Thursday 25 January – Full Moon in Leo 17:54 GMT

Friday 26 January – Mercury square Chiron 14:49 GMT

Saturday 27 January – Sun square Jupiter 7:18 GMT

Saturday 27 January – Uranus Direct 7:35 GMT

Saturday 27 January – Mercury conjunct Mars 14:59 GMT

Sunday 28 January – Venus sextile Saturn 6:03 GMT

Sunday 28 January  – Mercury trine Uranus 21:06 GMT

Monday 29 January – Venus trine Jupiter 1:02 GMT

Monday 29 January – Mars trine Uranus 23:41 GMT

Friday 2 February – Mercury sextile Neptune 10:54 GMT

Monday 5 February – Mercury into Aquarius 5:10 GMT

Monday 5 February – Venus square Chiron 11:59 GMT

Monday 5 February – Mercury conjunct Pluto 12:58 GMT

Wednesday 7 February – Venus trine Uranus 21:25 GMT

Thursday 8 February – Mars sextile Neptune 00:20 GMT

Thursday 8 February – Sun square Uranus 10:46 GMT

Friday 9 February – New Moon in Aquarius 22:59 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Leo on 25th January 2024 at 17.54 GMT.

There’s some clear levels that this Full Moon and Pluto’s shift is drawing forth. We are all being asked to spend some time with our lives; where and how have we gotten to where we are, and what if anything, needs to change?

Part of this involves our relationships, or rather our relating, with others – friends, partners, authority, groups and community. What choices have we made in our lives that now feel totally out of alignment? The juxtaposition of the old with the new brings stark realisations and perhaps even dilemmas for some. How are we making sense of these old decisions with the shifting ground and new consciousness seeping through into our being?

Also what’s the relationship between the choices we have made and how we project onto, blame or treat those around us? In other words, what’s going on with any projected or displaced anger? Are you aware of the anger you have towards yourself that you throw on other people? Are you taking responsibility for your life or aiming towards this realisation?

The relationship we have with our emotions is highlighted at this Full Moon, emphasised more than usual. Perhaps this is down to the tight Mercury – Mars conjunction in square to Chiron, and then equally exact Jupiter squaring the Full Moon axis – both accentuating emotional outbursts.

There is an idea that the Moon is the Earth’s child, and that we and all organic matter feed the Moon, especially at Full Moons. This is partly why there’s a history of sacrifice at Full Moons. But frankly, we need our energy for ourselves now – we do not need to go around feeding the Moon and spending our emotional energy. Contain or channel it.

Cautious Capricorn somewhat tempers the Mercury – Mars conjunction, which in most other signs would act fast and fiery. In an exact square to Chiron, it becomes more personal and has a relationship to our healing or ‘making ourselves whole’ process.

All the same, it is a potent, urgent and splitting energy. Squares particularly bring a dynamic tension that demand resolution, a conflict of interest or forcing of an issue. They force awareness through, by making the reality unavoidable – something we need to talk about with others.

This Full Moon and the days following require from us a slowing down. In the process of increasingly seeing the reality before us as it really is, there is a need to pick up more responsibility for our emotional energy and lives more generally. Falling into the trap of expressing untempered emotions when other people make us feel like victims will never get you to where you want to be.

There’s a definitive desperateness in some people these days. As the clinging to the old reaches its zenith in each individual, we are faced with a clearer choice that defines or redefines our lives and transitions us to new levels.

It is an illusion to believe the choices are endless. At some point, if we do not take the responsibility for our lives, life starts happening to us. There comes a time when the level of choice diminishes because inside a part of us has given up, given over and sleepwalking in tune with the programme of physical death. There is no judgement towards this – we all walk the path on this planet and it’s not an easy walk.

Just knowing that if we keep on submitting to life happening to us, without picking up life’s reigns, we diminish and limit our potential growth in the physical realm. Giving up choice and discernment makes us a victim and will not lead to freedom (if that is your goal).

It’s important to state this as a fact, as there is a lot of denial, confusion, chaos and delusion floating around. The stark reality of life might be shocking, but we have to face that the future is unknown, despite the many predictions. We have to live with the reality right here and now and address what we are being asked to address.

The New Age delusion is a trap that catches many, those leading it knowingly encourage people to evade reality (programming us into ideas of endless possibilities) and that we can achieve our soul purpose at any given point. This is not the case.

If the soul thinks it can’t do much more as the mind is too fixated, in denial, self-righteous, or the will weak and passive, our physical existence is under threat. Life needs to be worked at and through, we need to entertain our struggles not avoid them. The discomfort is not working against you; it comes to wake you up from your dream.

