Monday 30 May – New Moon in Gemini 12:30 BST

Friday 3 June – Mercury Direct 9:00 BST

Saturday 4 June – Saturn Retrograde 22:47 BST

Monday 6 June – Sun sextile Chiron 9:44 BST

Friday 10 June – Mercury trine Pluto 22:22 BST

Saturday 11 June – Venus conjunct Uranus 23:57 BST

Monday 13 June – Mercury into Gemini 16:27 BST

Tuesday 14 June – Full Moon in Sagittarius 12:52 BST

We have a Gemini New Moon on 30th May 2022 at 11.30 GMT.

Both Mercury stations direct and Saturn stations retrograde at the start of June within a few days of each other, both aspecting the recent Scorpio Lunar Eclipse and Algol (I failed to mention Algol in the last post and discovered the day afterward the importance of this through a series of profound connections). This is very layered and nuanced, providing a potential for depth and awareness, different perspectives and perception.

At the same time, this means that both Saturn, more the heavy weight in this line-up, squares Mercury, and both are as slow as they could be, but about to turn opposite directions. Saturn brings judgment and a criticism, boundaries, rules and limitations. Mercury retrograde is misunderstandings and delays. Both force us to go slow and take the time.

But then we have Mars and Jupiter soaring together in exact conjunction, in already surging ahead Aries. Jupiter just feeds Mars more energy. This is quite the opposite dynamic of Mercury and Saturn. Suggesting we can accomplish a lot over the next week.

With Mercury and Saturn triggering the eclipse degree we have the introduction of more multidimensional layers. Weaving together complex energy patterns, knowing in a very discerning fashion what to work with and what to leave to one side.

It helps to bring in the deeper meaning of Algol, the double star that this eclipse was on to unpack the current bigger picture and global cycle. Perhaps when we can then piece together this broader vista we will have a sense of things coming together within us.

Algol is the star of Medusa in the configuration of Perseus, and is a binary or double star, recognised for their four phase brightness exhibited through the interaction of the small and large double stars. For an observer on Earth, we see a decrease and increase in luminescence, which when plotted on a graph shows a period of brightness (in time) characterised by three depressions (two deep and one shallow low) and two highs.

It is the cyclic interplay between these two dancing partners (yin and yang), which gives rise to four phases. The four phases: two phases when the double star appears to be a unity (less brightness) and two phases when the double star shows itself as a real double (maximum brightness). They represents what is like a cosmic displacement system.

In the myth of Medusa, Perseus (the constellation) is seen as the hero, but it ironically it is the demonisation of Medusa that enabled him to rise to this hero status. Medusa is usually seen as something like a horror movie, even though she was a priestess raped by Poseidon in Minerva’s temple. The patriarchy has managed to bring distortions to this important feminine Goddess.

This very myth depicts the appropriation of ancient feminine wisdom, particularly that of phases and cycles, and fourfold thinking and being. The new sky gods are responsible for suppressing and destroying so much of this ancient legacy, and defiling the Goddess.

Her visionary power is potent and focused, clear and unavoidable, and also that of discernment and discretion, knowing when to illuminate and examine, and when to let the sleeping dog lie. Amidst crisis, distraction, illusion and distortion, she’s unwavering – she slices through to what’s crucial and discards the superfluous. She isolates the truth from dross, but combines this with the awareness of timing; choosing the moment wisely (very Mercury retrograde).

Athena, feminine power and wisdom in masculine armour, in return for her transgressions, gave Medusa her notoriety – her serpent hair. She was seen as the sole perpetrator, when in fact she was also a victim. The decapitated priestess holds now little likeness to this vision of the fully empowered Divine human; her serpent symbol turned against her (representing wave/cycle).

The Medusa is the connection with the creative power of Earth herself, of her cycles and the infinite spiral of life, the very powers that keep us vitally embedded within the cosmos also. Medusa is the four elements, nature, the ancient sites, it patterns throughout the Earth, in the living river, in fire and the air, she is the phases of life. We have been torn from from our very Earth and spiritual roots.

This primal power exists at the depths of our being, but its expression is more subtle, experienced through our refined senses, and what lies at the peripheral of our awareness. This is access through gut wisdom and the subtle vibrational layers of our energy system. Indeed this is our wholeness and full spectrum of our being; to know both fully.

