Thursday 23 May – Full Moon in Sagittarius 13:53 GMT

Thursday 23 May – Venus into Gemini 20:30 GMT

Thursday 23 May – Jupiter sextile Neptune 21:44 GMT

Saturday 25 May – Venu trine Pluto 11:16 GMT

Saturday 25 May – Jupiter into Gemini 23:15 GMT

Tuesday 28 May – Mercury sextile Saturn 3:22 GMT

Wednesday 29 May – Mars conjunct Chiron 17:08 GMT

Thursday 30 May – Mercury conjunct Uranus 5:54 GMT

Monday 3 June – Jupiter trine Pluto 00:13 GMT

Monday 3 June – Mercury sextile Neptune 3:57 GMT

Monday 3 June – Mercury into Gemini 7:36 GMT

Tuesday 4 June – Mercury trine Pluto 6:12 GMT

Tuesday 4 June – Mercury conjunct Jupiter 10:23 GMT

Tuesday 4 June– Sun conjunct Venus 15:32 GMT

Thursday 6 June – New Moon in Gemini 12:38 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on 23rd May 2024 at 13.53 GMT. This Full Moon has a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the last degree of Taurus.

The Sun has recently moved into Gemini, Venus will follow shortly and then they will start their slow building conjunction exact on 4 June.

However, even before then we get to that auspicious meeting, have a lot of exciting, flowing, easier astrology. This is a rare occurence so we can rest in the knowledge that we will feel well supported celestially over the next couple of weeks.

Venus trines Pluto on 25th deepening our love nature and making us want more intimacy and intensity in our relationship lives. But nothing compares to the Sun-Venus conjunction, accumulating slowly, so we will feel the benefits of their connection for some time.

To put this in context, we have recently been moving through a lot of old chapters in our lives, revisiting old patterns, past memories, old emotional baggage that needs to be finally released and resolved at it’s next level, for us to move forward.

This work needs to be done through all levels of our existence – ancestors and past lives, as well as this life. What we see in this life is a reflection of other timelines. The trick is transmute the pain not expressed or released, reframe painful lessons into positive outcomes, and capture the lessons so they are applied directly into this life.

Often these other liminal spaces that hold our suffering also hold the key to our current life blind spots – the things we really need to address and change but are quite oblivious to.

This full Moon might be creating a situation that gives the opportunity for barriers to be traversed and unnecessary boundaries to be dissolved. The current Venus-Jupiter connection has also helped some of us be braver, opening our hearts to experience an expansion within the field of relationships.

Since the Sun and Moon are in a flowing, supportive trine and sextile to Pluto at this Full Moon, we can expect some powerful experiences. What we receive back at this time will be reflective of where we are in our consciousness.

What now needs to be acknowledged in our attitude and approach to life that is not conducive to the changing planetary consciousness? If we do not align with Divine Source and the nature of love, then we might get a wake up call, to show us that we need to change something.

Many people want to take control of their destinies at this time, but most are still doing this from a place of control. This is not the path to freedom and getting what you actually want. Getting what you want requires you to now care of the whole, rather than just your own isolated existence.

What this means is stepping up and standing for something including but also beyond just yourself. This is who we align with Source. If we are prepared to move through life more in this way, we will be granted with the right conditions for expansion.

Take note of where Gemini is in your natal chart. This is the area of expansion over the next year as first we have the conjunction of Sun-Venus in this sign, heralding the reset of the Venus cycle.

Secondly we have Jupiter moving into Gemini for a year on 25 May. This brings an emphasis to communication, short journeys, analytical thinking, expression and helps us make important connections within and externally in our lives.

Jupiter is in his detriment in Gemini, since he likes the big vistas and broad philosophies generally. However, Jupiter here will help us explore our thinking and with it a lighter playful approach to life. It will also help us challenge our self-righteousness.

Perhaps this moving out and away of fixed opinions and beliefs, towards finding common ground through lighter communication is really foundational at this time. It supports an openness in people’s minds, our capacity to experiment and be curious, rather than closed in consciousness.

Jupiter in Gemini will be in trine to Pluto in Aquarius for the next two weeks, which supports the transformation of group consciousness that Pluto wants to bring. We need to look for our common ground, and Sun-Venus (as well as the Venus-Jupiter) is helping prepare the heart space for this quite substantial shift.

This is why we have been going through so much just recently. We have to clear out the old so our heart’s expression can be free without old barriers that prevent connection. If there ever was a time to form connections, make amends even, and move beyond things it is now.

Integration of the new powerful upshift that comes through Venus-Jupiter and Sun-Venus will be ongoing, since the flow into the aspect starting now, and ebbing out of it will reach to at least 11 June, depending on Moon reactivations.

Remember the way to support this is through clearing out the old. A perfect time for clearing up your past through working with the violet flame or other tools. The progress that can be made now is powerful. So do what you need now, what has been on your mind to do perhaps for a while, and step into the future bright and light and free.

Enjoy the expansion and upshift, feel into what you need to enter into more of, what people are bringing you (instead of taking from you), and use this time to totally step out of victim consciousness. This is really a time to pick up total responsibility for our lives and how we want to be and express in them.

It really is a special gift from the Divine this month, be clear on what you are focusing on and make it real and tangible. You are learning to express your Divine being in the world, support this expression to be all you want it to be!

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