The aim is to move slowly towards our purpose through deliberate attention and focus, integration and embodiment. It doesn’t matter what that purpose is, we all need less distraction and more focus. Much can interrupt, delay and force deviation. Its true that deviation might be necessary, but more often than not it just gives us a second (third or forth) opportunity to assimilate the lesson missed earlier, which under more optimum circumstances and with different choices might not be as necessary.

We are all in need of graceful growth processes that support an elimination of wasted energy and time, crisis, false starts, and resets to square one. We should never stand against these experiences or beat ourselves up for going around the mulberry bush, still it is important to be more discerning of our reality, and see it for what it is right now.

We need to make more contact with our true feelings about the matter of our lives. This might require us to embody a dutiful, committed conscientious approach to the things that really deeply matter – whatever they are. We shouldn’t assume that our focus is on the right things. It is likely is not.

At the intersection of an old world with a new world, it is normal that many adjustments will need to be made. Carrying on as usual is not the game play.

Observe more the ‘I’ that is driving your life forward. Do you know why you are doing what you are doing? Do you even know who that driver is? Are you pulled mindlessly into thinking you know what’s what in your life, drifting along, hoping for the best. This is not the way to freedom.

If there is some doubt, insecurity or niggling uncertainty then do not marginalise these feelings, take them seriously. Our focus is generally on avoiding the subtle doubts that would otherwise redirect us before we take long winding paths not in our best interest.

I say all this because the shadow of Capricorn in which the Mercury-Mars conjunction now resides (in square to Chiron in Aries), is an over focus on the external, the tradition, and keeping things as they always have been. Chiron says – no more. Open and be a little willing to disturb the status quo. Similar to what has been imposed on the royal family – some of whom have been compelled to relinquish their duties due to ill health.

The fixed, habituated energy in our lives needs enlivening. Aquarius will do that if we are open to change and innovation. Begin to align with having a choice.

As reality, or rather illusion, breaks down, exposing the ultimate reality and truth beneath it’s going to become an increasingly reality bending time. Confusion and disorientation might start to increase as reality and illusion collide. This is happening within us and outside of us. Supporting this process by not sitting in resistance, rejection or judgment – unless we enjoy a more turbulent ride!

Assessing what’s ‘real’ or ‘true’ is not necessarily going to get any easier in the short term. And so should it be so, as we need to find that relationship with truth and reality within ourselves.

That which we reject and put into shadow, that which we have all rejected, is emerging. The denial of the rejected parts is in everyone of us and all around us. You can’t miss it, if you are in your body and observing reality clearly. But if the go to is “anything but meeting that; not the underworld, underground shadow”, (which is where the majority of humans sit), then don’t be surprised if you are shocked out of your comfortable denial.

One day we will be able to have a full on belly laughing fit thinking back at these times. But for now remind yourself gently that this level of change, individual and collective, was never going to be easy.

So remember to ask what is truly seeking expression and don’t fall for the surface layers of reality. Go deeper, beyond the identities and roles. Ask what are your views are based upon, and keep stepping out of the very ‘human’ response of self-righteousness. It’s always a sign of self-perseverance. So – what do you protect? What do you hold onto from your ancestors? What is your inheritance, in the true sense of the word? These are your deepest habits and how do they need to evolve?

Locate the creative spark inside and nourish the flame. What is it yearning for? It will be something very different to the identity you cling to. What do you need to give space to? Remember this is a time to relinquish tired old habits that you have out-lived.

Just take time to gently dissolve – don’t throw things out until you have other supportive structures in place – the old. This is very important. We cannot underestimate the energetic shifts taking place, they are quite overwhelming at times; pulling us high and pushing us low, if we have no new structures in place we can feel quite bereft and desperate.

Lastly remember that this is an evolving process and where we are heading, unavoidably, is far more magical and quite the antithesis of the purported AI reality currently fed to us as a default given. It’s far more likely that these upcoming Pluto in Aquarius changes will bring down the concentration of power in the AI tycoons, rather than reinforce it.

Remember that the radical nature of Pluto will bring a jolt through the social patterns and technological structures that we have, and force a growth in our capacity to work together as one unit. Be ready for that. What do you need to do to be more ready for that?

To work together as a unit we need to know who we are and have the awareness to own our shit, otherwise it’s going to be a very painful process of awakening into the deeper and higher unity consciousness. Community has a lot of work to do, because the individuals within will need to drop into deep levels of truth to make that work authentic and tangible.

We do not want to be led by gurus, gurus that really, really shouldn’t be gurus. We are way beyond gurus now. If we neglect our own inner voice and power we will find the vacuum of power soon to emerge quickly occupied by undesirables. Take the time to feel into the deliberate choices – small step choices – that need to be made. Or even the big choices and hold your intention on that so that the small choices will be made. Methodical discipline and commitment. This is what we need now. Just do not ignore feelings.


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