Let’s see all this in action. Shifting gears to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse triggered their shared inner planet conjunctions with Algol (at 25 degrees) – her Venus, and his Venus-Mercury conjunction in Taurus. Who ever said celebrity gossip is meaningless. Well, I’m sure I have said this many times, but this couple are something special.

Considering the interplay between aspects in this trial, we can see public opinion is swinging mainly in Depp’s favour. But from taking just a quick glimpse at their charts, you can see the complexity of growth between them. She needs to step into her Aries North Node and away from her Venus ruled South Node which submerges her in relationships and compromises. She needs to learn to fight.

He clearly didn’t want any fight, having had enough of that in his early years, and walked/ran away from all their arguments, likely driving her insane. He needs to learn to assert himself with deep feeling and authenticity, difficult to do when faced with anger but avoid projecting his shadows onto her and hiding behind many masks. She has a fair amount of volatility and self-deception to contend with, wrapped up in her Mercury-Mars-Moon-Neptune configuration.

This is just the tip of the ice-berg quite frankly. But what is most interesting is that they are BOTH Algol, they are both Medusa, it’s not just about the man or the woman, we can’t see it in binary terms. And as close observers of their reality, we can be transported into many different layers and levels of consciousness. I would even suggest that there’s some serious positive and negative portal (vampiric energy) with this very public airing of dirty washing.

Of course most will not look at this case in a nuanced way, but fall into the duality of she’s wrong and he’s right. She’s a liar and he’s the hero. Perhaps there is some truth to this, but I observe a much more complex level of interaction and growth, likely compelling for them both.

When we see Algol-Medusa through a different lenses, a phasal, cyclical, non duality, but multidimensional reality, where there are many levels of growth and interaction, it’s hard to lay blame. They are pushing each other into territory that forces their healing – his exposure of shadow, incredibly painful for such a private man, and her public shaming, likewise. When seen through these eyes, whom is wholly right and whom is wholly wrong?Although perhaps it is Medusa gone wild. Depp’s cut off figure is a good example of the myth mirroring itself – and no one knows the truth – since they mirror each other.

In fact, the relationship between private and public spheres of life are foundational to sovereignty. Playing with your titles, your dramas, this is all the public self. But be in a public park and be a true self, in the private realm. How we interact with the world – through which self – is what defines our sovereignty.

Double stars, like Algol-Medusa, are mechanisms which alternate unity and division and of course this activation, through the eclipse and then globally in our celebrity gossip through Depp and Heard, transposes onto human communication a cyclic context. The opposite or other is part of ourselves and belongs to our (division) ‘system’.

After this division, either the ‘other half’ is static or it is dynamic (yin and yang further split into yang and yin combinations to make the 4, and then even the 8). This natural phenomenon of phases and cycles, levels and layers, which is the violated, marginalised, forgotten part of our world, offers us an entirely new dimension of thinking and being.

We just need to have a different appreciation of the starting point by putting the initial division of unity (duality) into a more dynamic and cyclic environment. The double star’s visibility or non visibility works to reflect back this oscillating, spiralling interaction, which I do not have the words for yet.

Clearly, this helps somewhat our obsession with waring sides, and with ‘might be’ truth (but can’t be proven true). Since it helps us see that not one group of people is driving the Earth’s evolution or it’s history, they are all just fitting in to what is unconscious and needs filling out. A little relieving, but as with all transition points, steps in consciousness, there is often an initial fall. Imbalance is a natural part of the process of making leaps; are we going stumble or manage it with some grace?

We have to also look at the bigger picture right now. We are heading towards significant consciousness shifts around 2030, with Pluto, Uranus and Neptune all in complementary signs. Pluto is bringing us connectivity inside out, Uranus is transforming consciousness and Neptune is teaching us how to work with energy. Their shifts into Aquarius, Gemini and Aries respectively and making aspects mid sign will be like doing the laundry after the new age ecstasy.

Perhaps it is what we bring to this transition which is most important, and with a current and further future propensity for a lot of intensity and crisis, this should be our focus. Seeing the layers, phases, cycles of growth that others ignite in us, knowing the level and dimension we are working at, where we shift in and out of, this is what embodying our spirit, our multidimensionality is all about, at least, it is right now.

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