… As the world pulls at my awareness with so many options?

Our world throws hundreds of options at us everyday, how can we make the right choices? What are the determining factors that support us to know our own truth? How can we support ourselves to be less distracted by all the other truths out there? This is especially hard when you’ve recently made choices that haven’t worked out for you as you had hoped.

As the world tugs at our awareness, we make gurus out of our friends, teachers, partners, lovers, the internet, spiritual teachers, doctors, bosses, co-workers, children, mothers and fathers. There’s a lot of wisdom out there, but the simple truth is that until you can feel, unfold, know and follow what your truth is, we feel lost.

If only you could discover where your own truth is, then you would be at peace with all the possibilities that life offers you.

Quite literally, from the moment of birth, your wondrous, infinite potential stretched out before you becomes slowly inundated with the needs, views and values of everyone else.  Women are even more expertly trained in serving and satisfying others’ desires before our own. It’s the indoctrination of our society. Of course we are also good at it, we are connected to feelings and generally it’s feelings that count when it comes to taking care of needs. That’s why we have a mothering instinct. But sometimes it can get out of hand.

And, in living out other peoples’ needs, lives and their expectations of us, the reality is that we stay living amidst many, very real fears – of letting down people, of being rejected, of being alone. At the same time, we get exhausted from putting everyone else first and end up frazzled and in parts and pieces wondering who we are and what will ever make us happy.

One of my own latest answer is to support people to just find and follow their own truth which is completely special to them. Everyone has their own way of finding their truth, there’s no one size fits all. I’ve always thought wouldn’t it be great to help women find to their own truth before anyone elses, and then follow it brazenly.

What would you need first, to even begin the journey into finding your own truth? A sense of power, that it’s ok to follow our own truth, that it’s even better for everyone else if we stop being doormats and martyrs. There’s in some cases a need for a strengthening of the ego identity, so we have a clearer idea of ourselves. Perhaps we need to find our voice, we need to express ourselves, be acknowledged, for some time, before we can begin to take the tentative steps into going into action with our truth behind us holding us up, or going out before us, brazenly clearing the path.

Our inner guidance is just waiting so patiently for us to discover. It’s not easy to get everything else out of the way so we can stay connected to it long enough to trust it, but that’s part of the path for most people. Once we connect to it, we care less about what everyone else in the world thinks or feels before ourselves.

Our path of self discovery is ultimately an inner, not outer truth, of understanding our own meaningful reality through our own eyes.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t ask for, hear and take in the views of everyone else, but it does mean that we access it alongside our feeling nature.

When someone gives you some advice, your first reaction might be that’s a great idea! You might even start going into action and making that great idea happen. Only to discover later down the line that it wasn’t quite right for you, even though it seemed right for your friend when they followed that path.

I’ll say it again, we need to access everything against our own feelings. We need to pause and take the time to go inside and check if it feels right or not. This is not the same as listening to your head and thinking and accessing the logic, rationale behind it. That comes later. The first step is to simply let that truth resonate with your body. Feel it’s quality, feel it’s message. Feel it, without any judgement or criticism. Let it register on a body level. It might require stillness to get to that place. It’s called a felt-sense.

When you access your own authentic truth in this way, it helps you see that your special way of being has meaning and purpose. You are as you are for a reason. It’s your way, and it’s the universe expressing its multitudinous nature through your uniqueness.

And even if your own truth does not always make sense to others in your life, you will feel happy following and knowing what is right for you. Once you connect to this core within you and shine a light on it, you will listen and know what is asked of you from your own Higher Calling.

You can then others in your life have their own truth, without needing to change it or fix them.

You see that they will get there, to their own truth for themselves. It’s very liberating and it helps you have reverence for the reciprocal, co-creating relationship between you and Source. The universe wants you to be the unique unto yourself – this expression of our truth might seem very simple, but it’s so easy to get caught up and enmeshed in the soup of others and the confusion of our world.

Know that the real truth that lives deep within you, is always in alignment with your own highest good, because your inner truth is in alignment with the universe itself. This means that your own truth is not in conflict with the universe, it complements it and is supported by the universe. So when you are confronted with contradictory choices, learning to go deep within yourself to find a special quiet place — the realm of your inner voice is a core skill.

Remember that your own purpose and raison d’etre is tied up with your own truth. The only purpose we ever really have is to receive our purpose and to serve it to the world. That’s it. It’s not something we do, it’s something we are. Our purpose comes from our truth. The more connected into the ourself we are, the more we find yourself and our Divine presence. This is why we always find a part of the Oneness within our very own heart chamber, you can connect with it quite literally and ask for it to be born through you.

As you get more curious about your own depths and listen to your inner voice, you become more adept at unfolding and following your insight. Over time, you will be able to resist being pulled in all directions. You will be discerning your way through life. Discernment is a skill that many spiritual folks need to learn.

You will move beyond your fears and you awaken your soul desires, and will hear your heart and soul sing.

Next, others will begin to notice your self-love, your energy and happiness at being connected to yourself. They might even want to know what your secret is. And you will say, “I have found my centre, my inner guidance, and I follow it”.

Deep down, every woman and man yearns for this freedom of their spirit, and an expansion of the Divine presence in their own self.

If you are interested in learning more about finding your own truth, whether you have been stuck with the same old issues, feel like it’s time to finally make an exciting leap forward, or are just intuitively intrigued about how this might work for you, you can join our transformational Abundant Goddess Programme and discover it for yourself.  As many other previous participants have experienced, the TAG programme will bring transformation to you in a number of ways…

Lastly my experience has taught me that my own truth is not a big loud voice, but quite a small, still voice within. It may actually be a quiet voice that you hear within your heart or mind, and it may also be a gentle feeling, a light, or just a knowing. You will notice it precisely because it is not loud, it is not pushy, and it does not demand. It gently offers. This is its subtle way of sharing with you. I wish for you to all find your own voice and with it the birthright of joy!


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