Saturday 22 June – Full Moon in Capricorn 2:08 BST

Wednesday 26 June – Mercury trine Saturn 19:10 BST

Friday 28 June – Mercury square Chiron 18:58 BST

Saturday 29 June – Venus sextile Mars 5:49 BST

Saturday 29 June – Saturn Retrograde 20:06 BST

Sunday 30 June – Mercury sextile Uranus 3:19 BST

Tuesday 2 July – Neptune Retrograde 11:41 BST

Tuesday 2 July – Mercury trine Neptune 12:53 BST

Tuesday 2 July – Mercury into Leo 13:50 BST

Wednesday 3 July – Venus trine Saturn 2:41 BST

Wednesday 3 July – Mercury opposite Pluto 20:27 BST

Friday 5 July – Mars sextile Saturn 20:02 BST

Friday 5 July – New Moon in Cancer 23:57 BST

We have a Full Moon in Capricorn on 22nd June 2024 at 2.08 BST.

Highlights for this month are that Saturn and Neptune are both turning retrograde on the 29 June and 2 July respectively. As Saturn is in Pisces, and Neptune rules Pisces, the accent on illusion versus reality strengthens, expansion and contraction, as we grapple to work out next steps.

To some degree, all the best laid plans engineered in Gemini season put to rest under last weekend’s Neptune influence. Now it’s about tuning into the deeper reality and timeline of things.

On a consciousness level, this is about us getting increasingly used to sitting in the unknown and being comfortable in that space. Letting our lives emerge from this space in right timing, and us feeling our way forward.

While we want certainty and solidity, it’s about getting used to things coming and going as they need and us moving in a more exploratory way through life, without the need to control outcomes. Certainly all the recent focus on Gemini has increased this focus, especially when in square to Neptune, which we experienced last weekend.

Now with Mercury, Venus and the Sun moving through Cancer and this lunation right on that cardinal axis of 0 degrees, we are moving somewhat away from all that exploratory energy. Although Jupiter is still there for a year, opening our minds and making us logically question things.

Now we are asking what and who am I committing to? Taking things to the next level, dropping into our feelings, by stepping out of our heads. Early in the month, Venus, Mercury and Mars make positive aspects to Saturn and Neptune which feels supportive on the emotional front.

Although I say ‘supportive’ rather hesitantly as it feels as though we are being pummelled, prodded and pounded more or less all time, in spite of any astrological respite. Astrological ease, flowing aspects always seem balanced with more awareness, deepening, tension filled aspects. We can’t get away from the need for walking the tightrope of balance.

The strong emphasis on the water element lends us watery depth, a realignment with God consciousness, with our vulnerability, receptivity and openness. It is also a time when we can strongly come back into balance if we gently bring more awareness to our feelings.

We are moving towards creatively orchestrating our lives regardless of what astrological challenges are thrown at us. Wherever we are taken, whatever the experience, we can turn it around and draw something meaningful from it.

Defining ourselves and our lives, through choice, commitment and more than anything else patience, is what these times are about. Since we are learning to be here totally in the present, at one with what we have right now, and content with things unfolding in their own time and space.

It’s not an easy mission, to sit in the unknown and allow things to show you where they want to go, but this is the Taoist way, a path of trust and alignment with the Divine.

Core themes in the collective right now are centred around polarisation, as in getting stuck on a side, thinking you know what needs to be or happen, and staying fixed. We are here to bring acceptance and inclusion to all and all parts. That doesn’t mean we should to accept and include everything that enters into our lives. Saying no is an important part of saying yes to other things. We are not here to say yes to everything.

It’s more about seeing that we brought it in or are experiencing that for a reason and asking why is that that we need that, and not seeing things as useless, meaningless or that they just need to be released. Everything has it’s place and should be honoured in such a way, witnessed.

A common theme for most is moving away from rigidly holding onto old patterns, self-righteousness and fixed ways of responding.

