can learn to come back to a more neutral state, of balance, harmony, and
renewal, then we will have more energy available to us.

Additionally, at this time, it’s important to know that no one of us is here to carry others over the threshold, over into the ascension energies. We are here to let go. It is spirit that is here to do that work. We individually, are not capable of doing this job, we are in a body!

Life is quite capable of getting incredibly out of balance, especially from saving others. This is the kind of approach that must be changed. This is the kind of mind that still thinks in very linear ways. Life needs to be approached more holographically, then there is trust, then there is no drain to our system.

To make some sense of it, imagine an elastic band, where when pulled, there is a tension between the high spin frequencies (of say Jupiter and Neptune) and the very, very low density (of say Saturn).

What is happening is that in many different ways, we are having this elastic band stretched, further and further. Int he stretching from high to low, there is an increasing calling, yearning to come back to centre. To reunite, almost, in the neutral spot.

The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction is very interesting; “on a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction”. Interpreted by Rudhyar “The need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and live a centered and fulfilled life.” He likens the island to our ego-boundaries, within which inner connections contribute to personal integration.

Yet with time these boundaries stretch out “and become a zone of intense interaction between inner and outer, between individual and community, between man and the universe.”  He suggests the key word centralisation.

Blain Bovee suggests “consider holding a keen focus on the world you want, even against all odds that the world as it is will change. Give thanks in advance for what you deeply desire.”

It is these two opposing polarities that in releasing the rubber band, are drawing the two ends of the spectrum into one point at the centre. Voila, people’s own madness, chaos, denial and resistance, is being used to unity people.

With Jupiter as the traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter-Saturn themes are also now engaged. Especially with the stellium in Aquarius all over Saturn. So here, the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn becomes significant. Which polarity gets its way with you; expansion or limitation? As one brings on the other, right, as with the nature of polarities.

Our relationship with expansion/boundaries and especially with societal themes is highlighted. What is our relationship to others, to community, our social environment? What is our place within all of this? Needless to say there’s a lot of tension being unearthed and thrown about, which can draw us in or push us out of social situations, maintaining outer or inner peace.

We’ve just had some strong Saturn, with Venus forming a conjunction a few days ago, and Mars on its way forming a conjunction with Saturn on 4th. Happy times. With all of this it’s like that elastic band feeling of being stretched, being pulled a part. Our growth is in learning how to become bouncy and elastic, fluid and supple.

This is especially important with the strong yang energy of spring, which gives a surge to our desires and encourages risks, yet as with yang, it gets us all ungrounded and disconnected from our roots and propels us into the potentials. Saturn wants some realism and likes to bring us back to earth with a thud.

Additionally on 4th, we can expect some strong discipline. And with the Sun in Aries, we might be feeling more courageous, risk-taking or pioneering than normal. Take up the initiative and know it’s not a time to give up. We are learning to navigate these internal and external extremes with more grace and acceptance rather than hopelessness, avoidance and disconnection; it’s very easy to disappear from reality at this time and pretend nothing is happening!

Think practically, for eg not putting all our eggs in one basket.

Happily, especially for me as a Taurus, Venus is no longer sandwiched or ‘besieged’ between Mars and Saturn – known as malefics. Venus is free and heading towards Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter wants to reflect back to us our true self, our inner teacher and all the appearances and entanglements of such along the way might need airtime first. Jupiter is within, expansion can be sought inside, through spirit, to help with the constriction.

Perhaps the soon coming Neptune addition will help us move beyond the oscillating, reversing, mirroring polarities perpetuated through Jupiter-Saturn.

Give yourself time and space to navigate the inner streams of consciousness; the waves and undercurrents. We perhaps need all this, since after all there is underpinning this, an overarching attempt to restore an oceanic chemistry to our body and mind; perhaps the waters can be all over the place, so we first become aware of how much we are water. We have forgotten after all, and on this little island we can feel quite vulnerable.

Yet we don’t want to stay islands for too long right now either. We need to also pursue our need for connection, without going into saviour, sacrifice or pleasing others mode, and the need for stillness and inwardness, without journeying too far into isolation.

Stillness and neutrality supports the higher-frequency energies from Jupiter-Neptune to weave into this global situation and show us what’s important right now, so follow that as best you can.

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