Many people go about their lives trying to find their purpose.  Frustrated, feeling purposeless, feeling restless without their raison d’etre.  But shouldn’t purpose just find you?  In my own experience, I have seen purpose as synonymous with passion and meaning.  But I acknowledge that this is not the experience of everyone.

I have learnt that some people just do not experience a sense of ‘external’ purpose.  And this is perfectly fine, and perhaps the greatest thing of all, as perhaps these people as being guided towards a deeper sense of what purpose is for them.  The world would say though, that they are ’missing something’.

But why do we seek purpose in the first place anyway?  Why the external purpose?  We seek purpose because we believe that if we have a sense of purpose, we will feel full of life, energised in every moment.  We believe we will awaken every morning with a sense of internal approval and validation.  So this begs the questions can purpose be culitvated?

Perhaps our real purpose is about having an inner purpose to awaken, and awaken to this inner purpose.  Would this perhaps be a common purpose uniting us all?  Seeing purpose as inwardly rather than outwardly driven, we begin to free ourselves from a dependence on the external world.

Through our own awakening – our own inner purpose of self-realisation, the outer purpose proves irrelevant.  For some, their path is one of realisation that outer purpose manifests only from a space within.  Or perhaps more accurately put; with the inner awakening your vacuum becomes filled and you stop trying to fill it outwards in – bliss.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 25° Taurus 55' 14"
Moon 04° Sagittarius 52' 17"
Mercury 03° Gemini 21' 07" R
Venus 16° Aries 15' 31"
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Jupiter 01° Aries 06' 48"
Saturn 24° Aquarius 57' 16"
Uranus 15° Taurus 27' 28"
Neptune 24° Pisces 57' 42"
Pluto 28° Capricorn 31' 52" R
Chiron 14° Aries 48' 08"
TrueNode 22° Taurus 31' 26" R
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