Friday 12 August – Full Moon in Aquarius 2:36 BST

Sunday 14 August – Sun opposite Saturn 18:10 BST

Sunday 14 August – Mars trine Pluto 22:28 BST

Tuesday 16 August – Mercury trine Uranus 18:46 BST

Thursday 18 August  – Venus trine Jupiter 9:03 BST

Saturday 20 August  –  Mars into Gemini 8:56 BST

Sunday 21 August – Mercury opposite Neptune 8:40 BST

Monday 22 August – Mercury trine Pluto 22:58 BST

Tuesday 23 August – Sun into Virgo 4:16 BST

Wednesday 24 August – Uranus Retrograde 14:53 BST

Wednesday 24 August – Venus trine Chiron 18:31 BST

Friday 26 August – Mercury into Libra 2:03 BST

Saturday 27 August  – Venus square Uranus 5:33 BST

Saturday 27 August – Sun square Mars 6:27 BST

Saturday 27 August – New Moon in Virgo 9:17 BST

We have an electrifying full Moon in Aquarius on 12 August 2022 at 2.36 BST.

It’s got an extra Uranus boost since Uranus is in square to this Full Moon in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. That brings a strong potential for surprises, shocks, and turn arounds.

With the Sun in square to Uranus, activated by the Moon, we might experience a break through, as Uranus brings in change and an often unexpected shift, a turn of events.

On 12th early morning, just after the full Moon, the Moon conjuncts Saturn, which might feel quite heavy, but we might equally also just sleep through it, since it’s around 6 am.

Later in the day, the Moon squares Mars in the afternoon. And this will also activate the Mars trine Pluto aspect coming into exact on 13th. There will be a need to balance our energy, anger and emotions. But with Mars and Pluto working together well, we might find an extra boost.

On 12th also, Venus moves into Leo, moving into a flowing trine with Jupiter on 18th and 19th, which should help us express our feelings. This culminating trine will take the edge off some of the challenges.

A couple of days after the full Moon, on 14th, the Sun opposes Saturn, which is sombre combination, often bringing limitations but then then Moon conjoins Neptune in the afternoon, which is quite the opposite, giving us access to an experience of dissolving or compassion for self or others.

What is interesting throughout this month is that Uranus in challenging square to the Sun (and then Venus right at the month end), brings a breakthrough, which a couple of days later receives the challenge of Saturn than puts a dampener on whatever change we achieved.

If we are tracking this in terms of making headway on projects, we can expect a lot of ups and downs, external and internal dynamics to work through.

Wherever we are at, this is inviting us to stretch into our experience; to reach into our depth and stay with what’s uncomfortable, beyond what we are used to, and into frustrating levels. This impatience and need for a more lasting breakthrough builds as the Sun squares Mars later.

With Neptune around, there will be a tendency to take advantage of the rest bite or escape from what we do not want to face.

Feel into what will be most self-loving and give this to yourself. We are being asked to surrender and prepare on the inside for the changes in our lives or the redirection entering, brought on by the recently triggered and now humming background vibration of Uranus-North Node.

August is not an easy month all round, with many hard aspects. After the Sun opposes Saturn, the Sun moves into a slow, exacting square with Mars, and as they move roughly same speed, this lasts for the whole month pretty much.

At this time, it’s useful to see life as a reflection of where we still need to apply some awareness. If we project outside too much and expect others to change to fit what we think is right, then we might get some rude lessons.

If we allow ourselves to get frustrated, and refuse to see into the bigger cycles and realities of moving through challenges, continue to get impatient without feeling in deeper, we might have more external challenges to deal with, through other people.

The secret is to take your time, not get pulled negatively into the competitiveness or ego battles, but use it constructively. Watch for the impulsive rise of energy and see what’s running you. Observe more and channel your extra energy into getting things done for yourself, avoid forcing yourself on others.

Potentially It’s a time when relationships issues reach a culmination, and awareness can be garnered for one, or both people – this might bring through realisations. This is not a smooth process though, it will happen through volatility, and then sombre reflection.

Keep moving through, even when you hit walls, knowing that it’s a month to stick with things, to not lose hope, just make adjustments and compromises to ease things where necessary.

This full Moon might also bring through realisations that then needs to be acted upon, just know that results cannot easily be found this month, we are looking at another couple of months until we begin to harvest the results.

Trust in the timing of things, if there’s nothing else we are learning right now, it’s that we need to work with what we have, and make the most of the frequencies. Trusting in what we are being shown and what we yield – whatever level it is at. If we don’t receive it where we want to, see where it comes does in.

The judgment we place on our lives and on ourselves needs to be released, that things or we are not enough. At the moment, we cannot avoid the path of awakening – which is at times rude, crude, dross and dense. The only way is through.

Your connection to spirit is what supports you, create this for yourself in whatever small ways work for you, to bring you release. See what needs to shift in your life for you to have more of it. These are the gentle shifts and realisations we might be coming to – that life needs to be less of a battle and more ease.

When we finally take these steps, away from the fight, competitive battling frequencies we make a huge leap in our vibration. That doesn’t mean we can permanently avoid it, but if we have this frequency permanently in our lives, it interferes with and interrupts balance, connection and depth.

For happiness we need to set up our lives in such a way that these are our goals, and our lives revolve around these supportive values.

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