Sunday 21 July – Full Moon in Capricorn 11:17 BST

Sunday 21 July – Venus sextile Jupiter 21:43 BST

Sunday 21 July – Mercury square Uranus 23:21 BST

Monday 22 July – Sun trine Neptune 4:25 BST

Monday 22 July – Mars trine Pluto 4:48 BST

Monday 22 July – Sun into Leo 8:44 BST

Tuesday 23 July – Sun opposite Pluto 6:38 BST

Thursday 25 July – Mercury into Virgo 23:42 BST

Friday 26 July – Sun sextile Mars 3:32 BST

Friday 26 July – Chiron Retrograde 13:04 BST

Tuesday 30 July – Venus trine Chiron 20:54 BST

Friday 2 August – Venus square Uranus 14:27 BST

We have a full moon in Capricorn on 21 July 2024 at 11.17 BST, blending the practical and disciplined energies of Capricorn with the intuitive and emotional influences of the Moon, creating a dynamic tension between emotional needs and practical responsibilities.

Once in a blue moon, the universe gifts us with a triple lunation in one sign. This began with a Full Moon at the Solstice, followed by a New Moon, and concludes with another lunation opposite the Cancer Sun.

The repeated emphasis on this axis highlights the need to balance emotional security with the ability to flourish under challenging circumstances.

As this Full Moon occurs at the Sun’s final degree of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, this creates a push-pull dynamic, urging us to find harmony between our outer ambitions of Capricorn and the inner needs of Cancer.

This seems to be delivering a clear and insistent message from the cosmos. With Cancer symbolising the search for those things that bring comfort and safety, supporting our deeper, inner, emotional needs of feeling safe. But at the same time, Full Moons (especially when Pluto is involved) inherently challenging this sense of security, we are really facing our survival and lack consciousness head on. This is even more so with the traditionally ruthless Capricorn Full Moon, which tends to target our most sacred spaces.

So we can expect Capricorn’s harsh edge to make contact with our most vulnerable, inner spaces. If they are exposed, this might lead to hurt, defensiveness or withdrawal, avoidance, whatever it takes to avoid the confrontation with reality right in front of us.

We need to be gentle with ourselves and each other at this time. With Pluto involved, it’s very easy to go right for the juggler, but consider that it might be best to resist. Whether we feel slighted by someone, or right about something, it’s best to consider whether it’s worth holding back, and letting the reality speak for itself. With Cancer-Capricorn and Pluto, it could prompt either an attack from the other side or a retreat into a protective shell to seek comfort.

The last Full Moon in Capricorn, which is inextricably bound with this Full Moon, uncomfortably revealed whatever we have been trying to escape or avoid. With Neptune stationing in the final degree of Pisces, we are forced to face the inevitable.

Yet at the same time, there’s a feeling of being left hanging, still things are in the balance or simply not having the resources or what it takes to act or change the reality you find yourself in.

That Moon forced us to confront the despair of living so disconnected to reality, which happens when we are going through the motions refusing or unable to address whatever has us in its grip, holding us in suspension. If there’s something you cannot escape now, which seems urgent, but equally irresolvable, just pause and go back to being kind with yourself.

The fact of the matter is that many, even most, are struggling to come to terms with something massive in their lives, or know someone in this position that then has a knock back effect.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, wants to dismantle all falsehoods, forms of security or attachments that essentially while comfortable and familiar, also limit our freedom. It’s fundamental stuff, like the roles we find ourselves playing in life, or things we outgrew a long time ago but simply can’t find where instead to put our energy.

Often until we find the next thing, we resist withdrawing our energy from the old. It’s a safety thing again. People never feel comfortable in the unknown, in between worlds. Unfortunately though, this is precisely where we are being called to hang out until we meet with our demons and fears and get beyond it all.

Julys supportive trines from Saturn to inner planets has allowed us to go deeper into ourselves and find ways to reorientate into our actual reality, so we can step forward with more certainty and clarity. It might not be that we can step forward yet. But we can continue grounding into our presence and what is in front us, rather than wishing we were somewhere else.

This Full Moon continues this process, particularly with its dissociate conjunction with Pluto. With Mars now exiting stubborn Taurus and entering flexible Gemini, the fixed, rigid spaces we might have found ourselves in can loosen and we can start to see where things land. We have to keep our openness and optimism, and remind ourselves that we are doing big things just by being on this planet at this time.

This Full Moon also highlights themes of ambition, responsibility, and long term goals. With Mercury about to go retrograde, we have a period of reflection, goal-setting, whilst grounding it all into the feeling realm – how do we feel about these things? With the retrograde theme, we are reassessing our progress, ambitions, and the architecture we have in place that support our professional growth.

With the Sun in opposition to Pluto, and the Moon forming an emotionally intense conjunction with Pluto, this is a powerful time of transformation and truths revealed, demanding resolutions and encouraging profound personal and even collective change. We need to be mindful of controlling behaviour, power struggles and confrontations, especially with those in authority or those at home.

As we reevaluate the structures and systems in our lives, we need to ask are they supporting our growth or holding us back? It’s time to commit to a disciplined approach to achieving our aspirations. It’s a time to be honest with ourselves about what is working and what isn’t, and to take practical steps to make necessary changes.

Emotionally, this full moon can bring up feelings of inadequacy or fear of failure, as Capricorn’s influence can sometimes be stern and demanding. However, it also offers the strength and resilience needed to face these feelings head-on and to transform them into the motivation we need and determination to make things happen. This is a moment to embrace our inner strength, to recognise our capabilities, and to commit to our paths with renewed energy and clarity.

Collectively, this full moon can influence societal structures and institutions. Issues related to government, corporations, and other authoritative bodies may come to the forefront. There could be a collective reassessment of how these structures operate and whether they serve the greater good. This is a time when societal shifts and changes may begin to take root, influenced by the disciplined and transformational energy of Capricorn.

The Sun-Moon axis forms a sextile and trine to Uranus in Taurus respectively. This introduces elements of innovation and the unexpected. Uranus represents change, rebellion, and new ideas. But these are harmonious aspects, so it comes with more ease, helping us to break free from old patterns and embrace new, more authentic ways of being with a kinder focus.

Shortly after this Full Moon, the Sun moves into Cancer and opposes Pluto for the first time in Pluto’s visit to Aquarius, so be awake to what is coming to the fore, as this is likely to continue to support you or play a part of your life for many years to come.

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