Sunday 9 October – Full Moon in Aries 21:55 BST

Monday 10 October – Venus opposite Chiron 14:15 BST

Tuesday 11 October – Mercury into Libra 00:51 BST

Wednesday 12 October – Sun trine Saturn 2:06 BST

Wednesday 12 October – Mars square Neptune 6:46 BST

Wednesday 12 October – Mercury opposite Jupiter 8:24 BST

Friday 14 October – Venus trine Saturn 7:21 BST

Monday 17 October – Sun trine Mars 23:05 BST

Wednesday 19 October – Venus trine Mars 3:20 BST

Wednesday 19 October – Sun square Pluto 14:33 BST

Thursday 20 October – Mercury opposite Chiron 2:24 BST

Thursday 20 October – Venus square Pluto 7:02 BST

Saturday 22 October – Sun conjunct Venus 22:17 BST

Sunday 23 October – Mercury trine Saturn 2:00 BST

Sunday 23 October – Saturn Direct 5:07 BST

Sunday 23 October – Venus into Scorpio 8:52 BST

Sunday 23 October – Sun into Scorpio 11:36 BST

Tuesday 25 October  – New Moon in Scorpio 11:49 BST

We have a finalising Full Moon in Aries on 9th October 2022 at 21:55 pm GMT. We are almost in eclipse season but it feels like we are already there.

Pluto is turning retrograde and Saturn moving direct. So it’s a very active two weeks. In addition, we have a Sun-Venus conjunction, a south node eclipse just after (next post), and the reactivated Saturn-Uranus square.

With all these planetary shifts we can expect massive internal and external shifts also. The biggest of which is learning how to step into what appears dark, what we want to reject or project out, without being gripped by fear. We are all at different levels with this – working from different angles or dimensions.

Some things are in the darkness, or rejected or projected by us, initially for good reason, but as we grow we learn to reconcile dynamics and energies until we are ready to bring back those aspects into inner relationship.

To feel into darkness, to sit in it, without it dragging you down, comes with inner work. This is about becoming a conduit. Feeling, sensing into darkness and strengthening through this, becoming more resilient and resolved within. This requires a lot of inner integration.

As we move towards this, we start to fully embody the frequencies of grace and humility. Which is about accepting life in whatever form it arrives, without exception. This is not a passive process where you become a doormat, quite the opposite in fact. Surrendering is as much an active process as it is letting go.

Accepting life requires that you see life for what it is at first glance, which might not be what you want, but you quickly also move through to the other levels also. There’s no bypassing the first step – that’s someone who is not integrated. You might, with time, become so integrated that all levels appear simultaneously.

To get to this place, there’s some serious ground level work that must be first completed, and we are now all about to go to the next level with this. Ground level needs to be a deep profound space, not a space you run away from or wish away. You sit with it.

As we step into this level, which is like an initiation, you start to live life right at the edge, that is where you are fluidly moving between thresholds and not clinging or getting stuck. Living life in the liminal, the place of thresholds, life is always up for changing form, and instantaneously, as we live knowing that all form is malleable and not fixed, since it is vibration.


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When we move into this space, while it’s not easy for the lower aspects, this upshift begins to entirely open to miracles. It brings on full life ownership and catapults you into your purpose, and from this space, a truly uncompromisingly, creative space, the world really is at your fingertips.

Equally you can imagine this sort of consciousness simultaneously requires a leap. A leap into saying I will not conform to belong, since I belong within myself, and I will trust in my courage.

This amalgamation of saying no and saying yes at the same time is like creating an art form out of your life. This is the creative life, of weaving the dark and light. In fact here you funnel both light and dark, creating from a space that is beyond both.

But, for this we have to be completely integrated, we have to have it as a deep part of us, and to get to know this space and how we dance through life like this is a journey all by itself. Having your depth with you at all times allows you to see on all dimensions, at any given point.

This is where we are all heading. It’s getting messy and that’s ok, it needs to for a while. A lot of good stuff can emerge from mess. We just need to get out of the way and make space.

So not a time to cling from fear, but to leap into the unknown. This is what this Aries Full Moon, the Sun-Venus conjunction, the close Saturn-Uranus square and the upcoming eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio are all bringing us into. So it’s a time of powerful life shifts over the next few months.

It feels like another level of the initiations we have been all going through to varying degrees. It feels like a time we will never forget, since it will pave the way into a magnificent future that redefines you – Aries – and truly births your authentic sovereign being.

Now in the northern hemisphere where we begin the descent into the womb of darkness and the inner life; it is the time where our experiences and memories of the summer months are composted to provide fuel for the inner light of thoughts and ideas that carry us through the winter.

We are drawing close to Hallows’ Eve, a festival that celebrates the more subterranean feminine magic. It is in celebrating our festivals that we really honour spirit; this strengthens us and, very importantly in our modern world, gives us a sense of belonging.

The Sun-Venus superior conjunction on 22nd brings such a blaze of light into our inner chambers. The solar light of the Sun shines his light into Venus, who is about to step into embodying her darker, more unknown aspects of self, aka Scorpio. Feel like you are adorning yourself on the inside, whatever form that appears for you.

If we listen and pay attention to our depth and this inner light, we will know our next steps or leaps, even if we do not know where they will take us.

The beauty of Sun-Venus is that it brings in light, it brings in the Goddess, so our initiations are imbued with mystery yet we can stay in trust. Initiations are not meant to be easy. Rather than blame and project outwards, draw back in your power, keep it for yourself, you will need it later.

This Sun-Venus conjunction teaches us about our inner source of light, inner reverence and honouring. So as the Sun lights up Venus, and while the tendency might be outer adornment, it is only our inner beauty which magnetises grace to us.

Our inner beauty requires us to be with what is dormant, hidden away, and shine light into the recesses of this darkness. Nothing can be rejected within.

In this way we offer acceptance for all of ourselves, and we step into the space of life not happening to us, but we creating our lives, in the moment. This is the only place where true ownership, empowerment and self-love exists.

Life is totally here to nourish those unseen places within, if you allow it, and it will do this through your feelings, through your connection to water and your tears.

The Aries Full Moon brings a finality in whatever axis of your chart it occupies, and the Sun-Venus conjunction in the final degree of Venus ruled Libra heralds a surrender up to the Divine, to the Goddess for some of us, just before the final release of the Solar eclipse in Scorpio.


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