Sunday 18 June – New Moon in Gemini 5:37 BST

Monday 19 June – Sun square Neptune 4:54 BST

Monday 19 June – Jupiter sextile Saturn 16:53 BST

Wednesday 21 June – Sun into Cancer 15:58 BST

Wednesday 21 June – Mercury sextile Mars 16:23 BST

Thursday 22 June – Mercury sextile Chiron 2:42 BST

Friday 23 June – Mars trine Chiron 4:52 BST

Sunday 25 June – Mercury square Neptune 11:36 BST

Monday 26 June – Mars square Uranus 10:23 BST

Tuesday 27 June – Mercury into Cancer 13:24 BST

Thursday 29 June – Sun trine Saturn 2:42 BST 

Thursday 29 June – Venus trine Chiron 9:41 BST

Friday 30 June – Mercury trine Saturn 7:23 BST

Friday 30 June – Neptune Retrograde 10:07 BST

Saturday 1 July – Sun conjunct Mercury 6:06 BST

Saturday 1 July – Mercury sextile Jupiter 8:10 BST

Saturday 1 July – Sun sextile Jupiter 11:26 BST

Sunday 2 July – Venus square Uranus 15:33 BST

Monday 3 July – Full Moon in Capricorn 12:38 BST

We have a New Moon in Gemini on 18th June 2023 at 5:37 GMT.

This New Moon is in square to Neptune, making it far more likely that responsibilities and all manner of self-discipline went out of the window. It’s easy to be affected by a strong Neptune, and avoid the reality on your doorstep. The result is self-flagellation, guilt and regret.

This is a challenging New Moon, where we are being asked to negotiate a lot internally. Things and people we relied upon, trusted in, assumed were kindly sent our way, have perhaps turned out to be not so. Nothing is what it seems, under Neptune’s influence.

This seems to be a 2023 theme, tables turning and twisting, the unexpected becoming a reality, constant surprises. Just like the air, life is just so changeable at this time. Opposites turning on their head, as quick as they settle into one extreme, they flip to other side.

What can we ground into? Not much on the external it seems, in these times of change. But we can ground deeper into ourselves.

And we are always on the path of integration of the inner opposite. What we see as ‘not us’, invariably is always us, we just prefer to exist in our separateness and righteousness.

For these reasons and more, it’s not an easy year to grasp hold of so far. If you are trying to form new relationships or deepen relationships, it could feel difficult because of the changeability, or that things are just too unsettled, uprooted. This is particularly the case in Gemini season.

With the flipping of polarities, we are feeling more polarised, than unified, more at odds, more in inner and outer conflict. There’s a definite flavour of the individual needing to stand up and be counted, or needing to find it’s feet again, especially after all that has been and gone this last few years.

You could say this is a deepening, expanding, redefining, reintegration process of the self. Somehow alongside this it is getting more and more challenging for us to reconcile all these differing individual realities. It’s getting confusing since we do not know if we are coming or going.

Our common ground and realities was formally based on common beliefs and values in things such as religions etc, but now this is changing, and even if we share a belief in alternative, spiritual or esoteric value systems, it doesn’t mean we have common ground anymore.

It’s hard to see what is bringing us, let alone binding us, together. It’s hard to know what is pulling us towards others, a potential positive growth experience or another uncomfortable lesson. A lot of people are reticent to explore relationships, based on the last few year’s turbulence.

Yet at the same time, there’s pressure on us to form new alliances, since old or ended relationships can no longer meet our needs. It’s a case of being in no man’s land for those at the precipice of these deeper changes.

There’s really no shame in taking the time and consideration to ascertain what feels right. The only way to work out a lot of this muddiness (last degrees of Neptune in Pisces) is to take it slow and to consider deeply, and be patient, and not jump into what appears to tick the boxes, as the liklihood, under these conditions, is that there will be more uncomfortable growth.

We have a tendency to jump into the worst or best case scenarios. To draw up a lot of expectations. To take what we can, rather than wait for better options. This creates a lot of emotional pressure, and warps out reality further.

There’s a lot of regulation going on, since there are more demands being placed upon us. Regulation our emotions, our needs, intense forces, pressures (from within and outside). It’s much harder to maintain balance, but keeping our composure in the face of limitation and struggle, is even more important at this time.

