Thursday 28 July – New Moon in Leo 18:55 BST

Thursday 28 July – Jupiter Retrograde 21:37 BST

Thursday 28 July – Mercury square Uranus 22:16 BST

Sunday 31 July – Mercury opposite Saturn 7:05 BST

Sunday 31 July – Venus square Chiron 15:04 BST

Sunday 31 July – Sun trine Jupiter 23:36 BST

Tuesday 2 August – Mars conjunct Uranus 00:53 BST

Tuesday 2 August – Venus sextile Uranus 13:25 BST

Wednesday 3 August – Venus sextile Mars 3:00 BST

Thursday 4 August – Mercury into Virgo 7:58 BST

Sunday 7 August – Venus trine Neptune 17:43 BST

Sunday 7 August – Mars square Saturn 20:57 BST

Monday 8 August – Sun trine Chiron 21:01 BST

Tuesday 9 August – Venus opposite Pluto 6:18 BST

Thursday 11 August – Sun square Uranus 13:53 BST

Thursday 11 August – Venus into Leo 19:30 BST

Thursday 11 August – Mars sextile Neptune 22:44 BST

Friday 12 August – Full Moon in Aquarius 2:36 BST

We have a New Moon in Leo on 28th July 2022 at 18:55 BST.

With this New Moon, Jupiter is in a flowing trine, bringing some ease to what otherwise remains a difficult broader picture. Although it will also amplify what is also present, so perhaps a good New Moon to ritualise, if whatever is present is feeling good.

A good time would be on 2nd, at 11 am, when the Moon opposes Jupiter.

This New Moon occurs days before the peak of the Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus. At this New Moon, Mercury is in square to this aspect pattern, meaning he is in a challenging dynamic square to Mars and Uranus.

This should bring in some volatile, erratic communication with a potential for quick firing rebuttals. On the plus side, the volatility could die down as quickly as it erupts. We just need to be more mindful and careful with our words since there’s a potential to say things we regret. There is also the potential to say things that stand true.

It might also bring in breakthroughs, unexpected ones that come out of the blue, perhaps as a result of speaking what urgently needs to be said. However, breakthroughs are not always initially enjoyable, since they challenge us to see things from different angles during and after the process. The rigidity we hold, our brittleness will be put to test.

However we might not be so connected to the ideal timing for speaking whatever what’s to be heard, so being more connected into our essence can help us instantly sort through whether it’s the right time and what is our motivation and can we trust it.

We are at a stage though when all expression is trustworthy and relevant to some extent, regardless of the instigating factors, with the North Node involved so tight in orb, whatever, wherever things head, it will likely take people forward in their path of evolution, even if that’s a path of devolution first!

Things are feeling urgent on an evolutionary scale, with the North Node involved, so it might not feel like there’s much choice or any regret. There’s a lot of clarity emerging or at least accessible through the heavens at this time, and it’s pointing us in the direction we need to go.

The emerging clarity might take us away from what we previously thought or believed, and it might feel like a surprise, even a shock. There is also a surreality at the edge of the world these days, and it’s continual emergence is supportive of the awakening process.

To be clear though, this whole energy pattern has the potential to start triggering around the New Moon, with Mercury squaring Uranus, but this is not its peak, for then Mercury moves on quite quickly.

Mars comes into his conjunction late on 31st into 1st. As Mars moves slowly, much slower than Mercury, and will be hanging out around this Uranus-North Node conjunction point for a few days. So there is something slowly emerging also.

Mars in Taurus is also slow and deliberate, it holds some caution. Especially in relationship to values, and what’s valuable. Our resources could also be centre stage – that’s all levels, from financial to our more essential essence as source, and the resource that we receive from within ourselves.

Mercury though, then comes into an opposition to Saturn, beginning it’s activation on 29th by the Moon, but then tightening on 30th. This brings a slower energy in also. A slow it down and think it through, deliberate and hold it within, even withdraw. Not a bad thing with all the urgency around.

Venus is also curiously in the picture, but she is bringing in ease and creativity, with her sextile to Mars-Uranus-North Node, exact on 1st. This is a blending, adapting, compromising addition which might help then all get along and be friends. She can soothe the volatility, calm it down quicker, or combined with Mars-Uranus, bring in some creative, unexpected solutions.

Follow your impulse, trust in the unexpected and that which you wouldn’t usually do, it’s there to give you a flavour of what’s possible when you go off the beaten path of the tried and tested.

The creative solution will surprise you, coming through Venus-Mars-Uranus, but be prepared to work at it a little, a little bit of tension and effort is added with a sextile from Venus, it’s not all ease and enjoyment.

The clear pattern is fast and slow, and again, as I’ve written about before, an extension of ourselves to the extremes of our being. We are needing to develop, and to some extent are being forced to develop a fluidity between aspects and in our consciousness.

One minute we need to move fast, or are urged to do so, the next we are forced to go slow and feel in and take the time to work things through. The upshot is that there’s no safe, comfortable zone for us to hang out in, it’s being stripped away, and perhaps this is as it should be.

Escapism, avoidance, denial – these are our enemies at this time, they keep us stuck. Of course we are in this place because we haven’t been able to look at what is old and unresolved in us. When we have unresolved trauma, we are susceptible to manipulation.

Forces, people and interference that wishes to interrupt our awakening and healing process capitalise and exploit our two primal human motivations: avoidance of pain and seeking out pleasure. The two are linked, in separable even.

The little caveat I should mention is that Venus is going to also move into square with wounding Chiron on 31st, which is likely to bring out our deeper pain, especially with the larger Uranus pattern in the background. Chiron in square is never smooth. So it’s better to understand that if pain comes up, it’s because it’s meant to now be looked at.

On the other hand, the Sun trines Jupiter that day also! So we might be feel content or buoyant. If we are in connection with ourselves, we can really work with these spectrum of extremes. If we are not, then we might just fall into denial and avoidance.

We all have these issues of avoidance, to a greater or lesser extent, non of us are exempt or in the clear. If we excel in one area, we can easily convince ourselves that we are healed in our totality, when in fact we are greatly lacking in another aspect. This is one way in which denial can work with someone who thinks they are advanced.

We have to look at our totality and pay attention to all the parts, especially those we do not want to look at. It’s hard to be around people at this time who are stuck in denial.

In fact it’s easier to be around those who are entirely immersed in their denial and not prepared to look at it at all, that those clearly teetering at the edge of something and blindly refusing to acknowledge it. When someone has submitted entirely, there’s an element of surrender within them. Like someone who has accepted death.

Perhaps it’s the surrender that is a higher level. There’s peace there. Who knows. There’s so much to learn.

So sometimes it’s worth calling out stuff, as sometimes the accumulation of calling it out helps break through the blockades, but often the messenger gets shot.

We all need to get better at knowing when it’s worth it, and when it’s our own lack of self-love and awareness that tries to force awareness before it’s time. Or it’s just not our place to be the messenger, but to step more into our own surrender.

This is what we are all exploring at this time, and will continue to in the forthcoming months, peaking at the year end, and changing gears into next and the following year.

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