But we can begin to create a different orientation to the experiences we have. We can pause and assess, notice our edges for example, where we hold belief systems that say no automatically based on trauma or just simple learned responses.

We might also notice there’s a part of us willing to explore unfamiliar territory, even after the initial inner no is felt, or even expressed. We can open ourselves to choices, based on what our feeling is right in the moment, as opposed to a linear process or life predetermining programme.

This is so important as this is where our freedom lies. If we feel confined to our beliefs, and outpicturing past realities in the present, then we will inevitably feel trapped and caught in a non-creative, more responsive or reactive reality.

If we open ourselves to our feeling, we might feel surprised. Our feeling is based on our relationship to our inner feminine. It’s very difficult to have a relationship to feelings without a healthy relationship with the inner feminine. If we are numb, think all women are hysterical, or have a closed heart, and a number of many other experiences, then it’s quite likely we do not have a healthy feminine.

A healthy feminine is particularly important at this time on the planet, as without her it’s very difficult to negotiate the sheer magnitude of what’s being asked of us – that is a transition of consciousness. She helps us know what we need to step or dive into and beyond, what we need to surrender up or simply feel and witness. She helps us stay fluid and in the moment, to trust life and the darkness.

More than anything, a developed inner feminine can help with yielding to difficult confrontations. She can help bring understanding to what others are going through. She can soften another’s armour in miniseconds with a few words or a look.

She is about receiving through inclusion and acceptance. She doesn’t hold on, she lets it move through her. She doesn’t resist, as this would be against her nature. She takes what comes at her and throws back understanding, compassion and care.

Her eyes see beyond the mundane and into people’s souls. She sees what people carry into situations. She doesn’t judge though, she sees. And this seeing is an essential part of her repertoire. She looks and feels before we reacts. In fact she doesn’t even react, unless you call deep yet instantaneous creative responses, reactions.

Most people have lived their entire lives through the lens, filter and frame of the masculine. They have achieved goals, earnt the money, satisfied only the material side of lives, but they haven’t allowed their inner feminine to lead, for if she did, she wouldn’t be interested in bringing any of those things, at least not unless it was in service to something beyond her.

Venus and Mars also begin a journey together, in a flowing sextile, for a few days, supporting relationships and creativity. This is also supporting the inner relationship between our inner masculine and feminine. Which is a fundamental foundation for our lives, since the condition of these complementary aspects – of which there is a lot of depth – dictates what we attract and experience in many ways.

Rushing in to ease other people’s suffering is also not a productive thing at this time. We need to let things move through, as deep things, deep soul lessons are being planned and orchestrated. If we resist the reality, with a fix it attitude, we are not allowing people to fully move through powerful spaces of growth.

Holding a positive intention, no matter how challenging that might be in some cases, is more supportive for people. Feeling into what drives your choices and reactions, knowing what is behind things.

Our attachment to getting needs met can be a strong driving force when the Sun is in Cancer, as the Moon rules and the realm of safety and needs. It’s ok to wanting to get needs met, but we need to often drop how they will be met, i.e through a certain person or achievement for example. This is where our non attachment can help, we can let go of how things show up, but stay true to what we know we need for our soul’s fulfilment.

Finally, the acceptance of all of ourselves, disowning nothing, knowing that everything is welcomed, for whatever role it plays in our lives is fundamental for our wellbeing, and other’s also. If others see how accepting we are of ourselves, they will feel they can also do the same.

This is not a time of striving for perfection or ideals, principles that are beyond what we are capable of achieving, or that even need updating to reflect the current stage of humanity. Rather it is about staying true to where we are at – Cancer season asks this of us more than anything else, not pushing beyond our boundaries but knowing our feelings on matters.

We are all trying to be the best reflection of ourselves, and if we begin with knowing our inner masculine and feminine, we will have the right foundation for our inner child to feel safe in the world, and for us to birth and embody more of our Divine nature, our sovereignty lived.


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