There’s a lot of pressure for us to feel things accurately, and get super clear on our emotions so we can make the right choices from the right place. But we won’t be able to do this unless we slow down, sit in the uncomfortable mire of ourselves, and notice what is actually going on.

Perhaps the whole point of all of this is for us to become more resilient in our individuality, less merged, or submerged by the collective stream of consciousness. To become fully ourselves is quite a feat in and of itself.

The process underway and current for a fair few more years yet is the process of bringing truth to life, and letting that which holds no truth have its death. It’s a time to surrender up whatever is not working anymore, or wait for it to be taken away.

This process of crisis, death, dissolution and separation from what no longer fits, can be quite unexpected and surprising since it will take seemingly healthy, soulful connections also. It’s a process of realigning, refining and redefining at deeper and deeper levels.

It’s important to remember that we are in a process of transition, whatever is dying is going to be reborn afresh and anew. We will need courage to face this.

The pruning back of material resources, or rather a transformation of resources, is something we are all feeling. Perhaps you can also feel the limp, hapless, helpless, confused responses present in people as they wander aimlessly through supermarkets. Trolleys are not as full as they used to be, people are being forced to sacrifice and choose, sometimes in impossible situations.

Harnessing ‘less is more’, – less media, less junk food, and aiming more for quality than quantity will serve.

Pluto moving through Capricorn, which occurred from 2008 until this year (he dips back into Capricorn a couple more times), brought the financial crisis, which we have not ever recovered from, and from which we never will recover from, as this is about transformation of material resources.

The old is clearly not working, but neither is the new working, so we are straddling in between worlds, both individually and collectively. This is set to continue for another 5 years.

The active role that Pluto is playing more generally in humanity’s transformation – active since January 2020 with the extra rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction – and now Pluto straggling Capricorn (the old way) and Aquarius (the new way), highlights more globally a lot of power battles.

We need to get out of power games, step and withdrawal, since they will take our much needed energy. The power games can be seen at lots of different levels also. Steer clear of anything that steals your energy, designed to force an emotional response.

Most of these power issues stem from polarisation, inner and outer. On the individual level, its roots are our split off, rejected, ostracised, hidden, fragmented aspects, which will always mirror back through outer events, so we have their attention.

When we are one-sided in our consciousness, that is, we reject fluidity, other options, attitudes, ways of being, we immediately step out of our wholeness, and of course Pluto’s whole mission is to take us beyond ourselves and make us whole.

So all manner of projections and inner complexes, perhaps many lifetimes old, or even core soul themes for the entirety of its existence, or ancestors existence is coming up for awareness and change. The approach must be open-minded, as we are all on our toes, learning at the frontiers of shifting consciousness.

Getting comfortable being in the unknown, developing a curious as opposed to judging, blaming, hating attitude, and holding a willingness to be shown and taught what we do not yet know, that even the more complex, unfathomable processes can be unfolded and make sense.

Discipline is important. As is responsibility. Measuring what we can and cannot afford. Preparing for the storm, shall we say. All of this leads to solidity, to strong foundations, or roots into life, both keep you safe, and in contact with yourself. These qualities or principles need to be garnered, that is, developed through the use of ‘will’ and ‘choice’.

If we just focused on our desires, and pretended tomorrow didn’t exist (which is the preference of the mainstream establishment), then we would not be working towards anything of substance. This is how at this time, we can develop a strong focus on ourselves.

Since over the next few years we will need to become increasingly independent of external limiting factors, we might need to start developing these qualities sooner rather than later. We are perhaps already sensing that our fundamental happiness is not based on how much money we have in the bank.

But this equates to not just focusing obsessively on the physical. To be truly independent of the external requires a deep awareness, an expansive, magnetic aura, and an inner integration and completeness.

The next couple of months bring some powerful, fateful times. I was told back in December 2022 by spirit that the real breakdown begins from August this year. With Venus retrograde and Pluto squaring the nodes, we can expect big decisions.

Ultimately, the deeper learning at this time is the power of cycles and synchronicity, how everything is connected in our consciousness, but this is the next level…. And most are not quite there yet.

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