The Full Moon Partial Eclipse in Aquarius is on Monday 7th August 2017 at 6.10 pm. This is the first of two eclipses, which are incredibly significant. What is incredibly important about this Full Moon is that the Sun is still loosely conjunct Mars lending it a potent, intense quality. It certainly gives us access to lots of energy.

Eclipses always come in pairs, you can’t have one without the other, & are always connected to the nodal pattern. With the North Node, it’s about our soul purpose – what we are here to give away & the new trajectory we are working towards. With the South Node, where we have come from in previous incarnations, the soul gifts & karma we have accumulated along the way.

The North Node is currently journeying through Leo, with the South Node in Aquarius. With a Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in humanitarian Aquarius, the highlighted themes are being in service to the community, diversity, equality and co-creation. Aquarius is the people’s astrological sign. Aquarius stands for the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Leo on the other hand is about wanting to have a presence, to stand bright & shine our light on our own. Its highest intention is for us to be in our hearts & live from a heart-centred connection & awareness. Our hearts connect us with one another. This begs the question how can we come into our power & full light while considering one another & not losing sight of the larger broader picture?

With the Sun & Mars moving through Leo, we have been learning about all things Leo, we have been discovering how to stand out & be seen. Leo rules the heart, which means our sense of self-worth, our lovability & our heart wounds are all showing up & making themselves known. It’s not been easy to step into the limelight. We’ve been hesitant & held back, perhaps for good reasons.

Eclipses bring big potential for shifts in consciousness. This is a time when you can make big headway in letting go of old conditioning about your self-worth. Any unease in your life might need a bit more processing to let what’s really behind it arise up & make itself known. Where are you feeling vulnerable? What needs your time, witnessing & acknowledgement?

The good news is that with an Aquarius Full Moon, we have an opportunity to really get some perspective on our ego & pride. It gives us a detached viewpoint where we are not just reacting from a place of Leo pride & bruised ego. Perhaps it’s about accepting that it’s not just about us alone.

The Leo Sun-Mars conjunction is in a culminating sextile to Jupiter & quincunx to Pluto. This building quality means the impact & energy of this eclipse will reach far & wide for us personally & will be furthered with the second of these pair of eclipses (21st August Solar Eclipse). These eclipses give you access to a raw powerhouse of eclipse energy, especially with the Sun-Mars-Jupiter, that will be active for many weeks to come.

So if you have things to get done this week, this is the time for it. It’s a pivotal time for important projects that require you to see the bigger picture or think big, to be initiated or come to a head. Think bigger than you have ever imagined & keep a broader perspective right now, your vision & energy are key. With Jupiter being in Libra, perhaps it’s a relationship project that is on your mind & how you can come together with a mutual common goal to serve the collective & allow you both to shine.

The only niggle is that with Pluto’s quincunx to this eclipse, there’s a suggestion that the transformation & change arising from this eclipse will not be smooth running or easily assimilated. You will be required to make constant adjustments & balance different priorities, & sometimes it might be impossible to have all that you want & meet all the needs.

You might feel be feeling excited and overwhelmed at the same time, or feel like succumbing to the impossible circumstances is the only option. It’s more about a surrendering. Our soul always gives us the circumstances we need for growth & often nothing more. It’s not just about what you want, it’s about what the whole of you requires for transformation.

I’m reminded of how you want to protect a child from experiencing pain & suffering at all costs, but how sometimes it’s totally unavoidable. It’s an acknowledgement of the path of transformation & how it’s never a straightforward, easy path.

In addition Mercury turns retrograde on 13th August in Virgo. It will stay in Virgo for the entirety of August & then retrograde back into Leo. Eventually it will go direct on 5th September. With Virgo, it’s time to de-clutter, focus on our bodies, paying attention to the detail & the process of eliminating what’s not useful in our lives anymore.

Perhaps the internal quality of this Mercury retrograde can serve us better since much of the energy remains quite intense for the entire month of August. Perhaps it will help us use all this energy powerhouse wisely.

Mercury retrograde invites us to become more aware of all our internal world, our internal chatter, our unconscious minds & what’s held there. Internalised Virgo encourages a more analytical, logical process, which can help us make decisions in spite of our emotions & desires. Just be mindful of being overly critical of yourself or others.

The other very big news is that Uranus stationed retrograde on 3rd August in the late degrees of Aries, important if you have any personal points or planets around 29 degrees in square or opposition. Uranus tends to be more potent and more Uranian when retrograde.

With Uranus direct, our intuitive and innovative urges flow well but when it is retrograde, the energy tends to culminate & then burst forth with an eureka. Uranus is more potent and more obstinate with its retrograde motion, so it can be better for deeper research orientated work or studies.

With this astrological makeup Stars are on your side, & it is clear that the Divine Director is orchestrating something massive. With this in mind we can dream big & be brave in acting big, as the energies are there to support our ambitions. This month the Goddess favors the bold.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 24° Aries 07' 41"
Moon 27° Gemini 54' 15"
Mercury 21° Aries 19' 01" R
Venus 10° Aries 23' 34"
Mars 16° Pisces 47' 37"
Jupiter 20° Taurus 07' 15"
Saturn 14° Pisces 57' 54"
Uranus 21° Taurus 25' 21"
Neptune 28° Pisces 21' 39"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 01' 01"
Chiron 19° Aries 41' 24"
TrueNode 15° Aries 34' 42" R
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