Tuesday 24 April – Full Moon in Scorpio 00:49 GMT

Thursday 25 April – Mercury Direct 12:54 GMT

Monday 29 April – Mars conjunct Neptune 4:31 GMT

Monday 29 April – Venus into Taurus 11:31 GMT

Tuesday 30 April – Mars into Aries 15:33 GMT

Wednesday 1 May – Venus square Pluto 4:30 GMT

Thursday 2 May – Pluto Retrograde 17:46 GMT

Friday 3 May – Mars sextile Pluto 9:06 GMT

Tuesday 7 May – Mercury conjunct Chiron 2:26 GMT

Tuesday 7 May – Sun sextile Saturn 5:42 GMT

Wednesday 8 May – New Moon in Taurus 3:22 GMT

 We have a Full Moon on 23rd April 2024 at 23.49 GMT.

If you were impacted by the 28th October 2023 eclipse then it is likely that this Full Moon will also have an effect. So think back to that.

At this Full Moon, the Sun-Moon opposition is in a square tension filled aspect to Pluto. While this is not the easiest of Full Moons with this Pluto aspect, it is the final big challenging life changing astrological event for a few months. So we can finally begin to breathe (if we have stopped!) and take in some fresh air.

Since we are right at the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one, we can take stock, during the final spluttering of Mercury retrograde, and go inwards.

The reason for this is that we have just had a set of strong eclipses, and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at the weekend, which heralds a new 14 year cycle. Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction every 14 years, the last one was in Pisces and this one is in Taurus.

With a new cycle beginning must come an ending, or that ominous feeling that something is about to or needs to end. It’s a time of tricky navigation, and we must take the time, since it is still Mercury retrograde until 25th, to think through the territory we are in and consider our options.

For some people, a lot is up in the air, they are feeling unsettled and unstable. Others are further forward, aware of where they are heading and taking steps towards and into the new phase.

What’s important to note is that whatever was seeded in the ending Pisces Jupiter-Uranus cycle, is now coming full circle into manifestation, since Taurus is a sign of bringing things into being. Taurus rules the 2nd house, it is an earth house and when emphasised it tells us that something needs to come into physical form. In other words, what we are here to create next in this new cycle?

It’s a good time to take a broader look at your life and see where it’s heading. Uranus is about truth and freedom, and the higher mind. It gives us a direct link into a higher level of perceiving, it’s like a short cut, since it works very fast, like the speed of light.

Jupiter on the other hand is about philosophy and belief systems, it’s also an expansive, planet which amplifies whatever it touches. In this case it helps expand Uranus’ job to take us up a notch into another level of being. A shift of consciousness. Uranus’ impact on Jupiter is to cut through the rigidity of our belief systems.

See what this Jupiter-Uranus is making a connection to in your chart, also check in progressions and solar arcs what this conjunction touched, as the aspect will tell you a lot about what you are trying to resolve, reconcile and ultimately bring into form and being.

In his severing function, Uranus creates trauma that stays in the body and needs work through to integrate. Often locked in grief can be associated with Uranus as often the severing impact results in sudden unexpected loss, such that we detach from or numb to.

Often before the cut, there’s disconnection. He forces us out of our comfortable reality and tired old patterns that need updating. He helps us step into the future, into the new phase, in whatever way is necessary. If we have a transit of Uranus arriving, we need to mindful of what we are so over.

Often Uranus is about our sense of belonging or fitting in, our capacity to connect with others. A sense also that we are different. New, sudden awareness hits us like a bolt of lightening, opening us up to higher truths, altering our sense of reality, the very ground beneath our feet. One of Uranus’ function is to pull the rug out from beneath our feet.

The incoming energies being blasted at us disconnect us from our present, perhaps even mundane reality, thrusting is into new territory. This then forces us to change, if we can take it. Often there is overload in the system, if we cannot integrate the new awareness.

We need to allow Uranus in, that is understand how he works and respect the process, this higher truth. We are learning that our individuality is way beyond our ego or identity; the cosmos flows through and expresses itself through our individual consciousness.

Uranus’ job is to ultimately reconcile us back to what we have lost. He first took it away, and then he brings it back. Whatever has been taken away prior or at this transit will bring unexpected gifts.

What is important with Uranus transits, and perhaps even generally on the planet right now, is that we are able to integrate and make the connections in our reality. That means making the adjustments, sometimes quite radical ones, in our thinking, so we can reframe and integrate the wisdom, learning and new orientation. And of course the massively shifting consciousness.

We have, at this time, to let go of our limited understanding, and commit to broadening our scope of reality. A lot of this is about processing our experiences, and this means using our mercurial nature to move things through.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Uranus, helps us make broader understanding and means we keep the wisdom amidst the big adjustments. We must keep in mind, that all is not lost if big sweeping changes have come our way, we are just entering an entirely new phase.

What’s also very interesting about this Full Moon, is that Mercury is conjunct the North Node, this speaks a lot to communication and thinking processes. We can think through how we share ourselves, how we put ourselves across to others so we are understood, especially in Aries, which is bold and courageous.

It can be a time of drawing together information, making plans, being conscious about our thinking processes more generally. This conjunction formed in March also, and as Mercury is now turning direct in a couple of days, he will be moving very slowly and stay in close proximity to the North Node until the start of May.

This suggests there’s a lot that can be gained and covered at this time, it’s quite a fast paced, quick moving time, so look after your nerves and keep your connection with your body solid.

Furthermore, with Jupiter moving into a long sojourn in Gemini in a month or so time, the home of all that’s mercurial, we will be able to giant leaps in our ‘making sense’ of our new reality. We should start making the connections – at all levels. Until then, we have some time to sit with things, especially this week, to see hows things have landed and figure out what needs to happen next.

Despite all appearances, this is an incredible time, with amazing opportunities in store, we just need to get past Uranus and see things from a higher level.

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